Comprehensive Overview of Progress Achieved in the Field of Quantum Teleportation

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Prof. Guangcan Guo’s team from CAS and USTC published an in-depth review on quantum teleportation, highlighting its importance in quantum communication and computing. The team’s advancements include creating a high-fidelity 32-dimensional quantum entanglement and its successful transmission over long distances, with the paper also discussing quantum technology’s future practical development.

A team led by Academician Prof. Guangcan Guo from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) provides a comprehensive overview of the progress achieved in the field of quantum teleportation. The team, which includes Prof. Xiaomin Hu, Prof. Yu Guo, Prof. Biheng Liu, and Prof. Chuanfeng Li from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), CAS, was invited to publish a review paper on quantum teleportation in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Review Physics. The paper was officially released online on May 24.

As one of the most important protocols in the field of quantum information, quantum teleportation has attracted great attention since it was proposed in 1993. Through entanglement distribution and Bell-state measurement, quantum teleportation enables the nonlocal transmission of an unknown quantum state, which has deepened the understanding of quantum entanglement. More importantly, quantum teleportation can effectively overcome the distance limitation of direct transmission of quantum states in quantum communication, as well as realize long-range interactions between different quantum bits in quantum computing.

The team, under the leadership of Prof. Biheng Liu and Prof. Chuanfeng Li, has been at the forefront of experimental studies on high-dimensional quantum teleportation and quantum networks. Their notable achievements include the successful preparation of the world’s highest fidelity 32-dimensional quantum entanglement, the effective transmission of high-dimensional entanglement over 11 kilometers of optical fiber, and the development of efficient techniques for quantum entanglement detection. They have also made significant progress in areas such as high-dimensional quantum dense coding, high-dimensional quantum guidance, and high-dimensional quantum teleportation.

Based on the important progress made by the research group over the years in high-dimensional quantum teleportation and high-dimensional quantum communication, Dr. Iulia Georgescu, chief editor of Nature Review Physics, invited Guo’s team to write a review paper about advances in quantum teleportation.

Teleportation has advanced a lot in both theoretical research and experimental verification. It is currently at the critical stage from proof-of-principle to practical application. This paper discussed potential applications and future development in quantum communication and quantum computing in depth, which will promote the practical development of quantum technology.

Reference: “Progress in quantum teleportation” by Xiao-Min Hu, Yu Guo, Bi-Heng Liu, Chuan-Feng Li and Guang-Can Guo, 24 May 2023, Nature Reviews Physics.
DOI: 10.1038/s42254-023-00588-x

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