How Space Can Boost Clean Energy and Contribute to a Sustainable Economy

Wind Turbines on Green Hillside

Wind turbines on a green hillside. Credit: ESA

An all-day digital workshop to explore how space can boost clean energy and contribute to a sustainable economy will be held on September 14, 2020.

Europe’s politicians have set out bold plans to kick-start the economy following the coronavirus-induced recession with the biggest green stimulus package in history.

Commissioners have proposed a substantial recovery package that puts fighting climate change at the heart of the EU’s recovery from the pandemic.

Simultaneously European and national public authorities are increasing standards for energy efficiency and raising the market share to come from renewable sources. The landscape of the market is being changed through the setting of climate targets, the establishment of low-emission zones, increased emission monitoring and the setting of prices for carbon emissions.

Public investment – which has yet to be approved by national governments – is set to be supplemented with private initiatives.

ESA has a well-established role in using space for green growth, in areas such as supplying the demand for climatological data, providing alternative infrastructure monitoring, enabling remote communication and empowering automatic demand forecasting and distribution, as well as technology development through artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, bluetooth, the internet of things, virtual and augmented reality and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Workshop participants will include people working on clean energy in academia and industry, as well as renowned experts and crucial stakeholders. The workshop will be convened as a series of high-level panels held over one day. The full agenda (PDF) will cover: the impact of regulation and policy on clean energy; the technological needs and requirements deriving from new regulations on clean energy; and the contribution of space in support of the future.


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