Scientists Warn: Nine Climate Tipping Points Now ‘Active’ – Could Threaten the Existence of Human Civilization

Global Warming Threatens Human Civilization

More than half of the climate tipping points identified a decade ago are now “active,” a group of leading scientists have warned.

This threatens the loss of the Amazon rainforest and the great ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland, which are currently undergoing measurable and unprecedented changes much earlier than expected.

“We must admit that we have underestimated the risks of unleashing irreversible changes, where the planet self-amplifies global warming.” — Johan Rockström, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

This “cascade” of changes sparked by global warming could threaten the existence of human civilizations.

Evidence is mounting that these events are more likely and more interconnected than was previously thought, leading to a possible domino effect.

In an article published in the journal Nature on November 27, 2019, the scientists call for urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent key tipping points, warning of a worst-case scenario of a “hothouse,” less habitable planet.

“A decade ago we identified a suite of potential tipping points in the Earth system, now we see evidence that over half of them have been activated,” said lead author Professor Tim Lenton, director of the Global Systems Institute at the University of Exeter.

“The growing threat of rapid, irreversible changes means it is no longer responsible to wait and see. The situation is urgent and we need an emergency response.”

Co-author Johan Rockström, director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, said: “It is not only human pressures on Earth that continue rising to unprecedented levels.

“It is also that as science advances, we must admit that we have underestimated the risks of unleashing irreversible changes, where the planet self-amplifies global warming.

“This is what we now start seeing, already at 1°C (1.8°F) global warming.

“Scientifically, this provides strong evidence for declaring a state of planetary emergency, to unleash world action that accelerates the path towards a world that can continue evolving on a stable planet.”

In the commentary, the authors propose a formal way to calculate a planetary emergency as risk multiplied by urgency.

Tipping point risks are now much higher than earlier estimates, while urgency relates to how fast it takes to act to reduce risk.

Exiting the fossil fuel economy is unlikely before 2050, but with the temperature already at 1.1°C (1.98°F) above pre-industrial temperature, it is likely Earth will cross the 1.5°C (2.7°F) guardrail by 2040. The authors conclude this alone defines an emergency.

Nine active tipping points:

  1. Arctic sea ice
  2. Greenland ice sheet
  3. Boreal forests
  4. Permafrost
  5. Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation
  6. Amazon rainforest
  7. Warm-water corals
  8. West Antarctic Ice Sheet
  9. Parts of East Antarctica

The collapse of major ice sheets on Greenland, West Antarctica, and part of East Antarctica would commit the world to around 10 meters of irreversible sea-level rise.

Reducing emissions could slow this process, allowing more time for low-lying populations to move.

The rainforests, permafrost, and boreal forests are examples of biosphere tipping points that if crossed result in the release of additional greenhouse gases amplifying warming.

“Scientifically, this provides strong evidence for declaring a state of planetary emergency.” — Johan Rockström

Despite most countries having signed the Paris Agreement, pledging to keep global warming well below 2°C (3.6°F), current national emissions pledges — even if they are met — would lead to 3°C (5.4°F) of warming.

Although future tipping points and the interplay between them are difficult to predict, the scientists argue: “If damaging tipping cascades can occur and a global tipping cannot be ruled out, then this is an existential threat to civilization.”

“No amount of economic cost-benefit analysis is going to help us. We need to change our approach to the climate problem.”

Professor Lenton added: “We might already have crossed the threshold for a cascade of inter-related tipping points.

“However, the rate at which they progress, and therefore the risk they pose, can be reduced by cutting our emissions.”

Though global temperatures have fluctuated over millions of years, the authors say humans are now “forcing the system,” with atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and global temperature increasing at rates that are an order of magnitude higher than at the end of the last ice age.

Reference: “Climate tipping points — too risky to bet against: The growing threat of abrupt and irreversible climate changes must compel political and economic action on emissions.” by Timothy M. Lenton, Johan Rockström, Owen Gaffney, Stefan Rahmstorf, Katherine Richardson, Will Steffen and Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, 27 November 2019, Nature.
DOI: 10.1038/d41586-019-03595-0

The latest UN Climate Change Conference will take place in Madrid from December 2-13.

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  1. “The growing threat of rapid, irreversible changes means it is no longer responsible to wait and see. The situation is urgent and we need an emergency response.”

    Sorry, but that statement is utterly without merit. The word irreversible is a claim no one can make. Everyone wants to blame carbon, CO2 in particular, yet several times in Earth’s history, CO2 levels were higher than they are now and there is even evidence those limits came about much more rapidly than anything humanity is capable of. Scare tactics such as these do no one any good. No one knows what an even 5 degree rise in average temps could mean to growing seasons and our ability to sustain even larger populations than the 7 + billion Earth now hosts. There were those that guaranteed disaster at 5 billion, how’d that work out. Projection, especially when it folds into political rhetoric, has no place in science. Just stop, you’re embarrassing yourselves.

    • So what’s your background that gives you a reason to refute the scientific evidence?

      • He thinks for himself…. you should try it.

        • Lol this thread is cancer. I want humans to go extinct now. Let’s just keep going.

          • Vote_Purge_2020 | December 1, 2019 at 4:31 am |

            With this strong article as backing evidence I vote we have a world wide purge day to help reduce the human impact on this planet. Also maybe if we didn’t use fossil fuels and the government didn’t kill that guy that developed the car that ran on hydrogen

        • Thinking for yourself is one thing. Dealing with hypotheses, data and factual evidence is a whole nother story.

        • Think for yourself is great advice. There’s no reason to trust educated specialists.

          I hope you heed that advice next time you need medical treatment. Think for yourself and perform surgery on yourself and your family.

          You obviously know better than others.

          Just think for yourself! 🤓

          • “There’s no reason to trust educated specialist” indeed you are an idiot, that is reason enough to not trust you!

        • The scientific evidence has been twisted to suit the climate activists. CO2 has been at higher levels in the past compared to now and no catastrophic events occurred. Why do people persist in their theories?

          • The last time co2 was this high was 3-5 million years ago. Sea level was 10-20 meters higher. No people were living in massive cities along the coasts. What ignorance do you all show by repeating this “it was higher before and nothing bad happened” bs without even looking it up. Go back to listening to rush limbo and quit typing – you are gumming up the discussion on how we move forward.

          • OK,Russian troll. crawl back up Putin’s butt from whence you came.

        • It’s a self-reinforcing feedback loop. Doesn’t anyone listen to Guy McPherson?

        • Thinks for himself? By copy-pasting rubbish directly form a climate change denial blog? Not exactly what I’d call thinking for himself.

    • “Projection, especially when it folds into political rhetoric, has no place in science.”

      One of the most wrong statements anywhere on the internet today.

      Projections are a natural part of science. Testing projections is one of the key elements of scientific method.

      Lie all you want about anthropogenic climate change, but if you attack the fundamental supports of critical thinking, don’t expect to win any arguments.

      • this is beyond scientists,,these are signs of the end and Jesus is coming in a few years,just give your life to him that you may be saved,this is just the beginning,more trouble is coming,just surrender to him an cure that stress,,Matthew 24

        • Go ahead and believe in magic, I like science.

        • So all I have to do is believe in Jesus and I will be saved from all possible hazards? How wonderful! I just have to throw away all my critical thinking in order to believe in an ancient fable. It sounds so easy. Not much of a challenge, really.

    • sibyltheheretic | December 1, 2019 at 6:03 am | Reply

      “Soylent Green” or “The Day After Tommorrow”? I need to plan ahead.

    • Garry Rasmussen | December 1, 2019 at 11:44 am | Reply

      You can’t say this point of view is utterly without merit. A lot of data has been collected and analyzed to show that the current rates of greenhouse gases are rising at the fastest rate in geologic time. Also the data for ocean temperatures and changes in thicknesses of ice show a trend that is unprecedented. There are fossil fuel interests that “cherry pick” pieces of information and misrepresent them in deceptive ways to cloud the narrative about what is truly happening. Yes there have been times in the past where CO2 levels were higher than now but these levels were reached over a much longer time span.
      Man’s arrival on the planet has coincided with the greatest ecological changes Earth has ever seen. Since the exploitation of fossil fuels, change has been accelerating at an unprecedented rate. The wealthy establishment has exploited this bonanza of cheap energy to fuel a period of unprecedented growth that has brought us to the edge of catastrophe. They are fighting back with false narratives so this growth in wealth may continue, all at the expense of the rest of the living creatures we shared this planet with. The rate of extinctions happening now is a testament to the mistakes of our greedy ways. We must control population growth, end the implementation of an economic growth model that continues to be based on continuous growth and begin a new phase of existence that is truly sustainable.
      It can be done but we need to start now. Your misinformed use of a few facts about our past is merely a strategy to maintain the status quo. You must contemplate an existence fueled by a decrease in consumption of resources. The sooner the better.

  2. Fossil fuel does contribute to the warming, but also the increase of the world’s population, room full of people is warmer than than an empty one. Plant more trees and vegetation. Having government plant trees, vegetation educating the public its importance, especially the third world countries will surely cool things down.

  3. These Exiter’s “wise guys” avoided mentioning the real reason of the Earth warming up which is simply a cyclical thing that is happening to the whole solar system while traveling in the Milky Way, just saying.

    • Not to mention all the WMD testing through the 40’s-60’s in America alone. What caused the destruction of our planet? The invention of the airplane. Before the airplane there were no World Wars or Global conflicts because you didn’t know about other countries and if you did the only means of travel of by ship for sea and buggy/automobile for land.

    • Please reveal your source for this. Incidentally, fox news is not a scientific source. Peer reviewed scientific paper.

    • Since there is no such cycle, no, they wouldn’t mention it.

  4. Every where I look I see people saying we’re killing the world that we take take take not giving back. That we as a hole will kill ourselves. But people forget as a hole we will survive. Mankind are the most adaptive creatures. We will live on. I’m not saying we don’t need to change the way we do things. But why blame people for what the Earth is doing to its self. We may not be helping it. But the world is going through a cycle. It happens. People should open there eyes an look at the world. Instead of trying to scare everyone.

    • True, but since the beginning of the 20th century humans have been destroying the planet in a way that hasn’t been seen since the last ice age. WMD testing & usage, reactors blowing up, global wars, factories pumping out deadly toxins and the burning of fossil fuels just to name a few.
      Everything that is happening now and is going to happen is 100% our fault. It probably will effect us, but will certainly effect our children and grandchildren. Look at Venice or the increase in number and strength of hurricanes, typhoons, wildfires, tornadoes, floods and blizzards. Nothing we do now will change anything. We didn’t think about our planet as being finite, now we have to try and survive the effects of the damage we did.

    • Whole not hole

  5. Talk is great ,but… Would be nice to see someone with a shovel.

  6. So why are we paying our mortgages if we’re all going to die in the imminent future? May as well tell the banks you’re going to travel instead.


      • Yet another Russian troll. Please cite the source that “10 YEARS AGO THESE VERY SAME SCIENTISTS TOLD US THAT NEW YORK WOULD BE AS WARM AS FLORIDA”

        Also please cite your source for “GO TALK TO AOC…SHE BELIEVES THE WORLD WILL END IN 12 YEARS..LITERALLY” Before you do, please look up the “literally” and please cite no fake news sites like Fox or Britbart. CNN, BBC, ABC, Nbc, NYT, etc

      • No, she doesn’t believe it. The Obama’s bought a $15 million ocean front estate on an island, they don’t believe it either. Climate change (human caused) is just another scam for money, control and power. All these so called experts are paid to back the narrative. All the top scientists who refute the dogma, are ignored and attacked and labeled liars. It has been exposed, that all the temperature and ocean levels used to push the panic button are cherry picked or just plain false. The Earths climate changes in a cyclical pattern. Warm periods, moderate and ice age. Ice ages are the only one to fear until the final warm period, when the sun starts swelling and eventually engulfs the Earth.

        • Ah, the old “Obama estate” misrepresentation again. If you actually bothered to check the easily available pictures you’d see that there are steep beaches and cliffs on all sides of the island and the property on it is more than 10m above high tide level, so actually a good location to pick if you are preparing for significant sea level rise.

    • Absolutely ridiculous. This is the same rhetoric scientists proposed back in the 1970s and 1980s. Back then, Kalamalka lake in British Columbia Canada would be dry by 2020. The lake is not dry. In fact, the lake flooded 2 years ago. Dams had to be opened on the Washington side to relieve water levels. This article is pure garbage. 10 meter sea level rise in the next 30 years? That’s 32 feet 10 inches. Bulls#!t.

  7. no one is game to mention population,in case they offend the church,even a one child policy wont save us now,7 billion people is a fallacy,,,,In the Philippines the censors would visit my neighbors where there were always at least 15 people hanging out but only two were ever recorded ,.This goes on all over Asian countries because of their lack of trust in the law and who can blame them with a Philippine president who will shoot you because he doesn’t like you
    I was farming flood meadows in the Uk and just by changing the grass cutting season I annihilated hundreds of bird and insect species
    Have a look at the hibernation map and see how many stepping stone resting places have been destroyed
    No worries man is destroying his own nest with indulgence,I,m of to Black Friday now,thank god for after pay and then a visit to the church to get them to preach sexual abstinence and sing a little song “”Thank heaven for little boys !!!”””

    • You’re a sad illustration of how easy it is to control a human mind with just moderate gaslighting skills…

      • Listen climate change deniers. Your low rent mcdonald big mac degrees and idiotic talking point are all defunct. Best move on to flat eath theories or something else. Each of you is an idiot beyond all reckoning. An education isn’t gotten reading propaganda on the ol intranet.

        • Think for yourself please. A century of failed predictions, the ignoring of the scientific process and doomsday scenarios should tell you something. Altered graphs, altered temperature data…the list goes on. Just accept it because they’re scientists they say….

    • What happens during life and at about what age in your opinion does something happen to make someone as arrogant and as stupid as you are!?

    • Oh, don’t worry about the population….. the wars and disasters that will follow global warming will take care of that. For example: 70% of Bangladesh is just 1m above sea level. 163 million people live in Bangladesh so assuming at least half of the population will have to move when sea level rises 3 feet, where will they go?
      The number of Syrians who fled Syria due to war (which arguably was caused by global warming destroying crops) was only about 6.7 million and Europe is all in an uproar. What do you think will happen when at least 80 million people show up in neighboring countries to Bangladesh? War, disease, starvation in a part of the world which is armed with nukes and at the brink of war today.

  8. Nothing here worth reading, just more of the same climate alarmism that has been spread since the 70’s, all of which has failed to come true.

  9. If this issue is truly as critically urgent as some scientists and their suporters in the media say it is, there should be a series of internationally televised debates where supporters and “deniers” present their evidence, and allow right-thinking observers to decide what the truth really is.

    • “Right thinking observers”? What is right thinking – those that agree with you?
      Science is not done by reality show votes, it is a complex and lengthy process that involves those who are willing to dedicate their entire lives to it, not a couple of hours for a TV debate. THOSE people have been researching this and debating it for more than a lifetime and have concluded overwhelmingly that yes, rapid climate change is occurring and yes, it is due to human activity and yes, yes can limit the harm but have to act rapidly.
      Oh, and it isn’t “some scientists”, it is effectively ALL scientists in relevant fields. At least seven different studies have concluded 97%+ firmly agree, and less than 0.005% disagree.

  10. The infrared absorption spectrum of CO2 was already completely saturated even at pre-industrial levels of CO2 in the atmosphere (~280 ppm). There is no heat-trapping ability left for CO2, even at 10 times the current levels, even if every last bit of fossil fuel were burned all at once. The purported warming effects of increased CO2 are PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE, and have no backing in physics or chemistry. This is the greatest scientific hoax in history.

  11. Holy cow there’s a bunch of clueless deniers here.
    There’s no warning potential left in CO2?? Lol go look at Venus and see how that works out.

    Has the earth had more CO2 in the atmosphere and a much higher temperature before? Yes. North America also had an “in-land sea” then, where the gulf of Mexico stretched all the way up to the Dakotas.

    But humans are adaptable creatures! Obviously, we should keep burning fossil fuels bc that’s better than not flooding where 20% of current human population lives.

    • The point being it’s bull s#!t pal… lol… there is zero as humans that we can do to intervene in this cycle…. you people are scary!

  12. Time and money would be better spent on planetary defense. Ya, go ahead and change the way our population is fed haven’t seen any “electric” tractors or combines yet or trucking and railway systems. But new green deal nuts still travel in their private jets. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. But go ahead spend all of our financial resources on that “existential threat” so we can have clean air and no oceans rising as that huge asteroid or comet is barrelling at us at over 20,000 mph, which scientists all agree is a 100% certainty. So which would you rather have first? An Earth 2 or 3 degrees hotter that maybe Man made with some uncertainty? Or an Earth that is burnt to a cinder before a for lack of a better word “nuclear” winter? Just saying.

    • The scientists do not agree any such asteroid impact is even vaguely likely. The chance of such is less than one in a billion in any given year.

  13. The scientists are just pushing this cause their grants to research run out of money in like 16 months.

  14. You can’t deny that glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising…

    • No one is denying it…. we’re Just not going to be sheep and allow globalists to use it as control towards their agenda and that’s exactly what it is; that’s not unhinged, tinfoil hat nonsense ! Wake the hell up!!…

      • Look at the history of these “tinfoil hat” arguments: lead pipes and paint can’t do anyone harm, humans are incapable of damaging the ozone layer, dumping our chemicals into the ground doesn’t have anything to do with increased cancer rates, the list goes on and on. In all of these situations someone raised the alarms but people unaware of the facts said they were wrong. Wanting a healthy environment for myself and my kids is something everyone should get behind.

        • CO2 is plant food not polution. Greenhouses have an average of 700ppm and humans can handle about 1200ppm before negative reactions are experienced.

  15. If I believe this bs then I am as dumb as the masses

    I don’t and this article is trash

  16. Climate has been changing since the birth of this world. To think otherwise is moronic

  17. For the individuals who are interested in the science of global warming, I recommend This site contains an exhaustive review and addresses each of the claims above which would appear to indicate there is no global warming.

    • Ooh another psuedo sciencyish website by idiots with their thumb in their a$$. You and your friend deserve to suck on a tail pipe gor a day. Dumb a$$e$

      • You have learned well to think with emotion instead of logic.Our government schools are indoctrinating kids with that garbage.

  18. I’m just going to keep Welding!!
    & Fishing–Hunting. drink beer,red wine,crown,Tequila, and Micheladas!!
    I’m 37 and my clock says I’m still strong so happy Holidays.

    • George Williams | November 30, 2019 at 8:53 pm | Reply

      If science is about consensus, I vote that AGW is a hoax on mankind, that the astrophysicists are right in their argument that sunspot activity has a major role in cloud formation and keeping the planet cool. Until the climatistas address that phenomena, I will continue to believe so. We are currently in a period of a sunspot lull, meaning that we shall have many a cold, smowy winter ahead, The climatistas fear that their pig trough of money will dry up and shall fefend their positions like mother bears defending their cubs from a threat.

      If the climatistas have a case worth defending, let them put their cards on the table, now. They have been libeling/slandering their oposition for years and stll getting nowhere. If they continue to withhold their base data and methodology from open review, then cut them off from funding and declare them in default.

  19. Okay those of you denying this is dumb. You must be boomers…anyways funny you all claim this is a scare tactic but its because you’ll die before you deal with it. Your selfish f@#ks. It’s thinking like that which has caused so many issues to the present date. You sound like the idiot who said agent orange was safe. Several 3-armed and 2-headed mutants later and thousands of f@#ked up vets yall finally learned a lesson. But look how long that lasted. This is why coral is dying, animals are going extinct. And certain special condition sensitive canaries are dying as if the planet is outta balance and disaster is coming. That’s what they were made to do…so your saying the solo purpose of such creatures are even a hoax? Yeah they just die to fake biopressure issues and more right? ….simple minded organisms yet you claim your adapatable? So does the government not create illnesses too? Oh like the new e.coli strain they just created and came out to publicly announce? Wake up…before its to late. Remember there are other things to fear too…like the black pope and his goal which will soon be done since the world cant see that the United nations is just the new version of the failed league of nations that was stopped for making a 1 government controlled world. You all need to think outside of the box that tells you what’s real and what to believe in all day. Convince those that what they see is all there is too see and you got them. For when and explanation of the greater picture arises…..they shall laugh in the face of it…

    • George Williams | November 30, 2019 at 9:08 pm | Reply

      I am a trained Chemical Enginer, a boomer at that. I haven’t seen a thing that makes me believe thsat succeeding generations have any special imsight to the climate change, never mind AGW. Instead, I see them as the most scientifically illiterate in history, having been taught dumbdowned, mathematics, chemistry and physics, As the result, they forced to have a childlike submission to authority Thet are incapable of telling whether they are being scammed.

    • Yes!!! You said it on point!!!

  20. Kathleen Taylor | November 30, 2019 at 3:37 pm | Reply

    There are still so many climate change deniers there is no chance we’re going to do anything until it’s too late. Bring it on! It’s time for humans to to.

  21. Kathleen Taylor | November 30, 2019 at 3:39 pm | Reply

    It’s time for humans to go!

  22. Hahahaha

  23. People are pathetic sheep if you can’t tell climate change is a hoax you are the problem

  24. It is unbelievable how orchestrated this scare tactic is! And for the sake of a stupid argument. Let’s say it is CO2. Nobody is even looking to what China is emitting into the atmosphere. If we shut down completely and brought our economy to a total standstill it’s not even going to help because we are already clean! We’ve done it thru the free markets! How did so many idiots get created that would follow this utter nonsense?

  25. Absolutely worthless article. The planet’s temperature has always had enormous swing changes as long as it has been a oxygen nitrogen atmosphere. The oceans have risen and fallen. Nothing new here except for the arrogance of scientists who think that we as a species can change wha th th ed earth has do e normally for millions of years.

  26. It’s simple math. Too many people equals alot of pollution. Then people get sick and consume more resources. These efforts are too little too late. Only thing that may solve this problem is Thanos motto 50% of people must perish.

  27. China’s taking over OZ ,They own the cotton fields,the almond plantations[read this well!!!it takes 16 litres of water to produce ONE NUT]They own Darwin airport,,,OZ have given PNG zillions and now Oz has to give more because they are so in debt to China ,.China now is in control of the Pacific and its Islands.and who do these Islands support in the United Nations ????..All because they know that they cannot feed their nation in the near future….The best prawns and steak go to Shanghai and are sold for 400aud a kilo..Half the world lack toilets,,,where is the water coming from when they all have flush toilets ?? Western kids throw a sweet paper in the toilet and away goes 12 litres of water,,,China and India eventually have to do the unmentioned thing that Hitler did ,it will come
    Kevin Rudd said we need 50 million to counteract the Chinese, Oz hasnt got enough water for 10 million

  28. We’re going to kill ourselves, and each other over this. And that’s what this dumb species deserves.
    We have evidence that can’t be ignored, a short memory (I don’t ever remember my area being like it was, and some of my friends act like everything is normal), and governments all over the world pretending to care, but doing nothing.

    We’re going to kill ourselves, and as many other species as possible in the process. And almost all in the name of money that nobody but a handful of people will ever see.

    • Do you get that it’s a cycle you genius? Do you understand that that’s what it is? Or do you completely rule that out because the people telling you otherwise absolutely have your best interest at heart? You f@#king sheep are scary. And you’re far more dangerous than climate change..

  29. Deny or not? 30 yrs lived in Alaska. The changes were dramatic and heartbreaking. Left out of sorrow. Deniers will be sad when they lose what they love like i lost Alaska. Maybe not. Most deniers dont even know life outside the city. Breaks my heart to see the earth change as fast as Alaska has. Blows my mind to see folks denials. Some just like rude talk. Ever notice how deniers are so rude sounding?

    • It’s not denial! What the hell is wrong with you people?! It’s being an independent thinker! You automatically believe that what you saw happening in Alaska has to be from CO2 so we’ve gotta shut everything down! Grow up! It could continue and it could get worse and it’s a cycle!

      • Ooh the big independant thinker. The old i’m more independent than you argument. You facts and arguments only work on the uneducated and their spread is proof people are stupid.

  30. Dire warning by scientists yet no mentioned in the article about the single most important thing all of us can do to help lower our CO2 footprint, go vegan, is mentioned.

  31. The Earth-humans and their planet are suffering from diverse terrible visitations caused solely and exclusively by the human being himself/herself. These already existing terrible things/terrible visitations, however, will multiply manifoldly until finally everything goes completely overboard.
    The human being of Earth is being tormented by famines, energy shortages, rampantly spreading diseases, environmental pollution, Ausartung, terrorism, dictatorship, anarchism, slavery, excessive increase of hazardous waste, racial hatred, food shortage, destruction of rain forests, the greenhouse effect, water pollution/contamination, hatred towards asylum-seekers; radioactive contamination and chemical contamination of waters, air, plants, food, human beings and animals and other creatures. Crime, murder, mass murders, manslaughter; alcoholism, hatred of strangers, hatred of foreigners, oppression, hatred of the next one, extremism, sectarianism, drug addiction, overpopulation, extinction of animal species, war, Gewalt, torture and the death penalty, general mismanagement, water contamination, extinction of plant species; hatred, vice, jealousy, lovelessness, unlogic, wrong humanitarianism, housing shortage, traffic getting out of hand, destruction of cultivated land, unemployment, the collapse of health care, the collapse of care for the elderly, destruction of the whole nature, the collapse of waste removal, and the difficulty to find living space etc., are other terrible things. – In spite of the many efforts, the problems are not decreasing but, instead, continue to rise steadily in direct proportion to the increase of the entire population.

  32. When i was dairying ,old milkers ended up like skeletons but all I had to do was put a growth hormone tablet behind its ear and in 6 months she would go off to the restaurants instead of the Knackers ::Lucky dogs and cats “”
    My chicken were fed hormones by the ton,my strawberry field was sprayed every 3 days[dont wash em skin em ]all the greens were not green but blue with nitrogen .Like the above I laughed at Rachael Carson and her book Silent Spring Years later I read her book again and decided to count the chemicals I used on the farm ,I gave up at 220 After Vietnam the US had mountains of agent orange so they sold it to us to kill the weeds as 24D
    Dont get angry at Monsanto and their dirty tricks,we must thank them for supplying our food I stand corrected YOUR FOOD I mean

  33. The human being of Earth has always tried to fight an old terrible thing with a new one; but, truthfully, this is a way leading into a final depravity. The scenario may be compared to a debt that grows immeasurably to the point where it can no longer even be paid, as is the case when an individual goes into debt and attempts to pay it off by going further into debt, only to furnish security for this debt by incurring an even greater debt. The same holds true when the human being of Earth fights old terrible things/visitations with new ones. Yet the human being of Earth frequently acts and thinks very often completely illogically, which is why he/she attempts — contrary to all rationality — to eliminate an old terrible thing by introducing a newly conceived and newly caused one. This is illogical in every respect.
    When an energy source runs short, the human being of Earth simply plans and builds new, more powerful nuclear-, oil-, coal-, and hydro-power plants, regardless of the fact that through the utilisation of nuclear- as well as oil- and coal-power plants, the environment becomes enormously polluted, while nuclear radiation, which escapes from nuclear power plants, also endangers the whole of terrestrial life. Apart from this, all these new energy sources upon completion over a 3–7-year construction period, will have already become partially outdated, or do not have enough capacity to cover the energy demand. Truthly, during the time of building, the excessive birth rate and therewith the overpopulation have not remained stable, but have steadily increased. Many hundreds of millions of human beings are born worldwide during the construction phase of a power plant – and, of course, all these millions of newly added human beings once again will require additional energy. Therefore, it is clearly obvious that the incessant increase of the Earth’s population drives up the requirement for energy. Because of this, the Earth suffers from an ever increasing and an ever faster exploitation; as a result, ever more nuclear power plants have to be constructed and put into service, as well as other types of power plants, through which the environment and the whole of life experience an ongoing increasing endangerment and destruction.

  34. Yadda, yadda, yadda, we might have aborted the genius who solves this, but if we didn’t even I know there are carbon eating lifeforms, and it may cost 100 billion, but a space umbrella over the equator would put a bid sent on solar heating, not to mention that NASA confirmed solar spot increase calculations or Carl Sagan predicting a new ice age. Californians spend a few billion extra on special gasoline for a fractional marginal effect. This is all about climate nazis taking control of private businesses hence total world domination.

  35. went to Russia not long ago .A trainload of fertilizer was delivered to a farm but delivery was late and the crop was already in ,who was responsible for the error ,after all it was only a little Russian error,,So they decided to dump it all in the river
    Out on the tundra timber trucks were stationary ,they could no longer drive ,when asked if things would get better a scientist said “at the coming of the next ice age”

  36. I can describe 7 billion reasons why we need population control.

  37. Since time immemorial, the truth has always sounded hard and therefore true love, love for the next one and humanitarianism sounds equally hard, because all of these values demand logical thinking and acting from the human being. The same also holds true for the problem-solving of the terrestrial humankind, which means that only and exclusively a population reduction, through stringent birth controls, can resolve all existing major terrible things and that inhumane aid must not be given.
    The laws of nature apply to human beings of Earth as well, which each seeing person may easily recognise: Wherever there is a region in which the population of a particular animal species suddenly increases and runs the risk that the region concerned can no longer feed the increasing population, rampantly spreading diseases occur that decimate the increasing and excessive population of animals. Furthermore, it appears in such cases that the overly large population simply dies of famine or falls prey to their natural enemies because they are weak from hunger. This is how nature preserves its natural population, wherethrough in one stretch of land, always only just as many faunal life forms live as this region can feed/support/sustain. Only the human being as a thinking Wesen/individual acts contrary to this natural law and tramples upon it

  38. 9 out of 10 dentists | November 30, 2019 at 4:54 pm | Reply

    Who are these scientists? give links to the studies they have done! This sounds like the script for a ancient aliens episode! Give us the study dont just push the end is near narritive without letting us know if these “scientist” arent just activists standing on street corners yelling repent for the end is near at passing cars

    • You are an idiot. The internet is rife with proof. Are a f**king moron? Seriously? Try google you dumb*ss denier.

      • Getting answers from google or wikipedia is on par with taking cooking lesson from Jeffrey Dahmer, potty mouth ray.

  39. Yes and how do all of those people plan get to the conference in Dec.

  40. Some of the comments demonstrate a lack of scientific understanding, and a lack of how scientists work from every scientific discipline, and conduct peer reviews on an international scale. Far more complex than hanging a few conspiracy theories together. As an older generation person I see human ignorance, greed, rage, superiority being a real threat to our only planet; yet in every scientific thought there are such commonalities that we need to put human energy into adapting,preparing and surviving a very hazardous world. If we can’t do this for ourselves then we need to do it for animals and all other living species that share this beautiful earth, because it sure isn’t their fault. I hear the scientists and observe the changes already. If we choose to spill political ideologies then we are just “fiddling while our world burns.”

  41. Joseph M Merrifield | November 30, 2019 at 5:21 pm | Reply

    You talk about people denying it are dumb. Yes when mount at Helens exploded it put more carbon in the air than humans can do in a million years…stop following the paid garbage….

    • Mr Merrifield Snr | December 1, 2019 at 4:00 am | Reply

      I’ll just leave this here :
      The money quote is : “The 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens vented approximately 10 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere in only 9 hours. However, it currently takes humanity only 2.5 hours to put out the same amount.”
      But don’t apologize, you weren’t to know. I mean I had to google it. It took 0.72 seconds. You can’t be expected to have time for that in your busy denialist lifestyle.

  42. On Thanksgiving I burn 1000 gallons of napalm in my yard just to prove global warming is not real,I win,I will drive my diesel truck just because I don’t carry anything in my bed,I’ll keep it idling cause it’s the American way,I win you loose,I win you loose

    • Millennial means Mindless | November 30, 2019 at 11:21 pm | Reply

      Diesel Energy is clean energy, if you don’t know the climate conmen’s basic
      Mantra’s you can’t play the game. You failed already. Diesel engine’s use less fuel, burn cleanser and last longer than gasoline fueled engines.

  43. Let’s be a better son/daughter of our mother Earth.
    So please sign my petition to save millions of trees.
    more than 2 million trees are being cut to produce paper for indian school assignments so please pressurise government to ban the Virgin paper in schools and make guidelines to use only recycle paper
    Please #HelpNature

  44. We are going see things we don’t want to see more frequently. It has begun.

  45. More hyperbolic alarmism, yawn…

  46. “it is likely Earth will cross the 1.5°C guardrail by 2040.” There have been 2 time periods in recent history before “human- related CO2” where the planet was 3 to 5 degrees warmer than it is now and they were considered the “climatic optimum”. They around 1000 A.D. and 1600 A.D.. During these times growing seasons were maximized which resulted in an abundance of food and the general well-being of people was very good. Global warming is always associated with the expansion of life. During periods of global cooling such as what happened during the Dark Ages is when the population of many regions of the globe decreased. The cooling at these times caused a decrease in growing seasons which resulted in starvation and weaker immune systems. This allows opportunistic diseases such as bubonic and black plagues to propagate. Right now we actually have 20% more trees than what was predicted decades ago. Articles like this are absolutely used against the uninformed to control people. There have been lab tests on plants where they were grown at CO2 levels of 200ppm and over 700ppm. The plants grown at 700ppm were at least 20% larger. The fact that we are around 400ppm of CO2 is not a bad thing. We can actually handle more and possibly be better off for it. I definitely recommend reviewing the work of people like Randal Carlson for more information on how Earth’s climate has changed over the last few million years.

    • Your science about CO2 grown plants although accurate on the size neglects to mention that nutrients provided by these plants reduces concomitantly. Please show all the facts.

  47. Murty SVSN Koduru | November 30, 2019 at 7:09 pm | Reply

    Excellent and interesting information

  48. The willful ignorance exhibited in the comments here makes me feel despair. Deniers are so invested in their own Petty skins that they will not see the destruction we bring. If nothing else admit your selfishness , then at least you will not be a hypocrite

    • Spinchter boy bobby | November 30, 2019 at 7:42 pm | Reply

      Hallelujah, someone besides me sees the truth…

    • I dunno! I thought the Grand Solar Minimum was upon us and cooler weather, shorter growing seasons, crop losses, and other horrors will lead to a food crisis. Throw in a large volcanco or two and humans are screwed. The magnetic field is weakening and cismic rays are increasing. Any Carrington type solar blast will destroy our electronic world and cause catastrophic chaos. The AGW proponents have made more than ten outlandish predictions that haven’t come true. It is still snowing up North and so many cold records are being broken now.
      The past climate cycles are prologue to future climate. Our scientists don’t have enough knowledge to accurately predict the weather or future climate regularly- just general ideas.

  49. Sea acidification will most probably do us in. Saw the beginning of this in the late 70s.
    The Russians now taking advantage of sea passage in the Arctic Ocean.
    If you want to pretend these changes aren’t occurring, and that CO2 and methane, humans and herd animals in their billions are not changing anything, no scientific evidence will change your mind. Sunspots, distance from the sun cannot affect us as much as our atmosphere and sea which we interface with.

  50. Not Gullible scientists | November 30, 2019 at 7:34 pm | Reply

    All those tipping points identified by faulty models a d faulty science. The same science that said by now global increases if 3.5 degrees celsius? Actual is .7 degrees Fahrenheit. Global temps are currently lower than in the past?

  51. Spinchter boy bobby | November 30, 2019 at 7:37 pm | Reply

    Only an alarmist would believe this hooey. Ahh ya, and If your house had smoke coming from it, its Probably just your dirty diapers fermenting. If theres even a remote chance we are f#cking our only home as of now up, in the universe, wouldnt prudence and wisdom dictate that we stop all the d@mb s#!t, finger pointing, I’m right, No your wrong, like retarded children. And look really really good at the issues and solve some of the problems before we permanently ass f#ck ourselves beyond repair,..ah jus sayin….

  52. What about overpopulation? Too many people = too much pollution = destroyed environment.

  53. What to say to a climate denier:

    1. When you’re doctor tells you you to stop smoking because the CT scan showed “something”, what will you do? Say he’s stupid? Will you call him (or her) dumb, an idiot, a fearmonger? You wouldn’t disrespect a health expert, so why then would you disrespect a climate expert? Easy answer: Because some people are just too afraid to accept the diagnoses; or, too lazy to manage the treatment.

    2. When you fart in your car with the windows rolled up, that sure is climate change. A little (methane) goes a looong way.

    3. When you decide that you’ve had enough of all the craziness you might want to consider again, your car: Start it and close the garage door. THAT is climate change…

    Don’t give up on them. There are many “creative” ways to explain climate change, aka global warming, to a climate change denier.

  54. Sounds like alot of scare tactics to get us to fill bad about ourselves. A bunch of propaganda to get more numb people worried about a whole lot of nothing. Meanwhile the people who propagate this stuff do absolutely nothing themselves but tell us how bad we should fill about breathing the good air left. Lies lies and more lies.

  55. We are losing 200 species a day putting us into the sixth great extinction. Diversity is where resilience comes from.
    We are seeing fire, Flood, drought and extreem storms at a ever increasing rate. It is starting to cost more than we can afford and will get worse.
    Water is getting scarce. Our food production system is in trouble and in the drier parts of the world wars are triggered and migration is taking place.
    All this is caused by rising temperatures. It is time to cool things down. Covering our bare soils with green growing plants will not only cool but make water more available. It is time to actually get to work. Reduce tillage, keep plants young, reforest the edges of the deserts. Even letting you lawn grow high enough to stop the sun Frome getting to the soil will help.
    Greenhouse gasses have heated us but what we have emitted has built in another 100 years of warming so we must cool now while we transition off fossil fuels. Green plants will also put carbon back in the ground. It is a win win.

  56. Throughout recorded history one fact that has always determined the end of all the great societies and mightiest of empires …they are destroyed from within by the “cancer ” that they themselves. have created

  57. So many climate change deniers here. I’m a student in Biology degree, and I consider myself as an scientist. We’re taking data before make a conlusion, so scientist out there take MANY DATA before make a projection (thanks to people who work in IT and develop AI, our work as a scientist a lot easier). However, to take that many data still need months even years of work. Their work is not piece of SH*T.

    For people who work in politic or economy please consider this climate change issue before make a decision.

    Climate change deniers out there please READ article in Nat Geo or something similar here. Because the phenomena like permafrost thawing, ice melting in Alaska, coral bleaching and average temperature rising is FACT not FICTION. In recent 5 years some phenomena like California’s drought of water, heatwave across Asia, more hurricane happened. Even I feel a lot hotter here in Indonesia compared to when I was a kid. You guys deniers consider ALL of this as a cycle or normal?

    This issue is because us human, different from that happened in Ice Age.

  58. Any species that spent so much time and effort to glamorize men putting their manhood where other men defecate and condones people to think they’re a different sex deserves to go extinct. We could have much better used the time, expense and effort to find ourselves a new home outside the solar system.

    • The great majority of scientists agree with these figures. This isn’t some alarmist propaganda. The situation is dire. We should all be very scared. We are looking at the loss of coral reefs in the next decade… This is already known within marine biology. That would mean a loss of a quarter of sea life with it. This alone is staggeringly horrible for the planet, much less human civilization.

      The loss of the ice sheets means a loss of the albeito affect (reflecting of sunlight from the Earth’s surface) which means it’ll get even warmer, leading to even more melting.

      All it takes is little bit of critical thinking and looking for yourself to know that something is wrong. This is not a political issue.

    • Weird association! Maybe you should talk to someone about your feelings. You know, a professional.

  59. I adore the vitriolic comment of the angry conservatives and deniers. So I will put this forth in a way you, dear reader, will understand. Pollution is waste, waste is lost money, lost money is antithetical to economic growth. Efficiency is a good thing and is good for everybody. We NEED to upgrade our electrical system in the U.S., imagine if a solar flare hits our planet in the wrong way, we’d be f@#ked. Electric cars are more robust and easier to maintain and a byproduct of their increasing production is better battery tech. We NEED better electricity production to stay competitive, imagine if the rest of the world is running off of high energy density processes (fission and fusion comes to mind.) How would we compete? People talk about bringing jobs back here but we can’t compete with the cheap labor available in poor countries unless we leverage technology to increase efficiency and decrease waste. If we dig our heads into the sand and ignore the coming tide of change, we’re f@#ked. I’ve seen comments about our global economy being a bad thing but I have a question: What’s the alternative? How can we have a technological civilization without talking to our neighbors? Without trade? Here’s another kicker, when the quality of life and options go up for people in poor places goes up, everybody benefits. The reason for this is a larger pool of potential innovators. More minds at work is always better. Trade is always preferable to war. Logic is always preferable to superstition.

    • I saw this polar bear melt right in front of my eyes. It’s all melting, the dear, bears, bunnies, birds, fish, bugs. O the humanity!

  60. Is this article from the same university that was caught scrubbing its climate data a few years back?

  61. This is ridiculous. Scientist say the Laurentide ice sheet that covered most of what is now Canada, and the northern US states, melted off 10 to 20 thousand years ago and formed the Great Lakes. It was nearly 2.5 miles thick, yet this is left out of the discussion when talking about climate change today. The melt off was faster then than todays estimated levels, but why? Is it because it no longer fit today’s narrative!? Hard to say, but I’m guessing if those people that are up in arms about the climate change today, were alive back then, they would be blaming campfires and such, which is ridiculous. Are there things we should possibly being doing today, sure, but stop with the “sky is falling” B.S..

  62. Oliver Manpusse | November 30, 2019 at 9:49 pm | Reply

    Udo thinks putting one’s manhood in another man’s defecating manhole warrants extinction? I’m curious what if one puts their manhood in a female gapping poop shoot does that warrant extinction as well?? Or are you just a closeted power bottom and are just really upset because nobody wants to put their manhood in your defecating manhole!!? Well, I’m sure there is someone you can pay to help you with your issue and I guarantee when you get that taking care of you will be feeling better than ever!! Almost like a new man!!! Kisses 💋

  63. Lolololololololol

    What a complete crock of s#!t!

    According to the biggest liar, Al Gore, the coasts were suppose to be under water over 10 years ago. Every damn prediction these fear is mongers come up with, are wrong! Follow the money. Always follow the money. People are getting rich of this BS!

  64. Good one!!!

  65. IF climate change is real the key word being IF! if it is and its going to wipe out civilization then we shouldn’t stop it. It’s what we deserve and actually we deserve worse for the sick and twisted s#!t we have done to not only the earth but to each other! Stop saying it’s those goddamn conservative nazis fault or them little snowflake socialist p*ssys fault! It’s ALL of our faults as HUMANS!! Not just Americas or the right or left not just Trumps or the Clinton’s or bush or Obama’s nobody’s hands are clean and I MEAN NOBODY’S! This is why we are in the state we are in because NO BODY wants to be accept being wrong and we definitely don’t want to take responsibility for our actions! Say what you want to but until we actually change this and more we won’t be able to do anything else.

  66. Climate tipping points are a few shaort years away, and always will be! The people have witnessed such scare on a regular basis. The realityis that nkne of their alarmist scares have eventuated. Artic is not ice free, sea level has not risen a faster than normal long term trends, the polar bears are doind just fine, temperwtures have not increased, hurricanes are less frequent, drought is less common, snowing and skiijng have not ceased in the USA, water is not in short supply, war are not being fought over water supplies…. and on and on. The eco-socialist-homo left, do not deserve to be believed.

  67. YouTube George Carlin on climate change, hilarious but yet so true.

  68. It seems odd to me that we do not diminish reflected heat in cities and all buildings by not requiring all tops of buildings to be reflective so that they do not radiate heat into the environment,each black roof heats up and reflects heat to the air around it. making them reflective would be a cheap fix,you could even use a layer of white gravel to help buildings from heating up

  69. Another thing isin farming ,if we only plowed strips that could be used for planting and alllowed or fostered grass between them we would cut down on wind erosion and keep water in the ground for longer periods of time it only makes sense to use what you need and preserve the rest.We would end up using less water for irrigation that ultimately evaporates,fully 2/3 of the water you use for irrigation ends up evaporating anyway.

  70. general overall temperature would decline if grass replaced concrete in cities. Less reflected heat means cooler temperatures.yah you’d have to mow it but it could be recycled into fertilizer . Use your head concrete is laid down for might look cleaner but causes massive amounts of reflected heat,spend a summer in a city and see. Smaller buildings that are properly designed hold less background heat ,heat is absorbed by walls,less walls less absorbed heat.The reverse holds true when heating your house in the winter, putting a dark tarp over limited use rooms will cut your overall heating bill in half. Think about it your money goes out a little at a time try saving some you will benefit in the long run,takes little effort,first year you break even, buying a tarp big enough, second and following years you save 1/3 to 1/2 of your gas bill

  71. Am I the only one who read the whole article waiting to find out why human civilization will be destroyed? The only thing I saw was 10 m sea level rise. This is what’s threatening the existence of human civilization? 30 feet of shore line? Articles like this are what’s going to kill us. We don’t need to figure out how to slow down global warming. We need to figure out how to live on a warmer planet.

    • Oh Dear God Eric! | December 1, 2019 at 4:18 am | Reply

      I can’t believe that this would need to be explained, but the 10 metre sea level rise is referring to vertical metres, not horizontal metres. I feel sick.

      • He did the math right. 10 meters is approximately 32 feet.

        • My bad, l read what dude said above again. And yeah he did say it in a manner thinking 30 feet horizontally.
          Regardless, l think it’s a big sham for the libs er I mean gullible.

  72. Do these same scientist also tell you the planet was 2°c cooler, as of today, than it was 4 thousand years ago?

  73. FAkE news hoax this is one of the biggest scams in history. Remember we should already be dead years ago according to these so called “scientist’s” .this is a wealth. And power redistribution scheme by globalists .if you believe this I have beach front property to sell you in the Sahara. Yes climate does change has been for thousands of years

  74. The BULL CRAP going in to high speed…. I would like to know for once, who this scientist is? Who’s paying him and how much to bull crap us all? If I remember correctly, not to many years ago, the original scientist this global warming, pushers put up a real scientist which said that the information that sites like this are feeding the masses are rigged, and when they offered him a Nobel prize, he refused it….. They won’t tell you about this….. Wake up people,,,, they will bull crap us into submission, by will or by force…. In the name of saving humanity…..

  75. Working Engineer | December 1, 2019 at 5:00 am | Reply

    Still waiting on peak oil and the coming ice age we were told about in the 1970s…..

    • Yes I remmber those days in the seventies the new ice age is upon us and oil is out in 10 years the media are puppets and at best snake oil salesmen

  76. Plastic pollution!!! Man made and MASS produced is what will alter life as we know it on this rock! My opinion?!
    And do the math for yourself! This planet is grossly overpopulated!! 12 billion is the magic number peeps! I believe climate change is distraction from the real issues like plastic in our rain and plant matter?!
    Do the research!!!

  77. Name should be “Globalist Political Propaganda Daily”.
    There is no “science in this article.

  78. Congratulations humans! We solved global warming. Snow in So. Cal. Job well done.

  79. Climate alarmists, answer this one question: Former President Obama recently spent $15 million on a BEACHFRONT estate on Martha’s Vineyard, a low lying island that will surely disappear in a couple of decades, if we are to believe the climate hysterics. Obama has repeatedly declared his belief in climate change, and in taking drastic steps to reverse its effects. Most progressives see Obama as a smart guy, and they value his leadership on this issue. WHY THEN, IF OBAMA REALLY BELIEVED IN AN IMMINENT CLIMATE DISASTER, WOULD HE SPEND ALL THAT MONEY ON A PROPERTY THAT WILL BE INUNDATED IN OUR LIFETIMES?

    For that matter, why aren’t many of the Hollywood elites who declare their fear of the impending doom abandoning their Malibu beach houses?

    If been around long enough to know that if you really want to know what people believe, measure their actions rather than their words.

  80. 2Pe 3:10  
    But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
    God is going to burn the HELL out of this “GREEN” planet, so why quibble over a few degrees of temperature?

  81. You have to be an idiot to believe this hogwash. You’re an idiot if you continue to put stock in the most failed science man has ever claimed.

  82. There is a larger and more immediate threat to humanity, as this collection of comments proves.

  83. AGW isn’t debatable. The global temperatures are increasing, and denying that fact is won’t change the reality. Heat stress will severely inhibit growth cycles in plants which we depend on for food. Humanity will need to migrate to cooler regions to survive, but this isn’t sustainable with industrial civilization.

    Human civilization will be forced into a decline…probably going to happen rapidly, in decades. Exponential effects aren’t easily predictable. OTOH what will be predictable after grid collapse, loss of agriculture and the disintegration of industrial infrastructures, it’s the +450 nuclear reactors which will eventually fail.

    Even with humans in control, remember that Fukushima had multiple meltdowns which went into China syndrome. No one exactly knows where all the corium or radioactive fuel rods are, other than being somewhere far below the ground and leaching into the Pacific Ocean. This is your long-term future: cesium 137, 134, strontium 90, tritium, plutonium, americium, hundreds of isotopes, constantly entering the seas and oceans, accumulating in the food chain — algae, crustaceans, little fish, big fish, ect. BTW it’s impossible to “decommission” Fukushima units 1, 2 and 3 due extreme radiation.

    Thinking about survival long term on land in a hothouse, radioactive planet? Jesus will not be coming back to remove the CO2 from our atmosphere. Sure, the meek will inherit the Earth, but it won’t be apex predators like humans, but the unicellular thermophiles: rad-hardened algae, bacteria and fungi. And certain insects like cockroaches, ants and wasps. Marine species might fare a little better, the lower on food chain, the better survival rates.

    Evolution will re-boot toward higher life forms. Humans may reappear eventually. In a million years unless re-populated from outer space. Our current industrial society, aka infinite growth on a finite planet, this reality is ending soon. Now can you say “sayonora”?

    “The cancer cycle is initiated by a single mutation in a single regulatory gene in a single cell and the incubation time for cancer is any time from 2 to 90 years. And no cancer defines its origin.” Dr. Helen Caldicott.

  84. The place we really need to start is in how we all treat eachother. Where is the respect and the kindness for one another. Nothing ever gets solved this way we are so brothers and sisters in this. Not one of us guaranteed tomorrow or even our next breath. Love and respect make the difference.

    • You cannot talk with people whose first reaction when disagreeing with them is to call you denier, racist, bigot and many other names. They are being indoctrinated in school to react emotionally and not logically.

  85. Scientists say, scaring people about something they have no ability to control, while telling them they have to act or the world will end, is a good way to control people.

  86. Good God… after decades of phony, fake, debunked predictions, you people STILL think we’re listening?

    • Yes when globalist control is at stake and billions in grant dollars funded by the soros types are in play. They will shove their ideaology down our throats if this scheme won’t work. Prepare for WWlll

  87. Nature doesn’t care if we hide from reality or not. We are facing a real problem, one that seems to have been underestimated to prevent from seeming alarmist. Special interests using cigarette maker style tactics to sow doubt, may eventually become victims of their own success just like every other human on this planet.
    Do not think that religion will save you. Nature doesn’t believe in a bearded guy in the sky. Perhaps other civilizations have fallen victim to their own success in other places in the galaxy, which is why we have not been successful contacting other civilizations. They all may well have destroyed themselves just as we are destroying ourselves today.
    Consider how many few years there have been in the geological time scale when we are already threatening ourselves with our ignorance of the consequences of our actions.
    Are you willing to bet all future generations on the belief that climate change is just a hoax? We do not have the right to indulge in such selfishness.

  88. Most of this is just lies.When glaciers don’t melt, THAT is a problem. Ice is not a permanent geological feature.pining for near ice age conditions and referring to them as normal is a psychiatric condition.

  89. I am not well informed on global warming , but it does look like the arctic is melting …anyway I wold like to express my thoughts about windmills , everyone thinks they are so enviramentally friendly but has anyone ever considered that these windmills are placed directly in the path of naturel wind currents , in order to drive a generator you are now diminishing the strength of those natural wind currents , it would seem to me that as there is millions of these windmills all over the planet ,i believe they could play a large part in the wicked weather swings and storms that seem to be increasing as of late …just a thought…

  90. Freshwater security is a major problem. When glaciers melt and disappear, they can no longer feed major rivers that support population centers. this causes the collapse of those population centers and massive migration and further burden on surrounding areas. This of course leads to instability radicalization and war. If you don’t see that as a problem, you can’t be counted on to solve the problem that you don’t think exists.

  91. As you can see by some responses, the human element doesn’t have the ability to think ahead let alone logically.
    Therefore sadly to say the human animal shall keep destroying this heaven we live in.
    Although the Jesus guy will be saved.
    He got the memo lmao.
    And will reside in the heaven provided by human story telling.
    Good luck brother!

  92. As a Christian and believer in God and Christ the book of Revelation tells me how it ends. nothing about man made anything is going to end this world.

  93. Composition of the air does not affect average temperature. Gas Law PV=nRT. Pressure correlates to temperature. Mars is 96% CO2 and average -80°F. But pressure is very low. Venus has high pressure & high temperature.

    The official NOAA temperature record of observed highs and lows (400 MB) show the highs are cooling and lows are warming (Greenhouse Effect). But the average (global warming) has warmed & cooled & warmed & cooled in the same 100-year span. NOAA is now blocking access because the publicly owned data contradict what “scientists” say.

    If you look at old newspapers, you see our climate is milder & less extreme today. If runaway warming from CO2 was true, we would already be +800°F like our sister planet Venus.

    No alarmist will debate because the data & science destroy the apocalyptic superstition. Yes I have a degree in meteorology 1993 when universities taught science.

  94. Climate change will lead to nuclear war when humans find themselves cornered and scrapping over resources, especially food. It will start slowly with people on the move, then quicken to outright border panic and weather emigration, and then a slow wasting of financial and political institutions. There will be much praying among the religious, and the pope will plead for more tolerance. A person of great conviction and dim wit will become leader, and as an Irish poet once said, the center will not hold.

  95. Until the “average” of UN IPCC climate models actually match the hisotircal record without massive “calibrations” (that is, adjustments to data to bias results) ALL projections are not worth the screens they are displayed on. Note to UN IPCC – your climate models are fundamentally flawed – get some real mathematicians to help you out instead of relying on y = a + b(x) to prmote your sick attempts at mind control.

  96. This climate change stuff is a total scam. It sounds like “We are all gonna die unless we all come together under a ONE WORLD fascist government NOW!”
    That is not going to happen! EVER!
    Moreover, when science is “settled” it stops being actual science. Not one prediction of this wacko group of alarmists has EVER came true. But this is the driving impetus for destroying everything beautiful and free that is a Human Being.

  97. So many Russian trolls here. And some collaborating patriots and tin-pot science posers, who all should know better. Must have failed high school science. Everyone knows American (compulsory) education is a big failure. The science is in—masses of research with complete convergence!! Reams of science in distinguished journals across the world. Anyone with a brain can tell you global warming is human-caused, not natural cycle. A lot of bogus points about what “science” is or isn’t or pronouncements about the urge to be free will not change the fact that climate is being changed by the massive burning of carbon. As the blues writer once sang—“There must be some way out of here.”

  98. WOW, this is the most comments I’ve seen on this site! However many of them are from those Fox News/Republican brainwashed folks who believe everything that Fox News and the Republicans tell them to believe instead of looking at the facts and using their common sense. So let me lay out to you a way to end global warming easily! First I want all of you to google search a site called and on that site is a display of all the commercial flights of jet engine airplanes that are flying at that moment worldwide. Throughout the day there are around 90,000 flights. This site does not include military jet airplanes or military jet propelled weapons or rockets of any kind. I assume that that amount is very high and much more damaging to our environment. Here’s why, commercial jet planes heated exhaust ranges from 800 to 1200 degrees and military jet planes heated exhaust ranges from 1200 to 2500 degrees. So what is happening daily is that around the globe daily we are putting a lot of hot air and jet engine pollutants into our upper atmosphere from these jet engine airplanes. Also these jet engine airplanes are gigantic vacuum machines that are sucking up rain and cloud producing water molecules in our upper atmosphere. That is why the Earth has less clouds now around the Earth than it did before the 1960’s when jet engine airplanes started flying in mass around the planet. Check out the weather maps and you will see that the Earth had much more clouds before 1960. Check out the weather maps from the week after 9/11 Twin Towers attack when worldwide airplane flights around the world were grounded. You will see a massive increase of clouds worldwide! Before the 1960’s we used mainly propeller airplanes which don’t suck up and heat air as jet engine airplanes do. We have to go back to only using propeller airplanes in order to end global warming immediately! It’s as simple as that! It’s an easy way to stop heating up our atmosphere. The cold air coming into the Earth’s atmosphere from outer space is the only reason the Earth hasn’t heated up yet from the Sun in all the years of the Earth’s existence. Clouds are the only thing that Earth has that can stop the Sun’s rays from heating the Earth and the only thing that the Earth has that can produce rain. Vegetation and trees are the only thing on Earth that produces moisture/water molecules in our atmosphere. Jet engine airplanes, weapons and rockets are the only thing we humans put up into our upper atmosphere that is so hot that it over powers the cold air coming from outer space into our Earth’s atmosphere. Our cities are too far apart to have create the kind heat needed to create global warming that the Earth is now encountering. Jet engine airplanes are the main cause of global warming so let’s all stop flying them!

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