Electronic Nose Might “Sniff Out” COVID-19-Infected People at Mass Scale [Video]

Testing Electronic Nose

Testing of the “electronic nose.” Credit: Kobi Snitz

Electronic nose might “sniff out” COVID-19-infected people at mass scale, according to a preliminary proof-of-concept study.

Reference: “Proof of Concept for Real-Time Detection of SARS CoV-2 Infection with an Electronic Nose” by Kobi Snitz, Michal Andelman-Gur, Liron Pinchover, Reut Weissgross, Aharon Weissbrod, Eva Mishor, Roni Zoller, Vera Linetsky, Abebe Medhanie, Sagit Shushan, Eli Jaffe and Noam Sobel, 2 June 2021, PLOS ONE.

Funding: This study was supported by pilot grants from MAFAT: The Israeli Ministry of Defense Directorate of Defense Research and Development, and from Sonia T. Marschak. This effort also relied on ongoing Sobel lab resources, provided by a European Research Council AdG. grant #670798 (SocioSmell) and Horizon 2020 FET Open project #662629 (NanoSmell). The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

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