Scientists Have Created the First Genetically Engineered Marsupial

Genetically Engineered Opossums

Genome editing targeting a gene responsible for making body pigments resulted in albino offspring, suggesting that the genetic engineering was successful in marsupials. Credit: RIKEN

Researchers at the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (BDR) have succeeded in creating the first genetically engineered marsupial. This study, published in the scientific journal Current Biology, will contribute to deciphering the genetic background of unique characteristics observed only in marsupials.

Genetically modified animals, particularly mice and rats, are extremely important tools for researching biological processes. For example, researchers often silence genes to find out what their normal functions are. Since marsupials have unique characteristics, studying them requires developing a representative animal model. To date, the best option is the opossum, which is thought to be the ancestor of all marsupials. The first marsupial to have its entire genome sequenced, the opossum makes a good model animal because its size and breeding characteristics are similar to those of mice and rats.

Like other marsupials, the opossum has a variety of characteristics that are not found in other mammals. It develops without a functional placenta, and pups are born prematurely. Like humans, but not other non-marsupial mammals, it gets skin cancer simply by exposure to ultraviolet light. Also unlike other mammals, newborn opossum pups with spinal cord injuries have the ability to naturally heal themselves. Because of these unique characteristics, studying marsupial biology is gaining interest. However, it has been difficult to analyze their underlying genetics without established technology to genetically modify marsupials. Now, a research team led by Hiroshi Kiyonari at RIKEN BDR is taking advantage of new gene editing technology to get the ball rolling for opossum research.

Genome editing requires the systematic collection of fertilized eggs, as the solution for genome editing is injected into the fertilized eggs. Since opossums have a long estrus cycle and a strong sense of territoriality, it takes about a week for a couple to mate even if they live together, making it difficult to proceed with the experiment systematically. The research team administered a hormone used in mice and other laboratory animals to stimulate estrus in the females, and succeeded in significantly shortening the time required for mating.

Transplant of the embryo into a surrogate mother is required to generate a genome-edited fertilized egg. As is done in mice and rats, the researchers transferred the fertilized egg into the uterus of a fertile female opossum, and successfully obtained pups. This is the first case that embryo transfer technology has been established in marsupials.

Usually the solution required for genome editing is injected into the fertilized egg using a fine needle. However, since the fertilized egg of the opossum is surrounded by a thick layer of proteins and a hard shell-like structure, the injection needle cannot penetrate it. “One of the tricks to our success,” Kiyonari explains, “was using a piezoelectronic element along with the needle, which allowed the needle to penetrate the hard shell coat and thick layer surrounding the egg. The piezo has thus made it possible to inject zygotes without significant damage.”

To confirm overall methodology, researchers targeted a gene responsible for making body pigments. When this gene is disrupted, pigment cannot be produced, and skin lacks color. Some of the offspring obtained from this experiment were albino, and their genes were inherited by the next generation, Thus, this represents the first successful gene editing in marsupials.

Now that the process has been established, researchers can focus on answering all their questions about marsupial biology. “Marsupials represent one of three extant mammalian subclasses with a number of unique characteristics not shared by other mammals. Having established the technology in this proof-of-concept experiment, future studies can create genetically modified marsupials that will impact the fields of mammalian embryology, genomic imprinting, reproduction, neurobiology, immunogenetics, cancer biology, and even comparative evolution,” Kiyonari says.

Reference: “Targeted gene disruption in a marsupial, Monodelphis domestica, by CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing” by Hiroshi Kiyonari, Mari Kaneko, Takaya Abe, Aki Shiraishi, Riko Yoshimi, Ken-ichi Inoue and Yasuhide Furuta, 21 July 2021, Current Biology.
DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2021.06.056

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  1. Hey this is pretty messed up.
    Maybe we should stop genetically modifying animals.

    • …why? You’re idea of “pretty messed up” quite literally advances the human race to new levels. Without things like this in the past, we wouldn’t develop the medical treatments we have to survive as long as we do.

    • You are aware that such scientific experiments are what leads to the groundbreaking medical breakthroughs that we have today, right?

  2. All gene editing should be put to a stop! Including gmo!

    • That’s a pretty aggressive way of saying “I don’t understand the benefits of this and only see bad things. I’m an idiot and my opinion doesn’t really matter here.”

      • Yeah you are an idiot and your opinion doesn’t matter. You aren’t even in this line of work.

      • Oh yeah i was making fun of your name like you were doing to others opinions. Doesn’t feel so good when it’s directed towards you is it?

      • Obviously most of these people have no idea what they are talking about or how we came so far medically. Because of their lack of knowledge on these topics people likes this are very hard to reason with.

    • Manxe Kitairn | July 25, 2021 at 1:45 pm | Reply

      Great!! So you want us to just drop science and return to the 10th century, when robber barons developed techniques to impose their will on others by force. You are a real Samurai!!

  3. Walter Hubbard | July 22, 2021 at 9:54 am | Reply

    All this is just a precursor of
    Painting ourselves into a corner..& tampering with the human Being to
    On controlled & unsupervised Ends…

  4. All this is very interesting, I always thought that marsupials would surprise us at one time or another hahahahah
    I love biology

  5. Great..
    You found out how to remove a mammals first line of defense. uv protection. Wonder how this “research” will be used.

  6. Mrs. Love America | July 22, 2021 at 12:23 pm | Reply

    People are too busy wondering if they can do something and never stop and think if they should…just stop trying to control the world around you and remember their are consequences for every action

  7. Interesting stuff!

    I think some people are wary of future “designer babies” a la Nazi goals.

    But the idea to completely eliminate diseases by finding genes predispositioned to them isn’t playing god, it’s improving our chance to survive the future.

    I think this kind of research is important, however I can understand subjective ethics being hurdles in the (near) future.

    • To-Dmnwallace88 | July 23, 2021 at 2:04 am | Reply

      Until you realise they will makeit based off of class… You got the cash they will allow you to get designer..but if you’re poor you will be left behind with children un-gmo’ed with no legal rights to a job or existence or the right to breed.

  8. Stop-loss bill | July 22, 2021 at 3:23 pm | Reply

    Like to think this is a great idea but I dont trust scientists or the billionaires funding them .

  9. I agree with this is pretty messed up. Insgead of leaving things alone we mess ith them cause more damage. Theres a natural process that doesnt need help to progress. Greed has screwed up everything so far and its only going to get worse if we dont leave things be. Yes greed is the cause of all things terribly wrong greed affects everything and can be apart of everything. Greed is not just greedy for money. It can be greed for superiority immortality and so on. History has proven time and time again we shoildnt metal with things that arent broken. We’ve destroyed ourselves time and time again because a greed for power and immortality.

  10. HeIsAlphaandOmega | July 22, 2021 at 3:50 pm | Reply

    Messing with nature has DIRE consequences! Do not be deceived, KNOW him!!!

    • Tiredofignorance | July 24, 2021 at 8:01 pm | Reply

      Do you enjoy cheese sir? Because that is made from rennet protien that comes from as genetically modified E.coli bacteria. Been that way for decades. You’re just ignorant and afraid of science.

  11. Bobby Joe, no need to he pompous

  12. Us humans love to play at being god. Yet always forgetting how useless we are at understanding; that in the vastness and the stupendiousness of it all, what little we know amounts to nothing.

  13. The longest living generation did not have our medical advances and many old timers ww2 generation also didn’t believe their Doctors nor did they take medications. They ate healthy stayed active and have somehow, easily lived into their 90’s. If we focused more on what’s causing us to die off early instead of trying to change traits in mammals that have evolved to be perfect for their species. As smart as we are, we have a hard time with foresight. Gene editing, crisper genes and gain of function should be banned.

    • Please do share where you found those interesting statistics. I would like to see your reliable sources.

    • Tiredofignorance | July 24, 2021 at 7:59 pm | Reply

      It’s almost like you don’t know when we started gene editing. Also seems like you forgot about polio.

  14. I think you are all missing probably the most important point. An injured opposums’ spine has the ability to heal and regenerate itself. Maybe you dont understand the implications of that. If genetically manipulating animals can help heal/cure human ailments then i support all their scientific endeavors.

    • Whenever scientists make any progress in science, great capital comes and buys the technology. That is the case with once huge capital interests start using newly discovered science against innocent people..than it get’s scarry. And that is the fear people are afraid of.Science is often missused by huge capital interests.

    • Yeah… And there’s a reason that God didn’t give you those exact genes… He doesn’t want humans to live over 120 years.

  15. Everyone needs to realize that all this is just them telling us what they are planning to do with us or already are, oh wait I forget they are already doing it look at covid vaccines they are already doing that did you know that they have dna modifying agents in the vaccines I suggest people start looking at everything that is going on in government everywhere right now then they will see they all have fake wombs and the room they are in looks just like the matrix and everything they are planning to do to us they tell us on movies about 10 to 20 years before they do it that means they already can do it about the same time they tell us they are just perfecting it people need to open their eyes and notice what is really going on with the people in power

    • Tiredofignorance | July 24, 2021 at 7:57 pm | Reply

      You realize gene editing has given us massed produced cheese? Insulin for diabetics? You sound so ignorant of ths science that has surrounded you since the 50s.

  16. Gene editing will be missused! Remember that some “advancements” in science often led to catastrophes..People of the world should have the right to doubt.

    • Tiredofignorance | July 24, 2021 at 7:55 pm | Reply

      You realize gene editing is the only reason people with diabetes are capable of surviving right?

      • Ok not sure where you get your info? Could it be a cracker jack box? People with diabetes don’t survive because of gene editing. They manage and monitor it some have to take insulin some can manage mainly by getting healthy.

  17. Agree with Devin. Perhaps, nay sayers would be more agreeable if they viewed the science from the perspective of parents who pay to keep embryonic stem-cells frozen for the purpose of keeping their child alive; or from the perspective of a paraplegic. There are still people out there who want to ban rock and roll and mixed marriages

    • I mean, it’s not really that their sacred of science ITSELF per say….. But scared of it falling into the “wrong”hands….😶

  18. Now all parties had a great intellectual debate on this forum. I see pointers in all debates

  19. Penny Weatherby | July 23, 2021 at 6:20 am | Reply

    This modification is being preformed on Chinese prisoners in China, behavior modification. And they go into the DNA and quieten the genetic gene which is past down from generations. As they do for cancer as well. Do I think it right? Only for the cancer. Or disease. The behavior gene needs not to be dealt with. People have got to learn control without being modified.

  20. Those who say gene editing is bad: marijuana affects the sperm and the offspring.

  21. Bobby Joe u need to know
    That GMO is known to
    DESTROY the eco system something we need to understand before we start changing it which is what we are starting to under Stand that’s why this is done under specific conditions to figure out what it could damage

    • ExceedingMass | July 24, 2021 at 3:10 pm | Reply

      How are GMOs destroying the environment?
      You don’t want GMOs? Well, say goodbye to the great majority off foods you may enjoy.
      Hell, there are GMOs that have been made to be able to subsist in areas the crop would not be able to survive in.

      And what do you considering something being GMO? Is it a plant modified by humans to produce a fruit, grain or whatever in a certain way?… Because if that’s the case, you better start selecting your foods, because the great majority things are manmade through selective harvesting and such.

  22. ExceedingMass | July 24, 2021 at 3:02 pm | Reply

    I wonder how well it would serve us to remove inherited genetic diseases and things like that from humans.
    It would be pretty useful.

  23. Yes this is definitely messed up. Especially for those animals ‼️

  24. I say do it and let’s see what we can figure out. Everyone, although very entitled to their opinion, is assuming God doesn’t want us to. If God didn’t want us doing it we wouldn’t be smart enough to get it done. Besides the mistakes should be fairly interesting.

    Minnie right Bobby stop being pompous. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. There’s no need to attack people.

  25. You people saying this is unethical are so stupid. So quik to say it’s wrong but would be even quicker to take the medicines that are developed from science like this

    • Sometimes I wonder | July 24, 2021 at 8:40 pm | Reply

      No medicine is being made by breaking baby opossums spines or giving them skin cancer using uv light. GMO babies are not necessary. We know how to do IVF successfully. Like I mentioned people that think the cruelty and abuse of the animals in the science labs is legit, maybe they need a taste of it for themselfs. Labs will actually pay people to be there testees aka “legal lab rat” check it out try it for yourselfs before you go open your mouth. By the way please do share your experiences.

  26. Heck yeah, one step closer to making a real life Crash Bandicoot. Oh, and learning more about the biology of marsupials, that as well.

  27. Hey Devin this one’s for you.
    Do YOU not see the most important point. An injured baby opposums’ spine has the ability to heal and regenerate itself.. what the F@#$ how would scientists know this! Or how about they get skin cancer when exposed to uv light? Wow you have to be one sick individual to not give a sh$# or care about what your putting these little creatures thru. Ya know you should go volunteer to be there test dummy I think you can even get paid. Let us know how it went.

  28. I believe we should be careful in what we are genetically enhancing for fear of uncontrolled manipulation of your hard work and determination, generations on the future will benefit from your work I agree, let’s hope the reverse doesnt happen be smart as I know you are. The earth is changing faster than we can control I hope for the future there is hope for our families . Good luck and thank you for what you have done and are doing , your best.

  29. Please! Please! Don’t try any more making the role of God! He is only Creator, in our Universe.The and is near.Give that money the poorer peoples. You can live forever on the Earth ,if you know the purpose of God for the life.

    • No, I highly doubt you or anyone is gonna live forever on earth by doing that(since LITERALLY No one has YET… 😶) And PLEASE don’t go around and tell people that…. Since I’m you have no REAL evidence to back it up with…… 😶

  30. I’m confused on the parinoia do you see all the past advancements being only used for the rich or war? and as far as God goes we ate the forbidden fruit we lost innocence but gained knowledge if we were meant to be primitive apes I doubt knowledge would have been given to us. To doubt that is to doubt God’s plan think about it if anyone knows human nature it would be their creator. I think Hollywood may be to blame here. We are screwing up the Earth so bad we will need mods to survive all the new diseases that are yet to come.

  31. Insert name here | July 25, 2021 at 1:11 am | Reply

    What is it with the comments on every single article on this site being made by anti science luddites that are still scared of lights making their bodies cast two shadows and then thinking it’s witchcraft ?

  32. I don’t know why some people here are commenting against it. This is how we make progress in this field. You’re basically saying to put an end to this while ignoring the possible benefits that it can have. Think before you write something like that.

  33. Interested to find out whether the offspring were born prematurely and cling onto the mothers back as in the picture. Did the mother accept all the offspring?

  34. Honestly it’s a highly controversial subject but I think if some of these anti-editors would try and see things with different perspective, such as people with fractured spines or children born prematurely, they would understand a little better. Then again there’s the argument of religion and the belief that the Lord made things in his own lights and we shouldn’t change them. But we have been given the power to do so so is it that wrong? Again, don’t bark at me! I’m just considering both sides of the coin, the benefits of genome editing, and the religious/spiritual aspect

  35. If you look back into Ancient texts they were clearly doing this then. There’s text from Egyptians that claim that is how we humans were actually made to begin with. Supposedly we were “made in his own image” but cloned DNA. Which this information and study may very well give more proof the texts are accurate and correct (again).If it hasn’t destroyed us yet, it probley isn’t going to. Instead of getting angry with each other maybe you should think about what that means for people. They can hope to eventually(in the extreme near future if you all listen and relax) turn off a gene the will cause their baby to have Downs, no longer! What they did harmed nothing. They only changed the skin color of mice. Let me guess, it’s racist??? Is that the issue???🥴

    • 1. Let me guess…. Ancient aliens? …. 😶

      2. Then why are there male AND females?!? …. If we were/are clones?!? …. 😶

  36. Corporations are slowly poisoning human populations…we are as a society are weaker as a whole. Our weak genetics is being passed down instead of being wiped out by natural selection. We are giving every individual the ability to live who should have died. Insulin increase body weight and has repercussions. It’s bandaid approach to help diabetics…I can live without cheese. Americans contributed to understanding sars and released accidently in Wuhan and it mutated to Covid. Viruses will fight to preserve natural selection when more reservoirs released from natural habitats due to climate change. Not all science is designed for the greater good.

  37. Christopher Kennedy | July 25, 2021 at 5:56 am | Reply

    Amazing. I am horrified by how many people are commenting on the ethical aspects of this article ( all of which are subjective, unsolicited and mostly misguided).
    This is an article about the the science you know, that process by which human beings have altered the world around them. Domesticated pets are our friends and have been significantly altered through selective breeding for numerous tasks from hunting to sniffing out drugs or disease. Same with cattle or with even the grains that go into the foods all around us.
    Unless you are willing to call out the milk you drink and doggies that you love at home as not being “God’s plan” and therefore potentially “evil” then leave the heavy thinking to philosophers and theologists. Sagan was right, critical thought is in sharp decline.

  38. – What do you MEAN by stating that God doesn’t want us living past 120 years of age?! The average life expectancy in the 1800s averaged around 40 years old. In 2020, the average life expectancy is around 75 years old. Did God change his mind? Where did the age of exactly 120 years old derive from? Source?

    – Scientists could have easily observed spinal defects in marsupials and the ability they possess to heal said injury. Do you really think scientists are purposely causing spinal injuries to random baby animals just to “see what happens”? Do you understand how inefficient and unscientific that process would be?

    – If the general public knew that designer babies were in existence, do you believe that the people against said practice, would just sit around and do nothing about it? The US alone can’t get through an election or racial injustice without practically burning down cities…(exaggerating). My point is, you’re leaping from this fastinating article about marsupials, to the poor not having access to “designer babies”. Mind boggling.

  39. Next level medicine no pills. Being able to regenerate from a Injury to the spine. All other parts and organs too,might be the path of longer healthier lives.

  40. Curiosity is one of rhe main human traits. To stop being curious about the workings of our world is to stop being human.

  41. Yep, we are already seeing human genes being combined with animals. In the 1920’s the Russians experimented with human and apes. Scientists in the US and China have been experimenting with questionable ethical or moral boundaries. As I’ve heard the problem with freedom, is that people don’t know how to use it in moderation. Absolute power, corrupts absolutely…

    We use technology to fix problems, but that technology creates bigger problems… In the end what sounds like a grand idea eventually ends with humans paying the price for human interference. Covid ring a bell… Just as they’ve lied about the experimentation of this virus and it’s gain of use functions… we’re one step away from destroying ourselves.

  42. I don’t think it’s OK.

  43. So what strain of covid may this cause next?

  44. Pretty interesting

  45. Jason A Milner | July 25, 2021 at 10:42 am | Reply

    In the time of the Mayan corn looked like grass. It’s been modified. Over time but it’s been manipulated along with wheat and tomatoes most everything has been modified. Study is good. Misuse is disturbing but the study in itself is not bad. For all the new things we find there should be a law or understanding if a limit and strictly followed. You people are to aggressive and ready to put blame. This is exactly the problem with the world. Everyone needs so badly to be right wen at the moment there really is no right answer. Wake up you guys you are the problem. Make up your minds to be fair and learn everything before you talk because you All look pretty stupid from here. Have a nice dayv

  46. Disgusting – they’ll be creating unfamiliar animals soon. God will get them.

    • That is assuming that your God-or any god-exists. I think all religion is people high on crack looking for somewhere to place their false hopes, and to say that all of their misdeeds aren’t their misdeeds, it’s the devil. Now, while religion is an interesting topic to study, it has no basis in science, and if you seriously believe that a three headed demon man frozen up to his nips in ice is controlling your every bad deed, you’re insane. And it’s even more asinine that you don’t seem to believe in your own religion. If God made humans in his image, then of course they would be able to work miracles. Miracles like curing Sickle Cell, or Leukemia, or hell, even spine injuries. and miracles for other species, such as the marsupials that are going extinct rapidly. If God, by your completely asinine logic, made humans how he wanted them to be made, and he didn’t want them to be able to get new information to potentially save marsupial species, we would not be able to.

  47. Why is God being thrown in this he has nothing to do with this and not everyone believes in God of he is out there what is he waiting so long for to come back for? For things to get better lol I think not will only get worse if he was smart he’d come now and end it before we self destruct but hey maybe that’s what he wants.

  48. If your argument of “Actually, we shouldn’t live longer” is based on “you’re playing god” you might like to read this.

    You have to understand that in your argument (assuming god exists) he doesn’t want us to mess with things he made which would mean you wouldn’t support evolution, because GMOs are just a sped up selection process that can help us learn things, and evolution is the reason you exist and you (presumably believe) are here because God wants you here. You would be ignorant to both science and your beliefs

    • Not necessarily, they just think that this is “distasteful” to whatever “god” or “gods” that “made” us … 😶

  49. Foolish children thinking they are advanced because they can play with blocks but can’t build a house. Another example of disgusting research. Advanced? Is that what you tell yourselves as you suck down energy drinks with your type 2 diabetes? Most can’t even stop a common cold or even optimize your vitamin d levels. Arrogant and blind.

    • Actually, yeah pretty “advanced” and not “foolish”…. Considering that only 100 years go we were riding on HORSES and MOST people couldn’t live to 60 or 70?!? ….. So, yeah not “arrogant” and “blind” but CERTAIN and eager…. 😶

  50. y’all realise we’re one step closer to genetically engineering wings into human dna? y’all we can be f**king bird people

  51. So is this the next great species x?

    It is cute

  52. Scientist! just do not create another Virus! We’ve had enough.

  53. Ground breaking medical breakthroughs? This from a society who still promotes cancer research despite there being viable therapies and treatments because it lines researchers pockets. With those funds they can have an elite hobby like humping up nature, as evidenced here.

  54. Teresa Lautenbach | July 26, 2021 at 8:58 pm | Reply

    Playing God is just asking for a big loss. I mean “everyone can play but, not everyone can win.” We are definitely on the loosing end of this game in the long run. I wish the human race really was as smart as we think it is, nope, guess not🤦!!

  55. I know someone who is paralyzed and wants to be about to walk again one day, or at the very least know that in the future others won’t have to endure that burden. So if you all can quit complaining about scientific advancements and things you’re scared of because you don’t have a perfect understanding of God’s will, please sit down and stop talking.

  56. Why has drama unfolded for a simple story.. jeez. Nobody is allowed an opinion anymore I guess

  57. Project pimpin | July 27, 2021 at 8:04 am | Reply

    I’ve read all the comments on this subject. I need to buy an island and move away from you all. Then sit back watch all of you eat each other alive. Most of you would die if there were no electricity so start gene editing that einstien.

  58. The only stupid thing is to think we may stop a progress. Somebody will always do it. The sample thought of organ substitution comes to mind. And it may be an invincible monster. Still more liVES would be saved then lost.

  59. There babies can naturally fix an injured spine! It would b great 2 use this 2 help people with injured spines and even more possibly? If they are not hurting d animals I think it would b great

  60. Bruhyallretards | July 27, 2021 at 8:49 am | Reply

    This comment t sections a headache. It’s either all for Gmos or not at all, when really it should be objective analysis. For the handful of inc*st born people here, look into how GMOs can be accomplished, I’ll admit I’m not fucming expert, but enhancing the important qualities of any biological lifeforms is beneficial. At least through moral ways like selective breeding it only helps, look at chickens from the 20s, by looking at those genetic traits and harnessing the best in those species its made food more sustainable despite the enormous population, and likely has been critical to preventing a type of mass starvation or nuance for foods. Any time you try to find a partner you’re subconsciously deciding if those genes are worth passing on. All of that being said however, if it can’t be done morally, and if science keeps this arrogantly “trust me dude” culture, then it could easily turned into something underhanded and possibly awful for humans. That being said you’re dumb as f*ck cuz the government would tear this country apart by halting the citizens who run everything else in the country

  61. This is quite interesting subject, however it is a bit scary. Some of you say – it is important to develop medicines, treatments etc.
    Just look what is happening on our planet. Some treatments are banned to promote something else like injections, corrupted goverments, people with side effects, autoimmune disorders – EVERYTHING FOR MONEY.
    So how would you describe this experiment now, when somebody with money can use it to create more money – not to help other people like we are.

  62. Infact_We_React | July 27, 2021 at 11:56 am | Reply

    I find it interesting how one discovery in genetic sciene has stirred up so many strong opinions. This seems to be, at least to me, merely a stepping stone to understanding how genomes within a relative clade can be modified and made compatible. This type or breaktgrough is more likely to lead to finding means of making cellular self repair possible by making our genetics compatible to jellyfish or reptilia who have higher regenerative ability or of other species that live longer. Such discoveries are generally benificial to humans and could also give us means to recreate extinct species or to further preserve endangered ones. This is a far cry from “the island of Dr Moreau” or any such science fiction plot you may imagine when you read this.

  63. Ouch. Hahaha

  64. Thesouth will riseagain | July 27, 2021 at 3:14 pm | Reply

    Y’all all dumb as hell. Some of y’all need get y’all’s diplomas taken

  65. Give all the animals alone stop abusing maiming and killing them and experiment on other human beings you know like prisoners

  66. if you’re not sciences,how do you know what they doing is right or wrong? If you don’t have a degree of science and you not studying this field then Let science people monitors please. I don’t know what they’re doing is right or wrong since I’m only Busdriver But I trust them and let them monitor each other please. Now days I see so people hating technology and science but yet they use it daily and go to the hospital when they’re sick. The point you trying to make is also against you since you also don’t know. Stop the hate please

  67. Stop the nonsense. This isn’t advancing anything. People are dying younger and IQs are lower. Working in a any industry just makes you familiar with the terms of that industry. So you may sound smart if you say pneumonia instead of cold, but your body is dis-eased. And you can say that in any language. Healers don’t work in or care much for this industry because we’re not sick and in constant need of attendance. Now, what advancements have been made? Medicines with more symptoms than healing power (they don’t heal, they help people cope). Look at the condition of the world and then speak on advancements. And without a master’s or bachelor’s a human can perceive a flaw in the universal system. 93,000 deaths from overdoses isn’t advancing, it shows in a ability to properly assist in the natural healing process of the Human.

  68. This is epic and a little scary at the same time. Just make sure the violet biotechnology keeps working, and doesn’t allow going too far

  69. Actually if because of your frim belief in survival of fittest and going against the nature, you are willing to let your loved ones die or suffer when you could have saved them with help of research, you can say and judge and also those who are feeling sorry for animals please be a vegetarian or vegan but if you are not don’t be so hypocritical… Such hypocrisy is disgusting.

  70. Not good. This is playing GOD.

  71. Wow! Cool! Those were my first thoughts. I used to do genetic epidemiology in humans, and can say that this research is definitely NOT evil. Of course, no one cares about my opinion, and I will undoubtedly be criticized. But, I’m here to point out that research on marsupials trails far behind that of the more “favored” mammals. Marsupials are endangered. They are dying from diseases we don’t understand. Koalas have Chlamydia (not ours), wombats are going blind, more of them go extinct everyday because they can’t compete with placental mammals. When the fires occured many animals died because medical treatment was not advanced as it should be. Marsupials deserve to be better understood or they will be gone. There may be benefits to humans from this, but there will surely be benefits to a group of mammals that will become extinct. Granted, albinism is not helpful, in and of itself, but demonstrating that gene insertion can be done is. And, I want to note that gene therapy has been used to treat genetic disorders such as sickle cell anemia. If it were my child suffering I would enroll them in a gene therapy study right now.

  72. Immortality? Sign me up motherf**kers.

  73. This is something new…. modification of genes…

  74. Lol all of you are saying it’s for advancing our species…. but don’t realize that how is making a new rat gonna help advance human science, y’all sound f**

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