Planetary Scientists Discover That Mars Underwent a Great Oxygenation Event Billions of Years Ago

Blue-Toned Rocks

The blue-toned rocks in the upper-left of the image are depleted in iron because it was removed during weathering on ancient Mars. This is geological evidence that iron was lost from the rocks in reduced conditions. Credit: The University of Hong Kong

Both Earth and Mars currently have oxidizing atmospheres, which is why iron-rich materials in daily life develop rust (a common name for iron oxide) during the oxidation reaction of iron and oxygen. The Earth has had an oxidizing atmosphere for approximately two and a half billion years, but before that, the atmosphere of this planet was reducing – there was no rust.

The transition from a reduced planet to an oxidized planet is referred to as the Great Oxidation Event or GOE. This transition was a central part of our planet’s evolution, and fundamentally linked to the evolution of life here – specifically to the prevalence of photosynthesis that produced oxygen. Planetary geologists at HKU have discovered that Mars underwent a great oxygenation event of its own – billions of years ago, the red planet was not so red.

The discovery was published recently in Nature Astronomy in a paper led by research postgraduate student Jiacheng LIU and his advisor Associate Professor Dr. Joe Michalski, both affiliated with the Research Division for Earth and Planetary Science and Laboratory for Space Research. The researchers used infrared remote sensing and spectroscopy to measure the molecular vibration of the material on the Martian surface from orbit, in order to reveal the mineralogy and geochemistry of ancient rocks on Mars. Through detailed comparisons of infrared remote sensing data and data collected in the laboratory here on Earth, the team showed that ancient rocks on Mars exposed at the surface had been weathered under reducing conditions, indicating a reduced atmosphere did exist.

Weathered Bedrock

A 3-dimensional view of weathered bedrock shows the exposure of Fe-rich red rocks beneath Fe-depleted blue-toned rocks in a crater wall. Credit: The University of Hong Kong

Many people are aware that Mars is cold and dry now, but ~ 3.5 billion years ago, it was warmer and wetter. It was warm enough to allow the formation of river channels, lakes, and minerals that formed by interaction with water. Scientists who have used mathematical models to constrain the conditions of an early Martian atmosphere, have concluded that greenhouse warming occurred, but they also concluded from their models that the greenhouse must have included reduced gases rather than carbon dioxide, implied that a reducing atmosphere might have existed. Yet until now, there has not been any evidence that the reduced atmosphere of early Mars actually occurred. This work indicates that it did exist.

This project involved detailed infrared remote sensing of Mars, using infrared spectroscopy to map minerals in exposed, weathered rock units. The work was built on detailed analysis of weathered volcanic rocks in Hainan Island in southwestern China, where thick sequences of basalt, similar to volcanic rocks on Mars occur. Jiacheng Liu analyzed the altered rocks systematically using infrared spectroscopy in the laboratory and produced a paper on that research published recently in Applied Clay Science.

“Jiacheng has carried out a truly excellent PhD project, built on careful analysis in the laboratory and application of those laboratory results to remote sensing of Mars,” Dr. Michalski commented, “Jiacheng has built on his detailed work on samples from Hainan Island to show that similar mineralogical trends occurred in rocks on Mars.”

Assistant Professor Dr. Ryan MCKENZIE from Research Division for Earth and Planetary Science is also impressed by these findings. “This is a rather remarkable study with findings that will significantly impact how we understand the early evolution of terrestrial planets and their surface environments. The transition from a reducing to oxidizing atmosphere on Earth ~2.5 billion years ago was only possible because of the existence of life, as oxygen is a waste product of metabolic processes like photosynthesis. Without microbes producing oxygen, it would not accumulate in our atmosphere, and we could not be here. While there are certainly differences in the local conditions Mars and Earth have been subjected to during their evolutionary histories, my mind can’t help but start thinking about what Jiancheng’s results may mean for a potential early Martian biosphere,” Dr. McKenzie remarked.

As China’s first mission to Mars Tianwen-1 is underway – has successfully arrived in Mars orbit on February 10 and set to land on Mars in May 2021, scientists are preparing for an exciting year of Mars exploration and discovery. This work demonstrates how spectroscopy and remote sensing lead to fundamental discoveries of significant importance for understanding Mars’ history. As we begin to understand the most ancient history of Mars, researchers are ready to directly search of any signatures that life might have once existed on ancient Mars, and HKU plans to be at the center of this great scientific adventure.

Reference: “Anoxic chemical weathering under a reducing greenhouse on early Mars” by J. Liu, J. R. Michalski, W. Tan, H. He, B. Ye and L. Xiao, 11 February 2021, Nature Astronomy.
DOI: 10.1038/s41550-021-01303-5

About the Research Division for Earth and Planetary Science and the Laboratory for Space Research at HKU
The Research Division for Earth and Planetary Science and the Laboratory for Space Research specializes in applications of traditional Earth and environmental science techniques and skills for modern space science challenges. Dr. Joe Michalski operates the Planetary Spectroscopy and Mineralogy Laboratory at HKU and is the Deputy Director of the Laboratory for Space Research.

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  7. When a scientist draws a conclusion about what happened on another planet billions of years ago, he may eventually be proven wrong, but that doesn’t make him a liar.

  8. Moses watyekele | April 14, 2021 at 7:24 am | Reply

    What if tbere is life on planet mars but unseen with our naked eyes

  9. Brainwashed mass member | April 14, 2021 at 8:32 am | Reply

    Hahah Jeff you crack me up. I have a friend who believes this wholeheartedly so I know you are probably the same. Faking space is easy right, just build a giant firmament, no problems. I guess meteors are just bits that fall off it.

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  11. Is it possible that the NASA people just might discover something from Mars that could become useful in some of Earth’s problems? Like maybe global warming, or ….?

  12. FIREYEYEDWOLF | April 14, 2021 at 9:59 am | Reply

    Ancient Sumerian texts describe a war between two planets. The winners won by sending a weapon to the original planet to dry up the water and turn the planet red. Elon might find out someday, but will he tell the conspiracy nuts? HA! 🤷‍♂️

  13. Jeff, the smart people don’t have the time, energy, or crayons to explain all this to you.

  14. I’m so confused by the title. The article states that Mars has had an anoxic atmosphere.

  15. “The Earth has had an oxidizing atmosphere for approximately two and a half billion years, but before that, the atmosphere of this planet was reducing – there was no rust.”

    That is completely wrong. There is strong mineralogical evidence of hematite in rocks as old as 3.8 Byr-ago. Indeed, the GOE theory requires oxygen to oxidize the ferrous iron in the oceans that would supposedly keep the early atmosphere reducing and form banded-iron ores.
    The rocks on Mars are billions of years old and the surface iron is hematite. There are now theories that the early oceans on Mars might have left oxygen behind. That would not be anoxic. Models are not evidence until their assumptions are confirmed.

  16. Chill out! It is a scientific paper; a THEORY!

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    Jeff: scientific hypothesis, soon to be fact.

    See? Too much effort.

    I find it fascinating that either we are wrong about biomarkers, or there can be non-life causes of large scale atmospheric oxydization, or there was life on Mars when it had substancially more atmosphere… I will be patient for the conclusion but I welcome it.

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  29. Jeff,
    Planetary science involves a lot of things. Meteorology. Geology. Biology. Chemistry. It goes on. I find it disturbing and feel really sorry for you that you just cannot find any wonder or amazement with these findings. If you honestly think that Mars rovers are in the Arizona desert, well I think that the Chinese would have a pretty hard time landing their probe there… Maybe you should go back to school.

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  38. From the comments, quite a few people do not know the physics of spectroscopy, used in many different applications on earth and on satellites as well. Environmental and geologic sciences use this all over the place as test methds and tools of science. Looks like quite a few of poorly educated people commenting on science, they know way could understand. Good science and indeed an indicator of something hard testing on Mars might create more information on this area of research.

  39. Jeff, Man go back to school. Scientists date minerals because minerals are made up of elements, i hope you know that. Elements have something called a half-life which is half of the time it takes for these elements to decay. They date these rocks and other stuff judging off of how many half lifes an element has gone through since when it finishes half lifes it starts to change into another element that then has a half life and so forth. Through experiments here on earth we can know how long individual elements half lifes are and therefore we can take that information to date the same elements on mars and doing so date the rocks, stuff in the air, water, and anything else they find. Hope i could be of help.

  40. So they are saying there was life on Mars. That’s the only way that much oxygen could occur.

    Where’s the evidence of life?

  41. Honestly who cares. I think most people commenting are a fraction to sensitive. I ask you all this; will it effect your lives personally?

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