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“Molecular Levers” Accelerate Reactions

December 31, 2012


Molecular Levers May Make Materials Better

Researchers at Duke University found that a molecule made with a polynorbornene backbone can act as a lever to open a ring embedded within the molecule 1000 times faster than a similar ring being tugged at on a polybutadiene scaffold. The discovery could be used to engineer more efficient materials. Durham, North Carolina – In […]

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Biochemical Reactions Act Differently When Subjected to Intracellular Crowding

October 16, 2012



Molecular crowding inside cells is a critical factor that is sometimes overlooked in the lab. Biochemical reactions are drastically different in tighter spaces, resulting in significant physical and chemical consequences. The reductive approach to chemical reactions is attractive to scientists, as it’s convenient when interpreting results and easier to work with. However, if a more […]

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Forming the Smallest Ice Crystals in the World

September 27, 2012

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A team of scientists have solved a previously unsolved scientific mystery, finding the minimum number of water molecules that must come together in order for them to be able to form a real ice crystal. Ice crystals also have small beginnings – even smaller than previously believed. Already 475 water molecules can form a real […]

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Understanding the Evolution of Organic Molecules in our Solar System

September 19, 2012


Researchers mimic materials at the edge of our solar system

A newly published study from scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory provides the first direct look at the organic chemistry that takes place on icy particles in the frigid reaches of our solar system. Would you like icy organics with that? Maybe not in your coffee, but researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, […]

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Livermorium & Flerovium, Two New Elements Officially Join Periodic Table

June 1, 2012



It was first announced back in December 2011 that two new elements would join the periodic table of elements. It has now become official. Flerovium and Livermorium, elements 114 and 116, were approved by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry on the 31st of May. Until now, they have been known by their […]

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Scientists Discover Nano-Crystal (Cluster) of PbS

February 2, 2012


(PbS)32 baby crystals

A team of scientists from John Hopkins University and McNeese State University have determined that when 32 units of lead sulfide, PbS, molecules assemble together, you get the smallest nano-crystal (cluster) possible that still that exhibits the same crystal structure as bulk lead sulfide. A team of scientists has determined the size of the smallest, […]

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