5 Surprising Benefits of Your Morning Cup of Coffee

Drinking Coffee Sunrise

Many people start each morning off with coffee.

Coffee is a beverage consumed around the world on a daily basis by billions of people. There are preferences as to the strength of the brew, how the bean is roasted, and what to add in the way of flavorings. But no matter how you brew it or enhance it with flavors, coffee is loved around the world. In this article, you can read how it can be healthy as well.

1. It’s a wakeup and boost for the day

Anyone who has had at least one cup of coffee knows how energizing it can be. In fact, some research confirms what most people feel: that drinking coffee will help you feel more awake and alert than you would otherwise. As such, it’s no wonder that people in nearly every culture drink coffee to get ready for the day. It isn’t a coincidence that you can often hear someone saying that they can’t get into the day without that first cup.

2. Boost weight loss

Coffee contains caffeine, which has been linked to weight loss. In fact, research conducted at the University of Georgia found that women who consumed caffeine while dieting experienced increased energy levels, which in turn led to decreased hunger. While several other studies have yielded similar results, there are also some that have found that caffeine can cause weight gain (and excess water retention) if consumed by people who are overweight.

The Western Australian Institute for Medical Research studied the effects of coffee on weight and found that it can go either way, help in weight reduction or add to weight. Usually, if the drinker is already overweight and consumes five or more cups each day, it can be more harmful than helpful.

As such, it’s important to note that past studies have been conducted on populations of people who are caffeine-consuming dieters. Therefore, it’s possible that you could experience negative effects of caffeine if you are not a dieter and are overweight. Nevertheless, the results of the majority of studies suggest that caffeine can be a useful tool for boosting weight loss.

3. Improve brain function

Coffee contains antioxidants and other nutrients that have been linked to improved brain function. For example, studies have found that drinking coffee daily can help protect your brain against age-related decline. In addition, some research, as reported by, suggests that caffeine could help improve attention span and concentration. In other words, coffee could help you focus and stay attentive. Additionally, studies have also shown that coffee could improve your short-term memory and prevent cognitive decline. However, a large-scale study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that coffee could actually slow down mental processing.

4. Protect your heart

Coffee might protect your heart by lowering your blood pressure. A recent study reported on the website found that people who consumed coffee had lower blood pressure than those who drank decaffeinated coffee. In addition, a review of clinical studies found that drinking coffee could grant protection against coronary artery disease.

While some past studies have found that coffee might increase your blood pressure, most recent research suggests that coffee might actually lower your blood pressure. How exactly coffee could protect your heart is still unclear. However, experts believe that coffee might work by lowering your blood volume. In other words, coffee could be responsible for protecting your heart because it lowers your blood volume.

5. Increase stability and balance

Coffee could be a great tool for stabilizing your mental health. For example, caffeine could help you stay calm when you feel anxious or stressed. Similarly, caffeine could also improve your focus and concentration, which could be useful for staying focused on your studies or work. These study findings are also reported on the website.

Summing up

As you can see, there are a number of surprising benefits of drinking coffee. Additionally, there are many other reasons to enjoy a cup of coffee. For example, you can enjoy the aroma of coffee, or you can drink it for the taste and the ritual of it. Life is not just all about healthy diet, as coffee can be enjoyable, too.

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  • This is one of the oddest articles I've read on SciTechDaily. In points 2 and 3, the argument is contradicted by better evidence in the same paragraph. And point 5 the argument is just that coffee "could" have some effect. This is not the standard of evidence I expect from SciTechDaily.


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