Statistical Analysis Shows Unexpected Interaction Between Dark Matter and Ordinary Matter

December 15, 2016


Statistical Analysis Shows an Unexpected Interaction Between Dark Matter and Ordinary Matter

A newly published statistical analysis of mini-spiral galaxies shows an unexpected interaction between dark matter and ordinary matter. The research shows that where the relationship is obvious and cannot be explained in a trivial way within the context of the Standard Model, these objects may serve as “portals” to a completely new form of Physics […]

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Milky Way Could Be a “Galactic Transport System”

January 21, 2015


Milky Way Could Be a Giant Wormhole

A newly published theory reveals that the Milky Way could contain a space-time tunnel, and that the tunnel could even be the size of the galaxy itself. Based on the latest evidence and theories our galaxy could be a huge wormhole (or space-time tunnel, have you seen “Interstellar?”) and, if that were true, it would […]

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Neutron Stars and Their Similarities with Black Holes

March 25, 2014

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Astrophysicists Take a Closer Look at Neutron Stars

New research shows the similarities that neutron star have with black holes. For astrophysicists neutron stars are extremely complex astronomical objects. Research conducted with the collaboration of SISSA and published in the journal Physical Review Letters demonstrates that in certain respects these stars can instead be described very simply and that they show similarities with […]

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SISSA Paper “Sums Up” the Details of Irregularities of Space Time

December 26, 2013


Paper Reviews Research on the Grain of Space Time

In a review paper, Stefano Liberati provides a systematic overview of the experiments and observations that can be exploited to investigate deviations from Special Relativity. A paper by Stefano Liberati from SISSA has been selected as one of the 2013 Highlight papers (the best papers of the year) of the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity. […]

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A New Hypothesis on the Nature of Black Holes

September 30, 2013


New Hypothesis on the Nature of Black Holes

In a newly published study, scientists present a new hypothesis on the nature of black holes, challenging the current “clean” black hole model. A black hole. A simple and clear concept, at least according to the hypothesis by Roy Kerr, who in 1963 proposed a “clean” black hole model, which is the current theoretical paradigm. […]

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