Already Spread to Every Continent: Unusual Fungus Has the Potential To Become a Global Health Problem

COVID-19 Infections Surge

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on global health and has highlighted the importance of being prepared for and able to respond to future global health threats. This new yeast fungus is particularly dangerous as it is resistant to medicine and is difficult to kill.

A New Yeast Fungus

Have you ever heard of the yeast Candida auris? If not, you are most likely not the only one since it hasn’t garnered much attention. Yet. That could change.

Candida auris’s story begins in 2009 when a Japanese woman in her 70s is admitted to the Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital. Her ear sometimes discharges something, and the doctors routinely use a cotton swab to collect samples of it. To determine what is causing the infection, they analyze the sample.

It turns out that a yeast, different from other known yeasts, is at play. We’ve all heard of baker’s yeast, a friendly microorganism used to make beer and bread. Candida auris and other Candida yeast species are extremely different; they cause serious and persistent infections that are difficult to treat with known antibiotics.

Break out in a London hospital

Against all expectations, Candida auris turned out to be unusually stress-resistant. The finding is so unusual that the doctors decide to document it in a scientific journal; they name it Candida auris after the location where it was discovered – auris meaning ear in Latin. Since then, the yeast has spread to every continent. Patients are almost always weakened individuals, and incidents are virtually always recorded in hospitals.

For instance, the Royal Brompton Hospital in London had an out-of-control acute Candida auris infection in 2015. The team had tried everything to get rid of the infections for three months, and eventually, they launched a week-long spray attack. They sprayed all surfaces in infected rooms with hydrogen peroxide in hope that the spray will reach all crevices and corners. 

The spray device ran for a week, and to test if any microorganisms have survived, a gel-coated plate was placed in the middle of the room. Any microorganisms that managed to withstand the week-long spray onslaught will be drawn to the gel and therefore reveal their existence. Only one organism appears on the gel plate. Candida auris.

The first case in Denmark

In 2022, a Danish person returned home from South Africa to be admitted to a Danish hospital. The person had several wounds that need to be treated, and the South African doctors had discovered Candida auris on the patient’s skin.

The presence of a fungus on the skin is not in itself dangerous – it becomes so only when it enters the bloodstream – but the Danish hospital took extra safety measures to ensure that Candida auris did not spread to other patients in the hospital: The patient was admitted to two rooms so that there is also room for the equipment needed for examinations. This ensured that the patient did not have to be moved around to other departments.

To get to the two isolated rooms, the staff had to go through two locks. The patient recovered and was discharged, and over a 24-hour period, everything was disinfected in the rooms and in the locks.

Four cases in Denmark, so far

The next patient admitted to one of these two rooms stayed there for only five hours – but that was enough for the patient to become infected with Candida auris in the bloodstream.

“It is difficult to understand how this could happen,” said Maiken Cavling Arendrup, professor and head of the Unit for Mycology, Statens Serum Institut in Denmark, who has followed the cases.

To date, four cases of Candida auris have been registered in Denmark, all from 2022. Three cases are on the skin of people who have returned home from abroad, while the fourth – the patient who was infected after five hours in the hospital room – was infected in the blood. Both the three carriers and the infected patient have recovered.

Need for better treatment

“The problem with this yeast is that it is very difficult to kill. It is multi-resistant, and thus you risk serious infections that cannot be treated,” said Maria Szomek from Daniel Wüstner’s research group, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, adding: “There are many types of medicine on the market that can fight fungal infections – including Candida auris. But they are becoming less and less effective because Candida auris is extremely good at developing resistance, so the challenge now is to develop better medicines that work. This means medicine, which not only inhibits the growth of yeast but actually kills any remaining yeast cells.”

Existing medicines against Candida auris and other yeasts with the potential to kill the cells are often based on so-called polyenes. Polyenes are a group of substances found naturally in certain bacteria as part of their inborn defense system. Polyenes can be extracted from the bacteria for medical use.

Can we improve nature’s own defense system?

But, as Maria Szomek points out; the mechanisms by which the polyenes kill yeast are not very well understood. This, however, is essential for developing new and improved polyene-based drugs.

“Therefore we are working on understanding how nature’s own polyenes work,” Maria Szomek said.

This work takes place in Daniel Wüstner’s research group at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. In their laboratory, the group uses advanced microscopy to study what happens to a yeast cell when attacked by polyenes. The group has teamed up with colleagues in theoretical and computational chemistry, Peter Reinholdt and Jacob Kongsted, and is also working with two German research teams at Leipzig University and Humboldt University Berlin.

Precision attack in the cell

The researchers do not work with real Candida auris cells, but instead with harmless models, which they expose to polyenes from the fungicide Natamycin.

“We are interested in things like: how do the polyenes get through the cell membrane? How do they bind to and interact with ergosterol, which is a subgroup of steroids and the target of the polyenes’ attack,” Maria Szomek explained.

Reference: “Natamycin sequesters ergosterol and interferes with substrate transport by the lysine transporter Lyp1 from yeast” by Maria Szomek, Peter Reinholdt, Hanna-Loisa Walther, Holger A. Scheidt, Peter Müller, Sebastian Obermaier, Bert Poolman, Jacob Kongsted and Daniel Wüstner, 29 July 2022, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) – Biomembranes.
DOI: 10.1016/j.bbamem.2022.184012

The study was funded by the Villum Foundation, the Lundbeck Foundation, and the Independent Research Fund Denmark. 

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  2. The rapid increase and Global growth of yeast challenges, can be directly correlated to the high percentage of people with type 2 diabetes. All yeast needs sugar to grow and prosper and propagate. Control the high glucose levels and the yeast will diminish and die.

  3. The problem with developing new auris drugs is that the population demand is currently so low that development is not profitably sustainable. Only 4 patients in Denmark is an example. There is a new auris drug recently approved, brexafemme, but the company is not yet sustainable to due to this lack of demand.

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  5. When will medical science leave this ideology that drugs are the only thing that will promote health. Copper (external and internal) has been used for thousands of years.

  6. Fungal pathogens take advantage whenever there’s an upset, an imbalance, a weakened state. We will see an avalanche of fungal issues within the next decade, and that pertains to species beyond humans as well.

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  9. It seems as though it’s easier for a new treatment to be approved if there are fewer cases, a drug for a rare condition might get approved with little press notice and therefore less holdups. They ought to get ahead of it before it becomes harder to receive approvals.

  10. I read somewhere that fungi have almost the same DNA as humans.

  11. Good 👍 Article.,But really!We don’t need another pandemic at this time..haven’t yet got over the first one..!!!!get vaccine.

  12. Over 10$k in topical steroids over 2 years, little help. Fluconazole 100mg once a week/3 weeks. Itraconazole 200mg 2x/ day. Repeated in one month. Swollen ankles & puffy eyes. In blood now. One Dermatologist didn’t want to be near me.

  13. Raw garlic has a devastating effect on most molds and fungeses. That along with the pre mentioned Copper and possibly colloidal silver. Really would destroy this pathogen. I used it successfully to kill off Damp Off disease in plants and body fungus when I layed on wet grass in the shade. It cured them all

  14. Jeanine Kay-Shoemake | December 20, 2022 at 9:44 am | Reply

    Why does a “Science” communication about a yeast have an illustrastration of a virus in it?

  15. It is not only 4 patients… There will also be undocumented cases just as there are undocumented individuals and anti-healthcare mentality due to fear, lack of funding, lack of care. Currently, there is still lack of awareness, symptoms, experience, and medicine to fight this variety of candida.

  16. Fortify your immunesystem with great food, supplements, fresh air and exercise. Stay away from sugars and consume only moderately healthy breads.
    Make autophagy work for you! Fasting is a must!! OMAD!

  17. You can’t vaccinate against a fungus. Just not how it works.

  18. The article states antibiotics when talking about a fungus. Was antifungals meant? Bacteria and fungi are completely different organisms

  19. People will die eventually. All people!!! One way or the other. Why are you all denying it. People are so stupid. It’s sad 😭

  20. I’m very familiar with candida and I have been battling it my whole life.I believe it has migrated to my joints.I have necrosis in my hips and wonder if the candida has something to do with it.I can’t have surgery because it is an infection and impossible to eradicate. I use oregano oil,black seed oil and other natural products and herbs.Its horribly painful and I believe my nervous system is affected because I have tremors and think it’s possibly in my spine.The most upsetting aspect is doctors were unwilling to consider that I might know what I was talking about and would have cut me open.

  21. It seems that the author is not familiar with the drugs used to treat yeast infections. Yeast is treated with antifungals. Bacteria are treated with antibiotics. The information about polyenes could be interesting if it was clear that they are antifungals.

  22. Would the drug Nizoral be effective?

  23. You have more chance to die if you get the vaccine than if you don’t.stop pushing the vaccines that kill more people than the covid itself. Let the immune system God gave us do it’s job. I don’t get vaccines and I don’t get sick no vaccine’s, not just covid. Wake up people you’re being dupped.

  24. Had a pug who developed a sever skin condition that after research suggested it could be the yeast discussed in this thread. Even after cleaning bath with bleach after, I would develop terrible athletes foot that was resistant to every single otc cream I tried. This went on for a year. The final straw was trying three different topical medicins together and it was gone in a week. Coincidence not sure have no formal bio training but the drugs were terbinafine hydrochloride, clotrimazole, and tolnaftate together they defeated this super resistant form of yeast and wondering if anyone could recreate this study in the lab to see if there is any validity here.

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