At Last: New Synthetic Tooth Enamel Is Harder and Stronger Than the Real Thing

Tooth Enamel Illustration

Researchers created artificial tooth enamel (ATE) that surpasses both natural enamel and previously made materials in stiffness, hardness, strength, viscoelasticity, and toughness.

Delivering what has been so challenging to produce, researchers present an engineered analog of tooth enamel – an ideal model for designing biomimetic materials – designed to closely mimic the composition and structure of biological teeth’s hard mineralized outer layer. It demonstrates exceptional mechanical properties, they say.

Natural tooth enamel – the thin outer layer of our teeth – is the hardest biological material in the human body. It is renowned for its high stiffness, hardness, viscoelasticity, strength, and toughness and exhibits exceptional damage resistance, despite being only several millimeters thick.

Tooth enamel’s unusual combination of properties is a product of its hierarchical architecture – a complex structure made up of mostly hydroxyapatite nanowires interconnected by an amorphous intergranular phase (AIP) consisting of magnesium-substituted amorphous calcium phosphate. However, accurately replicating this type of hierarchical organization in a scalable abiotic composite has remained a challenge.

Here, Hewei Zhao and colleagues present an engineered enamel that contains the essential hierarchical structure at multiple scales. The artificial tooth enamel (ATE) was produced using AIP-coated hydroxyapatite nanowires, which were aligned using dual-directional freezing in the presence of polyvinyl alcohol. According to the authors, this allowed the engineered structures to have an atomic, nanoscale, and microscale organization like natural enamel.

In a series of tests, Zhao et al. demonstrated that the ATE nanocomposite simultaneously exhibited high stiffness, hardness, strength, viscoelasticity, and toughness, exceeding both the properties of enamel and previously manufactured materials. 

Reference: “Multiscale engineered artificial tooth enamel” by Hewei Zhao, Shaojia Liu, Yan Wei, Yonghai Yue, Mingrui Gao, Yangbei Li, Xiaolong Zeng, Xuliang Deng, Nicholas A. Kotov, Lin Guo and Lei Jiang, 3 February 2022, Science.
DOI: 10.1126/science.abj3343

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  4. Do they have this in Chicago, and how much?

  5. Frederick Rainert | February 8, 2022 at 5:38 am | Reply

    Can we use it with in 10 years ? I have no tooth in my mouth.
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  6. Rea, I feel exactly like you! I am 245 years old and weigh 8 pounds, and NO ONE BELIEVES ME! It is so frustrating.

  7. Does walmart carry this yet and can it be done in less than 1 hour?

  8. Doesn’t sound like they intend to use it to help everyone fix their teeth smh

  9. Dustin Wayne Butler | February 13, 2022 at 9:34 am | Reply

    Now, for full teeth with roots implanted and all

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  12. Lots chinese hocus pocus bs. I’m a dentist and know this is hooey.

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  14. Friedrich Feuerstein | February 15, 2022 at 2:34 pm | Reply

    That’s right, and once this passes all the trials and is approved for use in humans, it’ll only cost a mere $9000 per tooth. Am I right?

  15. Rea – who did lie to again. You are not evil.
    They need to test this on rats first. Make sure they have healthy teeth especially in Chicagos rats population prior to making it available to humans.

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  20. Would it be possible to get a transparent version and apply it to glasses?

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  22. These comments are comical! Half of which have absolutely nothing to do with the topic! LOL. Personally, I’m curious as to the next step. What happens now, and does anyone have a timeline or guesstimate as to whether or not the this stuff will even get close to human trials?

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  26. I write this as an engineer that studied biomaterials under the late Samuel F Gilbert PhD at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

    One of the principles of biomaterials is the interface of the implant. In this case it touches natural bone.

    What is the difference of Elastic Modulus between the artificial and natural bone at the interface? If the synthetic material has a mismatch in modulus, the patient has a high chance of losing the natural supporting bone and related. Also how does the immune system react to it? Is it compatible with blood and tissue? If no, then we have more issues, not to mention a weakened tooth structure. Remember safety and interactions are key.

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  28. I just use hard candy to replace my enamel. It seems to work for an hour.

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  40. You actually want it to have the same strength or the tooth will be more likely to crack when it’s under stress.

  41. Oh-oh….if it’s coming from China better vet its toxicity! Don’t trust their standards. Er, do they have any???

  42. AWESOME !! see it to believe 😀

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