Freelancers Workers Are Generally Happier Than Permanent Employees


People usually cite the lack of job security and benefits as the main reasons why they wouldn’t want to be self-employed. However, a new study indicates that many people are becoming contractual workers and these independent workers are finding a happier job satisfaction than their permanently-employed colleagues.

This study was completed by Harris Interactive for Randstad. Generally, contractors are more likely to state that they are paid what they’re worth and 28% of the contract workers said that they chose to be on contracts because the pay was better. Another top reason was the flexibility to make your own schedule and being in charge of your own career.


The study included 225 human resource managers and 2,035 employed adults. 78% of temporary and contractual workers agree that their experience as freelancers has been positive. 86% of contractor workers state that their job satisfaction is very good or excellent compared to 73% of permanent workers.

Past research has shown that an increase in job satisfaction is associated with improved health, particularly with mental health issues like stress and depression. Employees with low levels of job satisfaction are most likely to experience emotional burn-out, lower self-esteem, and increased anxiety and depression. Other studies have shown that workers with flexibility are in better physical and mental health than other employees. Workplace flexibility is associated with leading healthier lifestyles, better sleep habits, more physical activity and better stress management.

More companies are also relying on temporary or contract workers. However, self-employed workers struggle more financially than permanent employees.

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