Small Business Articles

We help you save on discount office supplies, furniture and equipment with our discount coupons and promotion codes. In addition, we aim to educate our visitors with useful articles to aid them in making confident selections of the office furniture, equipment and supplies they use for their business or home office. When you know about products in detail and are able to thoroughly compare them, it is easier to find those that provide superior long term value and are the best choice for your business.

  • The Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair – A complete article on the Aeron chair, including Herman Miller company history, the design history of the Aeron office chair, public opinion and user reviews and information on where to buy Aeron chairs.
  • Cheap, Discount and Free Home Office Equipment – When starting a small business or equipping a home office, you are often on a very limited budget. Read to learn how to find discount, cheap and free home office equipment.
  • Setting up a Home-Based Business Office – Tips and information on setting up a home-based business office including considerations regarding zoning laws and insurance, tips on professionalism, and methods of keeping the business separate from home and family.
  • Tips For Working At Home – Working from home may seem like a dream job, until you realize that it’s a juggling act that takes more prepapration and work than you ever thought possible. Learn the tricks to making the move from traditional office to the home office the success you dreamed it could be.
  • Benefits of a Home-Based Business – Flexible schedules, casual dress, low overhead, no commute, and being your own boss are major benefits to having your own home business. There can also be terrific tax benefits.
  • Planning for a New Business – Starting a small business isn’t easy, but with diligent planning and a lot of hard work, success can be achieved. Read some tips for starting a new company, such as getting funding and making a solid business plan.
  • Credit Cards for Small Businesses – Credit cards for small or new businesses can provide an easy and reliable method for obtaining goods and services, paying bills, and developing a good credit history.