Mind-Bending Abilities: Uncovering Bizarre Quantum Properties of Black Holes

Mass-Quantized Black Hole

An illustration of a mass-quantized black hole, created using NightCafe Creator AI. Credit: University of Queensland

Bizarre quantum properties of black holes – including their mind-bending ability to have different masses simultaneously – have been confirmed by University of Queensland (UQ) physicists.

A team of theoretical physicists ran calculations that reveal surprising black hole quantum phenomena. The research was led by UQ and headed by PhD candidate Joshua Foo.

“Black holes are an incredibly unique and fascinating feature of our universe,” Mr. Foo said. “They’re created when gravity squeezes a vast amount of matter incredibly densely into a tiny space, creating so much gravitational pull that even light cannot escape.

“It’s a phenomenon that can be triggered by a dying star. But, until now, we haven’t deeply investigated whether black holes display some of the weird and wonderful behaviors of quantum physics.

“One such behavior is superposition, where particles on a quantum scale can exist in multiple states at the same time. This is most commonly illustrated by Schrödinger’s cat, which can be both dead and alive simultaneously.

“But, for black holes, we wanted to see whether they could have wildly different masses at the same time, and it turns out they do.

“Imagine you’re both broad and tall, as well as short and skinny at the same time – it’s a situation which is intuitively confusing since we’re anchored in the world of traditional physics.

“But this is reality for quantum black holes.”

“The universe is revealing to us that it’s always more strange, mysterious, and fascinating than most of us could have ever imagined.” — Dr. Magdalena Zych

To reveal this mind-bending phenomenon, the team of physicists developed a mathematical framework allowing us to “place” a particle outside a theoretical mass-superposed black hole.

Mass was looked at specifically, as it is a defining feature of a black hole, and as it is plausible that quantum black holes would naturally have mass superposition.

Research co-supervisor, Dr. Magdalena Zych, said that the research in fact reinforces conjectures raised by pioneers of quantum physics.

“Our work shows that the very early theories of Jacob Bekenstein – an American and Israeli theoretical physicist who made fundamental contributions to the foundation of black hole thermodynamics – were on the money,” she said.

“He postulated that black holes can only have masses that are of certain values, that is, they must fall within certain bands or ratios — this is how energy levels of an atom works, for example.

“Our modeling showed that these superposed masses were, in fact, in certain determined bands or ratios – as predicted by Bekenstein.

“We didn’t assume any such pattern going in, so the fact we found this evidence was quite surprising.

“The universe is revealing to us that it’s always more strange, mysterious, and fascinating than most of us could have ever imagined.”

The research has been published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

Reference: “Quantum Signatures of Black Hole Mass Superpositions” by Joshua Foo, Cemile Senem Arabaci, Magdalena Zych and Robert B. Mann, 28 October 2022, Physical Review Letters.
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.129.181301

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  1. Maybe this is the initial step to the merging of GR and quantum physics?

  2. I have weird things happen to me like maybe every five to 10 years but the one thing that I have been trying to find is that been trying to find is back in 2002 are 2003 a friend of mine and I are on our way to Florida we stopped and got a motel room on the way he went got the rheumatism front and of course you have to have a key to get through the door on the side he came out to the car show me the room I want to the side door and open it walked up the stairs and saying the room and open it I was sitting on the bed when he came in 5 minutes later and asked me how I got in the room that he only had one key and I have been for years trying to find out myself does this have anything to do with the energy or atoms or quantum physics and then return home went to a friend’s house our apartment we were going to go swimming I went out first nobody was at the pool and I just open the gate and went and started swimming before anyone else when she came out she wanted to know how I got in that no one can get in without a key but that was the only things that happen until about six or seven years later the weird stuff started again but it was a different kind of thinks for years I have been trying to find an answer

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