Berkeley Lab Video: Looking to the Skies – Modern Cosmology and the Maya

At just under seven minutes, this video, “Looking to the Skies,” briefly explores the connections between Mayan astronomers and modern cosmologists.

In this video, Berkeley Lab astrophysicists and Nobel laureates, George Smoot and Saul Perlmutter — joined by Berkeley Lab physicist Eric Linder and UC anthropologist Gerardo Aldana — explore the cultural and scientific connections between Mayan astronomers and modern cosmologists as they look to the skies for answers to how the universe evolved, how it might end, and our place in it. The fundamental human curiosity about our origins and fate, a quest that persists across time and cultures, has been enriched by recent discoveries about dark energy, the Big Bang, and the accelerating universe. New knowledge has only increased our sense of wonder about the cosmos and deepened our appreciation for what the Mayans achieved using only the naked eye.

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