Aerosol Spread From Ferocious Australian Fires [Video]


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  • The Australian fires are Natures H Bomb.

    Eucalyptus oil can be used as jet fuel and has ten times the energy of T.N.T at apx 40 Mega Joules per kg in other words 1,500 tones = 1 Hiroshima.
    The timber contains apx 14.9 Mega Joules per Kg therefore 4483 tonnes = 1 Hiroshima or apx 100 Truck loads.
    The total energy available to the Australian fires has to be measured in Tsar Bombs for the Numbers to make any sense.

  • I know many high profile crooks eg Ronald Bobroff who fled to Australia to escape justice, Australia welcomed them as they came in loaded with cash, today innocents are suffering, put all the crooks heads at the end of a burning stake, the fire will stop

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