Autism Breakthrough: New Treatment Significantly Improves Social Skills and Brain Function

Human Brain Neural Network Cerebral Cortex

The researchers anticipate that the study’s success will have positive implications for clinical treatment.

The treatment caused neurological changes, including a decrease in inflammation and an increase in functionality, according to the researchers.

A recent Tel Aviv University study found that pressure chamber therapy greatly improved social skills and the condition of the autistic brain. The research was carried out on autism animal models. The researchers discovered changes in the brain, including a decrease in neuroinflammation, which has been linked to autism. Furthermore, the social functioning of the animal models treated in the pressure chamber improved significantly. The success of the research has significant implications for the applicability and understanding of pressure chamber therapy as a treatment for autism.

Inbar Fischer, a Ph.D. student in Dr. Boaz Barak’s lab at Tel Aviv University’s Sagol School of Neuroscience and School of Psychological Sciences, led the team that made the discovery. The findings were recently published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

According to Fischer and Barak, hyperbaric medicine is a kind of treatment in which patients are treated in special chambers where the atmospheric pressure is greater than the pressure we experience at sea level, and they are also given 100% oxygen to breathe. Hyperbaric medicine is already being used to treat a wide range of medical conditions and is considered to be safe. Scientific evidence has accumulated in recent years that certain protocols of hyperbaric treatments boost the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain, thereby increasing brain function.

Dr. Barak: “The medical causes of autism are numerous and varied, and ultimately create the diverse autistic spectrum with which we are familiar. About 20 percent of autistic cases today are explained by genetic causes, that is, those involving genetic defects, but not necessarily ones that are inherited from the parents. Despite the variety of sources of autism, the entire spectrum of behavioral problems associated with it are still included under the single broad heading of ‘autism,’ and the treatments and medications offered do not necessarily correspond directly to the reason why the autism developed.”

In the preliminary phase of the study, a girl carrying the mutation in the SHANK3 gene, which is known to lead to autism, was treated by Prof. Shai Efrati. He is director of the Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine at the Shamir “Assaf Harofeh” Medical Center, a faculty member at the Sagol School of Neuroscience, and a partner in the study. Upon completing a series of treatments in the pressure chamber, it was evident that the girl’s social abilities and brain function had improved considerably.

In the next stage, and in order to comprehend the success of the treatment more deeply, the team of researchers at Dr. Barak’s laboratory sought to understand what being in a pressurized chamber does to the brain. To this end, the researchers used adult animal models carrying the same genetic mutation in the SHANK3 gene as that carried by the girl who had been treated. The experiment comprised a protocol of 40 one-hour treatments in a pressure chamber, which lasted several weeks.

Dr. Barak: “We discovered that treatment in the oxygen-enriched pressure chamber reduces inflammation in the brain and leads to an increase in the expression of substances responsible for improving blood and oxygen supply to the brain, and therefore brain function. In addition, we saw a decrease in the number of microglial cells, immune system cells that indicate inflammation, which is associated with autism.

“Beyond the neurological findings we discovered, what interested us more than anything was to see whether these improvements in the brain also led to an improvement in social behavior, which is known to be impaired in autistic individuals,” adds Dr. Barak.

“To our surprise, the findings showed a significant improvement in the social behavior of the animal models of autism that underwent treatment in the pressure chamber compared to those in the control group, who were exposed to air at normal pressure, and without oxygen enrichment. The animal models that underwent treatment displayed increased social interest, preferring to spend more time in the company of new animals to which they were exposed in comparison to the animal models from the control group.”

Inbar Fischer concludes: “The mutation in the animal models is identical to the mutation that exists in humans. Therefore, our research is likely to have clinical implications for improving the pathological condition of autism resulting from this genetic mutation, and likely also of autism stemming from other causes. Because the pressure chamber treatment is non-intrusive and has been found to be safe, our findings are encouraging and demonstrate that this treatment may improve these behavioral and neurological aspects in humans as well, in addition to offering a scientific explanation of how they occur in the brain.”

Reference: “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Alleviates Social Behavior Dysfunction and Neuroinflammation in a Mouse Model for Autism Spectrum Disorders” by Inbar Fischer, Sophie Shohat, Gilad Levy, Ela Bar, Sari Schokoroy Trangle, Shai Efrati and Boaz Barak, 21 September 2022, International Journal of Molecular Sciences.
DOI: 10.3390/ijms231911077

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  1. So how do they know that the effect is caused by the pressure and not by the oxygen?

  2. A very promising news.

  3. if this was true then i’d expect to see this news everywhere i look, not just on this one site
    truth is, there isn’t enough research on this right now to truly say if this can help manage autism
    lets just treat autistic people like normal, aye?

    do your own reading if you like:

  4. i feel like if this was legit we’d be seeing news about this everywhere (which i’m not seeing)
    doing my own research concludes that this “treatment” is shaky at best, and hasn’t been given the proper scientific investigation it may or may not deserve

    i don’t think i’m allowed to share links here, so just search up “hyperbaric chamber autism” and do your own research
    for now, let’s just not try to alienate autistic people aye?

  5. Begs the question…. how long does the improved behavioral and neurological improvements last–days, weeks, months, years? Are additional hyperbaric treatments needed to maintain these improvements?

  6. Maybe i don’t want to be social. Maybe my autism doesn’t need to be “fixed”.

    • If you’re happy as you are, that’s genuinely awesome, you don’t need to try it. But there are lots of people who would love to have it better managed than what is currently offered.

      What you want might not be what the next person wants, though.

      • Allow me to clarify what Danielle might have been getting at. The characteristics of autism are part of us. Sure, learning life skills through OT, doing speech therapy, etc can be super useful and good for people with ASD to have a better quality of life. But neurotypicals trying to “fix” their autism because their autistic-ness doesnt fit in with society. The problem here isnt that people with autism are perfectly happy with their quality of life. Being autistic in this society sucks. Its horrible. But what a lot of autistics want is for society to change- being more inclusive, accepting, and accessable- not constantly hear how neurotypical society thinks they can and need to change us.

        • Exactly! Society disables us…we don’t need treatments or cures, just understanding.

          • You don’t need those things. But some autistic people do.

            Please make room for *their* lived experience of autism, as you would like other people to make room for yours.

        • It’s a disability and many of us would like to treat or cure certain aspects to make our day to day life easier.

    • Well said!
      Articles like this give me rage.

  7. Maybe the autistic people in the study were more regulated because the sensory environment of the hyperbaric oxygen tanks was ideal for them? And maybe there is nothing wrong with autistic people’s socialization, maybe it’s just different.

  8. So my question is what the expectations are and how will preparations be made in the outcome of humans treated with this method in correlation to the absence of consciousness in a person. How will the transition be for the peraon treated. Would it be like the person experiencing birth? What are the difficulties of this?

  9. This is fascinating to see used as a treatment. The implications and subsequent results would constitute being better classified as a cure. As for the people with negative responses to this, this is a new study, not going to see a lot of news, still in lab trials, for the one that doesn’t want autism fixed, ignorance is bliss, but please keep that ignorance to yourself. My specific form of autism is quite painful. Increasing my brain function would be fantastic. If you find that insulting, that is awesome. What are you doing looking at cures and treatments for something you are comfortable with? Wouldn’t you find something positive to occupy yourself with?

  10. This research presents autism as a genetic weakness that needs to be cured which it is not it is neurodiversity which in many cases is proven to be an advantage Elon musk, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and many more had autism and they flourished. We need to help the disadvantages that autism brings and nurture the extraordinary things it does not try to eliminate it all together. This project is a pure example of fascism the belief that one group of people is superior to another. I feel sorry for the people and animals that have and will be in this experiment.

  11. Anything that helps me achieve my goals is good for me. I want to more easily relate to others. I want a family. I don’t want people to feel like they were born with a disease, but I’d like options on how my own brain functions. It’s possible that given the nature of excess throughout history people will take this too far. However we need more options now and we can try to be better to reach other as we go on.

  12. I’m going to need to see this replicated on more than a human sample size of one. When you treat one single person with something you will not be able to fully generalize their result/success rate to a population as diverse as the autism one, and the scientists even acknowledge it themselves, saying autistic behavior comes from so many different sources but are grouped together under one diagnostic label.

  13. Why try to fix us? We are humans with a different ways of understanding and as far as I know you’ll never find an autistic tyrant or something worse
    We as people have a right as everyone yet it’s a problem to be fixed and if it’s just a model then I guess soon you’ll be wanting people so you’ll as parents for volunteers yeah right
    I’m dyslexic/autistic person who has finally accepted myself for who I am I’m a person not a problem to be fixed.

  14. Gerald McFarlane | November 29, 2022 at 11:02 pm | Reply

    Wow I have seen the different reactions from people who are autistic and wonder if there is a need for further research and diversity and maybe direction as to the source of this (difference) in structure and function of the brain that leads to the classification of autism. If there is a seemingly a discovery of a treatment or protocol that will make for a better life for such people, why shoot it down.

  15. Hey there sheeple!
    Just FYI in 99% of the times Autism is a vaccine injury induced by aluminum breaching the blood brain barrier using Polysorbate 80.
    Also, there are protocols to detoxify the brain and effectively cure Autism using heavy metals chelators such as Chlorine Dioxide .
    You can find more info all over Telegram

  16. Why is this drivel even being published? The premise upon which this nonsense is based is flawed as it is treating being autistic as something that needs to be “cured”. The people conducting the study are clearly not up to date in their understanding of what it means to be autistic as they seem to think that only 20% of autistic people’s neurology is due to genetic mutation and seems to dismiss any idea that autistic parents have autistic kids. That would,of course require them to admit that autistic people are full members of society who can have families, jobs etc.

    I wonder where the funding for this nonsense came from.

  17. You are defensive. No one is forced to do anything. Simple as hyperbaric oxygen is, it definitely has positive short term effects on cognition. Now that makes this interesting g to those open to learn. All autism is not the point… maybe some cases benefit in ways some autistic individuals will find beneficial. You don’t get to decide that for the universe. You should just step out if this thread if that’s your oersodctive.

  18. Wow…it is quite incredible to observe, as a neurodivergent person within the spectrum, how certain individuals have such immature reactions due to a biased position. No one said that the persons under the spectrum constitute a problem, because they aren’t, indeed, we are different and wonderful in so many ways. But it is a SPECTRUM and there are persons within its range, that suffer intensely and actually would benefit from certain forms of therapy. If the quality of life ( which was the actual PROBLEM that was addressed ) can be increased for certain individuals that do face different problems and difficulties and their life, that’s great news. For your own good, learn to think outside yourself, because from what I see there can exist the tendency to negate somebody else’s reality and struggles when you are generalising.

  19. Freddy, easy for you to say until it affects your own child and you have to help them function daily. Not all autistic people get along just fine without treatment and support and to assert that they can is privileged and ignorant.

  20. I have 2 children on the spectrum and one full blown moderate to severe ASPERGERS. I have been a Critica Care , Clinical Care Specialty Nurse for 30 years, we came before Nurse Practioner’s , yes I am old.

    I am familiar with hyperbaric therapy, obviously for lung conditions.

    As one who has done much research on my Children’s Conditions, they were all adopted, 2 from Ukraine, 1 from China and my most complex child was a domestic adoption, we adopted Danny at 7 days old, he is 19. He has a rare Genetic Disorder, Partial Trisomy 3Q29 and Epilepsy, and a Chiari 1 Brain Malformation, and Cortical Visual Impairment with depth perception problems. He has severe global and cognitive delays and Autistic Spectrum, and my 24 year old from Ukraine Fetal Alcohol Disorder, Lily 13 year old daughter is the Asperger’s.

    Yes super smart but cannot get a bath and get dressed in the morning without me.

    So just because this has not been researched on AUTISM very well I’m this country, does not mean we have to sit around and say “ well I guess I wait 20 years and then find out it could have helped my kids tremendously, no we rally as advocates for our loved ones and say, to Teaching Learning Hospitals, John’s Hopkins University Hospital, Jefferson University Hospital, University of Penn Hospital and petition some neurological, Autism Specialist, neuropsychology , Autism Psychiatrist who treat the very hard cases of ADHD/Asperger’s.

    If this study gets more oxygenated blood to the brain, which let’s face it any medical and lay person knows that is a good thing, and if the pressure aspect is studied more in detail, this could be a breakthrough!!

    I could have children that can actually feel emotions and can think about other people before their own needs. Autism is just not about being more social, it is a neurodevelopmental disorder just as ADHD.

    All the sensory, odd behaviors, ticks, and with life skills and social skills if their is something as simple as pressure and oxygen that can even help these kids/Adults think better and feel better and understand themselves better, we should definitely push for more research.

    Most parents and family of severely affected Autistic loved ones will understand this, High Functioning Autism Adults or teens who can function in the real world obviously, I am not including them, but like my A+ child who cannot get dressed or get on the run and she is 14 in 3 months, we will take all the help we can get.

    If you do not live 24/7 with Autistic, several children, you will not understand a word I am saying, I live it, breath it, have gone to Doctors for decades, and if my kids could stop picking her head, Tick, my son could stop slapping his tongue and my oldest one paces and talks to himself, I really am going to advocate for this.

    I have been in special needs, Disabled child Medicaid, IEP’s, Social Security fighting my butt off for years for my kids. So the question is where are the hyperbaric chambers located, we start their first.

    Just a word from a beyond experienced SN Mom and a seasoned Specialist in Critical Care, I use ICP drains, I k ow what brains pressures can do.

    Let’s put this together and it either does or does not work, what’s the worst that can happen your child remains absolutely the same, well you already have that down.

  21. The “do your own research” BS has to STOP! It’s embarrassing. You can read what’s available but you ARE NOT doing “your own research”! Ask questions, read, inquire, but that is NOT research.

  22. Do you think that a two year old would be able to deal with this treatment? This toddler can’t stand

  23. Hospitals use a 95%oxygen/5%carbon dioxide gas mixture on their coma patients. Would using that gas mixture, instead of the 100% oxygen in this hyperbaric treatment, make it even more effective?

  24. How long will it take. My grandson would get anxious in a confined space for too long. Is it safe for someone to be in the chamber with them like a diving bell of something?

    • It’s garbage. It’s another scitech fairytale.

      As a member of the autistic community articles like this are just plain offensive.

      Your grandson is not defective, he’s not broken, he doesn’t need fixing.
      I know it can be challenging but give him the right stimulus and he’ll show you how awesome he can be.

      • @Andy: You don’t get to speak for everyone with Autism, or those that live with and/or help them. It’s not the case of treating all Autism as a problem, so that’s a false premise to begin with; sure some people may view it that way, but not all (and I doubt most) do.

        As most that have experience with it know – It is a wide-spectrum: some can function just fine in society (with or without A-typical behaviour) and occasionally with advantageous developments in areas; these people are likely to be, and feel just fine about themselves and their role in society. They are more akin to the healthy autist that’s just a bit different (neurodivergent), but is otherwise happy/healthy/thriving; certainly not a problem to be fixed, but they are also not the typical case either.

        Again, not all autists are the same; some thrive, some just need a bit of help, but some are genuinely unhappy with themselves and their condition and would like help – you don’t get to deny that reality for them.

        On the other side of things; some can be severely inhibited (not just in wider society, but in the day-to-day tasks required to live, let alone thrive). What about the child that wants to give/have a hug, to have that closeness, but can’t stand the feeling on their skin and gets frustrated at themselves for it (sometimes to the point of self-harm)? Or the child that’s trying desperately to process language and communicate well enough so that those not in her immediate family can also understand her?

  25. I’m sure it’s outrageously expensive.

  26. Shannon nichols | November 30, 2022 at 8:08 am | Reply

    I think this study sounds fascinating and I can totally see it working. I would love to know where this treatment will be offered. I think its definately worth a try.

  27. High Functioning Autism | November 30, 2022 at 8:09 am | Reply

    Makes sense to me, an HFA. I always felt so much better after scuba diving and hyperbaric tanks recreate the pressures experienced when scuba diving.

  28. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides a higher concentration of oxygen delivered in a chamber or tube containing higher than sea level atmospheric pressure. Case series and randomized controlled trials show no evidence to support the benefit of HBOT for children with ASD. Only 1 randomized controlled trial reported effectiveness of this treatment, and those results have yet to be repeated.

  29. I tried this for my son on 2011. He was 7 years old at the time. I went with him in the chamber and laid down for about approx 2.5 hours each day. It was horrible being confined in a capsule like chamber. No effect. Spent thousands of money.

  30. I’m okay the way I am. I’ve lived a long and sometimes difficult life caused by “normal” people who wanted to change me, punish me, fix me, and otherwise make me well aware that I am undeserving of the benefits and respect of the mainstream. This is more of the same bullying, and these scientists can go to Hell.

  31. Very interesting lies, unaware people who don’t understand or experience sh*t would believe, but meditation and a little weed are the only things you need to fix THE TRAUMA DISORDERS AUTISM, AND ADHD. B**** *** **** hiding that most important fact from everyone. You baby was traumatized at some point at birth during birth,that’s autism and adhd

  32. The connection between inflammation in the brain and autism is a big deal.

  33. It would be great if this process could be created for individual use at home somehow. I also wonder about long term treatment or maintenance.

  34. Zac Brace, professorC, etc al.: IF autism is indeed the result of inflammation of the brain, then this is not simply an example of “neurodiversity” but of an abnormal physiological condition. For every Elon Musk, Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton in history, there are thousands (perhaps millions) of autistic souls suffering throughout their lives and failing to optimize their potential. The significant disabilities of an autism spectrum disorder for many individuals warrants continued research for viable treatments. If you, as an autistic, have a satisfying rewarding, & independent life, good for you but don’t make the mistake of believing your autism parallels that of all others. My guess is your autism is not very significant, which would make you (yes) “neurodiverse”, not disabled.

    • Completely agree with your statement. It’s unbelievable that some would think that just because something works for them, that everyone else should be OK too. Ridiculous, we need advancements in autistic treatment now. My niece is suffering along with her sister who doesn’t understand why her autistic sister won’t play with her. It’s sad for both children.

  35. I see people are still trying to FIX “the Autism problem”…

    It’s only neurotypicals who experience anything other than what they perceive as normal as a problem that needs fixing.

  36. Please do some research on what autism does to a parent that has a 4 year old that is non verbal, violent to self and others, hits. Screams and is completely unable to socialize in almost any type of surroundings. Many only sleep 2 or 3 hours a night, won’t eat and refuses potty training. Then you can decide that this is not good news. Until then your negative comments are very unhelpful and you come off as unfeeling towards the suffering of thousands of kids and their parents.You ATA

  37. Id like to know more. What exsactly does the improved brain function help with. Only social issues? What about theself harm part? Would more oxygen and pressure help with the biting himself or smashing his head in the walls? Is this only for higher functioning autstics or can it help the more severe people too. I dont care about a cure so much as I would love to see my child enjoy life more and stop hurting himself as much. I love seeing more research on autism.

  38. Jess, you don’t get to answer for everyone on the spectrum. Maybe higher functioning people will choose not to make any changes to themselves and that should totally be supported. But some on the spectrum cannot talk, function, ever hold a job, are violent to themselves and/or others. They deserve a chance to live a better life. What happens when my husband and I die? Who will care for my son so that he can be happy and not destructive? I have seen enough abuse of seniors and disabled to know he won’t stand a chance.

  39. No offense, but some of us have been doing this for years for our kids with autism. It’s definitely not new.

  40. Richard Kohlhof | November 30, 2022 at 1:38 pm | Reply

    I’m not quite sure how to address this article from this so called online magazine I have to stand thoroughly disgusted there’s nothing to fix I’m fine maybe it’s everyone else and maybe we’re just fine the way we are you can just sit in your hyperbolic chamber and eat Doritos and watch TV and we’ll do important things thank you

  41. tarquin farquarr | November 30, 2022 at 2:08 pm | Reply

    And yet again switch posting absolute garbage.
    I’ve seen more accurate reporting on Fox News.

    I mean for a start autism is a genetic condition, usually inherited from parents even if they don’t present with autistic traits.
    Our brains function just fine, quite often better than NT peers, we just tend to be a bit more focused.

    If you think autistic people are defective take every mechanical, electronic or other modern gadget out of your house because I can guarantee they were either designed, engineered, coded or otherwise created by people who are probably on the spectrum.

    Articles like this are on the same level as Trump suggesting intravenous UV and Klorox.

  42. Autistic people aren’t a defective kind of neurotypical people, we are whole people in our own right, we just have a different neurotype. Before nts say I’m ‘not like their autistic child’, just know that I’m regularly non verbal, unfit to work, and at times I often self harm and sui*. I’m also able to travel alone, I’ve a great network of friends, and go to clubs, pubs, gigs, and write poetry – its not black and white.
    What causes autistic people is sex. Not brain injury. Animals simply can’t be autistic, at least not in the way humans are, as they have different brains, and behaviours. It’s ableist to imply otherwise and this is hack science taking advantage of vulnerable autistic people and their hopeful parents and care givers.

  43. Not all people with autism are high functioning. Many have significant behaviors and would benefit. My son did thus when he was young and it helped. But some of the positives fade. I think you need to do treatment long term like medication.

  44. I have autism L2 and Fibromyalgia,It has been adviced that the same treat may help relieve pain of fibro.

  45. Gods forbid another Albert Einstein, Michelangelo, Charles Darwin, Emily Dickinson, Bill Gates, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Vincent Van Gogh, Steven Spielberg, Jerry Seinfeld, Benjamin Franklin, Beethoven, Mozart, or Jane Austen use the brains they were born with to create groundbreaking art, science, literature, music, comedy, or anything else. Far more important to make them conform to neurotypical standards of social acceptability, amirite?

    Oh, and if this so-called ‘treatment’ makes Autistic kids more neurotypical, then I guess we can expect them to become ruthless social climbers who are better liars, more dispassionate about their interests, more underhanded and conniving, and more willing to accept obsolete social rules without questioning them. But at least they’ll smile and make eye contact!

    • Sanusi Ismaila Adesina | December 2, 2022 at 1:13 am | Reply

      You see it from the social aspect alone. As a father of a 12 years old who can not use even the potty, has no speech, keep inflicting injuries on himself can’t sleep without tranquilizer most of the time not even aware of his our existence,you will realize that it is not just about socializing and eye contact. It is about self help. You may be on the mild end but I tell you a lot more are on the severe end and needed anything that gives a glimpse of hope.

  46. Treat inflammation thru diet.

  47. Autism is a very generic and diverse classification. I am certainly no expert, but I have seen totally nonfunctional autism and I have seen those who are capable of self-regulating function. It is very important that we help those who are in need of a basic quality of life.

  48. I remember seeing a research presentation for hyperbaric oxygen chamber at a biomedical conference back in 2005. It sounded promising for certain case studies, but did not offer generalized results. What is new here?

  49. Many with autism have texture phobias, balance issues and sometimes a little ADD, ADHD, some will spin, focus too much or too little on tasks at hand, some can be more sensitive to change in environment and like to take things apart or line em up rather than put them together. The pressure room can help regulate some of that because it can give them more balance and forthcoming control over movement and therefore à less interrupted thought process, not just deflaming the brain.. great idea.

  50. Very interesting. Don’t see any harm in giving this option to those who are on the autism spectrum, and are interested and find this method may be useful to them. I find conversation much more interesting and intellectually stimulating when talking to friends who may be on the spectrum. There may be huge positives and some negatives (like all people) as we are all different. So with that being said it’s wonderful for scientists to study everything. To ask questions. To discover. Humans are fasting, so are our brains. Let’s be supportive. What one may see as minuscule and lacking in importance could change another life for the better!

  51. So, if we decrease systemic inflammation, would that be another avenue?

  52. I think it’s great news to be moving in the direction of either a cure or helping with the symptoms that affect many autistic children. Where would one find more information or how are clinical studies going to be done soon? Is I let available to everyone?

  53. Stop trying to cure different.
    Your eugenics is showing.
    Different is not bad.
    Rather than trying to cure our existence why not try accepting us with understanding.
    Your pity looks like a tombstone.

  54. I doubt very much the same treatment can possibly cure a spectrum of symptoms of varying degree, not necessarily interrelated and which may stem from environmental factors. Are we capable of changing a person’s character; the way they think; their likes; dislikes; their empathy, and whether others value their company? Of course not!

  55. Gabrielius Raudeliūnas | December 1, 2022 at 2:53 am | Reply

    So autism could be symptom of neuro- inflammation?

  56. Stephanie Brown | December 1, 2022 at 3:51 am | Reply

    It is very discouraging to see the high functioning autistic people on here be so negative about autism treatments! Not every autistic person has a choice if they want to be fixed or not. My son whom is 14 and can’t speak and still isn’t completely potty trained with major social deficits could certainly benefit from any breakthrough or treatments offered up. So many other severely autistic children and adults in the world that deserve to be free from the frustration and anxiety of extreme sensory overload and inability to communicate.To all of the higher functioning autistic I say this….you poor tortured souls that want to bask in your autism…go for it! But for the sake of the lower functioning or severely affected autistics that need help; be freaking respectful and mindful of what you say! (In honor of my son)

    • There is no such thing as “high functioning autistic people”… We are all just Autistic and present differently.

      We don’t need treatments or cures. We are a different neurotype… We don’t have a disease! 🙄

  57. Stephanie Brown you read my mind!! My grandson is severely autistic… he’s almost 6, doesn’t speak & isn’t potty trained. The difference between high functioning autism & the severely autistic is so profound they might as well be to different diagnoses. High functioning autistic individuals can speak for themselves, the severely autistic need their family to speak for them. I for one think this research is promising & just because it’s brand new & not all over the media doesn’t mean it’s false. For goodness sake it takes YEARS for changes to trickle down & be put into practice in the medical field. I’m hopeful to hear studies like this are happening & hopeful there will be something in the future that can help my grandson. I know there’s no such thing as “fixing” him but something that could help his enormous anxiety, confusion & anger. Something that’ll help him feel comfortable in his own body & this world.

    • “High functioning” autism is not a thing. Autism is Autism, and some Autistic people present differently. Stop using outdated labels.

  58. How do I get some for my very hard to diagnose problem with hydrocephalus to take care of my adult dependent with Autism? He says he isn’t going in there. I think I need to at least try?

  59. How long do the effects last outside the pressure chamber?
    Would one need to wear a pressurized diving helmet with a 100% oxygen feed to ‘cure’ one’s autism?

  60. I fully agree with you Zak Brace.

  61. Autism in the severest form is what this is about not functioning autistics. It bothers me that high ASD people would even comment in here the way they have. Live with a non verbal person and meltdowns then understand we need this kind of research. But I think vitamin e works just as well with relieving swelling in brain. Please research this

  62. This supports the findings of the first “autistic researcher,” Temple Grandin, who invented a similar idea based on pressure, she called the Squeeze Machine.(See the movie made by HBO “Temple Grandin.”)

    It also mentions the immune system relation to autism that was named in 2003 to associate autism with one of the 5 immune system disorders, called Common Variable Immune System Disorder, – which I was born with in 1949, and later assessed as caused by DDT poisoning of my mother when she was pregnant. (There was a LOT of crop dusting in the rural S. TX town we lived in.)

    I am so happy to hear of this development and especially for my grandson who has autism and lives in Israel. And yes. I too would prefer people were treated in a real, loving expression toward each other and there more value in that enough that we had “application” training available.

  63. I think the article refers to capacity. As in autistic people we’ll have a higher capacity for being social. I don’t think it means that they have to be social.

  64. How do I get hepl

  65. How can you test an animal for autism. That ridiculous. An animal can’t talk or anything. You need to test on adult who want to be tested. Testing animals is NOTHING like on a human being it’s common sense. If there were more help out there for autism more educational HELP. Then maybe they will learn how to deal with this world because this world is having a hard time dealing with autism or any type of Special need human. That’s where these people with these paper hanging on there walls ( Bachelor degree ) should start educating others how to help the proper way for Special need people. This Article is all False hope for autism.

  66. This article doesn’t tell how many people were studied in total. In fact, the scientific study’s title is “…a mouse”. Singular. Everyone knows you need to have a large sample study in order to gain any type of conclusion. Nothing is conclusive here, in my opinion.

  67. SANUSI ISMAILA ADESINA | December 1, 2022 at 10:56 pm | Reply

    What those people with autism commenting here fail to realize is that this autism of a thing is a spectrum. All of you here are not having this condition as far as am concern. My son is 12 with a case of regressive autism has lost every single skill he previously acquired and is mostly inflicting injuries on himself can’t use the toilet, is out of school, infact I doubt if he aware that he is alive. So you expect me not to worry about finding way out? Please scientists go on with anything that will better the life of these children. If my child is high functioning like you guys, I will have nothing to worry about. So you need to realize that autism is a spectrum. It affects people differently.

  68. People sitting talking smack about us “high functioning” (which we are not and don’t use that term for this reason) autistics, clearly aren’t seeing what the problem we have is. It’s not that we don’t know that this could benefit people with very high needs. We aren’t stupid. It’s more frustrating that we’ve been forgotten when it comes to autistic studies. They don’t ask us what we need help with to better understand our issues. As someone with a non verbal son with high needs, I know the struggle, but you aren’t the victim here, they are. I have to advocate for my son but I can’t get the same respect because I’m too “normal”. “High functioning” autistics are offin themselves at an alarming rate because we can’t stand to exist in a world that doesn’t care. Have some compassion on an issue you don’t fully understand.

  69. Robert J Connor | December 2, 2022 at 5:48 am | Reply

    This begs the question: Do we have to risk getting “The Bends” just because we stim or pace? For the father of the 12 year old who cannot use the toilet, do you think they can tolerate being in the chamber for who knows how long?

  70. Judgmental. If you have autism and are happy with it than more power to you.
    However for some of us it is debilitating.

  71. I looked up one of those chambers, no way am I getting into that claustrophobic thing. Like you keep trying to “cure” us but how about just try being nice perhaps? Being understanding and non-judgemental does loads more for my social anxiety than a pressure cooker ever will. Maybe we should work on curing societys rudeness first. Also, I only skimmed the article so it’s on me probably but what exactly is an autism animal model I’ve never heard that before

    • Not every autistic person is able to function like you are. My daughter is essentially nonverbal and has bad behavioral episodes caused by frustration by being unable to communicate her wants and needs. Something like this, if it works as they said, would make it 100000% easier on everyone. These types of therapy aren’t for everyone and are likely best for people that are so severe on the spectrum that they can’t even function on their own. Consider yourself blessed to be able to read, write and communicate with those around you in an understandable way. You don’t understand how helpful this would be to my family. I’d have a child that can actually understand what is being said to her and can respond back in some verbal and coherent form. I’d probably cry if she suddenly went from nonverbal to talking after 40hrs of this treatment. If it effectively stopped or extremely reduced her aggression and behavior episodes, I’d be ecstatic. And who wouldn’t be?? No more worries about her hurting teachers at school or potentially someone else cause she couldn’t control herself.

  72. Our autistic daughter is frequently made miserable by her autism. She talks about her brain not letting her do what she wants, about being constantly frustrated by the way her autism affects her subjective experience of living in her own head.

    We would do anything that *she* wanted, to help her feel better in the ways that *she* feels miserable. But, so far, we’ve all found limited success.

    Not all people with autism are unhappy about it. And many people with autism are unhappy because of the way society treats people with autism. But *some* people with autism are miserable *because of their autism*, in ways that their context can do nothing to improve.

    Please don’t exclude my daughter’s lived experience, in your perfectly understandable desire to push back against the way that our society pathologizes autism even when it causes no intrinsic distress in the person experiencing it. For some people, autism itself hurts. 😢

  73. Some are missing the point of these treatments. My grdaughter is autistic but she does not socialize, speak unless directed right ar her, does not really know how it is to do anything without instruction. Some people leaving comments say they are autistic but they are able to read on their own and they know what they are reading. If my grdaughter could do that, I would not even consider her autistic.

  74. Michael candido | December 2, 2022 at 2:53 pm | Reply

    This sounds like a gimmick. My sons and I have ASD my eldest and I are verbal and my youngest is not. He has agoraphobia issues so something like this chamber may scare the heck out of him. For those talking about people trying to change them I feel miss the point. I would accept any help for my kids and myself. While our thinking and perception is unique to ourselves, our health issues are not. By the time we reach adult hood 1 in 4 of us will acquire a neurological disease like Parkinson’s or dementia. I’m assuming it’s because our gut flora is highly dysfunctional and does not work properly ( Gut theory). Also compared with the neurotypical population our lifespans are much shorter. On average classical autism patients see to live up to 39 yrs of age where as people with aspbergers level diagnosis reach to see 57 on average. I would like to see our lifespan reach somewhat of a normal frame and is riddled with less neurological problems .

  75. How does one do about being involved in the study as a participant?? I’d be genuinely interested to join along with my daughter and see the effects on us. I’m pretty sure I’m on the spectrum and my daughter is on the moderate to severe side with behavioral and nonverbal symptoms.

  76. How lucky so many of those responders are who are aware of their diagnosis enough to make choices in and out of relationships! But they call it a Spectrum for a reason. For those un-diagnosed or unaware in neurodiverse relationships, further that may share other dx-s unaware or untreated, relationships and families are often destroyed in time. All that aside, for those becoming aware something is wrong and trying to identify it through therapy with the many angels beginning to specialize in the higher levels of the Spectrum, these researchers findings could be miracles for the future! Jobs, friendships, marriages, children who feel abandoned, I’ve seen it all. Look into AANE and read the forum emails! Join the groups. We NEED this research even if you don’t.
    Keep up your good work and self care. You’re clearly doing well and must be happy.

  77. 5 mg Lexapro was like someone blew 75% of his severe autism quirks away

  78. This isn’t a new treatment for ASD, nor is it effective. It gives people false hope and may even cause more harm than good. There is not a shred of empirical evidence proving it to be effective. If there was then it would have been all over the news by now. It’s been around for well over a decade.

  79. So they tested it on some autistic mice and one little girl. Promising.

  80. My son has severe autism. He suffers daily from an inability to communicate, insomnia, chronic constipation, self-injury, aggression, and anxiety. He attacked me driving down the road related colon cramps. He sometimes withholds his stool for 21 days straight. Yes, I think he would love treatment to make his life 20-30 percent better.
    I love him more than anything in the world; it breaks my heart to watch how much he suffers. We do not live in a high-functioning world. Of course, I would do anything to take away his pain if it worked. Unfortunately, there are minimal options for people with severe autism that take them to even a moderate level of functioning. He will need daily living support probably for the rest of his life. It absolutely kills me to think of his life once I’m dead and gone. People like my son are vulnerable to predators. I hope they find more treatments that are humane to help him.

  81. Very well said Zac 👏

  82. Most of the children I see – who have autism or other issues would be traumatized by being places in such a chamber for an hour x 40. “The girl”? How old was she? In what way and to what degree did autism effect her? You can put a mouse in a hyperbaric chamber – no problem . How did you place this child in one?

  83. Autism is not a disease. Stop trying to ‘treat’ it and maybe put all that time and effort into listening to actually autistic people and putting a stop to damaging nonsense like this. Jesus christ, people with so much education behind and yet they still don’t bloody get it.

  84. Listen to the full R’s talk about ground breaking progress to help millions… like narcissistic children indoctrinated in new age anti progressive cult think akin to the psychological operation that is the manufactured trans/lgbtq societal gender war. “Are you saying im not perfect because I wont make eye contact, cant function in society and have been a tremendous burden on my loved ones who have fought an unwinnable fight my whole life, sacrificing theirs for mine… well words are violence and you’re racist. Dont assume my dogs gender. Im fine. We are fine. Neuro diversity is good and that kid not being able to talk… that builds character?” This is wonderful and if you think otherwise or feel personally attacked… head to the nearest pressurized chamber with a shower to wash the sand out.

  85. I bought a hyperbaric chamber over 10 years ago for my then 6yr old son who was diagnosed on the lower end of the autism spectrum. He was doing ABA treatment at the time, I asked all the doctors and specialist back then about what I was researching and they told me that it was not going to work because autism is genetic, but he wasn’t barely progressing in ABA. Even my husband was a skeptic because we were spending almost $13,000 with conversion from $US to $CAD but I didn’t care because I refused to believe that nothing could be done for my son who was progressing normally and started regressing at age 2. Within a week of usage he went from barely 10 words per day to over 100 words the therapist were witnessing. He was potty trained a month later in 1 week never haven’t had an accident since, started reading in 6 months, changes in food choices in around a year and more importantly vast improvement in his behaviour. I tried telling them what I was doing but they didn’t think that hbot was helping so I stopped talking. What does a mother know, I am a not part of a university study. My son was later doing a university study where they were tracking his eye movements. I told them about the chamber nothing. So my son has improved and my information could have helped many parents years ago but now 10 years later this is a headline

  86. Maybe the school system should be more inclusive of neurodiversity. Idk. Just a thought. We grow up thinking that school is going to make us well rounded. But they want to keep defunding anything creative. Now we got a jacked left brain and a crippled right. School is a terrible atmosphere for autistic people. Probably because we know at a cellular level that the environment is soul crushing. I don’t think an oxygen chamber would change my mind about that, but this is very Ineresting and would love to hear more.

  87. Not everyone who is autistic is a genius like Einstein. There are autistic people who are non verbal,unlettered, into repetitive, self harming behaviour like head banging, totally dependant on others for their day to day needs and not even aware of all this as they live in their own warped world of pain. If treatments like this one can help them, it would be a huge help for their caretakers. Autism is not cute or just a slight quirk, people!

  88. I think this is an exceptional break through and that hopefully will lead to further break throughs. My son is autistic and I’m almost certain he would like the be neuro appropriate. As a mother of an autistic child, once I leave this world I don’t know for certain how he will be cared for. If he is able to cope socially, my fears will be lessened. Is this selfish, hell yes it is but if he cannot interact in a way to express his feelings to others, will this not cause him more frustration and cause him to withdrawal even more? It most definitely will. This doesn’t mean one has to be more social it just means he would have the ability should he choose to do so. More power to those who have made this discovery. Please don’t stop researching autism. We need you desperately.

    • My son is 11.5 years old. He barely reads at a kindergarten level and math at grade 1. He will not use any other toilet than home and its a fight to get him to let me clean him up afterwards. For this reason, we hardly leave home. His language is limited and jarbled. He self harms and has meltdowns over the smallest of issues, mainly eats the same 3 foods and will not try anything new, has sensory issues, will not cooperate with doctors or dentists. For those of you that feel he doesn’t need “fixed”, you are greatly mistaken. He probably will never be able to function on his own or support himself. In cases like his, the entire family is evolved. If this treatment could help him in anyway, I would go to earths end to do it.
      I really hope this therapy proves to be effective for our family could use the help.

  89. Hello,
    I have twin Autistic sons, age 20.

    One twin has a job, drives and works on social settings on his own now. He’s very happy!

    Sadly, his brother is VERY LONELY and non verbal. He can push a few buttons on his speaking device.

    When asked what he wants??? A FRIEND!

    Every person is different. Every Autistic person is different.

    Let’s not knock any research the may HELP. So many studies over the past 20 years…we’ve learned how to identify (in utero) in order to abort these children.

    I’m grateful for any studies that may one day help my poor, sad son.

    Thank you for reading.

  90. There always has ti be morons in the comment section giving their worthless opinion to feel important. Autism is related to inflammation in the brain which is NOT NORMAL for a human body. So for those of you saying it’s who I am, I was born this way, is completely ignorant. That’s like saying someone who develops severe joint inflammation as a child, i.e. oligoarthritis will be ok with their life and refuse treatment. It is a disability and hinders one in different and important aspects of life that are not healthy. Whether you want to admit that or not. This is breakthrough treatment and will take a few years to “perfect”. All you other pessimists can wallow in your depression because you are antisocial and believe that I’d a healthy lifestyle.

  91. “Fixing autism” shouldn’t be the goal, but reducing brain inflammation is always a good outcome.

  92. All these people saying, “maybe I don’t want to be ‘fixed'”fixed. Ever think of those on the spectrum that are also IDor can never live on their own or have a functional life because of it? Ever think of the CHILDREN who are able to possibly grow up without any difficulties? Many young children with autism struggle so much with communicating with others that they harm themselves, others, their environment, bc they are so frustrated they can’t communicate or their sensory system is in overdrive all the time. It is literally my profession to work part of an autism team to determine intellectual adaptive skills and then help develop a behavioral plan. I see how this impedes a child’s ability to develop socially, academically,communicatively, cognitively, etc, and it can be extreme for more than your realize. Why would we force a child to grow up with so many struggles of they don’t have to? That’s like forcing a child to battle a disease alone. Schools and parents provide intervention services ask the time for children on the spectrum, treatment like this should be no different. And btw, it’s “people WITH autism” not “autistic people”. Autism may be part of you, but it doesn’t define you. YOU define you, autism or not. It may shape you, but it is not the core of you.

    • Saying that this is essentially your job, is very disheartening. As someone who is autistic. (we actually prefer autistic people, not “people with autism) it should be society that changes to benefit everybody. Not us who change to benefit society. You say you see the impacts daily, yet don’t recognize you’re continuing them. Autism should *not* be likened to a disease. If you truly actually care about the people you work with. Maybe listen to us, instead of things written about us, by Allistics.

  93. So many comment and it’s clear that 99% of them didn’t even read the introduction in the study or they wouldn’t be making the comments they are making.

  94. While pressure therapy has an effect I’m nervous what it really means. Overwhelming the senses with a perfectly even pressure may well seem calming on the surface but lead to deeper issues involving repressed experience to stimulus. Experiments which I conduct on myself are moving in the direction of being open to stimulus rather than further isolating myself from my body. I have had some success in confronting reservoirs of anger and moving past them to a state of mind resembling comfort. On the other hand I would be very interested to test oxygen treatments as I’m sure my mind body disconnect includes shallow breathing patterns that clearly induce extra anxiety.

  95. people in these comments are making great points about autism not necessarily needing a cure. however, the therapy also alleviates inflammation, which is helpful

  96. My son is 21 years old and I would love the opportunity for him. He’s 21 77lbs and non verbal.

  97. Great, more people treating autism as a disease and not something that just is. This biased study also makes the assumption that the autistic brain doesn’t work as well as the Allistics. My gods its 2022 can we stop treating autism like it’s cancer, something to be eradicated??

  98. This is horrifying and extremely worrying to discover this and money has been spent on this?! I hope no one forces autistic people to go through this. ABA and shock therapy is torture enough.

    Autism is a different neurotype not a defect! More time should be spent on accommodating autistic people’s needs and making the world suitable for all neurotypes NOT trying to make autistic people neurotypical.

    • It’s not trying to make us more neurotypical, it’s an attempt to treat aspects that disable us and makes daily life extremely difficult. Stop trying to get in the way of autistic people getting help.

      • Glorymar Gómez | December 8, 2022 at 3:59 am | Reply

        My son is autistic, wonderfully autistic. Although he has made amazing progress and highly functional…his social skills are not. He doesn’t have friends, nor enjoy any sports. I’ll never going to cheer him up in a basketball game, he will not be invited to friends parties, perhaps he’ll never have a family of his own. Gaby doesn’t need a cure, but deserves an opportunity to enjoy these little things that we take for granted.

  99. Funny thing is psychology today and scientific American published articles around the same time condemning this kind of thinking about autism as a disease to cure.

  100. Maybe this can also work for narcissism

  101. This is a great example of how a neurotypical will read a study on neurodivergents and completely miss the point of the scientific study. It is not “The mutation” as the author puts it, it is a mutation, one mutation in one person of 43 known mutations and countless unknown. The more important thing is that the autoimmune portion, which is associated with many people, is treated. Oh wait we already knew if you killed the cells in animal immune systems that those cells would stop attacking parts of the body and make everything feel better for people with autoimmune disorders.

  102. I’d like to know more about the animal models with autistic “mutations.” How was that determined? What were their characteristics before and after “treatment.” What species? What was the duration between the treatment and social interaction? How long did it last? How were the changes measured?

    It seems to me that if an animal is confined to a pressure chamber that the mere isolation itself could cause a temporary change in behavior. I would think that being in the chamber would be anxiety inducing, so being let out of it could cause a feeling of relief and maybe even joy. Change in interactions with others may just be a response to not being isolated anymore.

  103. This study should be replicated for people with fibromyalgia who an illness known to be liked to inflimmation in the brain.

  104. I have a autistic child I love her the way she is and I am not putting her through something like that. She already went through a lot of blood test when she was a baby we found out she also has a thyroid condition to I have to give her medicine every day just so she can manage her weight and she does not speak and does not drink a open cup and does not yous silver ware and she is still in pull ups. But I still love her very much and I would like to see her learn without a machine or anything else in that category.

  105. Autistic children seek pressure perhaps this meets this need and helps to relieve the internal pressure they may be feeling. I do not understand why a parent would want to leave their autistic children as is, do we love them less as they are? I hope not. They want friends and relationships I cannot imagine leaving them in such distress. I have seen children at all levels of autism. The anxiety they experience is heartbreaking. We as parents have a responsibility to give them a way to cope and survive. We, the parents, do not live forever and the world is not a kind place.


  107. Look, I can empathize with those high functioning autists here who feel that society makes life difficult for them and are butthurt at every suggestion that autism could be healed. I’m a schizoid myself and have often been wronged by ignorant expectations from normies. But this time, you are wrong and doing harm to other autists, because not everyone is as lucky as you. Autism is, as we like to repeat, a spectrum, and it’s one that also includes people where it’s definitely not society’s fault that they can’t function in everyday life and where the only voice they – unable to present their case – have is that of their relatives (whose lives they make extremely difficult). It would be great to have a treatment for that (and if that also gives you the option (no one’s forcing you) to do social stuff easier than before, all the better). Please proritize that over your personal indignation over being called disabled (which technically you are, as you lack certain common abilities, even if you’re fine with that).

    • You are a beautiful soul. Thank you for this well thought out, heart felt reply. I also have a brilliant one in my life who is schizophrenic. Such an amazing person. I hate when life gets hard for her. She is kind and beautiful and doesn’t deserve it. You give me a lot of hope. God Bless you. ♥️

  108. Interesting research. I don’t think that the chamber benefits are anything new though. Autism mothers have known this for a long time and many already get hyperbaric oxygen treatment for their kids or even have their own chambers at home. Would love to see this research lead to the availability of this treatment and equipment to the average person. I’m not a fan of the negative comments here. I have two with autism, one who is brilliant like Einstein and Elon but would love relief from anxiety and fitting in better. The other has terrible co-morbids and pain that we manage in unique ways but I think the oxygen therapy would help with being non verbal. It’s not lessening them in anyway to only want the best.

  109. Jamison Hatfield | December 6, 2022 at 4:47 pm | Reply

    Austism is not genetic. Only ~8% of what happens to us is genetically caused.
    Also, if you wait for a “study” you’ll wait a long time. 99% of all studies prove exactly what the entity paying for the study wants proved so they can sell what they want to make millions on. Very simple equation.
    It’s like a business who sells Christmas lights, winter jackets, boots, and ladders, which then does a study and lo and behold, they learn to through this ‘”study”‘ that at homes where owners have purchased abc brand Christmas lights, winter jackets, boots and ladders always have the best looking Christmas lights every single year, only when they our base abc brands.
    This is how a very large percent of so-called studies in America are “designed.”

  110. I don’t get the negative comments at all. Well maybe I do. I am a father of an autistic child, he is 9, he is high functioning. Obviously most of our friends are also parents to autistic children, I’m sure everyone here knows how that goes. But some our friends kids have severe issues and parents are very hopeful for any new treatment, especially non-instrusive treatments. It’s called the spectrum for a reason. We’ve been through a lot raising our kid, he’s came SO far at this point, but some of our friends are in hell, and want nothing more than for their kids to be more manageable, and excepted outside of the home. Blogs and commercials are total BS, it’s what happens in real life that pisses us special needs parents off. Bring on as many treatments as you can to help those parents that are in need of it. Just my opinion

  111. I for one really appreciate this kind of experimentation and hope it leads to something great. I’ve always recognized my inability to properly recognize social cues and nuances and would love to partake in something that improved that.

  112. A little sister | December 7, 2022 at 12:25 pm | Reply

    My brother is 63 years old. He suffers from severe autism. It was a little known term in the 1960s and 70s. As a child I had to explain to people I didnt mean he is “artistic.” If a treatment would have stopped him from beating his face bloody it would have been a God send.

  113. The article claims that the treatment is somehow more or less harmless.

    “Harmless” and/or its synonyms are what they always say until it is shown that the treatments and proposed “cures” are actually very harmful!

    So, the pressurized chamber works by forcing more Oxygen into the body and therefore more Oxygen into the Autistic person’s brain, eh?! Well, what if that would also cause OXYDATIVE STRESS AND/OR HYPER-PEROXIDATION THAT ACCELERATES THOSE AUTISTIC PERSONS” BRAINS’ AGING PROCESSES AND THUS WOULD DRASTICALLY INCERASE THEIR RISK OF ORGANIC (TRUE) DEMENTIA LATER IN LIFE — EH?!

    Those so-called “scientists” are a bunch of Curebie Quacks and it shows!

    Those Curebie Quacks of Tel Aviv really should stay away from Autistic people in all countries and of all nationalities! Israel would do well by eventually renouncing those Curebie Quacks — along with all the other Quacks. Also, the sooner that Israel renounces all Quacks, including Curebie Quacks, the better it will be for Israel’s moral and social condition!

    That young Autistic girl was a child! What they essentially did to her was to perform a medical experiment on her, using elevated levels of Oxygen as a mind-altering drug or “psychotropic medication” (to use a euphemism). I understand that a certain creep named Mengele also liked to perform experiments with children!

    I for one totally despise all Curebie Quacks! Curebie Quacks are evil and dangerous, and some of them are even genuinely sadistic in what they are willing to subject Autistic people to!

    By the way, the very phrase “the autistic brain” is a very disturbing expression that symbolically dehumanizes Autistic people by suggesting that our brains be somehow not really Human brains. Imagine what it’s like to be told all your life that you are not fully or truly humsn because your brain is different from that of Joe Neurotupical’s brain! You might find it to be a hopeless and humiliating situation, right?

    I suspect that the little girl in the experiment is being more sociable that usual because she wants those horrible treatments to end so that she can go home to go back to living her life! Or maybe she is/was experiencing some sort of Stockholm Syndrome or Trauma Bonding or some variations of those themes! See, she’s stll very young, so that’s why she’s acting more sociable and trying to please the Neurotypical normies. The day will very probably come in which she will see those Curebie Quacks and their accomplices for what they are: Bigots Who Like To Physically And/Or Psychologically Abuse Autistic Persons Under The Guises Of Science And/Or Healing !!!

  114. Matthew Gosling | December 8, 2022 at 8:55 am | Reply

    I don’t think some of you people that are against this possible future therapy are thinking outside of your ‘boxes’. If you’re autistic and you’re capable enough to be typing on a comment section of this article then you may not need as intensive a treatment program as a lot of others out there that might benefit greatly from a treatment like this in the future. My middle child is almost 7 and isn’t talking yet. The prognosis for somebody like him isn’t nearly as good as somebody like my oldest son who’s 11 and is also on the spectrum but can communicate just fine and is sharp as a tack he’s just a bit goofy(aspergers). So I guess what I’m saying is just because you might be well enough to take care of your daily needs and communicate enough to get through life, there’s tens of thousands of others out there that don’t have those abilities and may never without breakthrough treatments like these coming out eventually, and there’s hundreds of thousands if not millions of loved ones of those people that would do anything to get them the help they need to be able to satisfy their daily needs themselves after we’ve passed on. It doesn’t mean ‘neurotypical’ people see autistic people as needing ‘fixed’, it just means we love them and want them to live satisfying and self sufficient lives when we’re no longer around to make sure that happens ourselves…

  115. Glorymar Gómez | December 8, 2022 at 9:08 am | Reply

    I understand this is not meant to cure autism, but to improve the quality life. Most parents of autistic children would do anything to get help for their kids. I, as a mother of an autistic child, am concerned about his safety when I’m not around. My Gaby is aware of his condition, he suffers, he does not have control for his outburst, he feels horrible when people get scared if him. Why not try something that promise some hope

  116. Articles like this give me hope! All the neurodivergent folks should stop their inputs on treatments. Clearly they are not impacted as much and doing a lot of disservice to others on the spectrum.

  117. And most autistic kids would need to be sedated to be locked in a chamber! wouldn’t that diminish the effect? Maybe there is another way to flood the brain with oxygen?

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