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Yale Study Shows Risk Avoidance in Older Adults is Related to Brain Anatomy, Not Age

December 13, 2016

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Neuroanatomy Accounts for Age-Related Changes in Risk

New research from Yale University and NYU reveals that older adults are less inclined to take risks due to changes in brain anatomy rather than age. The finding adds to scientific understanding of decision making and may lead to strategies for modifying changes in risk behavior as people age. Research has demonstrated that older adults […]

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Study Finds Stimulant Use Increases by 30% During the School Year

October 14, 2014


Research Shows Stimulant Use Increases by 30 Percent During the School Year

New research from Yale, NYU and the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that students are 30% more likely to take a stimulant medication during the school year than they are to take one during the summer. The authors found that school-year increases in stimulant use are largest for children from socioeconomically advantaged families. Because many children […]

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Scientists Determine the Interior Rotation of a Sun-Like Star

July 30, 2013


Scientists Measure the Interior Rotation of a Distant Star

Using asteroseismic data obtained by the CoRoT space telescope, a team of scientists was able to measure the internal rotation of a Sun-like star and determine the inclination of its rotation axis. A team of researchers has devised a way to measure the internal properties of stars—a method that offers more accurate assessments of their […]

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