Could a Human Enter a Black Hole to Study It – And Survive the Event Horizon?

Person Falling Into Black Hole

A person falling into a black hole and being stretched while approaching the black hole’s horizon. Credit: Leo Rodriguez and Shanshan Rodriguez, CC BY-ND

To solve the mysteries of black holes, a human should just venture into one. However, there is a rather complicated catch: A human can do this only if the respective black hole is supermassive and isolated, and if the person entering the black hole does not expect to report the findings to anyone in the entire universe.

We are both physicists who study black holes, albeit from a very safe distance. Black holes are among the most abundant astrophysical objects in our universe. These intriguing objects appear to be an essential ingredient in the evolution of the universe, from the Big Bang till present day. They probably had an impact on the formation of human life in our own galaxy.

Two types of black holes

The universe is littered with a vast zoo of different types of black holes.

They can vary by size and be electrically charged, the same way electrons or protons are in atoms. Some black holes actually spin. There are two types of black holes that are relevant to our discussion. The first does not rotate, is electrically neutral – that is, not positively or negatively charged – and has the mass of our Sun. The second type is a supermassive black hole, with a mass of millions to even billions of times greater than that of our Sun.

Besides the mass difference between these two types of black holes, what also differentiates them is the distance from their center to their “event horizon” – a measure called radial distance. The event horizon of a black hole is the point of no return. Anything that passes this point will be swallowed by the black hole and forever vanish from our known universe.

Black Hole Event Horizon Diagram

The distance from a black hole’s center of mass to where gravity’s pull is too strong to overcome is called the event horizon. Credit: Leo and Shanshan, CC BY-ND

At the event horizon, the black hole’s gravity is so powerful that no amount of mechanical force can overcome or counteract it. Even light, the fastest-moving thing in our universe, cannot escape – hence the term “black hole.”

The radial size of the event horizon depends on the mass of the respective black hole and is key for a person to survive falling into one. For a black hole with a mass of our Sun (one solar mass), the event horizon will have a radius of just under 2 miles.

The supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy, by contrast, has a mass of roughly 4 million solar masses, and it has an event horizon with a radius of 7.3 million miles or 17 solar radii.

Thus, someone falling into a stellar-size black hole will get much, much closer to the black hole’s center before passing the event horizon, as opposed to falling into a supermassive black hole.

This implies, due to the closeness of the black hole’s center, that the black hole’s pull on a person will differ by a factor of 1,000 billion times between head and toe, depending on which is leading the free fall. In other words, if the person is falling feet first, as they approach the event horizon of a stellar mass black hole, the gravitational pull on their feet will be exponentially larger compared to the black hole’s tug on their head.

The person would experience spaghettification, and most likely not survive being stretched into a long, thin noodlelike shape.

Person Approaches Black Hole Event Horizon

As the person approaches the event horizon of a Sun-size black hole, the vast difference in gravitational pull between the individual’s head and toes causes the person to stretch into a very long noodle, hence the term ‘spaghettification’. Credit: Leo and Shanshan Rodriguez, CC BY-ND

Now, a person falling into a supermassive black hole would reach the event horizon much farther from the central source of gravitational pull, which means that the difference in gravitational pull between head and toe is nearly zero. Thus, the person would pass through the event horizon unaffected, not be stretched into a long, thin noodle, survive, and float painlessly past the black hole’s horizon.

Person Falling Into Supermassive Black Hole

A person falling into a supermassive black hole would likely survive. Credit: Leo and Shanshan Rodriguez, CC BY-ND

Other considerations

Most black holes that we observe in the universe are surrounded by very hot disks of material, mostly gas and dust or other objects like stars and planets that got too close to the horizon and fell into the black hole. These disks are called accretion disks and are very hot and turbulent. They are most certainly not hospitable and would make traveling into the black hole extremely dangerous.

To enter one safely, you would need to find a supermassive black hole that is completely isolated and not feeding on surrounding material, gas, and or even stars.

Now, if a person found an isolated supermassive black hole suitable for scientific study and decided to venture in, everything observed or measured of the black hole interior would be confined within the black hole’s event horizon.

Keeping in mind that nothing can escape the gravitational pull beyond the event horizon, the in-falling person would not be able to send any information about their findings back out beyond this horizon. Their journey and findings would be lost to the rest of the entire universe for all time. But they would enjoy the adventure, for as long as they survived … maybe ….

Written by Leo Rodriguez, Assistant Professor of Physics, Grinnell College and Shanshan Rodriguez, Assistant Professor of Physics, Grinnell College.

Adapted from an article originally published on The Conversation.The Conversation

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  1. So then: It’d be scientifically useless.

  2. A black hole with one solar mass? Are you sure? Wouldn’t a star need to be 2 to 3 solar masses before it could collapse into a black hole?

    • Torbjörn Larsson | February 7, 2021 at 3:28 pm | Reply

      That is true, but in principle you could make black holes of lower masses if you compact them enough (as the core collapse of a dying star would do).

      No one has observed such black holes, so it is a theoretical example. A bit ill advised, since it gives the wrong impression…

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        • nice try AI, who are you GPT-3 ?

        • Automatedinfluenza aka Ai | June 23, 2023 at 7:57 pm | Reply

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      • If it was possible to park a space ship next to a black hole just far enough away so not to be pulled in and you hav a long rope could you put one end into the black hole and the other end tied to the ship would it be possible to climb inside then out again back to the ship…
        Just an idea lol

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but even someone inside the event horizon wouldn’t be able to learn anything about the singularity. Everything inside the horizon is moving towards the center, even photons, so the person wouldn’t be able to see or detect anything coming from “ahead”.

    • You are correct that a star needs 2 to 3 solar masses to collapse into a black hole. But the collapse also involves a supernova, which throws much of the mass away from the black hole. So it is possible to end up with a black hole of only 1 solar mass.

      “Primordial” black holes created during the Big Bang are also not limited by stellar physics.

      • A stable black hole does need to be about three solar masses. This is required for them to absorb material without emitting enough to break down. But we don’t need stable, large black holes for study.

        There are micro black holes, also called quantum mechanical black holes or mini black holes, which are unstable and quickly vanish due to Hawking radiation. The tiny ones vanish almost instantly. That’s the science side of what Stephen Hawking was famous for. Hawking radiation is emitted and the smaller black holes will not be self sustainable, but the emissions cannot contain information. That’s part of a joke bet between physicists that resulted in Hawking getting a physical encyclopedia sent.

        People have been suing against the operation of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) claiming a risk of destroying the world due to micro black holes. People bad at math and physics even claimed there was a 50% chance the LHC would destroy the world, either it would or would not, therefore 50/50 chance. Thankfully smart people are involved, and scientists have learned a lot about the universe.

    • Torbjörn Larsson | February 7, 2021 at 3:31 pm | Reply

      If there is a singularity, they will hit it in finite time – even supermassive black holes will eventually evaporate.

  4. According to Stephen Hawking, information is preserved when you enter a black hole. Where that information ends up is unknown, but theoretically may stay on the surface of the black hole. We live in a quantuum world of black holes, maybe they are the Cosmic Entity’s veins for returning the spacetime fabric for recycling? Makes one contemplate our own insignificance.

  5. William Johnson | February 7, 2021 at 4:59 am | Reply

    What if quantum communication was possible? All known research points to no real limit on the speed and the nature of their entanglement wouldn’t be affected by black holes right?

    • Torbjörn Larsson | February 7, 2021 at 3:35 pm | Reply

      Entanglement correlations transmit no signals, which is why quantum field physics remains relativistic.

      If you collapse the wavefunction of an entangled pair of distant particles, you will still need to send the information all the way to where you compare the result to extract information. No information can travel faster than the universal speed limit of massless particles (“light speed in vacuum”).

  6. Invariably, the answer to any question posed in a headline is “No”.
    This is a Law of Journalism, which overpowers that of Gravity by a factor of billions. Escape that.

  7. I’m not sure about the sgetti part. I don’t think anything gets within lite years of a blacksphere. At the end of the day it’s a sphere and has mass and is sitting right there spinning. The event horizon is the down force created by the spin of the sphere which must be perfect or it would be called a pulsar etc. When things move at that rate of speed it incinerate’s anything within reach and that’s how the disc is formed and heated to extreme temps. Unless somebody has absolute facts that there’s a hole in space we must accept the fact that it is in fact a sphere same as all the other here’s in the universe. I think the difference is it spins perfect and it might be static that’s attractive and not gravity. Like when u rub a balloon and stick it same thing with blacksphere’s only their spinning so you get an event horizon instead.

    • Torbjörn Larsson | February 7, 2021 at 3:45 pm | Reply

      The event horizon is not a force, it is a global property of black holes that light that tries to escape won’t make it – in general relativistic terms space is malleable and flowing into the black hole faster than light speed. A photon that tries to move against the stream will like water in a stream pass “a fall threshold” of no escape.

      It is quite unnoticeble under a fall into a black hole according to general relativity – no acceleration changes – but secondary tidal gravitational effects make for the described spaghettification.

      The general description is purely gravitational, with no difference between stars or black holes on their outsides [ ].

  8. Science click bait consumer | February 7, 2021 at 10:11 am | Reply

    I find it hard to believe that this was written by someone who studies black holes at even the undergraduate level. There is no evidence for non rotating black holes. Non rotating black holes are a theoretical construct.

  9. … it is a theory, till it is provided some evidence, … I guess, that me is not a candidate to test it, …
    … give a chance to another one…

  10. I believe this. When you are accelerated inside a black hole faster than light itself can travel from an outside point of reference, the reason why light can’t escape as you are falling in faster than light. Inside the event horizon from your point of reference you still see light traveling around 186 thousand miles per second ” not exact” away from you the same velocity away from you before falling in. Because of extreme expansion or stretching some call it, you will never reach the center as it will always be that much further away. I also believe the single point inside itself must also have extreme expansion around it. You became more massive and your brain knows what size you are and you measure and sure enough from your point of reference either inside or outside of the black hole the measurement is the same. Not from an alternate point of reference however.

    I also believe that nothing can escape the single point itself such as any by product that happens in fusion reactions inside of a star and everything is bound to it. Even an inch away you will never see it. Laying with your back on it you will see everything that will fall to it. “not possible to exist there i know” According to itself there is no other point of reference. Falling into the event horizon will be like being in another universe. Your brain always knows what size you are and your brain says i am the same size even when stretched with the fabric of space. I am thinking it is possible that the single point inside is in a state of superposition. When you become massive you flex down the fabric of space. When you travel at extreme velocities you become more massive and flex down the fabric of space toward a sun or star that is in superposition. Infinite in size from its own point of reference. The reason why time is variable in the universe but always the same according to your point of reference.

    I am thinking a non spinning black hole can be created from a tidally locked star supernova implosion. If you could go down the rabbit hole i believe it will be an explosion from an inverted point of reference. Then it will inflate like a balloon from the extremely large explosion before other physics happen such as pressure and density reaching infinity inside of it and then expansion at some point. I think it makes another universe inside. I believe our universe expansion is because we are in a black hole that is expanding space faster than light. To stretch is to expand. It became larger when stretched.

    I also think the fabric of space itself is an equilibrium around a black hole or single point paradox. First i believe matter and antimatter are the same at different points in time. The bending, folding or wrapping of space near a black hole makes it so the past present and future are rubbing up against each other. Let’s visualize it this way. Space time. Light falling in takes time to travel as it is stretched and bent along with space time. The same with everything else. The past, present and future are rubbing up against each other as space time folds, bends or wraps up inside a black hole. So take a piece of paper draw a clockwise arrow flip it over and hold it up to the light and it is now counter clockwise according to your point of reference. Also take any kind of cloth and draw a line going in a direction of choice and roll or fold it up and now the past present and future are touching if you say space time travels or flows a particular way. Always forward according to your point of reference. You will never be able to go to the past and become younger and instead if you are already an old man you stay an old man when traveling to the past. At some points your timeline that is rubbing against the present is flowing backwards from the current time. If you could be lightly interacting oscillate like a neutrino and flip over time still moves forward for you and backwards from now before you flipped over. Antimatter is matter from a different time. We can still make antimatter as we are manipulating particles into becoming antimatter in particle accelerators. Changing spin and charge.

    I think the neutrino is so lightly interacting that when mass flexes down the fabric of space the neutrino becomes unbound and is then free to oscillate and is why we get few detection’s and not a lot or none. It simply takes a different path though space and time and isn’t always in the same space and time when it seemingly passes through the earth or other objects with any mass at all. Time is also variable across the universe and always the same from your point of reference only. Example: Near something massive or traveling quickly because traveling quickly increases mass. You are getting closer to the single point when pressing down on the fabric of space and the single point is in super position. Super position is when something is in every position at the same time in every possible state including spin and charge. From a universe point of reference it takes time to go from point A to point B and to be in every position there can’t be time or it is every time or that is where time is stopped. Both become true. To spin takes time. That is a point A and B. I believe everything and everywhere at all points in time is right here right now right where you are at every single point in time. Every piece of information. We are part of a single point from a point of reference.

    Now on the other side of the fabric of space is a star or sun. The fabric of space is an equilibrium that goes around it. This equilibrium is everywhere, including around you and everything else in your world including particles. Imagine putting your hands in front of you and pealing back the fabric of space. You would instantly die. The equilibrium is because of all the forces in a black hole and the single point. Particles vibrate and make a wave when trapped and inside the single point in a black hole they are trapped but want to be free so they vibrate creating a wave and a field. This field creates or generates the equilibrium that protects us from a star that is infinite from a point of reference. I believe black hole paradoxes are both finite and infinite and this depends on your point of reference. After all, all things are true depending on point of reference in a paradox. You are part of the single point and the accretion disk possibility. Before the big bang was a single point of everything in super position in every possible state and it is everywhere having no point of reference both the tiniest and the largest and there is a big bang every instance in time. Spin and charge. Once it is everywhere you have spin and charge including size. Let’s say the equilibrium or fabric of space is created around the single point. Wraps around it perfectly like a blanket. Becomes a perfect sphere. Inside any light would have to make a perfect circle or ring in every direction at the same time. It can’t escape. It is trapped. It vibrates. Positive and negative collide and the single point becomes it’s own opposite as it completes a ring and is face to face. This is in every direction. Bang. It duplicates because where is it being a single point? Everywhere. This may be where we get entangled strings that are all wrapped up too. Every big bang is another timeline. Maybe we exist as entangled strings within our timeline. Light in a single point is mirrored and reflected back onto itself in every direction to infinity. It is bound to the single point itself. It can never escape and neither can any byproduct of fusion from a sun or star in a black hole. Space is expanding faster than light there. Too massive to escape. Try escaping the mass of everything. You can’t. There is no outside of it. It is like going straight up away from the mass of everything. If it was possible to exist far away outside of it you will never see it. You will only see darkness. Nothing.

    Think about the smallest units of space something can fit. Now lets say no two things can occupy the same space in the universe point of reference. Empty space is something. There is no extra empty space. Everything has to be displaced at the same time. When i am there the empty space isn’t there. I had to displace it and everything else had to be displaced at the same time, Everywhere at the same time. The same if an object is there. You can never realize it from your point of reference. This is where entanglement comes in. Everything is more strongly or weakly entangled. When you interact more with people objects and things in your world including friend or foe you become more strongly entangled. You become more weakly entangled when you interact less. Also when you become more entangled with someone or something you become less entangle with something or someone else. I think of entangled strings being wrapped up. Sometimes you become so strongly entangled that even across great distance and time two people who love each other mutually feel close to each other. This explains a lot of phenomena. We notice entanglement in particles because they are smaller and it is easier to notice the effect in individual particles including particles that we entangle. Affected more being tiny. We are made of particles. I want to post a few homemade non profession non scientist theories i have been writing. I am not doing the math, only thinking about the puzzle. Someone else can do the math. A single point paradox theory can’t be calculated in entirety but parts about it can be calculated and many things still not calculated about the universe and how things work.

    Light always travels away from you at the same velocity no matter how fast or how close to something extremely massive we are or not although what is different is where we see the light at the same time. A person at rest will see the light somewhere else. I believe light exist as a wave because it is everywhere. I know sometimes it is a photon / particle. Imagine a trapped photon creating a wave a light wave. I believe existing as a single point explains why particles behave like they do. It is why entanglement works. It is why quantum computers work.

    I have a few non educated home theory’s that are not truly theories that i have written and one about the mind and brain. One about a multiverse theory and one about entanglement. I have several things left out of this and even in my theory as some i written on Facebook then i decided to re-write it all but still have to go back through my Facebook post to add things in that i left out. Some things are left out on my Facebook and somethings i thought of i haven’t written down yet. I still have most of that in my head though. The one about the brain is going to shock the world though. I finally found a good explanation for sleep, imagination, thoughts, dreams, consciousness, why time seems dragged out in a dream and a few other things i won’t write here that i have written down with some things i forgot to write down but will eventually write them down as i remember to write them down. I know one new thing about the brain, mind and imagination that i can show an example of. Need a participant to prove. I won’t say what is supposed to happen until after.

    One more thing. I probably didn’t explain this good or correct exactly. I have this all written down better. I am certain that there is no time and space like we think there is and it is all in the mind.

    I also believe before the big bang the single point was in superposition. No other points of reference. The only position it could be in. Everywhere and in every possible state. Spin / charge. I think i noted this above but ended up edited before posting so left this here. I am certain i left some things out or explains things i am thinking wrong.

    • Website didn’t let me use pastebin so here is my other unfinished non educated multiverse theory as copy and paste.

      Universe Black Hole Paradox, Multiverse.

      I have the first few things possibly wrong

      Because the expansion of space is faster than light. Some light created during the big bang will take longer to arrive to the eye than the rest of the light that was created during the big bang. The big bang itself will blind us from seeing the rest.

      Some light will take longer than the age of the universe to get here.

      Or Longer than the perceived age of the universe. The light is farther away and the light hasn’t reached our eye yet because of expansion.

      The light is farther away than it takes the light to arrive from the big bang to our eye for even sometime after.

      Some light is traveling away from us that we will never see.

      We are in a black hole. Scientist believe black holes stretch space faster than light and because of that the light can never escape. Light can never achieve escape velocity. The farthest light from within a black hole point of reference will never reach the eye yet assuming we are inside of it. And outside of it we never will. One other thing. The area of sky farthest away still has new stars that are being created and formed and we cannot see the light from them until longer than the age of the universe. Or until the current age of the universe has passed again.

      Light can never escape the single point itself. Light is bound to it and mirrored and reflected to infinity from every possible angle and position.. It makes a perfect ring and a perfect sphere inside the black hole it creates.

      When the light makes a perfect ring it is a physical mirror of itself. Look at the photo of light slowed down in a trap many billions of times. How it makes a perfect ring around a perfect sphere from a point of reference. Just like particles including the atom.

      A singularity is driving expansion. A black hole created by a Sun. Infinite from a point of reference. It is everywhere and in super position.

      The single point of everything is in every possible position and existing in every possible state at the same time. Light can’t escape and there is no other point of reference outside it’s own so it is everywhere and in every position. Existing in every possible state including spin and charge. Spin is a state of rotation. Direction of spin and charge is a state. Positive and Negative is Charge or lack of charge and a state. Electromagnetic North and South poles for example.

      This includes spin and charge and having no other point of reference means it is also every size from the smallest to the largest.

      There is no outside of the single point of everything because it is infinite. In super position. It is all point of reference and scale.

      Light wants to go straight and is wrapped up in a perfect ring to be a perfect mirror of itself. The fabric of space wraps perfectly around the inside sphere. It is mirrored and reflected from every possible angle. The single point is mirrored and reflected to infinity in every direction. The fabric is one piece. This is why light and sound and particles create waves. When a particle is trapped it vibrates and creates a wave. It wants to go straight. Round is the result of being in a black hole.

      Points of references. At one point it is pure light infinite in scope and at another the surface of a Sun or a lake of fire that is infinite. From an inverted point of reference a hypernova implosion looks like an explosion from within and will look like a big bang. Imagine yourself at this point of reference.

      First if you imploded with it and you were facing it you will see the most tremendous explosion followed by inflation because the explosion is so big. Then after that the pressure and density reach infinity causing expansion as entropy reaches maximum because of superposition. Mass must also reach infinity as it is infinite from a point of reference. Entropy is caused by the single point being in superposition. There is a big bang every instance in time. Some will happen infinitely long later. It is infinite and the core of a Sun is everywhere. Point of reference. A black hole is finite from one point of reference and infinite in another. All the space is removed and it is the Tiniest from one point of reference and the largest from another point of reference.

      The fabric of space is like an equilibrium created by a Star or Sun in a black hole. When you gain mass you flex and bend down the fabric of space closer to a Star or Sun that is in superposition. The fabric of space wraps around you and everything in your existence with any mass at all, for example this is includes particles. A point of reference from the other side will be the brightest light.

      Light is everywhere. It doesn’t only think it is. Super position doesn’t think it is in every position. It is in every position.

      Every single place and every point in time is all right here right now right where you are. Every single place at every point in time is right here right now right where you are at this time. That is the nature of a single point paradox. A singularity.

      At your point of reference you will always appear to be the same size no matter what even if you are traveling fast or near a massive object or both. Your brain always has to think this. For your brain always knows what size you are.

      Entanglement. I already explained a lot about it online.

      First Neutrinos, Neutrinos are lightly interacting particles that oscillate and have 3 flavors. Highly energy neutrinos seem to pass right through the earth.

      The neutrinos are so energetic and lightly interacting that when the fabric of space flexes under an object with mass, the neutrino oscillates or flips and rotates and then comes out the other side. It is simply not here at the same time. This is why it is lightly interacting.

      There would be many more detection’s and interactions or a lot less if different.

      The neutrino floats in free space while not on the fabric and the neutrino oscillates to the other side of the fabric and back as it has freedom of movement and rotation to oscillate when not on the fabric or in other words it is off of the fabric for a short time. Everything else is stretched along with the fabric including light. The fabric also has two sides.

      Antimatter is Matter from a different time in our timeline. When the fabric of space wraps or folds around a single point the timelines are basically rubbing against each other. The Past and the Future and the right now. Don’t forget about the other side where a sun exist. That is infinite in size and a single point in size. A fabric has two sides. Maybe stretched into a thin string in a black hole. A Big bang every instance creates another point of light that gets wrapped up into a perfect sphere and a perfect ring. Another string of light. Superposition causes it to wrap up.

      The perfect order is a single point. It is all back in perfect order. A single point of everything.

      There is nothing outside of it!

      Even the creation of a new universe or multiverse all happens inside of it.

      There are many you’s and many me’s. There are an infinite number of universes and an infinite number of timelines created from an infinite number of big bangs one each instance in time. The big bang took an infinite amount of time to happen and also only a single instance in time to happen including every amount of time in between to happen and because of superposition it did and didn’t happen for it is in every possible state including big bang.

      I will be writing more in here. Not finished but i have the rest in my brain and mind.

      Planck length. The smallest available space a particle can fit in. Light takes the shortest amount of time to travel across a Planck length. The universe is filled with them. Even empty space is something. No two things can occupy the same space in the universe. Same with the neutrino. I explained this above. For any object to move something else has to move at the same time for no two things can occupy the same space and empty space is something for i have a space to exist. Now the empty space had to move instantly just like any object for me to be there.

      Now entanglement. When we entangle particles and measure each one it is like the information didn’t go through space and time and we already know the result. This is because it didn’t. Entangled strings in the single point. In other words they are tangled up.

      Everything in your world is more or less entangled. Either strongly or weakly. This includes objects and people and everything else your world. You are entangled with everything else .You notice this more in particles because they are tiny and are effected more. You are made of particles.

      When you interact more with people and objects and things in your world you are more strongly entangled with them. When you interact less you are less strongly entangled with them. This is why two loved ones can both feel mutually close even when far away and they had no interaction with each other. This explains some coincidences. I am not going to say all. May explain some superstitious too. Weird phenomena.

      Free will still exist for this reason. Timelines. There is an infinite number of timelines created by a big bang every instance in time. When you make a choice such as move any body part any amount of space or direction and variation in between it splits the timelines and everything happens. Any action splits the timelines. Time moves forward from your point of reference always. The timelines splits when you make a choice. This does include sit on your butt or move, jog, or walk around things to.

      Next, how it relates to the brain and mind and how we think.

      Everything you would ever know, everything you would ever think. Everything you would ever hear, Everything you would ever feel and everything you see or notice from any sense that you have was all created in the single point of everything and exploded into existence. This includes your imagination.

      Another thing i thought recently. If something is in super position it is every time. It is in every position with every possible state at the same time. It has to be in a state of every time for super position to function. Motion takes time. Spin, rotation, charge. It is in every time. Time is variable across the universe depending on mass and velocity.

      Every single point in time is right now and every place is right here. Every time and place is right here right now.

      Super position could never exist and quantum computers could never work if this wasn’t true.

      This is completely unfinished. Just some thoughts that may get your imagination going. I wrote this previously.

      • My uneducated incomplete homemade brain theory that i wanted to post somewhere. It is unfinished. I know section for this so i am just replying to myself again. You may find it interesting none the less.

        The brain and how it works. Currently writing.

        Your brain processes information. To do so it has to send information down the different pathways in the brain. These are called neurons. The synapses are the junctions that connect different areas of the brain.

        When your brain processes information, all the activity is caused by a reordering of this information. The Information I am talking about are the particles that make up the flashes you see on an MRI for example.

        The information is constantly moving around in the brain and re-ordering itself when traveling down the neurons and going across the junctions. The synapses. When the particles go through the synapses they oscillate, spin or rotate and go down a different path or neuron. The particles take longer or shorter paths to arrive in different orders. Main Primary or smaller slower secondary paths.

        Difference brain regions process specific information such as smell, touch, taste, sight, sound and so on and so on. There is a lot of brain activity when you are thinking or trying to remember something because of all this re-ordering.

        It is like looking at the galactic center of our galaxy, It is so overwhelmingly bright and beaming with activity that we can’t see everything with our telescopes and it blinds us so we can’t see exactly how many stars, planets, and moons that are there or their state such as spin and rotation direction of travel for individual stars and all the other objects in the galactic center.

        The information travels around the different paths in specific brain regions to arrive in a proper order. This can include spin. All the other brain regions are also doing this. Then it all together has to constantly rearrange to get into the proper order to remember.

        The more re-ordering and rearranging that happens the more brain activity that you will see when doing brain scans. There is more re-ordering in the part of the brain that is most active.

        Some paths in the brain are longer or shorter or primary paths. This is how the particles arrive in different orders. Some take a longer path some a shorter path and many take a primary path. And some take non primary paths.

        I was interrupted writing this.

        Particles in a different rotational arrangement are different thoughts and memories. Think about rotating balls “the particles” that travel down the pathways in the brain and depending on the order and rotational state that they are in it determines all your thoughts, memories, senses and body function state such as heartbeat.

        Neurons are longer or shorter than others and particles reach your synapses travel down different paths to arrive at different times to get into different orders and arrangements that is a thought or a memory.

        Why you dream. Dreams are because the constant reordering of information, the particles in your brain taking different paths and arranging in certain orders. When the particles are in specific orders it means one thing or another. In this case whatever you are dreaming about. This activity simply keeps happening while asleep and dreaming while reduced a little. Your brain activity has to always keep going or you are dead. This is why you dream.

        The same particles in different orders can equal different thoughts and memories. Including all your other functions such as senses and body function.

        Why you need sleep is because your brain needs reduced traffic to do road repair. Think of the neurons as your roads and highways. Too much traffic and the roads become damaged.

        The brain can become damaged when stress has gone on for too long. Your brain is thinking in circles looking for a new path but can’t find one so there is a lot of traffic on those roads “the neurons” for too long instead of taking other paths. PTSD If stress has went on for too long it damages the brain along those paths as particles keep going down the same paths over and over instead of traveling here and there or down this path or that path or creating a new pathway to travel down.

        Other ways the brain becomes damaged is from chemical damage by prescription drugs, hard drugs, physical damage such as an injury.

        If a path in your brain is damaged sometimes the particles arrive late or can’t find a path at all or need to take the slow roads, or non primary paths. Your brain makes new connections all the time for particles to take shortcuts to re-order quicker to recall information faster.

        The part of your brain that is responsible for sight re-orders the particles and the parts of your brain responsible for your other senses such as hearing, smell taste, and touch and all your other senses do the same thing. Then it all comes together by re-ordering to form a memory or recall a memory. Even in your dreams you have these senses. This is because the re-ordering doesn’t stop. The particles in your brain are always in motion.

        You never forget. Your brain never forgets unless your brain is damaged. The information “the particles become farther apart and out of order so memories fade and are more blurry. Think of a blurry photo or a blurry NASA image of a distance object.

        Old memories sometimes clear up that faded over time because the particles grouped back together in the right order to become closer together.

        Also things you forgot about or had no reason to remember sometimes pop up in a memory 50 or 60 years later for no reason. Constant reordering explains it all. It happened to be in a closer order that time.

        Instinct is when everything is so close together you didn’t have to spend any time thinking at all and the particles are already close together requiring little to no traveling down neurons and jumping across synapses to get in a proper order. You just know.

        When we keep repeating something to ourselves such as a phone number or keep doing the same task it creates another chance the information can arrive back in a proper order quicker. Every time you repeat the phone number to yourself your brain changes the order and state of the particles in your brain. This has to arrive back in the same order to remember and when you only say the phone number once to yourself you may forget because the information is to far away and there are fewer chances that the information arrives back in that specific order especially after a long duration of time. When you repeat the phone number to yourself multiple times the particles got into that arrangement several times and duplicates the arrangements of some of the particles.

        Another thing i figured out about the brain. You have a visual memory of a person but even when you can’t visually remember in your imagination your brain still remembers what they look like without the picture but still remembers it.

        When we think it is because we don’t know yet. The information is spread out and not in order. The same with recalling a memory. Larger brains have more room to reorder information and for larger pieces, more particles to arrive in an order so you to know remember.

        When we instruct part of our body to do something such as move or breath in or out it is still reordering of particles responsible for that function. Particles in the brain in different orders and arrangements mean different things.

        I just realized why dreams seem to go on longer than you slept. When activity in your brain slows down. The reordering of information happens slower and it takes longer for your brain to rearrange the particles altering your sense of time.

        When your brain is running slower everything is perceived to take longer. Your experience with time.

        Think about this. You are busy and you are active doing this and that. Moving at a quick rate and everything is perceived to happen quicker. This is why sitting there waiting seems to take a long time and when active the day is gone in a flash.

        This is incomplete and i have more to add to this. Some of it is actually deep in my Facebook post that i need to re-write and re-word and some i haven’t written anywhere yet.

        • I am not sure if above i mentioned this but when part of the brain is damage particles never get where they are supposed to go or they have to take a slower path through the brain. They need to arrive in certain orders or arrangements to be valid. Helps explain some mental disorders. This depends on the brain region effected.

    • Torbjörn Larsson | February 7, 2021 at 3:55 pm | Reply

      I’m not sure what – if any – response you expect on your verbose personal “belief” as you describe it.

      Keeping it on your Facebook page and providing a link would be a better option. No one will read it anyway, but then you can at least imagine that visitors do.

  11. Bìbhutibhusanpatel | February 7, 2021 at 1:19 pm | Reply


  12. Here is my home non educated theory i was previously writing that was incomplete. Since i already wrote it i uploaded to pastebin. Read my other comment.

    Here is my unfinished Brain Theory that i was writing.

  13. REBECCA JOZWIAKOWSKI | February 7, 2021 at 2:16 pm | Reply

    I’m convinced the black holes in the universe act like a filtration system but instead of capturing matter, it breaks matter apart into smaller bits then thrust the bit back out into space.

    • Torbjörn Larsson | February 7, 2021 at 3:52 pm | Reply

      Matter recycling happens outside a black hole, seems like – the matter infalling from the accretion disk is what goes into black hole jets as well as other x-ray halo emission.

      What passes the event horizon can’t be recycled that way according to current physics. You have to wait until the black holes evaporate and radiates thermal energy meanwhile. Which takes a *very* long time – supermassive black holes will be the last heated objects in the universe.

  14. Torbjörn Larsson | February 7, 2021 at 3:24 pm | Reply

    Despite that the event horizon is a global property – that is why an observer see no difference in their fall when passing it, according to general relativity – there is a quantum field property of black holes that makes the nearmost space outside the event horizon radiate Hawking radiation. It would be very weak for supermassive black holes, similarly to the tidal spaghetification effect, since it is thermal radiation – but in principle it would be noticeable.

    Much more noticeable would be the possible firewall radiation that the nearmost space *inside* the event horizon should radiate in response to an infalling observer in order to prevent forbidden quantum cloning [ ]. It would incinerate infalling objects.

    “Perhaps the most conservative resolution is that the infalling observer burns up at the horizon. Alternatives would seem to require novel dynamics that nevertheless cause notable violations of semiclassical physics at macroscopic distances from the horizon.”

  15. So, I would “enjoy” falling into something that has been observed shredding entire stars, stretching them out into a huge line of gaseous plasma? And all it’s going to do to me is pull me into it fully conscious? And I would somehow know and understand what’s going on? Well, I guess that much is true because I already know. I would become part of it, completely indistinguishable from any otber part or anything else that may have ever fallen into it. Dumb, dumb article.

  16. So, a star mass black hole’s event horizon is so small in diameter that the gravity is “1,000 billion” times stronger just 6 feet in from the edge of the event horizon? Kinda hard to believe! This would imply almost infinite gravity just 6 feet away, thus the singularity, or center, is only more than that far away.
    So, imagine the sun as a black hole. It’s infinitely small, like smaller than an atom with the mass of the sun, all the planets still orbiting exactly as normal. It would seem that the event horizon, where light can’t escape would depend upon how fast the black hole is spinning… and spinning it would be (very fast, remember the analogy to the ice skater with arms out going faster when bringing arms to body). Such super fast rotation would cause further space time distortions and would probably cause havoc to anybody who didn’t spaghettify. Like what magnetars do.
    Still, I believe the difference in gravity would only be like twice as much from head to toe, till closer in, past the event horizon.
    The sun is really massive and I believe the event horizon would be closer to a km, not just 6 feet away.
    Imagine something that small trying to digest something like a million times less massive (like the Earth). Now, Earth is like a thousand times larger than event horizon. This would cause shockwaves blowing apart most of that kind of mass while only a small part gets converted directly into energy. Fragments fly across the solar system, orbiting just as they would around a normal sun. They eventually fall back in (some escape sun’s gravity altogether) from their highly elliptical orbits. They hit the scrapnel flying around so closely which slows them down, till finally their orbits are only miles in diameter, and only a second or so per “year”. Observers at this closeness experience time travel. They “see” the planets zipping around like they are on a small table top. Of course their craft and observational equipment would have to endure and see through the scrapnel (accretion disk). Since only a foot away or so from event horizon, the craft could use it’s fusion engines to rapidly accelerate further away, still zipping around so fast, yet feeling weightless just as with all orbits. They collect more hydrogen, for more fusion thrust and go back to Earth (the other one that broke up and became scrapnel was just figurative) and find that the sun has already bloated up (slightly) and their home planet has long since fried. Not to worry, the rest of the solar system’s inhabitants already left using planet sized light sails (how else would you stop at the next star system?).
    The sun isn’t massive enough for this little and most probably way incorrect astronomical exercise…

    • Torbjörn Larsson | February 8, 2021 at 9:14 am | Reply

      Physicists don’t know yet what happens with small (but never infinitely small) black holes. It is an open research area.

  17. Why didn’t my comment get posted?

  18. While this is fun. The answer is no. You would die from radiation before you even got close enough to die by entering the black hole.

  19. Justin "Bookworm" Brock!!!! | February 8, 2021 at 8:05 am | Reply

    Extremely informative clear concise as well as being entertaining easy to access all in all it’s just really the s***!

  20. No – No matter can survive beyond the black hole’s event horizon. It is not just the illusion of spaghettification as from the perspective of an outside observer, nor is it the considered stretching [as if on a medieval rack], it is rather a real disintegration of any and all matter upon the event horizon. There is no accounting for being ‘swallowed whole’ into a black hole. The warping of spacetime in a black hole is really a faster than light gravitationally accelerated field. It would be akin to forcing a house to travel inside a hurricane. Due to resistance, only a massless photon can travel at the speed of light. So even light will disintegrate upon the event horizon.

    • Torbjörn Larsson | February 8, 2021 at 9:12 am | Reply

      The article (and my response to the article) is trying to describe that – apart from the tidal effects involved in spaghettification – there isn’t any remarkable with the event horizon in general relativity. (It is a difference if you also consider quantum field theory.)

  21. black hole is just a multidimensional vortex everything going in is coming out in another dimension you wanna learn what happens then you send something through and wait for it to come out the other end

  22. … Quantum meets relativity with a lot of strange things, after all…
    … so, the math used is not nicely slide into it self, …

  23. Black hole is not a hole I guess when star energy level decline then core of a star attract every object by gravitational force due to all neutron of star concentrated at the center of the sun or core and second condition all neutron and positive and negative charge of sun concentrated at the core of sun then black hole shows some part of energy which are not decline these energy rotate around the core then see a yellow belt which rotate around the black hole


  25. “Super Dense Stars”.. This racist “black” hole nonsense needs to stop

  26. If this is a science magazine then you should use metric system and not “mile”

  27. Hello I am baffled by your black hole research ,and theory, as I understand gravity as I was learned by you fine scientists what goes up must come down…as you explain the black hole theory like evrything else in this universe what goes in comes out so the black hole theory I find holes in it like the ufo’s that have lights on them they travel millions of light years to earth and need lights to see where they are going??? Or show themselves to a barbaric race knowing they’ll get killed ??? Geologists can’t find sasquatch remains ,but find dinosaur remains??? Salutations

  28. MAURICIO MICOSKI | February 11, 2021 at 2:36 pm | Reply

    After crossing the event horizon, the person could not report his/her findings to the Universe outside… unless those findings reveal Beyond Relativity Physics

  29. What garbage! You could not survive in any sense. Once inside the black hole, nothing can move further from the singularity. Every layer below the event horizon is it’s own event horizon. Your neurons won’t fire, your blood won’t flow, you can’t breathe. Other then that, sure, you survive.

  30. Nobody will never go there because it does not existe

  31. I believe there is always a solution to a problem and mankind will find a way to survive entry and transmit information from inside a blackhole

  32. The thing is even if we know that we can enter the black hole there is now way that we can reach a black hole a super massive black hole which is in the middle of our galaxy milky way so talking on this topic is pointless until unless a suoer massive black hole is formed near us and that would be end of us

  33. Of course a single solar mass can turn into a black hole. Once our sun collapses, it simply needs to feed.

  34. Send a satellite going through the black hole and see if we can communicate with it and see if we can receive signals back ?

  35. So if as you’re falling towards the super massive black hole and you enter further and further stretched spacetime, time further from the black hole is moving faster. At some point if you were looking out towards the rest of the universe you’d see millions of years go by in seconds right before your eyes. As you continue to get further and further in that number multiplies to where now billions of years go by in seconds, then perhaps trillions, and so on. You never reach the center. You could possibly watch as the entire universe dies before your very own eyes further out from you and the black hole evaporates with you as you approach the center. Just a thought.

  36. Why are we fascinated with space when we never been to the bottom of the seas, oceans, desert sands, the jungles depths…..and most of all the understanding of the Word of God

  37. Whoever suggested their original theory on black holes should not be recognized with honor.
    These so-called scientist know nothing. They force their theories and others support them to make them seem true.
    They claimed black holes were dangerous, they said black holes destroy things, they said nothing could escape black holes, not even light.
    But light has been seen shooting from black holes.
    So that proves, you cannot trust these theories they present. I believe one should refuse to accept their theories until evidence is presented. They force facts and present false ideas and mislead the world with these falsities.

    • The light that would be seen “shooting from” the black hole would be light that passed extremely close to the black hole, getting bent around it and doing a u-turn of sorts. Just because there is light around the black hole doesn’t mean it’s making the light, if the light was exiting from the black hole, then, well it wouldn’t be a black hole. Technically, light could orbit a black hole, giving the perception of the event horizon, but you would never see it without being without extremely close to it. The reason I used the word orbit is, well, the escape velocity is beyond the speed of light, but anyway, one “fact” does not instantly disprove a theory. A blackhole would still be dangerous, the same as any body with a strong gravity well, same as a planet getting to close to a gas giant, the tidal force would tear the planet apart. For light to escape, it would not need to go faster than light technically when you think about it, if the light had something to help it maintain it’s velocity upward, it could escape, but there is nothing to accelerate it, but hey, that’s an hypothesis since we can’t currently send something to a black hole, send it in, and have it try to escape.

  38. Anyone who thinks somebody would survive getting sucked into a super massive black hole is an absolute lunatic! End of discussion.

  39. I don’t understand how “spaghettification” would be a thing……the greater force on the feet would simply pull the whole body along too, being all connected?

  40. Would we be able to measure the effect of the person going into the black hole?

  41. William Omelasz | February 21, 2021 at 9:47 am | Reply

    The end result for any human entering a black hole would be,Goodnight Vienna in more ways than one,


  43. Newton’s apple downward falling motion is factual of ENERGY,and not Gravity, which makes Black Hole’s mythical concepts

  44. Gravity/Black Holes has been factually DEBUNKED by the mechanism of GAS BONDING

  45. Put me in a rocket and send me through the black hole a don’t give a f***.A nominate myself to be sent into a black hole.

  46. Sign me up when I’m 90, lol.

  47. Could an object enter a black hole through the central singularity point, perpendicular to the event horizon? Would the point perpendicular to the event horizon not have a zero force or next to zero force? You’d want to have your co-ordinates pretty precise though, I would imagine.

  48. As Douglas Adams stated, the one thing which would certainly be reported is the intrepid explorer’s bad news, which obeys its own special rules.

  49. Luckily I voted Conservative

  50. I volunteer, let’s send me up. See what happens

  51. Gregory Stevens | February 26, 2021 at 1:02 pm | Reply

    Science developed a black hole lately in a lab. Why can’t we flick a flea into the artificial hole and see what happens?

  52. Well everybody’s got an opinion great. Let’s start by saying when u say singularity? Listen a singularity doesn’t have to be infinity small for example take the size of the observable universe ok now picture our planet in said universe it’s smaller than a grain of salt remember that. So the blacksphere at the center of our galaxie is a singularity but compared to our sun it’s massive but not compared to the universe it’s absurdly tiny. And we as humans well we’re like ants on a rock seriously. So a singularity can be anysize remember our star travels around a galaxie centered by a singularity. We’re in the disc but we’re on the edge of said blacksphere. So I don’t understand why they find it hard to imagine that all the galaxies we can see are actually in a disc around a really really really really big singularity or blacksphere that is their big bang. The universal clock I call it and it keeps counting down to nothing once the clock starts it doesn’t stop till all matter is gased out and gone and then the clock resets and different types of matter are formed from them leftovers and the clock starts again.

  53. This kind of science is as useless as the information we will get from the guy who falls in a black hole. Why is someone ever making up dream stories about something that is not even an option to reach.
    Like in the 1800s when someone was talking about witches and magic.
    No one knows what a black hole is and even if they see something its just a picture from a telescope. For all we know it may be a gate to the other layers of the universe.
    Too many distant dreams of nothing. No one that is alive today will ever find out the reality of cosmos.
    The rich do not care to use the energy exploration and finding but buying yachts.
    Hydrogen powered too!!! Yayyy

  54. I wonder if you could analyze it with hawking radiation?
    So you sit in your hypership, the HMS Thought Experiment, and point your newly designed Hawking Scanner at the black home, you’re orbiting the black whole millimeters above the event horizon

    The HS operator starts generating entangled pairs of particles half way to the event horizon, you catch one, the other falls into the event horizon.
    Can anything useful be gleaned? Or can you only figure out whether you just threw an electron or a position to its death?

  55. If the gravitational differential is survivable then why can’t the person be linked via stretchy cable to the outside? Surely information can be sent out for a period of time via cable?

  56. What if information could be spent like what if the explorer sends information via a light signal and as the black hole is spinning the beam can be sent in such a way that it uses the energy of the black hole to escape out of the black hole like how a life gaurd saves a person stuck in a whirlpool by using the current rather than going against it possible or am I very theoretical? Plus I do accept that there might be distortion s in the transmitted message

  57. Love is the one thing we’re capable of perceiving that transcends time and space.

  58. If the object could create thrust, within the blackhole, it might create ripples that could be read as Morse from the outside

  59. Not a clever person | March 15, 2021 at 11:29 am | Reply

    Hello, sorry I’m not a science guy, but I have a noddy question. What if the person was tethered to an external body and then looked the tether was cut before person could pull in whatever craft/object was on the other end? Like could info be relayed back that way?

  60. Carson Simpson | March 15, 2021 at 4:59 pm | Reply

    Imagine going to a house party and getting to say “I died to a black hole”. That would be cool.

  61. How about microorganism?
    Can they survive?

  62. Well, can we at least toss all the dirty politicians into the black holes. That would give us the pleasure of seeing what happens to a person that enters one & rid the universe of these criminals 🤔… Wait, then the White House would be empty! 😆

  63. Another Ideaman | March 25, 2021 at 1:29 pm | Reply


  64. Maybe there just Hoovers cleaning up the mess. Lol.

  65. I’d like to address the part about light not being able to escape due to gravitational forces. While true, the mechanic of why isn’t addressed, and is usually wrong when it is.

    That mechanic being that light can’t travel faster than the warping of space-time due to gravity. Light itself isn’t really affected by gravity, having no mass. Space-time is affected by gravity, and can bend. That bending can cause light to travel along the curvature, called lensing, of space.

    Of note is that, when light travels with the curving, it is still traveling in a straight line from source to destination. If light was affected, directly, by gravity, the lights path would alter from that straight path.

    The other mechanic I’d like to address, is space-time inversion. Which is the ultimate reason light cannot escape. That inversion means that light, a quantum energy packet that by its nature is always in motion, is always traveling at the speed of light to the center of the black hole.

    Explanation: Inverted space-time means the y-axis of space, the three physical dimensions, responsible for spatial distances becomes the axis of Time. In a black hole, a singular point, it’s not where you are, it’s when you are. If you could enter a black hole and live, you’d have access to all the ‘events’ the black hole has witnessed, or will ever witness. You could do that by moving along the x-axis, normally time, now space. But, that means any physical motion will also move you closer to the center. The center being your future. Light, as mentioned, is motion. *As such, it will always head directly to the center at the fastest possible (light)speed.* This is the reason light can’t escape. This is also why the border between the universe and black hole is called the event horizon. On one side, all future events happen in the universe at large. On the other, the future is the singularity. Beyond the EH, the warping of space-time is so extreme, the curvature so steep, nothing can escape. The information that went with whatever crossed is compressed and scrambled. Not lost forever, but changed. Eventually, the black hole will begin to evaporate, releasing Hawking radiation as a result. Then, in a final burst of energy, explodes upon death.

    You can think of the formation of a black hole as undeath. Where normal stars die, and more powerful stars go out in Nova or Super-Nova fashion. The stars that form into black holes found the spell to become a lich. But, everything dies… eventually.

    A Kugelblitz, a black hole created by photons condensed into a single point is really just the energy of a photon, the packet value, being restricted to a point where that energy has exceeded its Schwartzchild radius, and collapses. Since light, photons, travel along the space-time ‘fabric’, it would likely take a gravitational singularity to create one.

    Also, there’s a few more black-holes than mentioned. A stellar black hole; the remnants of a stellar(star) object. There’s the charged and uncharged stellar black hole. That’s two different black holes. (Before you post on me being wrong; see below, I address this.)

    Now, this depends on if you consider a massive and a super-massive black hole as different, as size isn’t the only difference between them.

    A massive black hole has the mass of multiple stellar objects. Charge/uncharged means a total of four.

    A super-massive black hole has the mass of hundreds, if not thousands of stellar objects. So massive they tend to be found at the center of most galaxies. So massive they actually are the anchor of everything that makes the galaxy. These will likely always spin, as the galaxies spin around them. Charge is a different question, and I haven’t read anywhere about the possible charge values. (5 maybe 6.)

    But, an isolated, non-spinning, non-charged black hole doesn’t exist, it’s a mathematical example to make the study of black holes easier when introduced in physics. All black holes have spin. The charge value can change. The spin can vary. That’s 5-6 normal types, charge being the difference in category.

    But, a basic black hole as just described is the stuff of nightmares. This is also called the eternal black hole. Add one to the types of black holes if you count this as a black hole. (7)

    So, the eternal black hole, the stellar charged, stellar neutral, massive charged, massive neutral, and the supermassive, maybe charged. That’s 6-8 types of black holes. Some may count the Kugelblitz as one (8), I don’t as the results are a black hole.

    There is one more singularity, mathematically possible, but never observed. The white hole, whose gravitational force is the inverse of a black hole. Where nothing can escape a black hole, nothing that can enter a white hole. While not a black hole, it is a singularity, which makes 6-9 different singularity types by difference in physics.

    My personal count is 6. The Kugelblitz and the Eternal black hole being the ones that don’t count. Adding one for charge differences to the SMBh. As a white hole is only theoretical, it won’t be added until more definitive proof is presented.

    But, in the end, if even light can’t travel along space-time fast enough to escape a black-hole, it shows us just how extremely powerful gravity as a force can be…

    And gravity is considered one of the weaker universal forces.

    (Typed on my phone during a party, typos and mistakes are entirely my fault; however, I wanted to present the reason.)

  66. This is racist why is it called a black hole should be called a white hole

  67. Christopher Smith | March 30, 2021 at 7:30 pm | Reply

    Don’t be fooled… diving into any size black hole is a death sentence. True, a super massive black hole like the one at the center of the galaxy MIGHT allow some finite time of human existence inside the event horizon since the tidal forces will remain relatively tame at the time of crossing the event horizon. But, I am not sure of the math presented in papers I have read, and other articles on the subject. And such math exposes paradoxes that can’tbe resolved with certainty. Keep in mind that an astronaut falling into a black hole would by definition be traveling at or near the speed of light at the time of crossing the event horizon. General relativity suggests that forshortening would occur along direction of travel, and time for the astronaut would appear to slow to a crawl or even stop as observed by a stationary external observer. From the astronaut’s perspective, the forshortening and time dilation would not be observable. However, from the astronaut’s perspective he would reach the singularity nearly instantly. It is well known from General relativity that a theoretical spaceship traveling at very very very close to the speed of light could reach any point in the known universe virtually instantly from the astronaut’s perspective. Hence, I doubt that if an astronaut dived straight into black hole that he would have any time to observe anything. An astronaut might be able to buy himself some “time” by failing into the black hole at a nearly tangent trajectory when crossing the event horizon, thereby going into a temporary orbit around the black hole. But, this orbit would decay quickly due gravitational radiation effects. Still, the perceived time of travel by the astronaut to the singularity would be finite and very short. At the singularity, or even before reaching it, the astronaut would face a certain, horrible death.

  68. Christopher Smith | March 30, 2021 at 8:02 pm | Reply

    Even in the event of a rotating super massive black hole, frame dragging effects would be severe, and a temporary orbit would be impossible to maintain since the spacetime would be dragged along the direction of rotation.

  69. Provided gravity is understood. I think there has been an oversight. Things don’t get pulled in . The understanding that gravity is a force that pulls is probably inaccurate. Speculation is fun , proving an understanding is beneficial. Knowing gravity does not pull , the question is the mechanism behind the actions. Hint ,it’s not curved spacetime.

  70. Chris Matthewson | April 6, 2021 at 8:12 am | Reply

    Since time slows in strong gravitational fields, any observer watching you fall into a Black Hole would never actually see you fall in. You would appear to hover stationary just above the event horizon. This is also true for ANYTHING falling in, which means we can’t actually see anything cross the event horizon.

    As for what YOU would see, once you cross the event horizon, even if you could somehow survive the incredible tidal forces and colliding with all the junk backed up at the horizon, you would quickly meet your demise as you almost instantly smashed against either the singularity or its functional equivalent.

  71. I can explain what black hole actually is . A simple example of a basket full of water and a glass will help us to understand. We can consider the basket full of water as our universe / space . Now take a glass , dip it into the basket , fill it fully and bring it out . What will happen next . At next we would see the nearby space filling the volume that had been emptied bcz of removing the water out . I think the black hole is also the same phenomenon . Somehow a part of the space got lost somewhere and it’s surrounding is being attracted towards the vacancy to fill it .

  72. The person will enjoy the adventure until his death😂😂😂

  73. 42 is the magic number….

  74. Quentin Thomson | April 15, 2021 at 5:01 am | Reply

    SMBH’s are liquid light. They are very dense. Atoms cannot enter but instead is where all the stars cone from folks. Hey look, a new star is now orbiting the SMBH. It must have been drifting by but we would have seen it.

  75. This has nothing to do with black holes…I was just thinking, …sometimes I wonder if the whole universe, is actually a living organism, and all the galaxies, stars, everything, in our known universe, “us” are all just the innards, living within this “universal being”….lol! Things that make ya go hmmm.

  76. Ready to explore

  77. To Know more about black hole..? Read Surah No Or Chapter No-17 from the Quran to understand what is beyond the black ⚫ hole & Only One Servivor Can Give You The exact Details & That is Last & Final Messenger & 2.5 Billion People’s Role Model, Irrespective Of, Age, Gender, Color & Of Course no Racism, None Other Than Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be Up on Him)

  78. Asadullah baig | April 27, 2021 at 2:35 am | Reply

    Do a quantam entanglement on a molecule. Send one molecule through the blackhole and study one here on earth.

  79. Nils Lijonheufvude | April 29, 2021 at 6:21 pm | Reply

    Is the speed of light in a vacuum really the speed limit of the universe? Multiple mediums exist, especially when traveling a cast distance to the nearest black hole.

    It is possible therefore for accelerated particles to be transmitted at speeds greater than the speed of light can realistically travel a great distance.

    Combine this with the gravitational fields that numerous objects of great mass undoubtedly in-between point to point interstellar plotted courses & it is theoretically possible to use these gravitational forces to travel faster than previously theorized.

    Therefore, by moving in a path unlike the perfectly straight path that lightning a vacuum would move, an accelerated particle could take advantage of numerous gravitational fields & thereby reduce vast distances exponentially.

    Meaning, accelerated particles can ultimately theoretically travel much faster than light in a vacuum.

  80. This would then make it possible to study data measured from within a black hole & transmit the data a great distance prior to measuring it.

    In theory, this is how a long range scanner might work.

  81. By data, I mean actual particles with mass, unlike light.

    Accelerated particles navigating through multiple mediums & who’s initial accelerating is gravimetrically accelerated multiple times.

  82. Anirudh Rana | May 5, 2021 at 7:44 am | Reply

    How human will survive without oxygen.

  83. Nadia safdar | May 9, 2021 at 1:36 am | Reply

    I think it is possible from outside to observr the balck hole

  84. I do not think anybody can fall in a black hole and survive even to take pictures and bring them out.
    Anyways,no one has sent them to go into a black hole.So if they (God forbid)die,we are not to blame.

  85. Drayco Of Dragons | June 7, 2021 at 9:20 pm | Reply

    The event horizon is always an interesting point with black holes. As it’s a reference point of where gravity holds back photos or the threshold point. If you think of the gravitational pull on a photo, which is very little, slipping past the event horizon barrier with a probe would be fairly simple. Instead of this mysterious point of no return point. As long as the orbital velocity is substantial enough, it would be easy to slip past the event horizon to investigate the so called “black hole”. I prefer to refer these as black voids, but for the wow factor I’m sure it will be retained as “black hole”

  86. Keith Reynolds | June 10, 2021 at 12:03 am | Reply

    Ever since we’ve learned that all black holes will evaporate away given enough time, and given the math of gravitational time dilation, and increasing tidal forces on smaller black holes, it should have long ago become obvious that nothing that we throw at a so-called black hole could ever cross these mathematical things we call event horizons before the blackhole has completly evaporated away. That is, the universe will not let us divide by zero, leading to an apparent zeno’s like paradox when you throw something at it. consider time for distant observer = time for thing thrown at a black hole / (sqrt (1- (2× gravitational constant × Mass of the black hole) / (radius from the center of the black hole × speed of light ^2) = time / 0 when the radius is the event horizon.

    if a very long lived distant observer can never observe something crossing the event horizon before a black hole evaporates, then from the frame of reference of someone falling in, the black hole will evaporate before their eyes as they themselfs are ripped to shreds by the escaping gamma rays, as all the matter that ever fell on a black hole is is shredded by the increasing tidal forces being so close to the event horizon of a shrinking black hole. You, holding your hand out infront as you fall towards a super massiv black hole could never see your hand disapear first crossing over to the other side the event horizon. Instead, the black hole will disapear before you and you’ll first see your hand vaporized into a shower of particles and light if you could survive to the last instant.

  87. Here’s what I sincerely don’t understand about event horizons. Assuming no accretion disk and therefore no terminal velocity, wouldn’t any object crossing an event horizon be traveling at the speed of light? Isn’t traveling at light speed supposed to be impossible? And from the relative perspective of an infinitely long lived hyper-observing mechanism outside of the event horizon, wouldn’t it take until the Big Rip for the in-falling person to actually cross the horizon? From such an outside perspective, does everything falling into a black hole anywhere in the universe all hit a singularly at the same time: at the very end of the universe?

  88. Keith Reynolds | June 20, 2021 at 1:40 pm | Reply

    How come physicist dont know the that you can not divide by zero in math, or in the real world?

    Gravitational time dialation, t=t’/sqrt(1-2GM/rc^2) = t’/0 when r is the radius of an event horizon.

    What gravitational time dialation increasing with decreasing distance from an event horizon means is if an attacker threw his victim at a black hole, the victim would see his attacker and the universe age quicker and quicker untill the attacker grows old and dies and turns to dust before ever crossing the event horizon. the victim’s victory is short lived because from the victims petspective the universe is exponentially aging million, billion, trillions of years over a short period of time.

    Steven Hawking predicted black hole evaporation radiating the mass of a black hole away. His equasions tell us a normal sized black hole will fully evaporate in time scales around 10^100 years or more, which the victims will sees go by in a fraction of a second in his reference frame.

    The infalling victim will experence greater and greater tidal forces as the black hole shrinks and the Hawking radiation grows hotter and hotter. Most gruesomely, the victim’s very atoms would be torn apart tidally and blown away by gamma ray hot escaping hawking radiation.

    Everything we thought swallowed by a black hole including the mass and energy of the dead neutron star never ever crosses an event horizon. These so-called black holes just chew everything up and spits it all out, but never swallows.

  89. I will go

  90. I worry about earth falling into a black hole. I worry about that
    more than crime Is that possible?

  91. Angelos Christou | August 23, 2021 at 1:39 am | Reply

    Let’s say you somehow pass through without being broken down into your fundamental molecules at either end you will be flying through space at speeds much faster than the speed of light you will not see anything, computers won’t pick up on anything. All our senses are evolved on our planet we were molded by the planet and our computers are as fast as electricity, electricity is not that fast compared to a black hole you’d just be flying deaf and blind in another part of space without the ability to slow down. Humans are smart or at least some are but we are so far from this idea.

  92. A singularity at the center of a black hole? That is totally absurd mathematical nonsense!! Scientists must abandon this singularity nonsense to make real progress in merging GR with QM. I believe the key to understanding black holes lies in the realization that what lies within the event horizon is a highly dynamic QM process which is similar, but more intense, than the quantum foam that occurs in a supposed perfect vacuum. Is the event horizon a static spherical surface which releases nothing which falls through it? No, most assuredly not!! It has much more “hair” than just Hawking radiation. It’s a dynamic surface which oscillates and breathes as a direct result of the QM events occuring within its interior. What events? Well, imagine the time when a black hole is first created from stellar collapse. If there are levels of QM degeneracy pressure beyond neutron degengeracy pressure, then infalling matter/energy will eventually bounce off the pressure level just like in a supernova explosion. But, in this case there is gravitational containment. The explosion cannot burst out completely. But, it can a little bit, kind of like a teapot with boiling water releasing a little bit of steam. How? There’s an enormous amout of matter/energy that would outflow from the center of a ball of degenarcy pressure at the center of the event horizon. This is the bounce. It is more than just outflowing, it is accelerating outwards. So, from Einstein’s equivalence principle, the outward accelerating matter/energy from the bounce counteracts some if the inward accelerating matter/energy which formed the initial event horizon before the bounce. So, what does the newly formed event horizon do in response to the bounce? It moves. Maybe not much, but it moves! Then what? Well, the bounce eventually stops, maybe after seconds or milliseconds, because it is gravitationaly contained. Then all the matter/energy starts accelerating inward again, only to be met with the QM degeneracy pressure whičh caused the initial bounce, and so the cycle repeats itself. Matter accelerating in, then some of it accelerating out ad evaporatum. Evaporation? Well, yes. As the dynamic event horizon breathes in and out in response to the cyclical QM bounce, some of the high-powered EM radiation which could almost escape the event horizon, if it was static, can now escape in rhythmic fashion. But, it would be very low frequency radiation, the type that is very hard to detect from earth currently. Eventually, the BH would evaporate. Any experimental proof for these conjectures? Well, it might be a good idea to analyze the supposed correlated noise from the LIGO gravitational wave detectors to see if there are multiple cyclical components to the noise. These cyclical components could be the result the cyclic matter bounces within nearby stellar black holes in our galaxy. Also, an RF antenna that was able to pick up high-powered, low frequency EM radiation might show some mysterious cyclical radiation emanating from the vicinity of a black hole. This would be event horizon hair. Finally, if an actual event horizon could be located, an experiment similar to the starlight eclipse experiment of 1919 could be performed to demonstrate that a BH event horizon boundary is not static. In the meantime, my dream is that all physicists and astronomers would willingly write the following statement one hundred times on the nearest blackboard: “A black hole singularity is nonsense”.

  93. What if you had a really really long cable so u could send the information back that would do it yeah

  94. There is a possibility that the formation of black holes may be due to depletion of a layer(unknown) as in case of ozone layer Depletion. I think that what I am saying is have some logic. Let’s see wheather it will be proved right or wrong by @SAPCEAGENCIES.
    Thank you.

  95. If there is a way in then there should be A way out there are some places with low gravity power of we could find that place and we attempt to come back from there it’s possible but it’s 50/50

  96. If there is a way in then there should be A way out there are some places with low gravity power of we could find that place and we attempt to come back from there it’s possible but it’s 50/50 we should sent some space drones or somethin to find out

  97. What if said person is holding on to an appropriate type of telephone wire, could he then transmit something back?
    Also, could that person enter an orbital path inside the event horizon and observe for as long as she wants?
    Finally, could an appropriate slowly decaying orbital approach allow getting past the spaghettification issue for a smaller black hole? (I.e. what’s the difference in gravitational pull between nose and back of head?)

  98. Blackholes r the most intriguing n mystique creatures of cosmos but monstrous n dreadful too .I read numerous articles on Blackholes but never heard about a Blackhole with 1 solar mass their must be an error on ur side next time, scrutinize the stuff n then post it .

  99. Did Darwin understood it backwards? Black holes and all space time physics is the result of of 500 years of Copernicus western delicious of a solar system.

  100. I have survived and they have much to do with quantum locking.

  101. Maybe not a human but super dense particals engineered to reassemble or manage to stay in tact under emence pressure and vacuum, a feat for partical physics, that are launched at the same rate as the tidal force at the point of horizon with ability to manage directional change and take readings. If not destroyed, maybe if reassembly succeeds or stays in tact under such force another type of research device could be born. Maybe.

  102. I get sick and tired of reading s*** like this with a headline making you think that scientists have figured out there may be some theoretical ideas that make studying the interior of a black hole a possibility only to read the whole damn article and realize it’s the same damn s*** as always . . . “No”, nothing comes out of a black hole. I thought this was like obvious to even the layperson for like decades. This article was a waste of time.

  103. We could send all the eager STEM students there to complete a report on the prospect of passing through the event horizon.

  104. Andres Albarran | November 27, 2021 at 8:30 pm | Reply

    You’d need to generate a sheer force that’s more powerful then the gravitation attempting to pull you apart while accommodating for the force at the center. something quit difficult become blackholes in opinion are a form of quarantine zone as that is what a mass that doesn’t allow release nce you enter it’s grip would be, the center i presume being deemed a biohazard by the universe it’s be near to impossible to examine from the outside. i say yes and no because it possible that getting past all the gravitation entitles being absorbed or destroyed yet you could examine it from outer center so unless you can and know what it is and how much power its outputting you be destroyed. i assume the center to be either a proton or neutron atom maybe a new form of matter which is unknown something which would be the size of a baseball perhaps smaller or bigger depending on the mass index of the gravitational nucleus.

    • Andres Albarran | November 27, 2021 at 8:33 pm | Reply

      “proofread second sentence” something quite difficult because blackholes in my opinion are a form of quarantine zone as that is what a mass that does not allow release once you enter it’s grip would be, the center i presume being deemed a biohazard by the universe it’d be near to impossible to examine from the outside…

  105. I’d like to fall in one(°v°)

  106. I think black holes lead to other places. Maybe other parallel universes. And yes, their is a way to eacape the pull of a black hole. We just havent put all the pieces together. Yet

  107. I feel like some idiot compared to yall XD

  108. I’m not in the science department, but I’m interested in science
    I just have one silly question…

    Why don’t things snap in a black hole?? Cuz I knw there’s a limit to my flexibility… Why do they seem to spaghettify?? Does it stretch only to the eyes, kind’a optical illusion, or can it be proven to be real

  109. I tried to understand this but it hurt my head. You guys are smart. I apparently am not.

  110. Quentin R Thomson | March 1, 2022 at 1:21 pm | Reply

    Super Massive Black Holes are what I call liquid light. Arrayed fundamental particles tightly packed so that an atom cannot enter. The vortex theory has long since been discredited by the very person who came up with the idea. For many years sci-fi writers were sending there characters into black holes until the second Hawking press conference where he denounced the idea of SMBHs as a vortex. Things don’t go into these objects. It is instead where all the stars in all the galaxies come from. The planets in similar fashion come from their host star. Enough clues. Time to face facts. Light exhibits properties of particle and wave. Particles at about 10 to the neg 35 meters. No wonder they are hard to see

  111. Bruce Devries | April 7, 2022 at 10:48 am | Reply

    Are they real?

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