Stumping the Best Scientists for 50 Years: Physicists Solve a Lightning Mystery

Lightning Storm City

Lightning is a natural phenomenon that occurs during thunderstorms when the discharge of electricity in the atmosphere causes a bright flash of light. It is usually accompanied by thunder, which is the sound produced by the expansion of rapidly heated air caused by the discharge of electricity. Lightning is caused by the buildup of positive and negative charges within a cloud or between a cloud and the ground. When the differences in these charges become too great, a discharge of electricity occurs, which can manifest as lightning.

Approximately 8.6 million lightning strikes take place each day all over the planet, each moving at a speed of more than 320,000 kilometers per hour and generating a tremendous amount of electricity.

Have you ever wondered why lightning zigzags? Scientists have argued over the reasons why lightning zigzags and how it is related to the thundercloud above for the last 50 years.

There hasn’t been a definitive explanation until now, with a University of South Australia (UniSA) plasma physicist publishing a landmark paper that solves both mysteries.

Dr. John Lowke, former CSIRO scientist and now a UniSA Adjunct Research Professor, says the physics of lightning has stumped the best scientific minds for decades.

“There are a few textbooks on lightning, but none have explained how the zig-zags (called steps) form, why the electrically conducting column connecting the steps with the cloud remains dark, and how lightning can travel over kilometers,” Dr. Lowke says.

The answer? Singlet-delta metastable oxygen molecules.

Basically, lightning happens when electrons hit oxygen molecules with enough energy to create high-energy singlet delta oxygen molecules. After colliding with the molecules, the “detached” electrons form a highly conducting step – initially luminous – that redistribute the electric field, causing successive steps.

The conducting column connecting the step to the cloud remains dark when electrons attach to neutral oxygen molecules, followed by an immediate detachment of the electrons by singlet delta molecules.

Why is this important?

“We need to understand how lightning is initiated so we can work out how to better protect buildings, airplanes, skyscrapers, valuable churches, and people,” Dr. Lowke says.

While it is rare for humans to be hit by lightning, buildings are hit many times, especially tall and isolated ones (the Empire State Building is hit about 25 times each year).

The solution to protecting structures from lightning strikes has remained the same for hundreds of years.

A lightning rod invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1752 is basically a thick fencing wire that is attached to the top of a building and connected to the ground. It is designed to attract lightning and earth the electric charge, saving the building from being damaged.

“These Franklin rods are required for all buildings and churches today, but the uncertain factor is how many are needed on each structure,” Dr. Lowke says.

There are also hundreds of structures that are currently not protected, including shelter sheds in parks, often made from galvanized iron, and supported by wooden posts.

This could change with new Australian lightning protection standards recommending that these roofs be earthed. Dr. Lowke was a committee member of Standards Australia recommending this change.

“Improving lightning protection is so important now due to more extreme weather events from climate change. Also, while the development of environmentally-friendly composite materials in aircraft is improving fuel efficiency, these materials significantly increase the risk of damage from lightning, so we need to look at additional protection measures.

“The more we know about how lightning occurs, the better informed we will be in designing our built environment,” Dr. Lowke says.

Reference: “Toward a theory of ‘stepped-leaders’ in lightning” by John J. Lowke and Endre J. Szili, 13 December 2022, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics.
DOI: 10.1088/1361-6463/aca103

18 Comments on "Stumping the Best Scientists for 50 Years: Physicists Solve a Lightning Mystery"

  1. Your simplistic description of how lightening rods work is flawed. Yes, if struck they WOULD conduct the massive energy of a strike to ground, but be destroyed in the process of shunting that much current to ground.

    Instead, they actually drain the charge from the air slowly – or in the case of the glass ball type, create a blocking charge. That is why they have a very sharp point.

  2. “Improving lightning protection is so important now due to more extreme weather events from climate change.”

    Even assuming, for the sake of the argument, that climate change is causing “more extreme weather,” it is a huge leap to imply the unsupported claim that lightning is becoming more frequent or more powerful. It seems to be a rationalization for the research, rather than an actual demonstrated need.

  3. Need to check your units, speed of lightning is 300,000 km/s not hour.

    • From google:

      ” While the flashes we see as a result of a lightning strike travel at the speed of light (670,000,000 mph) an actual lightning strike travels at a comparatively gentle 270,000 mph.”

  4. Wrong. Rainwater, pure water, does not conduct electricity. This is why you don’t see lightning in the rain only in front of it

  5. Very Wrong. Rainwater, pure water, does not conduct electricity. This is why you don’t see lightning in the rain only in front of it

  6. Everybody’s wrong. Lightning is caused by fairies. MAGA!

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  8. Tall buildings being struck many times a year? And no attempts to HARVEST those electrons? Duh? Free power going to waste all over the planet, and the best we can do is “faith” in heat engine tech like fission and fusion. Make fire; boil water; make steam; drive steam turbine….Ugh

  9. Nearly everything nearly all Universitys postulate is wrong. Between the flawed theory of adamistic electrons, to the flawed theory on gravity, the base for all the “research” is wrong. Thus description of how building protected lighting rods work is wrong, as Bruce stated. Assertion that climate change (with human influence I assume) is real, combined with staments that lightning strikes are more powerful and more frequent now are all wrong. The reason for stepped lightning here described is also wrong. People who can’t describe how or why a magnet works, or light travels are trying to describe why electrostatic charge from magnetic forces move the way they do. Smh

  10. Brilliant work by Dr John Lowke, I remember John talking to us about Lightning over lunch at the CSIRO Lindfield. Scientists are amazing people, dedicated in their pursuits.

  11. Electrical reactions always follows the path of least resistance…its actually a air pattern of conductive circuits you see..even at high voltages

  12. You are are a bunch of morions.

  13. The know it all peanut gallery going wild.

  14. I’m working on collecting “harvesting” lightening

    • Wasn’t Nikola Tesla trying to figure out how to harness lightning for cheap powerful electrical energy? Many thought he was eccentric or out of his mind during his era. Perhaps he was a mind that was ahead of his time. I wonder what he would think or say if he were alive today.

  15. Everyone is right and wrong…
    So get over it. I’m sure he knows how light waves travel and gravity is wrong, if you use the three rules of magnets then you can explain the laws perfectly fine. And engineers are trying to make thinga more profitable while physicists are trying to explain things more correctly. That’s the reason for multiple explanations of simple things.

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