Earth 16,000 MPH Faster, 2000 Light-Years Closer to Supermassive Black Hole in the Center of the Milky Way

Milky Way Galaxy Position and Velocity Map

Position and velocity map of the Milky Way Galaxy. Arrows show position and velocity data for the 224 objects used to model the Milky Way Galaxy. The solid black lines show the positions of the Galaxy’s spiral arms. The colors indicate groups of objects belonging the same arm. The background is a simulation image. Credit: NAOJ

Earth just got 7 km/s (~16,000 mph) faster and about 2000 light-years closer to the supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that our planet is plunging towards the black hole. Instead, the changes are the results of a better model of the Milky Way Galaxy based on new observation data, including a catalog of objects observed over the course of more than 15 years by the Japanese radio astronomy project VERA.

VERA (VLBI Exploration of Radio Astrometry, by the way “VLBI” stands for Very Long Baseline Interferometry) started in 2000 to map three-dimensional velocity and spatial structures in the Milky Way. VERA uses a technique known as interferometry to combine data from radio telescopes scattered across the Japanese archipelago in order to achieve the same resolution as a 2300 km diameter telescope would have. Measurement accuracy achieved with this resolution, 10 micro-arcseconds, is sharp enough in theory to resolve a United States penny placed on the surface of the Moon.

Because Earth is located inside the Milky Way Galaxy, we can’t step back and see what the Galaxy looks like from the outside. Astrometry, accurate measurement of the positions and motions of objects, is a vital tool to understand the overall structure of the Galaxy and our place in it. This year, the First VERA Astrometry Catalog was published containing data for 99 objects.

Based on the VERA Astrometry Catalog and recent observations by other groups, astronomers constructed a position and velocity map. From this map they calculated the center of the Galaxy, the point that everything revolves around. The map suggests that the center of the Galaxy, and the supermassive black hole which resides there, is located 25800 light-years from Earth. This is closer than the official value of 27700 light-years adopted by the International Astronomical Union in 1985. The velocity component of the map indicates that Earth is traveling at 227 km/s as it orbits around the Galactic Center. This is faster than the official value of 220 km/s (137 mi/s).

Now VERA hopes to observe more objects, particularly ones close to the central supermassive black hole, to better characterize the structure and motion of the Galaxy. As part of these efforts, VERA will participate in EAVN (East Asian VLBI Network) comprised of radio telescopes located in Japan, South Korea, and China. By increasing the number of telescopes and the maximum separation between telescopes, EAVN can achieve even higher accuracy.

“The First VERA Astrometry Catalog” by VERA collaboration et al. appeared in Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan in August 2020.

Reference: “The First VERA Astrometry Catalog” by VERA collaboration, Tomoya Hirota, Takumi Nagayama, Mareki Honma, Yuuki Adachi, Ross A Burns, James O Chibueze, Yoon Kyung Choi, Kazuya Hachisuka, Kazuhiro Hada, Yoshiaki Hagiwara, Shota Hamada, Toshihiro Handa, Mao Hashimoto, Ken Hirano, Yushi Hirata, Takanori Ichikawa, Hiroshi Imai, Daichi Inenaga, Toshio Ishikawa, Takaaki Jike, Osamu Kameya, Daichi Kaseda, Jeong Sook Kim, Jungha Kim, Mi Kyoung Kim, Hideyuki Kobayashi, Yusuke Kono, Tomoharu Kurayama, Masako Matsuno, Atsushi Morita, Kazuhito Motogi, Takeru Murase, Akiharu Nakagawa, Hiroyuki Nakanishi, Kotaro Niinuma, Junya Nishi, Chung Sik Oh, Toshihiro Omodaka, Miyako Oyadomari, Tomoaki Oyama, Daisuke Sakai, Nobuyuki Sakai, Satoko Sawada-Satoh, Katsunori M Shibata, Makoto Shizugami, Jumpei Sudo, Koichiro Sugiyama, Kazuyoshi Sunada, Syunsaku Suzuki, Ken Takahashi, Yoshiaki Tamura, Fumie Tazaki, Yuji Ueno, Yuri Uno, Riku Urago, Koji Wada, Yuan Wei Wu, Kazuyoshi Yamashita, Yuto Yamashita, Aya Yamauchi and Akito Yuda, 24 April 2020, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan.
DOI: 10.1093/pasj/psaa018

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  1. And given the astronomical distances, and the years of time involved, this is not an exciting headline, unless you are planning to maintain your house for the next million years.

    • If the earth was moving that fast then we wouldn’t be able to have any space programs because the ships would be left in the black stuff once they get out of our atmosphere.

      • Hold on there chief! If you’re not aware of gravity and relativity, then perhaps more study is in order. Yes, the Earth is moving through space, as are all other celestial objects in our “neighborhood” as it were. Items in orbit are moving at the same relative speed. In simple terms, there is no drag or air resistance to slow an object causing it to be “left behind.”

      • No, whatever launches off our planet starts out moving the same speed as our planet, and there’s no air in space to slow the spacecraft (or planet) down

      • Jjetplane.. you are awake to this fakery

  2. So, our Earth together with entire Solar system moves every 2 hours trough 1 million miles of space. Did I do the math right?

    • I came up with about the same numbers did you get any answers about that?

    • Presumably a correct approximation, as I got it too (after my error below).

      If you mistakenly multiply 227 km/s by the approximate miles to km conversion factor of 1.609, rather than the correct km to miles inverse figure, you will come up with a VERY suspect number for miles/second.
      Pure coincidence, but startling.

  3. “So, our Earth together with entire Solar system moves every 2 hours trough 1 million miles of space. Did I do the math right?”

    I got the same answer.

    Research indicates 67k mph (not sure if that accounts for the plus 16k)

    Pretty sure the 220/227 km/s number is in error

    • Abenezer Daniel | June 16, 2021 at 4:51 am | Reply

      We will be getting in that black hole but the singularity’s gonna stop us from getting deeper into the black hole

    • 227 km/s along a 25,800 light year radius circular orbit gives 214 million years per orbit.
      67k mph “ “ gives 1.6 billion years/orbit. — I don’t think that is nearly fast enough to have prevented us from long ago having fallen into the core.
      Wikipedia gives 514k mph. —> 230 km/s…


    • 67k mph ~= 30 km/s, earth’s orbital speed around the sun.
      227 km/s @ 25,800 light year radius circular orbit gives a 214 million year galactic orbit.

      Cheers — clm

  4. hmm, I’m actually finding what seems to be various measurements as it relates to Earth differing types of movements.

    it seems Earth rotates around the sun at ~67k mph

    our solar system rotates around the galactic center st ~500k mph

    And, the milky way is traveling through the universe at a leisurely 1,300,000 mph.

    perhaps the error is in the way the article was written, lacking a touch of definition.

    • We’ve been looking at the same stars, same constellations, same wandering stars, in the north star Polaris has been fixed right above our most northern point for thousands of years. The earth does not move!

      • I understand exactly what you are saying! But I’m confused, so does the sun orbit around the earth to give us our day night cycle? Or maybe there is no sun and the light we see is actually a government run satellite with a really powerful flashlight on it…

        • Thats why I always make sure I’m wearing my tin foil hat when reading these articles.

        • To JLK–Your theory parallels mine. And I only took Asty 101.

          • John A Glaves | December 4, 2020 at 3:30 pm |

            All of what we see is what it is , thats what our other parts present for us, so just do the math presented, to show loyalty, work on what your unveiled nothing more, just remember (TEMPORARY) JUST because a light 💡 bulb is possible doesn’t mean it stays that way , matinence suda-sun, then back as matinence moves on! Is the end of discussion if, and or ? End of story, mind our own business

      • You are right polaris is fixed

      • Zack, Zack, Zack… please think before speaking. Even more important, think before typing such an uneducated comment. Of course the Earth moves. 1) it rotates on axis every 24 hours +/-. 2) it revolves around Sol (the sun) every 365 days +/- and 3) the entire Solar system is revolving around the galactic core. 4) All of the stars (including Polaris) are moving at or near the same constant. Therefore the observable stars remain as fixed points.

        • Educator Educator Educator. There is no outer space. You live in a fantasy. Use common sense before you speak. The earth is a stationary. Get out of your freemason/luciferian spinning marble dream

      • You are the only awake one on here Zach. I agree with you. All we get is fantasy space. There is no freaken outer space. They think we are the ones asleep and indoctrinated. Lmbo

    • So the speed of light limitation is no more?

    • Ah came up with a total of 33,666mph per second, correct?

  5. We are in deep deep s*** here on earth pray that GOD has mercy on us all

    • You must beleive in the Fake Corona virus and Fake space. Calling out to God when you are clearly decieved is acceptable

  6. Lol. Ding dongs still believe in space bs? It’s obvious that Earth is the center of our universe. If you paid any real attention you would see that the planets, stars, sun & move revolve around Earth. Not the other way around. Pseudo science bs they feed the masses.

    • OMG….Trump read or someone read this article, to him.

    • This isn’t the middle ages! I suppose you think that the Earth is flat too?

      • lol we can easily prove its flat with science. Yet you brainwashed balls***ing ret**ds will quickly run to your pics of space as proof

        • Ok big guy i have to ask you this than why would we be the only flat planet. All the other planets are round now this you can see with a telescope so wtf would we be flat yet no other planet is.

          • The guy just needs to look at the shadow of the Earth on the moon it shows that it’s round and there’s no Photoshop there

        • Just look at the moon when there is a eclipse with the Earth is between the Sun and Moon the shadow sure looks round to me and no one is photo shopping that!!!

          • Jeffrey Davis | December 1, 2020 at 5:54 am |

            Um, John? Coins are also round. Round…but flat. So a round shadow isn’t proof of a sphere, which is the Earth’s TRUE shape. H.S. Geometry right there.

        • I can easily prove the Earth is round just look at its shadow on the moon

      • So I get to stay with the same condescending tone that your stupid ass thinks the earth is a spinning ball to an infinite galaxy with a pointless existence here on earth? Flat water.. flat earth.. And the water is definitely flat, Kansas is actually flatter than a pancake.

        • You are the type of person that makes me lose faith in humanity. Every breath you take is an astounding endorsement of abortion. When the devil saw you he ran in fear. Anyway sorry. So actually you can figure out that the earth is not flat by a simple experiment, what you can do is lay down near a beach, facing the sun, as soon as the sun dips below the horizon stand up and run to a near by hill 20ft or more higher than where you were, the would take you less then about 6 seconds to run up and then you may experience a second horizon, I used to do this with my siblings all the time when we would go to Florida. You can do this in the UAE in Dubai at the Burj Khalifa, you stand near one of the bottom floors and wait for the sun to set then take one of the super fast elevators to almost the top and you’ll see a second sun set. From there you may even see a very very slight curve of the earth being 1.5 miles above the globe.

          • Macgyver…you can write a whole book thinking you are wise. But you are decieved. There is no outer space. Give me a break people. Use the Common sense the Lord gave you. Have you ever stopped to think about the nonsense NASA feeds us…Fskery all around us. CGI at it finest. Well, not its finest. It looks so fake it must be real. Lmbo Tin cans went to the moon in 1969…Darn we lost the technology to go back….lmbo

      • According to Neil deGrasse Tyson the earth us shaped like a pear not a globe lending more credence to the flat earth theories. We really do not know and neither do these guys who think they are smart enough to fugure it out from earth.

    • Along those lines, babies come from the cabbage patch and storks deliver them to the hospital to women who swallowed watermellon seeds to indicate that they want a child. Pseudo-science is such a scam to the uneducated masses.

    • Now you sound like a dumb bastard
      Wear did you go to school.
      Weed high?????

    • Earlier in the comments it was argued in favor of the spherical earth that the shadow of the earth on the moon during a lunar eclipse is curved, countered by the assertion that the shadow of a flat earth’s disk would also be curved. Both statements are correct — as far as they go.

      The rather irascible astrophysicist Fritz Zwicky once characterized someone as a “spherical *bleep*” because, he said, “They are a *bleep* any way you look at them.”

      While there is a rather strong correlation between spherical/flat earth argumentation and personal insults, that’s not why I made those two paragraphs neighbors. The curved lunar eclipse shadow = spherical earth argument was first made (as far as I know) by the Ancient Greek thinkers, but in its complete form: The shadow is always, and equally, curved, whether occurring while the moon is on the horizon or directly overhead.

      In any orientation of a hypothesized spinning, spherical earth while it’s directly between the sun and the full moon, which is the only time lunar eclipses can happen, such a result would follow naturally from the three dimensional geometry of the situation. If you are viewing a lunar eclipse occurring while it is on or near your horizon at moonrise or moonset, you are then standing on or near the ‘terminator’, the region separating the sunlit and shadowed halves of earth’s globe. If the eclipse is seen overhead while it’s nearer midnight, that would be interpreted as you being located near the middle of the night side portion of earth’s surface at that time, looking up through earth’s nearly cylindrical shadow to where it intersects with the full moon. In either, and indeed any, case, the terminator encircling earth corresponds with the edge of the equally curved and always perfectly circular shadow which earth casts on the moon.

      The moon passing into and back out of earth’s long shadow cone (effectively a cylinder), or even when it just clips the north or south edge of it, always shows exactly the same radius of curvature of the shadow. This would correspond with the curve of a shadow cast by a flat, disk earth when the moon is overhead and sunlight is passing earth at a right angle from below the disk. However, it is not clear at first glance, or second look, or third consideration how sunlight skimming past the sunset edge of a disk earth and passing just overhead on its way to a rising, eclipsing full moon could cast a circular shadow of that same radius. It should either be the flattened curve of the broad side of an ellipse if it is going to be a full eclipse, or the sharper arc of the end of an ellipse if it is a partial eclipse where the moon is passing through the north or south edge of a flat earth’s elliptical shadow.

      Any circle or disk seen other than directly face on will project a more or less elliptical outline. Hold a coin somewhat edge on to your line of sight, comparing its various curvatures to another equivalent coin held just behind it, but face on. Closing one eye may help by suppressing the brains automatic (and marvelous!) ability to present a three-dimensionally tilted circle as just a circle, not the ellipse it would be apparent it was in a flat picture.

      This essay offered with due regards,
      – clm 2/27/2020

    • Oh for crying out loud!
      I may not be stuck in the Middle Ages, but I am definitely behind the times.

      … 2022


  7. So…I should run out and buy a 911 Turbo S, grab a hotty and blow my cash!!!!

  8. Don’t worry about the errors it is in God’s hands. Those errors were adjustments made from loss of pole due to magnetic skil>etching as well as macular magnetic modulation of fluid. Total salt coverage is doom. Don’t think I can grab another pole again if we lose Antarctica. Notice the sun is different and we are moved. Your welcome because you would have been toasted last month and now you can freeze. The devil is caught and God has retaken his world and I am his security.

    Email me to join global design modifications

  9. Earth just got…like just now?

  10. It’s going faster because we are burning all it’s fossil fuels!

    Smarten up!

  11. That “you are here” galaxy shirt will need an update…

  12. Does anyone believe these fake space brainless ret***s? Earth is motionless. Space is fake and anyone who says otherwise is a brainwashed balls***ing idiot

    • This fella hit the head on the nail. Fake pictures, a lying government, ran by fallen Angels, for a short time. The three lies of the roaring, devouring lion are well placed with Lie 1. You live on a ball. Lie 2. You came from a monkey. Lie 3(Yet to come). The Aliens(Fallen Angels) You’d never believe they were the fallen of old if Lies #1 & #2 convinced you there wasn’t a Supreme God. As in the days of Noah so shall it be in the last. They’re coming back folks. They don’t call him the father of lies and the author of confusion, for nothing.

      • Lol. I’m literally laughing out loud. But I think I’m going to cry learning that they are still stupid people like you. Hopefully you will learn a thing called science and astronomy. The best part is that you got both the science, religion and facts all wrong

        • Oh macgyver.. you still think you are full of wisdom. You have NONE….LMBO Maybe you need to go listen to that famous song from the 70s called Magic…..cause you think we live on a spinning marble that uses magic to hold water to it. While spinning 1000 mph. Mcgyver mcgyver mcgyver…wake up out of your programming

        • Macgyver,Macgyver, Macgyver. You still think you are full of wisdom.

    • Hmmmm. Balls***ing. I’ll have one of those! (Name spelling is intended)

  13. The “Engine of Galaxies are
    massive Black Holes”

  14. Marvin A Uriarte | November 29, 2020 at 5:12 am | Reply

    The “Galaxies engines are super
    massive Black Holes”

  15. Yea all of this is literally horse s***. If earth “spun” and the rate of which it spins through this bowl of malarkey changed, well then so would our 24 hour clock… considering I still work on Tuesday… get t f outs here.. lies!!

  16. Alt, im intrested in joining for the further gain of any and all imformation. Im a huge sponge and seek any and all knowledge of space. Planets and everything in between.
    If you would kimdly Email me with the information needed to join i would be greatful.
    [email protected]

  17. Gotta say these guys are wrong too. None of the observations made from earth can be correct. As we find out every other year as these knuckleheads announce the last guy was wrong and this guys is right. No one is right. Its all about the grants and lying more than the other guy to get them.

  18. Holder of a galaxy | November 29, 2020 at 6:27 am | Reply

    Chill people. Most people hold galaxies all the time. How many galaxies are on earth now? Sent from my “galaxy” note 9

  19. Larry Gallemore | November 29, 2020 at 6:53 am | Reply

    Space truly is the Final Frontier. Science is in most cases, facts that many can never understand. Only continued exploration can fully answer the real question about our beginning!!!

    • Theodore Crawford | November 29, 2020 at 9:58 am | Reply

      Like Chaos Theory. My personal favorite is that most phenomena we would define as “chaos” is really order that our tiny minds cannot perceive or recognize. Attempting to observe true Chaos would destroy any human being.

    • It is and too many people don’t believe it, but thankfully we have geniuses like Elon who know it’s true. We just need to leave flat earth idiots behind and hopefully humanity will get at least a little bit smarter.

  20. What a fraud! If any of this is true, why hasn’t earth been given a ticket for speeding by a galaxy police officer?

  21. More space fakery from the ball worshipping religion.

  22. The galaxies not all are in our hands I am holding one android that’s not galaxy

  23. Loving all the comments calling out this nonsense.

  24. This hypothesis is proven by urban negro mathematics incorporating all ten fingers and ten toes of which higher math above 21 is not necessary. Branch slapping is sufficient

  25. My mom used to say, if you have to swear to make your point, then you’ve already lost your argument. I started out enjoying this discussion, but the insults exchanged for substantive ideas tells me I’ll find more wisdom elsewhere. Question: Are insults and vulgarity effective ways to converse, or are they meant to silence the views we disagree with? This is where Mom’s advice comes in handy. You just have to apply it to these comments to tell who has already lost their argument. Go ahead, now insult me too- I won’t be listening.

  26. The comments on here really make me lose even more faith in humanity. I really hope these ppl are troll’s or, maybe they just can’t see anything outside of their religion. Maybe try opening a book, that’s not the Bible? It won’t hurt, I promise.

    • Doesn'tknowhowaverageswork | November 30, 2020 at 2:57 pm | Reply

      Picture a person of exactly average intelligence.

      Got it?

      Half of all people are dumber than that. Sorry.

  27. 10% of the population has an IQ below 80. It’s to be expected.

  28. You hook the reader in your first sentence with “Earth just got 7 km/s (~16,000 mph) faster and about 2000 light-years closer to the supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.” Then you admit in the swcond sentence that this is a lie. You open with the “hook” to sensationalize the story and capture the reader’s attention. Please stop thos stuff. It only feeds the anti-science mentality that is contributing to countless crises.

  29. There’s a lot of troll unpacking to do for anyone that wants something resembling facts and/or reasoned thinking.

    First, the fact that there are phases to the moon and the fact that the moon is tidally locked (always the same side facing the Earth) shows that the Earth and the moon have to be round. If they were disks, then the shape of the shadow would change.

    Secondly, for those arguing that Polaris has always been the North Star, that would be incorrect. It’s only been that way for the last 50,000 years or so. That’s all of our written existence plus some, but a drop in the bucket in cosmological terms. In another 50,000 years or so, our planet will appear to point at another star as it spins. The sample size for the North Star is just not long enough to say that it will always be this way.

    Just a Symantec thing, but I hate it when people say literally when they obviously mean figuratively. If it’s literally horse crap, then that would be what it would be, not what is being touted as a bad faith argument.

    Next, and probably the main point here, is that as science and the ability to measure improve, we can be more refined and specific. It’s not that the previous measurements were wrong as much as they were imprecise. Your measurements with a dollar store ruler aren’t going to be as good as a tape measure, which in turn as not as precise as a laser measure. The tools matter. The newer, sharper measurements means that the old measures have to be redone. In a few years, even better measurements may be available and we update again.

    Sometimes, science is indeed wrong (earth the center of the universe and being flat are good examples) but as we learn, we have to admit that we are wrong and accept the science.

    In case anyone was wondering, I am a proud Christian who believes wholeheartedly in the Bible. I believe that most Christians can believe the Bible and jive it with Science. The two do not have to be mutually exclusive.

    Finally, for the “Too Wonderful,” I totally agree. Swearing should indicate emotion, and emotion has no part of an intellectual debate. If you have to resort to such language, it’s a strong indication that your argument is weak.

    God bless you all. Have a blessed holiday season, and thank you for reading this long-winded diatribe.

    • Well said Hatfira
      I truly agree with your opinion
      People with dirty tongues speak their mind cause they don’t have something worthwhile, as empty pot sounds louder than a full one.
      I am a proud devoted Muslim and science and religion are not to be in opposition, they support each other. Our beliefs in our religions turn out to be true by science and some scientific evidences come interrelated to religion. As per beliefs, some facts are incorrect but point to be noted is these facts are mostly theories, like the flat earth came out to be false or more relevant to the modern precise measurements, in near future new more precise theories may oppose this one. The updated facts will deny the previous ones then how come these are facts anyway? Then ill tongued should stop themselves and self claimed enlightened shouldn’t laugh at them neither show off cause yours is an educated inhumane behaviour, even degraded.
      No one has yet seen the corner of the space neither one has went far enough to see the moving earth and expanding universe.

      For those who will point on the moving earth is that everything in space orbits and we judge them based on our relative velocities. One has to stay stationary to see what orbits what. By judging other star systems and taking it same with solar system might be a fault, cause nature isn’t uniform for all and has exceptions. There might be an exception of earth being centre point or at rest.

    • My bad, the reply I gave u was to be published as a comment kindly do so…

      Thank you

    • Crazy Granny with a cussing addiction | November 30, 2020 at 2:22 am | Reply

      Just a thought about the swearing.
      The cuss words that have been “faithfully” considered to be wrong, evil and even abusive in certain situations for, well, I guess, forever or at least as long as when human beings began realie the benefits or rewards of strength and domination over one another and thus the need to emphasize verbal communication.
      However I’m convinced that those swearwords that have been so efficient and (for lack of a better way to say it) words that have been so “religiously” adhered to over all this time, well they just don’t carry the weight and the shock value that they used to.
      I’m afraid that along with everything else that has evolved and changed as people’s knowledge and skills have grown and out of necessity have become more efficient. And out of necessity, the words of old, the words of our ancestors, and as much as I have a love and respect for all things from the past, well I just can’t get behind the scripts of the ancestors and feel the power anymore!!
      So, I want to appeal to the masses, and say…….
      Who else out there agrees with me on this??
      I promise to stand with you in the open, no longer in hiding and in fear of the elders😜
      Can I get a “HELL YEAH!!”?
      I’m not sorry for my little rant, 😏
      I just needed to go a little crazy and weird and make my soul smile😁.
      Crazy crap all over the world going on and I just needed to express a different kind of crazy 😱
      ok I’ll leave you alone, lol
      BUT YEAH,

    • I enjoyed reading what you wrote, which is more than I can say for most of what I have read. I will admit I did find some posts were very funny.

    • Hatfira: I loved Your comment, very well spoken and articulated.
      It made the most sense 🙂

  30. I never realized there were so many ignorant stupid people in this world. Your comment section discloses it

  31. I am more concerned with these comments, than I am concerned with how close we are to the black hole. LOL.

  32. Mick Jagger told us this 53 years ago.

  33. Can we PLEASE stop saying “black hole” when referring to MGOs? (MGO: massive gravitational objects.) They are NOT holes.

    No, they are not.

  34. Measurement accuracy achieved with this resolution, 10 micro-arcseconds, is sharp enough in theory to resolve a United States penny placed on the surface of the Moon.

    The key word to spme it all up “theory”.

  35. Thankyou Hatfira you made most of the points I was thinking of. I would say you restored my faith in humanity but I don’t know if thats possible at this point. This comment board is absolutely astounding, and I guess it does in a way point to the disingenuous title, the earth didn’t suddenly speed up, we, (or, more accurately, the Japanese), have developed an array which facilitates a more accurate measurement, and it may also be “wrong” as we are in the infancy still of our climb out of the primordial ooze, and astronomical discoveries are one of the fastest growing areas of scientific revelations.

    I wonder if people really are able to believe that the earth’s flat and that we are the center of the universe, if someone is that ignorant how were they even able to go to a store and buy a “smartphone” It reminds me of a teacher I had once, a professor of paleontology who insisted that with modern medicine and technology that we are now actually devolving as a species because so many people who would have died off because of natural selection have not only survived and reproduced, but as well think that their uninformed, misdirected and unintelligent diatribes somehow have merit and that somehow the world wants to hear their viewpoint when really it has the same impact as a mouse fart in a hurricane, and so I digress as I’m probably guilty of that as well.

    The linear calculus which is used to calculate the sidereal time so as to begin to make the calculations which are required to solve the equations needed to resolve the minute arc second differences in this new data are extremely difficult to say the least and beyond the grasp of the average layman so its easy to see how people can disregard it.

    I would say humanity is doomed, but a well known Orator did indeed proclaim the meek shall inherit the earth. Perhaps we will kill ourselves off so that intelligent life will have a chance to evolve on this wonderful little rock, which IS round by the way.

  36. Comments should have ended with Hatfira. 🙌🙏✌️

  37. Of course these flat eat there are trolls. Why would they be reading a science blog since they don’t believe in science.
    The Easter Bunny sure but science, not so much.

    The antiscience flat earth crowd can’t and never will produce any fact that supports such ridiculous notions.
    Give us just one verifiable piece of evidence that supports your silly position.

  38. Nothing actually got faster.
    We just refined our measurement technique and came to a different figure than in 1985.

  39. How can scientists figure all this stupid s*** that isn’t happening on earth but they can’t find a cure or antidote for this chump a** punk a** corona virus then I guess we have a lot of doctors scientists congressman and nasa on the earth seems like nobody wants to do their job

  40. Mouse fart in a hurricane!!!! 😂😂😂 #daymade

  41. Mouse fart in a hurricane!!! 😂 #daymade

  42. Have u ever seen a jet plane flying on a speed of light?
    It is settled to fly 6,000 ft from ground and you can clearly see it makes a circumference on the sky. It seems like came from underground and on the other end went right back into the ground.
    Your crazy assumption the earth is flat is laughable.

  43. I need a car that goes that fast. So I can get outta time.

  44. It seems to me that these anti science trolls should not be permitted to make ridiculous comments that have no serious relevance to the subject. Also, it is one thing to question the validity of an article but wholly different to call people filthy names. If you have proof of argument, make it. Otherwise get out.

  45. Does everyone realizes that we are always seeing everything in the past. Our perception of reality is always delayed by the speed of light and sound. In regards to light that which is near, it can be miles. In regards to sound nearby it is much shorter. The old adage of counting seconds off after seeing a flash of lightning till you hear the sound of thunder is an example of this. But when speaking of astronomical distances the effect of the speed of light is more pronounced. It takes approximately 1.33 seconds for us to see light reflected from the moon. It takes approximately 8 minutes to see sunlight. According to the articles distance of 25800 lightyears to the black hole at the center of our galaxy, all that we can detect of it is light from 25800 years ago. Considering interstellar distances we don’t even know if some of the objects that we study still exist.

  46. Your all f***ing idiots. You’ll see . Truly what’s instore for our reality of “time”& “space”!we have the time to think not of “time”&”space”,but think of what we are physically doing to our only place that we can survive in .we really need stop and think……think when we mess up our planet beyond the pointless thoughts of brainiacs we will no longer exist. So who really gives a rat’s a** about more worried about when you go to the store for milk and eggs that you won’t fallvictom a drink driver. That what’s real ! Then where’s all of your stars and math……here’s a equation, the here plus the now equivalent to live another day.the answer is simple.

  47. Some day in the (hopefully not too distant future), all of the trolls will march, single file, over the edge of the flat earth, and on that glorious day, sanity will be restored once more to this planet.
    Long live, facts and science!

  48. 🐁💨🌪🤦🤣

  49. Omg, if anyone hasn’t said it yet to many to read. We are in a solar system where the sun is the main star. We are in it’s gravitational pull, which is why the planets in the solar system spin around the main star. So we circle the sun kinda like a bunch of moons at different lengths.

  50. Fake science your all foolish if you think this is real

  51. My gyrating torso and her proud baby maker impact maximum thrust into the cervix one shot is all it took estimated to fly over 7, kilometers Lookout Japan this is not a test shot across the twat although maybe not

  52. Well I guess humanity is doomed due to the mass ignorance of the responders to this.

    Please to all the actual 2 year Olds responding above. Does your mother know your on the internet.

    Its amazing we are around as a species.

    Yes the earth moves.. The continents move.. The sun moves and the galaxy moves in relation to other galaxies.

    It takes a long time for the sky to change in relation to earth.

    Not only all of that, but you realize we have only had real tech for observing for around 700 years, only had space capability for 70 years..

    Jesus people we are children.

    Now for those screaming God is coming or the earth is flat.. Seriously.. Put down the pipe.


  53. So, if I did the math right, I should still pay my taxes?

  54. When u see a rainbow its not a straight line correct? Its a mimic to the curvature of our planet, meaning that its following the curvature of our planet. By No means possible is the earth something flat, There is no edge to walk off, the earth is not like a book where each day is a page in that book. The time click was invented based on the circular motion of the earth as it relates to our sun. This ice would be different based on another sun, somewhere else. It may not be in dd:mm:he format but more like

    D: Decade. 10 yrs

    C: Century. 100 yrs

    M: Millineum 1000 yrs

  55. The real headline should of been
    “Better math = better understanding”
    “Someone fixed a dummy’s math work”
    But we got
    “Omg something happened, hold on”

  56. The guy who believes conspiracies is the conspiracy ignore the person of questionable parentage and leave him in the stone age.

  57. I for one believe President Donald Trump had a hand in increasing the speed. This increase happened while he is still in office and we should be grateful that he removed the regulations thus stimulated our galaxy. Imagine what other marvelous things could of happened if he had won a 2nd term!

  58. Instead of theorizing this and that. Space, moon, stars, round, flat, why can’t we just learn to love everyone? No matter what they believe? Jesus, teaches love and faith and kindness and to give love to all. Forgive everyone and just be kind. SMH I embrace you all the arms of Christ. I tell you all, The Word of God says we are made of dirt and we will all return to dirt. That’s not theorizing, that’s fact! But also we are to be a more loving and people like Christ. So stop your hating, bearing false witness against your neighbor, disobeying your father and mother and love everyone. How about we forget things we can never explain and do what we can to show one another love and forgiveness. That’s all we are suppose to do! Nothing more nothing less. Those that have sinned and believe lies will be damned, the true seekers of Christ will show his Love through their light in the dark. Jesus, is the center of our universe and he loves you all, as I do love you all and pray you all are safe and warm and not hungery. You’re loved and wanted by your Creator There’s only one God in heaven and we will all stand before him. Pray for your neighbor, love them, help them. Stop the hate please. In Jesus name I claim you all see the light in Jesus. Thank you.

  59. I gotta hand it too all of you people weighting these comments. These comments are by far more entertaining than the article was. Keep up the good work.

  60. Amen and please people put your focus on the earth instead of into space. All of the money spent on nonsense like this could have aided developing countries. We arent able to click ourr heals and say theres no place like home in 30 years to come back to this amazing earth we are all so bleased to enjoy.right now. So stand up and fight for your children’s futures. So that maybe just maybe they can enjoy a fraction of the luxorieswe we all knowingly squander away and slowly destroy. 60 percent of all animals have vanished from the earth since 1970 . ita appauling this is what people choose to spend these fleeting precious last moments befoee no no return arguing about. I do hope.there is a god and I pray that he will not give us more than we xan handle like the bible says cauae I see a grim future ahead and we all are to blame for it. Everyone who waste another second commenting foolish sh×t like this and not doing whatever in our power to try and make a change while we still possiblu can. This post is even notable as an attempt to do something. What are you doing? Think of the kids. Amen

  61. This whole article… all of it. It’s just a fancy way of saying the previous calculations of earth, were a tad inaccurate.
    Also… All the comments made so far, that are pitiful and sad and full of ignorance. Shame on you all…
    Your ignorance, is the same leveling lack of intelligence. That made the previous calculations, wrong in the first place.
    Focus on yourselves and selfs’ before you foolishly f***, with the free will and thought of other’s… let alone “math” made from blissfully ignorant mankind.

  62. Hahaha the idiots are out in droves spewing flat earth bulls***. Get a brain and wake up you morons, y’all use the internet bouncing off satellites in a geosynchronous orbit around the globe to comment about how the earth is flat. Pure f*@kin geniuses.

  63. We didn’t send man to the moon and we are living on a vast planet that don’t move and is endless it goes and goes beyond the antarctica a baring froze. In ice and snow for millions of miles and don’t believe what you are being spoon feed to believe,the bible is another way mankind can control the people, it’s all writ by mankind.sorry folks.just live and be happy

  64. Yeah I noticed that a lot of the articles are decorated with fake pictures and misleading hooks,its irritating.however, if you have the capacity to grasp the point of the article, than you know why they do that…i mean, all one need do is look at humans as a whole. A more correct title would have less readers. Anyway, I digress, im learning a lot about this little ball we live on every day! Difficult as it may be for my pea brain to fathom such speeds and distances, im excited for the advancement of the tools by which it is all measured!cool stuff

  65. Acceleration is the change in velocity for any given object in any direction. Hear me out, so if we are traveling in a straight line at a constant speed, then we can assume we would feel no acceleration. However, if we are spinning on a ball, traveling well over 1,000 mph at the equator. We are no longer traveling in a straight line! That means we are constantly changing direction and thus are constantly accelerating. It’s similar to being in a car. If your at a constant speed Traveling in a straight line and you have a cup of coffee, your coffee will stay level. Now start to turn your car, your coffee will feel the effects of the change in direction or the “acceleration”. You could turn your vehicle until it ran out of gas and the effect would never go away, you coffee would never stop feeling the effect, nor would you. Coming back, considering we are in a constant radius turn around the center of the earth, and the earth is in a constant radius turn around the sun, and the sun is in a constant radius turn around a black hole, why don’t we feel the effects? Thanks and good luck!

    • Your comment about why we don’t feel the effects of being in a constant turn as the earth spins was asked by the ancients. Here’s why: the rate of spin is too slow to generate a G force we would feel. Go back to your example of a car driving in a circle. Now take your car to a parking lot and drive in a circle at a rate of one revolution every 24 hours. It doesn’t matter how big or small the circle is, as long as you complete one revolution in 24 hours. Do you feel the G-force? Nope, of course not. If you had that cup of coffee, you would need very sensitive equipment to measure a change in the coffee surface’s angle. And so it is on our planet’s surface.

  66. What I want to know is: did we move and get faster, do we just have better measurements from the official 1985 measurements, or some of both? What does the rotation of other spiral galaxies look like?

  67. Michele L Schuerman | November 30, 2020 at 10:26 am | Reply

    What if the opposing magnetic forces of the 2 black holes is what affects and holds our planets in orbit around our sun? Who knows, to be in orbit, wouldnt there necessarily need to be a force such as a black hole or worm hole, something that has a gravitational and rotational pull that draws objects into it. This could relatively speaking, be a good possibility why our orbits are elliptical, as we near the stronger or larger black hole, we are pulled farther out in the elliptical orbit. Crazy theory right? Which would make the chances of their being another set of circumstances to create an earth like planet even more rare and slim.

  68. If Earth is flat, then please explain the time difference in Australia. They have daylight twelve hours after the United States. How is that possible if Earth is flat?

  69. Look at the flat earth model to see how it works. I’m Truly undecided as to what the truth is. I could ask many very good questions. But I also won’t be told what to think, especially buy people that throughout history have not been able to make up their minds and in many cases outright lie. Remember, what you’re told by science is theoretical unless there is undeniable proof. You can assume that you know how something works and be able to make your assumption make sense, but that doesn’t make it correct. I myself lean towards geocentric universe or flat earth. I think it is fishy that the UN, international maritime organization(oversees the waters), International civil aviation organization, world meteorological organization, and the world health organization all use the flat earth map to represent themselves. I hope you all think for yourselves, and God bless!

  70. Interesting….not life changing but good to know.

  71. Machael Simpson | November 30, 2020 at 5:39 pm | Reply

    Tell the truth. The Supermassive Black Hole at the center of our Galaxy is the point of Singularity. Pulling everything towards it, the stars and all other celestial bodies in the Milky Way, including our Solar System. Since the beginning of modern history, culture, civilization, and era of Astronomy is 2000 yrs. Therefore, the earth travelling at the speed of light, has travelled 2000 yrs closer to Sagittaurus A*.

    • While everything is being pulled toward the center, that doesn’t mean it can only travel in the direction it is being pulled. Virtually all galactic stars are moving at more or less right angles to the pull, so while their paths are therefore curved towards the center, they are continually overshooting it and thus perpetually missing. That is the very nature of any orbit.

  72. And here’s Uranus lol

  73. I’ll take the blame. I’m back from 1985.

  74. Well, after reading all these comments, I have to say that all the flat earth believers are missing part of there brain. And as for some other comments. I can tell some people are just uneducated and text the most outrageous crap I’ve ever heard. Do some research idiots. And yes this text was ment to offend all that don’t have a clue.

  75. Something I learned and observed. The way you know the earth is round is by watching the further any kinda big ship or boat sails out into water, it starts to look as if it’s sinking. Meaning that it’s sailing in a circular motion..

  76. Daniel R Bingamon | December 2, 2020 at 4:56 pm | Reply

    It would be interesting if the map had a legend that showed “Light Years”.

  77. Øyvind Jonni Skoveng Skoveng | December 11, 2020 at 10:08 am | Reply

    Liker å lese om alt de finner ut om universet.

  78. Wait are we safe from this black hole yes or no because it says don’t worry.

  79. abenezer Daniel | June 16, 2021 at 5:00 am | Reply

    What if we made a group of all the nuclear bombs in our world it and blow it up at the moon

  80. This can be answered by a few quotes:

    1. It’s simple to fool a fool.

    2. Son, don’t argue with an idiot.

    3, did intelligence levels drop suddenly while I was away?

    Please stop taking the drugs, stop the paronoid conspiracy theories, you give the intellectual theorists a bad name and get us all dismissed amid your collective stupidness.

    The world is not flat, space is real.

    Stop wasting you energy on such rubbish, get a job, contribute to society, help reduce human impact on the planet and be nice to one another.
    Pretty simple.

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