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Tiny Game of Tetris Played Using a Laser Beam

Tetris Played Using A Laser Beam

Now this is what I call fun science. This micron-sized game of Tetris was developed by students from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam), who are obviously some very creative thinkers. It is played using a light-trapping device called “optical tweezers” which is connected to a computer game. Those microscopic glass beads are held together by a highly-focused laser beam that keeps them in their shape while moving other Tetris pieces. It is the geekiest game of Tetris ever.

Unlike the Tetris game that you are used to playing, once you turn the laser off, the pieces all scatter as shown near the end of the clip. Optical tweezers are normally used to manipulate bacteria, open a DNA’s double helix, and more. This use may be the most fun though. Anything that combines science with video games is okay by us. Too bad we can’t play this in our lab at home.


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