Evolutionary Dispute: Most Human Origins Stories Are Not Compatible With Known Fossils

Ancestor of Chimpanzees and Humans

The last common ancestor of chimpanzees and humans represents the starting point of human and chimpanzee evolution. Fossil apes play an essential role when it comes to reconstructing the nature of our ape ancestry. Credit: Printed with permission from © Christopher M. Smith

Fossil apes can inform us about essential aspects of ape and human evolution, including the nature of our last common ancestor.

In the 150 years since Charles Darwin speculated that humans originated in Africa, the number of species in the human family tree has exploded, but so has the level of dispute concerning early human evolution. Fossil apes are often at the center of the debate, with some scientists dismissing their importance to the origins of the human lineage (the “hominins”), and others conferring them starring evolutionary roles. A new review out on May 7 in the journal Science looks at the major discoveries in hominin origins since Darwin’s works and argues that fossil apes can inform us about essential aspects of ape and human evolution, including the nature of our last common ancestor.

Humans diverged from apes — specifically, the chimpanzee lineage — at some point between about 9.3 million and 6.5 million years ago, towards the end of the Miocene epoch. To understand hominin origins, paleoanthropologists aim to reconstruct the physical characteristics, behavior, and environment of the last common ancestor of humans and chimps.

“When you look at the narrative for hominin origins, it’s just a big mess — there’s no consensus whatsoever,” said Sergio Almécija, a senior research scientist in the American Museum of Natural History’s Division of Anthropology and the lead author of the review. “People are working under completely different paradigms, and that’s something that I don’t see happening in other fields of science.”

There are two major approaches to resolving the human origins problem: “Top-down,” which relies on analysis of living apes, especially chimpanzees; and “bottom-up,” which puts importance on the larger tree of mostly extinct apes. For example, some scientists assume that hominins originated from a chimp-like knuckle-walking ancestor. Others argue that the human lineage originated from an ancestor more closely resembling, in some features, some of the strange Miocene apes.

In reviewing the studies surrounding these diverging approaches, Almécija and colleagues with expertise ranging from paleontology to functional morphology and phylogenetics discuss the limitations of relying exclusively on one of these opposing approaches to the hominin origins problem. “Top-down” studies sometimes ignore the reality that living apes (humans, chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, and hylobatids) are just the survivors of a much larger, and now mostly extinct, group. On the other hand, studies based on the “bottom-up” approach are prone to giving individual fossil apes an important evolutionary role that fits a preexisting narrative.

“In The Descent of Man in 1871, Darwin speculated that humans originated in Africa from an ancestor different from any living species. However, he remained cautious given the scarcity of fossils at the time,” Almécija said. “One hundred fifty years later, possible hominins — approaching the time of the human-chimpanzee divergence — have been found in eastern and central Africa, and some claim even in Europe. In addition, more than 50 fossil ape genera are now documented across Africa and Eurasia. However, many of these fossils show mosaic combinations of features that do not match expectations for ancient representatives of the modern ape and human lineages. As a consequence, there is no scientific consensus on the evolutionary role played by these fossil apes.”

Overall, the researchers found that most stories of human origins are not compatible with the fossils that we have today.

“Living ape species are specialized species, relicts of a much larger group of now extinct apes. When we consider all evidence — that is, both living and fossil apes and hominins — it is clear that a human evolutionary story based on the few ape species currently alive is missing much of the bigger picture,” said study co-author Ashley Hammond, an assistant curator in the Museum’s Division of Anthropology.

Kelsey Pugh, a Museum postdoctoral fellow and study co-author adds, “The unique and sometimes unexpected features and combinations of features observed among fossil apes, which often differ from those of living apes, are necessary to untangle which features hominins inherited from our ape ancestors and which are unique to our lineage.”

Living apes alone, the authors conclude, offer insufficient evidence. “Current disparate theories regarding ape and human evolution would be much more informed if, together with early hominins and living apes, Miocene apes were also included in the equation,” says Almécija. “In other words, fossil apes are essential to reconstruct the ‘starting point’ from which humans and chimpanzees evolved.”

Reference: “Fossil apes and human evolution” by Sergio Almécija, Ashley S. Hammond, Nathan E. Thompson, Kelsey D. Pugh, Salvador Moyà-Solà and David M. Alba, 7 May 2021, Science.
DOI: 10.1126/science.abb4363

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  1. Contrary to reasearch papers..irrespective of mammals looking alike humans,I often encounter humans identities to imagine themselves to differenciate as well as sychonize with other sexes from within their own communities where they originate . So why is /
    are there so many cases of social disharmony these days. I reckon the daily news are not reported and only directed back to their own governmental control…which is devastating and confusing

    • Clyde Spencer | May 9, 2021 at 7:13 am | Reply

      It may be that humans evolved with low population densities and had allegiance to small tribes, and evolution hasn’t yet caught up with how we live now — with population densities and housing akin to termites, and diverse cultural paradigms that are reflected in the parable of the Tower of Babel. It shouldn’t really be surprising when schizophrenia is rampant and antisocial behavior is a problem.

    • @paul lohs HUH?!? ……….:\

  2. Jon Ambrose | May 9, 2021 at 7:08 am | Reply

    Evolution occurred but God created evolutionary process for human adaptability and survival

    • hmm…….maybe…..:|

    • David O Harrison | May 10, 2021 at 2:46 pm | Reply

      John, You suggest “Evolution occurred but God created an evolutionary process for human adaptability and survival.” That is what I used to think, but God persuaded me otherwise. IF we believe what God says, then evolution is not an option. God either created or He didn’t. While natural selection is readily observable, evolution remains an unsupportable theory (despite the gyrations evolutionists will go through to justify their ideas). One of the most recent whacks at the Achilles heel of their arguments is the Water Paradox which you can read here at Evolution News.

      • And our VERY?!? similar SKELETAL?!? structures to chimpanzees/apes?!? ……. and even BEHAVIOR?!? ……DUMBASS?!? ….>:(

      • David,

        If we believe in God, and believe that God is all-powerful (like, stop time all powerful), and reject the silly “God put the fossils in the ground as a test of faith” arguments, it is unlikely scientists will ever discover the true mechanisms of human evolution because they may not be knowable. Creation stories are ALL allegory, and more likely the distillation of millions of years of oral history, rather than a literal story. I know you probably think you know what the story of original sin refers to, but consider this alternative: At some point in history more than a handful of long-divergent species existed simultaneously. To prevent newer, more intelligent species from rising up replacing homosapiens, they exterminated all known “semi-intelligent” species, leaving only tree-dwelling apes and Man? The missing link may never be discovered, dooming both bottom-up and top-down approaches. What we need is a middle-out approach (lol, just a Silicon Valley joke there).

        Peace and Hair Grease,
        Weber (-.-),,|,

      • You say “If we believe what God says…”, but what you mean is “If we believe MY interpretation of what God says…”

        A literal reading of Genesis is the most simplistic and superficial one. A deeper look into Biblical Hebrew and ancient Semitic cultures leaves plenty of room for evolution in God’s creation.

    • And, actually……evolution is STILL happening?!? ……..even to THIS?!? day?!? …….especially with CERTAIN?!? species?!? ……such as raccoons, crows and foxes?!? ……..:| 🙂

  3. … in the words of graph, ” it means that we don’t know way too many dots and connections”, and in order to conclude “we are wrong about it, but we should figure it out”…

  4. We need to understand the constellation of genes that account for sociability, generalized intelligence and generalized language. Then we can compare this to The analogous genes and other animals, And as much as we can finding fossilized DNA remains.

  5. It is obvious that humans never evolute, they were created by the Lord. These so called scientists are just an atheist hiding behind science

    • Edward Gazsi | May 9, 2021 at 2:21 pm | Reply

      I’m totally with you, Dany. There are so many cracks in evolution yet evolutionists with their materialistic biases willfully ignore the truth of divine creation. And, I say that as an evolutionist/atheist before I became a Christian.

      • David O Harrison | May 10, 2021 at 2:55 pm | Reply

        Likewise… I have the same ‘before and after’ story. I have become so frustrated with the illogical arguments of supposedly intelligent individuals in favour of evolution that I ended up writing a book on why it is perfectly logical that there should be a God, and that evolution can be logically and inteligently reasoned against.



        • Whiskey Tango | May 15, 2021 at 2:13 pm | Reply

          I read your book. The only thing you proved is that you need to legitimize your bogus Christian ministry but you’re only a missing salesman.

  6. Na, humans evolved from humans not no apes the apes we have today haven’t changed to a human yet! Like,duh

  7. Macro evolution has been proven to be faults, there is no evolution from one species to another……. Only micro evolution exist which is within the same species.

    The Bible actually is true and the Earth is only 13000 years old and when you understand this, the other discrepancies disappear as there has been actual evidence proving that the biblical stories are in fact real stories which really did happen.

    • Vickie Steeves | May 15, 2021 at 8:05 pm | Reply

      Some stories told in the Bible do involve actually known historical figures, but many other parts are full of allegory. The truth will be revealed, but not while we are alive on Earth. Only when we meet our Maker.

  8. Dr Panopticon | May 9, 2021 at 2:48 pm | Reply

    What the hell is wrong with the comments on this article? All you see is functional illiterates and religious freaks. Pretty sad.

    • Mark Keller | May 9, 2021 at 5:55 pm | Reply


    • My thoughts exactly, religion poking holes in evolution – yeah cos religious origin stories are watertight

    • Jerzy Kaltenberg | May 10, 2021 at 2:53 pm | Reply

      yes, well, they’re the only ones left with an axe to grind. I do find functional illiteracy correlates with religious belief (Christians are not unique here). It’s certainly not surprising.

    • David O Harrison | May 10, 2021 at 3:07 pm | Reply

      The problem you describe is not whether Creation or Evolution is true, rather it is how both sides generally fail to provide rational or supportable arguments in trying to define their position. Evolutionists will defer to conjecture (theory), while the religious will defer to their holy books. Personally, I am much more of a pragmatist and depend on observational evidence that leads to a reasonable and logical conclusion.


  9. I thought it was decided some unseen sky fairy waved his/her/its hand and created anything and everything on a whim.

    • Chris – You’re right! Spot on! Good job! Except the unseen sky fairy you refer to is known as The Big Bang. You know… a giant cosmic explosion that occurred eons ago that created everything, everybody and everywhere out of absolutely nothing. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Takes a lot of faith to believe that but I know you can do it!

  10. I love how this article dances around the fact that scientists have yet to find a single real transition fossil from humans to apes. I can’t believe scientists can preach this bull when there is no real evidence of humans evolving from apes (besides DNA, although no one seems to realize God could’ve just reused his assets). If macro evolution was in any way true, we would have thousands of transition fossils, but we have 0. Explain that Bill Nye

  11. Victor Banks | May 9, 2021 at 4:39 pm | Reply

    Adam and Eve were in the Garden. And they were filled with the bright light of GOD !!!! Therefore by them being enfolded with brightness! All of the animals bowed down. When they a ate from tree of knowledge. The brightness left them. And they observed their nakedness and went to cover themselves. The point is that didn’t make a monkey in his IMAGE AND LIKENESS.

  12. Read your Bible and you will know where man came from. Oh and I know beyond any doubt that God does exist


  14. I really just can’t wrap my head around that whole evoled scenario, it’s not that I totally disagree but it’s hard to swallow sometimes, now I know it takes millions of years to happen even so shouldn’t there be examples morphing in nature right now, I don’t mean seeing an Ape actually starting to look like us now but, in other words did the “evolution” start millions of years ago then just stop? Or is evolution still going on? Are there apes out there actually starting to turn into a more human like being? Or will, a million or so years from now, we have an explosion of ape like human like hominids around everywhere!?!??

    • The time involved is indeed staggering. I can’t wrap my head around it either. But there is actually a great deal if evidence that evolution continues to occur. It takes so long that we will never see any massive changes to body structures, but we can see evidence of those changes. The vestigial leg bones found in whales is a great example, as is wings on flightless ducks and the human appendix. These are all examples of evolutionary transitions.

  15. Realistically how can it be otherwise? Charles Darwin called it and I’m an ape man.

  16. Russell Hamilton | May 9, 2021 at 8:10 pm | Reply

    The evidence MAY only go so far. Too many missing links or simply not enough fossils

  17. Charles Darwin | May 9, 2021 at 9:15 pm | Reply

    Ah yes, scientists spend decades studying and researching and collaborating, yet there is always some “genius” in the comments that thinks they know better. Oh well, stupid people will never know how stupid they sounds. Ironically, they’re the best example of evolution from apes.

  18. Microbiologist | May 9, 2021 at 9:58 pm | Reply

    Yes there are some evolutionarily take place but not in this huge condition that you say a six feet human is evoluted from charpizan or any othet aphs no its not ponsible if it ponsible than there should be a lot of diffrance between males and females of humans beacuse it not ponsible that bhoth male and frmale evolued same time with many similarities soo i think humans are created in their original form not they evoluted
    I beleaved that we will get its proof when we fined th SHIP OF HAZZRAT NOoH( alihislam) Which is niratted in Holy QURAN (the true book )
    soo just waite ……..

  19. What is clear from the article is that no chimps or apes that are currently alive have any link to humans. Random chance genetic mutations are incapable of giving rise to more complex or specialized creatures. Normally these genetic failures lead to the death of the organism with the transcription error. Organisms do change and adapt somewhat over time and this is in response to survivability factors. But this ability existed in the creatures parents when they were made. The missing link is still that. Missing.

  20. We’re ape/alien hybrid. God/aliens came down and infused us with their “seed” creating humans as we know them. It’s all there in the bible.

    • Why insult people? What does that do for you? Insults and calling others names is childish… or… using your origins analogy, perhaps you just haven’t evolved enough yet. It that it? Must be, which suggests YOU are the better example of “evolution from apes”.

  21. We were seeded here by alien superior race prob from the Orion star system as a way of cultivating a purer species but there science experiment has gone quite wrong we are the after result .

  22. Donald Garretson | May 10, 2021 at 1:04 am | Reply

    Though the Theory of evolution has many gaps, certain knowledge is completely absent in the Bible. Dinosaurs are left out of the Bible simple because Man has no knowledge they ever existed when the Bible was written. “God” as written about by Man in any religious book is a result of not knowing how Man came about and trying to give an explanation of why we exist (trying to give meaning to one’s life). We have a totally different opening in all religious books those writing them had the knowledge of early Earth and evolution.
    We may never know the truth of whether we arose randomly from Star Dust or were Created at the whim of a Superior Being.

  23. The real problem with the theory of evolution is the fact of the law of entropy, which is completely irreversible. It is not possible for the amount of information in all of the species that have ever existed to have arisen by random chance, because information always decays over time. Whether you believe in intelligent design or not, you cannot break the law of entropy by any means without destroying every basic tenet of physics, which requires that you deny the knowability of the universe, and that’s just plain stupid.

    • Neither the law of entropy, nor any other law of physics is violated by evolution. Because as probably you also know, it talks about a closed system. Now obviously planet Earth is not that. There’s a huge amount of energy coming into the system from outside radiation (eg. the sun?.
      The laws of thermodynamics are only useful if we use them accurately.

  24. Donald Garretson | May 10, 2021 at 1:16 am | Reply

    As a side: Eve was made from Adam’s rib, therefore she is Adam’s Twin Sister (sharing same exact genes), so if you believe that story as written by Man, then we are all the result of Incest (that continued with their children and grandchildren and so on) which as we know from reality is against Nature since most children of incestuous relations are born with genetic defects.

  25. Ineh Chukwudi | May 10, 2021 at 1:47 am | Reply

    The Bible makes it clear that God created Man in his image and likeness, the Bible never said Man evolved from apes and at the same time Man is more intelligent than the apes so why should man evolved from what he is more intelligent than.

  26. There is only one race, the human race!
    We are all descendants of one man….Adam.
    He certainly was not a primate.
    We are a young world, no other human lived prior to him.
    He was created in God’s image…..No, God is not an ape either.

  27. This evolution theory is totally misplaced. The creator of all animals and human beings is one. There is tendency of artists, architects, musicians to produce similar designs or similar music beats/lyrics. This is signature traits, similarly creator of mankind too on earth produced similar wild animals which have confused Scientists Darwin included.

  28. Well… This comment thread is discouraging to say the least. Why is it so many religious comments? When are we gonna let this religion thing GO! Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that some NEED God to be real because of the foreseeable future… DEATH… I known its scary and uncomfortable in your mind which is why we need to GET TO WORK!!! “God” and “The Church” are good for ONE THING… CHARITY… Without it the helping of our neighbors would diminish. I can’t believe we are still stuck on this. Why does God get all the credit? Its all about what “god” did. What about what we have accomplished as an evolved species. What’s with all this “I don’t believe in evolution” crap? Unlike religion its proven facts you don’t have the option to believe in it or not! Why are the apes not changing before our very eyes! Lol. We’ve only had the ability to document for a couple hundred years. Evolution happens VERY SLOWLY. God? Really folks?It’s time to let this die out and move on and work on something else such as preserving live via life extension. Most intellects do not believe in “God”. Realize that most intellectual inventions and discoveries are brought to light by “non-believers”. I say that because that is what it will take for us to progress faster, we need MORE non-believers. Think about it, like the topic of life extension… If a person believes in God, they believe and accept that death is unavoidable and will take place within 120 years after birth. They believe in a heaven and/or hell, therefore, thats one less mind with any reason to study or research the science or technology behind life extension. That’s a setback due to another mind/brain lost to “God”. Why would a Christian help in the field of life extension? Terror Management tricking their mind into thinking that there is an afterlife in the sky with God to suppress reality. Which I’m still confuse about. Is the biblical God a being like us, a spirit? Referring to the Bible is lame at best. The Bible is the one component of religion that I believe in the least! I mean really, Mary got preggo without sex, Noah built an arc for two of EVERY species, the Red sea was parted to make a path across it? REALLY… SOUNDS LIKE MAGIC TO ME. LOL. Mark my words, 200 years or so in the future the living human race is gonna look back on these comments and media of us and LAUGH their asses off. LOL,LOL,LOL… They will say we were so smart yet so dumb.

  29. The concept of evolutionary biology is frightening to many people. It scares them that humans emerged through a natural process just like all other life on Earth. The marvel of nature is that humans are equipped with specialized brains and bodies that allowed us to manipulate and use our environment in such complex and sophisticated ways.
    Humans are always trying to justify themselves as superior and special- “God made us” so we can absolve our sins again and again no matter what we do! God will make it all better!
    People are special but that doesn’t make us “God’s special projects.
    We must respect that we are a part of the Earth just the same as all other living things- we are personally responsible for our own behaviors.
    And we are responsible for our effects on our community, our environment and it is our responsibility to protect our Earth.
    Because we have developed the tools that can destroy a Billion years of evolution in just a few hours.
    But we are also slowly suffocating the Earth by using up resources that took millions of years to make and turning natural Earth minerals into toxic waste.

  30. I agree human origin stories are incompatible with evolution. Evolution is a process occuring in the material world. Origin stories have to do with purpose and larger than life themes like loss of innocence, duality and hierarchy. Most christians today have lost the ability to think symbolically and have engaged themselves in a futile battle against science without realizing that they are trying to use a rationalist/materialist framework which was not the thought process of the ancient people who wrote these stories. What needs to be understood is that evolution being real is not an attack on origin stories being “real”. There is more than one sense in which something is real besides the material sense.

    • David O Harrison | May 10, 2021 at 6:42 am | Reply

      Hi Mark,

      Presently, the biggest single problem for those who espouse an evolutionary process for the creation of first life seem to have hit something of a brick wall with the Water Paradox. The following article was published by EvolutionNews.org , February 2021.
      “But many scientists today say there’s a fundamental problem with that idea [primordial soup and ocean vent theories]: life’s cornerstone molecules break down in water. This is because proteins, and nucleic acids such as DNA and RNA, are vulnerable at their joints. Proteins are made of chains of amino acids, and nucleic acids are chains of nucleotides. If the chains are placed in water, it attacks the links and eventually breaks them. In carbon chemistry, “water is an enemy to be excluded as rigorously as possible”, wrote the late biochemist Robert Shapiro in his totemic 1986 book, Origins, which critiqued the primordial ocean hypothesis.
      This is the water paradox:
      Two amino acids do not spontaneously join in water. The polymerization of amino acids into peptides “is unfavourable in the presence of liquid water at all temperatures.” In other words, water breaks protein chains of monomers back down into amino acids (or other constituents), making it exceedingly difficult to produce longer peptides (or other polymers like RNA) in the primordial soup. Thus, the recent Nature article admits: “Chemists have not yet been able to synthesize such a wide range of biological molecules in conditions that mimic seawater. The emerging evidence has caused many researchers to abandon the idea that life emerged in the oceans and instead focus on land environments, in places that were alternately wet and dry… The open ocean is unviable, says Frenkel-Pinter, because there is no way for chemicals to become concentrated. “That’s really a problem,” agrees Bonfio.”
      With their principal theory (life started in a water-based primordial soup) discredited, evolutionists now must scramble to find alternates.

      • What you said has nothing to do with my comment. You gave me a word salad about molecules breaking down in water and how improbable it is for life to randomly form. Im not concerned with the physical origin of life but rather with the ongoing process that changes it over the eons. My comment was to indicate that human origin stories (primarily genesis) have nothing to do with a material process happening on a molecular level. Its like comparing apples and oranges.

  31. David O Harrison | May 10, 2021 at 5:57 am | Reply

    Many children come to believe in tooth fairies in their infancy because of corrupted or planted evidence. The parent exchanged the child’s tooth for a treat of some kind and was informed, “The tooth fairy left it while you were asleep.” Although done in love, this was a deception. The parent deceived the child into believing there are actual tooth fairies, and the child has not yet learned how or why things need to be rationally investigated.
    Adults, and even experts, are not beyond being deceived either. The Piltdown Man hoax really began in 1859 with the publication of Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species.” If Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection was true, people thought, there should be fossils (transitional forms, or Last Common Ancestors) that connected apes to modern humans. This connecting fossil came to be called ‘the missing link’. The search for it became a race that overtook the 19th-century archaeological community. Because such evidence could not be found, some found it necessary to fabricate the evidence because the evidence of lack was not compossible with Darwin’s theory. British paleontologist Arthur Smith Woodward introduced the world to Piltdown Man. He was followed by many others , most notably, Charles Dawson, who was responsible for 38 fake finds.
    As recently as 2017, the BBC, in their series Earth, acknowledged a paucity of evidence, “We have still not found the missing link between us and apes.” Others have pointed to the discovery of Lucy’s fossil remains in 1974 as the definitive transitional form, but, even here, many are skeptical of interpretations made concerning Lucy as ‘her footprints’ were found one-thousand miles from her skeletal remains .
    The fruitless search goes on.
    “Many claim that beneficial mutations provide examples of “evolution in action.” These mutations supposedly result in the formation of “major innovations” and “rare and complex traits” that over time have resulted in the evolution of all living things from a common ancestor. However, analyses of these mutations show they only result in variations in pre-existing traits, traits that organisms already possess, and cannot result in the origin of novel traits necessary for molecules-to-man evolution.
    Novelty Is Required for Beneficial Mutations:
    For a simple, single-celled ancestor to evolve into a human over billions of years, novel traits must be gained. New anatomical structures—like brains, arms, and legs—and new functions—like cardiovascular and muscle activities—must be acquired [and many of these must be acquired concurrently]. Regardless of whether this is proposed to occur through beneficial mutations that result in the addition of new DNA, changes in existing DNA, or through other mechanisms, there must be a way to add novel traits. However, all observed mechanisms, including beneficial mutations, do just the opposite—they cause the loss of or slight variation in pre-existing traits. Beneficial mutations and other mechanisms cannot account for the origin of novel traits of the type necessary for molecules-to-man evolution. In a paper entitled “A Golden Age for Evolutionary Genetics? Genomic Studies of Adaptation in Natural Populations,” the authors (who are evolutionists) agree that the lack of mechanisms to add novel traits is a problem: “Most studies of recent evolution involve the loss of traits, and we still understand little of the genetic changes needed in the origin of novel traits.”
    In this paper, the scientists give many examples of variations in organisms such as pattern changes in butterfly wings, loss of bony structures in stickleback fish, loss of eyes in cavefish, and adaptations to temperature and altitude. But none of these examples involve the origin of novel traits necessary to evolve into a different kind of organism. Again, they realize this problem and state, “. . . over the broad sweep of evolutionary time what we would really like to explain is the gain of complexity and the origins of novel adaptations.”
    Their frustration with the lack of evidence for “novelty-gaining” mechanisms like beneficial mutations sinks to apparent desperation when they state, “Of course, to some extent, the difference between loss and gain could be a question of semantics, so for example the loss of trichomes [hair-like appendages on flies] could be called ‘gain of naked cuticle.’” The authors have decided that the whole loss/gain issue is merely one of semantics! In order to get the gain required by molecules-to-man evolution they will just change the wording and say it is a “gain of loss.”
    That’s equivalent to a person who has suddenly lost all their money saying, “I’ve not lost money; I’ve just gained poverty!” While it makes the person sound optimistic, it doesn’t change the fact that they have lost all their money. In the same way, an organism doesn’t gain novel traits needed to evolve into something else—instead, organisms lose traits or develop variations in pre-existing traits. It doesn’t matter how evolutionists choose to say it; there is still no mechanism that results in the origin of novel traits required for molecules-to-man evolution.”

    • Jonathan Horton | May 10, 2021 at 6:09 am | Reply

      I like your insight and the prose of your writing . I’m sure know the following, nonetheless in gonna say it anyway . well done !

  32. Jonathan Horton | May 10, 2021 at 5:59 am | Reply

    Evolution is and will always be a scientific theory. Three simple scientific laws it can not pass. They can’t Evan prove the simplest organisms in the oceans evolved. And Lucy come from a proverbial bone yard. They can dig a dinosaur out of solid rock that died 100 million years ago, in a year or two and put it together in year or two. Lucy it took 7 years to collect its bones from 1 mile radius no further than a foot down. Then 8 years to piece it together. Besides the smartest thing a chimp can think up on its own. Is sticking a stick in ant mound and licking the ants off. After at least 200 thousand years on earth. Ask a anthropologist how did humans build such great temples around the world in relatively the same time. Like the Inca and Aztec temples and there knowledge of the stars. And then the Egyptians . the Anthropologist will run from you or try to spin the table in effort to confuse you.
    God exist believe it .

  33. Kevin Burtnick | May 10, 2021 at 6:12 am | Reply

    Propaganda!!! Evolution? Unbelievable ignorance. No such thing, where is the evidence??

    • evolution is NOT?!? ….”pRoPaGaNdA >:( :\”?!? …….it’s JUST INFORMATION?!? …that is/was discovered by scientists/ by a group of scientists?!? ….which is THEN?!? …..relayed/brought to us?!? ……to make of it/view as WE?!? WILL?!? ……you DISGUSTING, filthy, dumbass christains/christain?!?….. >:( :\

      (LIKE?!? …..IF?!? …we WERE?!? “cReAtEd iN gOd’s iMaGe >:( :\”?!? …..then WHY?!? ….are some us are born DEFECTS?!?, mental ILLNESSES?!? and want to have sex with ANIMALS?!? ……that MUST?!? be one/some MESSED?!? up?!? “gOd >:( :\”?!? …..THiNk?!? …..DUMBASS?!? ……THINK?!? …….>:( :\ )

  34. Those god-made-us comments resemble the alien theories so much… 😄
    What if we made ourselves evolve? An ancient tech civilisation of human-likes changed their DNA just like the Chinese will in a few years from now. Afterwards a cathaclism whipped out the tech & brought us back to being cave animals.
    Everything is possible. Nothing is certain. And the funniest part, we’ll only know when the god aliens come back for us 😉

  35. David O Harrison | May 10, 2021 at 6:37 am | Reply

    Someone in this comment thread asked, “Why is it so many religious comments? When are we gonna let this religion thing GO!” The answer is quite simple, anti-theists and/or evolutionists are logically misguided. Science is the observation of nature – theory is conjecture. Quite simply, the observation of nature does not, in any way, support the evolution of novel (beneficial) traits. Novel evolution has never been observed – ever, neither can it be logically argued.

    I find it astounding that so many supposedly smart people place so much faith in unprovable theories, and in the same breath ridicule those who observe the hand of a creative God. Someone noted that “evolution happens very slowly.” It can’t. If a beneficial mutation were to occur it must happen and be passed on, in a single generation, and then rely on cumulative beneficial mutations happening on a continual basis. And now, evolutionists are confronted with another thousand-mile-high hurdle to climb over, The Water Paradox.

    Initiator (First Cause)
    A physical entity (life form)
    Biological processes
    Metabolism (chemical reactions)
    Signaling (responsiveness)
    Interaction with its environment
    Energy (quantitative property)
    Information carrier (DNA)
    Information (the code of life)
    Ecosystems (interdependency)

    Completeness of design
    Efficiency of design
    Extreme complexity
    Mathematical patterns
    Repetitious (self-replicating)

    (Constant) Detrimental mutations
    (Occasional) Beneficial mutations
    Desire to survive (nourish and defend)
    The RNA/DNA/water paradox*
    Information gain
    Hospitable environment
    Initiator (first cause)
    Intermediate and transitional forms
    Novel (not pre-existing) traits
    Random process (unguided)
    Selective pressure (environment)
    Spontaneous reproduction
    Time (constrained)
    No purpose

    As GK Chesterton aptly noted, “It is absurd for the evolutionist to complain that it is unthinkable for an admittedly unthinkable God to make everything out of nothing, and then pretend that it is more thinkable that nothing should turn itself into everything.”

    • Well, those are certainly all words.

      I think you’ll find that more scientifically minded people than you believe have an affinity for spiritual belief.

      Science doesn’t seek to disprove creation, so why do creationists constantly seek to disprove things they skimmed over? 🙄

  36. If Adam and Eve were the only ones created by God…how come we are not all related? I find the biblical beginnings a formality to the truth…because you just have faith not fact.

    If we evolved from 🐒…then the fossils have not been found with our amazing technology

    I find lies in both concepts…we have seen this universe reveil unworldly phenomenons.
    Is it that hard to believe we were created from star dust?

  37. Rational observations? | May 10, 2021 at 7:54 am | Reply

    Some commenters appear to be under the delusion that evolution means that we evolved “from apes”. This is not the case as our recently evolved and still evolving species are apes who evolved from a common ancestor shared with other contemporary apes with whom we share nearly all our DNA.
    The fossil evidence of the diversity of hominid and homo species from which our line of homosapiens emerged is complex and ever more evidenced.

  38. Jeez these religious people are nuts. Why do they say crap like “hiding behind science”. Nobody is hiding anything. You just have schizophrenia, you believe in things that nobody else sees.

    The tin-foil hats aside, really interesting article (the source material is also). Pondering things so wildly out of reach from home is so much better when we have scientists and technologists devoting their lives to crunching the tiny and huge numbers for us. Scientists should get paid more.

    • David O Harrison | May 10, 2021 at 3:12 pm | Reply

      This is what the scientists actually said,

      CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, announced “the discovery of four brand-new particles at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva.” They also noted a ‘troublesome’ feature of their work.

      In the article they state,
      “One of its most TROUBLESOME features [of their research] is its description of the STRONG FORCE which holds the atomic nucleus together… If we switched the STRONG FORCE off for a second, all matter would immediately disintegrate into a soup of loose quarks—a state that existed for a fleeting instant at the beginning of the universe.” [Emphasis added]

      Which is exactly what the Bible states:
      The Supremacy of the Son of God
      The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.
      For in him all things were created:
      things in heaven and on earth,
      visible and invisible,
      whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities;
      all things have been created through him and for him.
      He is before all things,
      and in him all things hold together.
      Colossians 1:15-17

      A Strong Force indeed.


  39. AI has already identified an unknown hominid in the human evolutionary chain.The answer lies in between science and spirituality which, makes both corners understandably uneasy.

  40. Both right and wrong? This caterpillar looks just like a snake. Even in a million years the awareness of a snake, the predators, the biological programming to physically become this copy..of pretty much a grain of sand brain and mostly blind. Strongly suggests a higher power guiding evolution. I read Darwin’s explanation on it was unsatisfied.

  41. Since neither match I’m gana go with the documental evidence and miracles I’ve witnessed in life and go with Jesus was the creater. Just as Steven hawking,wrote there has to be a higher power that created us

  42. Religious or atheist.. Science says you’re both wrong. Something unprovable cannot be proven. You may believe there is or isn’t a God/gods. But you cannot know it. So hush please. #agnostic.

  43. Evolution cannot explain the gap between ancient man and modern man. Today we have an arch in our feet and ancient man was flat footed. Thus proving evolution to be a lie

  44. I thought this was a scientific article but I seem to have stumbled into an afternoon in the trailer park where the scientifically illiterate have fueled their conversations with Natural Lite.

    So tell me, how can you you deny that humans and chimps share a common ancestor when there is proof from endogenous retroviruses in DNA?

  45. I heard that we evolved from a Lemur type of animal that is non-existent today….. and not from the monkey species.

  46. Also, there were instances where an early human did mate with a monkey, which was not supposed to happen. So maybe fossils of that can be found too…..which will just add to the confusion, I know. None of those monkey-mixed individuals survived to today.

  47. And a place to look may be in India…. or west of India under the waters. Also, the oldest homes or huts or stone huts were built along the river Somme in France. You may wanna look there for fossils to examine a connection and more. At this time, I guess there were still ice glaciers to the right north and left south, which is why they travelled to this place in France. It was the only clear open way. I dunno….. a source says. You may want to look at info @:
    I found this site to be pretty interesting. I urge everyone to take a look!

  48. Why don’t we humans just breed with Apes or Chimpanzees to get what we were first supposed to be so that we could have examples to study. After all according to all the bright scientists we carry the same DNA. The answer is because it’s not possible. Looks to me like if we came from them then we should be able to breed with them. Just like a Wolf can with a Dog.

    • DO SOME RESEARCH PLEASE! What scientist have you ever heard or read about saying we have the same DNA as Apes and chimpanzees? Not one, lol…

      Modern Apes and Chimps are not what we humans evolved from. We evolved from a common ancestor yes but not from modern apes or chimps. We SHARE some DNA with modern apes and chimps. SHARE some DNA NOT have the same DNA. Therefore, we are a different species from today’s apes and chimps. Different species cannot make offspring.

  49. Praise God for an intelligent creation were each animal plant and human was made with a specific purpose.

  50. Why it is simple! We have both, evaluation and creation. Why are so many afraid to say this?

  51. “Man is the bridge between Ape and Superman.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

  52. Robert Philips | May 11, 2021 at 4:59 am | Reply

    Why are there still apes and chimps if they evolved into humans? I don’t see any other species that evolved, having the species it evolved from still living side by side. Idk.

  53. Carlton Morris jr | May 11, 2021 at 6:26 am | Reply

    There are seriously people that will find a few obscure articles that simply say that parts of human/ape evolution are a mystery…
    And all of a sudden that’s “proof” that evolution is a lie and that a god created us 6,000 years ago.

  54. Holy crap! Its incredibly unbelievable that the great fiction of “Evolution” is still spoken about on any level. A great and obvious lie that is still being taught in schools today despite there being incredible amounts of evidence disproving it.

  55. This is a comment on Google android news notifications. Our ancestors are Noah and his 3 sons and families. Why, 5 thousand years ago or so. It is not surprising to me that atheistic paradigm s can not make head nor tail of diluvian or post diluvian fossil data. God is bringing everything to a close. These theories won’t save anyone from the next catastrophe.

    • Exactly! A global flood is by far the best explaination of the fossil record. Light years better than assumptions and absurdities scientists make when arguing against a young earth. It’s time for everyone to wake up and recognize lies purpetuated in Science, Education and Society.

  56. Evolution has been proven. Just read through the comments, it clearly illustrates that many apes can type and post their opinions.

  57. You DUMBASS?!? …evolution is REAL?!? ….we have proof and EVIDENCE to support and backup evolution?!? ..like fossils, DNA, and FROZEN ice age BODIES?!? …..you DUMBASS?!? ….>:(

  58. Chris Griffin | May 13, 2021 at 5:35 am | Reply

    Just one animal proves that evolution is impossible. The duck billed platypus. Research it yourself. Man is so arrogant to think he knows it all

  59. The record can’t be complete because humans did not evolve from apes anymore than hummingbirds evolved from bacteria. It’s categorically and completely scientifically impossible for that to happen. Man wants to avoid the reality that there is a Creator and that that creator is God.

  60. Thanks David O’.Book ordered. Look forward to reading. Another great read on this subject is The Evolution of a Creationist.
    The Evolution of a Creationist: A Layman’s Guide to the Conflict Between the Bible and Evolutionary Theory https://www.amazon.com/dp/0964366509/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_AZZ7671Y61T6HT2240H1

  61. Its not religion poking holes in evolution, its science and our true history being hidden from us its all in the dna. We have been genetically altered by ets our there dna is in us thats whu its wo hard ro find missing link bwcause our missing link is genetic enchantments its all written down on cuneiform tablets.

  62. Evolution is a fairytale. God created mankind in his image. God bless everyone!

    • evolution is NOT?!? ….. a “fAiRyTaLe >:( :\ “?!? ……you DUMBASS, bitch?!? ……..evolution is REAL?!? ……we have EVIDENCE and proof?!? …..to backup and support?!? …..evoution?!? …you DISGUSTING, stupid, dumbass, bitch?!? …..LIKE?!? …..fossils, DNA, FROZEN ice age BODIES?!? ……DUMBASS?!? ……LIKE?!? …..just look up “dinosaur buried at sea”?!? and “cave bear found siberia”?!? …..you DISGUSTING dumbass?!? ……>:(

      (LIKE?!? ……”fAiRyTaLE >:( :\ “?!? …….. “fAiRyTaLE >:( :\”?!? ……..says the guy\person who “believe” there’s a MAN in the SKY?!? ……….and?!? (AGAIN?!? >:( :\ ) we have EVIDENCE and proof?!? ….to support and backup evolution?!? ……like fossils, DNA, FROZEN ice age BODIES?!? …….what EVIDENCE and proof?!? ….do YOU?!? have?!? …..a BOOK?!? …..yeah, I(and MOST people?!? >:( :\ ) are just gonna stick with evolution?!? ……THANK?!? you?!? …..DUMBASS?!? >:(

  63. The Theory of Evolution is sound. When a species starts to develop new traits from genetic mutations, and those with those traits breed and survive, those without those traits that breed and also survived, two groups of similar species exist. These groups will combine and split making more separate groups that become more distinct. Hard to predict, but easy to confirm.

    In contrast, stories of our origins were told with many different purposes. The stories were also changed overtime to add or remove themes.

    Whether for historical record, entertainment, lesson teaching, imagination, ruling control, describing a new experience, etc;
    They are imperfect and should not be taken as absolute.
    The Garden of Eden, for example, seems to me to be a description of what love is with elements of the surroundings of the time, not necessarily an origin story. It is describing something that not everyone has experienced.

    Science is the tool to remove the incorrect, which leads to more correct interpretations of the world. If science was applied to human origin stories, they would be more accurate, but which aspects would be kept and which lost? Mixing art and science could be a blessing or a curse.

  64. HomoSentient | May 13, 2021 at 7:39 pm | Reply

    Seriously, no ape extraterrestrial hybrid theories. It’s so obvious…duh!

  65. Well, at least the comments were exactly what I expected.

  66. The thing is there is an ape like facial feature in a lot of people including my boyfriend
    I don’t know its name but it is the part above the top lip which when he is sleeping becomes even more protruded and ape like
    So surely can’t we look at that in living apes and humans
    Much as I’d like to think we are not descended from anything except pure magic or aliens there’s no escaping the fact that my boyfriend looks like a sleeping monkey my lovely sleeping monkey.
    Hopefully they will get to the bottom of it all one day

  67. Those evolutionary scientists are wasting thier times. There is nothing called evolution. Each living thing was created separately from others, thier might be some common features or similarities but that does not mean we evolved from apes or any other species. Humans were humans since day one of creation. If you think that there is no Grand, powerful creator to this universe then you need to look twice at this perfect universe. Such perfection in creation could not come suddenly or randomly or without a great God.

  68. Shelly Andrews | May 14, 2021 at 5:10 am | Reply

    Read “The lost book of ENKI” found on clay tablets with the dead Sea Scrolls. It amazingly answers all questions about our very very beginnings. And WHY we were created.

  69. Magic made it happen.

  70. I am astounded by the anti-scientific rhetoric in this comments section.

  71. Jason Cortese | May 14, 2021 at 10:21 am | Reply

    If humans are the origin of the Universe therefore the Universe is the origin of humans which means everything is the same origin repeating everything as its same origin. If you are reading my comment then you have always read my comment because I have always written this comment. Infinite means repeat therefore repeat means infinite, now repeat as forever because the concept of forever can never change the concept of forever, now repeat forever.

  72. James A Forbes | May 14, 2021 at 10:29 am | Reply

    So many cases of social disharmony is not anything scientific. Are you doing media response here or is there a standard range of data that defines ‘social disharmony’ and is there empirical data to support your claim, comparatively to WWII, the Black Death, the 100 years war, the eradication of 90% of Indigenous North Americans… the 1930’s, or the collapse of Maya Classic Civilization… I think it’s important to recognize that social cohesion and fragmenting are not unique nor historical fixities but processes driven by the same evolutionary social and natural forces. To narrow in on your point, the decline in family size is most certainly an issue.

  73. Keith Dengenis | May 14, 2021 at 3:01 pm | Reply

    At some point, expect the following:

    New finds will show plural “Out of Africa” migrations of smaller bands of close-enough hominids that mingled with other, like circumstances hominids.

    Keep in mind that evolutionary changes + epigenetic changes occur most rapidly in small populations. Given the winner-takes-all behavior specific to primates, expect to find different races of hominids replacing other hominid races as opportunity arose.

  74. Why did we stop evolving? If evolution exists then why did it just stop?

    • It hasn’t stopped. It takes TIME longer our life expectancy. We are just now almost fully anatomically free of the “tail” our ancestors possessed, albeit some humans are still born with it to this day.

  75. Interesting that evolution is so widely accepted, but scientists don’t fully understand or agree how it occurred. I think we’d be wise to remember it’s called the theory of evolution for a reason.

  76. Maybe aliens genetically modified us using their own DNA and those of chimps, maybe we are their own experiment. I don’t believe we evolved from chimps, we could be having new species that evolved recently.

  77. Obama is definitely one

  78. Science has its limitations

  79. I always find peculiar where creationists only typically consider the christian god. What happens with all other gods and religions. Maybe different gods created different humans? Maybe there’s a evolutionary line of gods as well? I’d like to actually see a discussion of different beliefs as for some reason these discussions only tend to include the christian/creationist perspective.
    A lot of the ideas being put up about missing fossils also forget the fact that it’s not only human transition fossils missing but for hominids and apes as a whole. The same will be true for most species on the planet.
    I’d also like to understand how the creationists place all the earth life eras and the fossils we have if them, even just dinosaurs, was that Gid just having fun with Lucifer until he was banished to hell in a raging fire and all dinosaurs were banished too. I’m quite sure I could write a book to make that work. We’re the other ages just god playing with life, like his sandbox until he got fed up and created man. Surely were fun to watch with all our petty squabbles, more so than dinosaurs I suppose. Are we gods own tv channel. Maybe Shiva and vishnu have their own channels too. Would maybe the Chinese jade emperor rule this life playing game too.
    While facts and vestiges may be hard to interpret and understand it is not by ignoring them that we move forward. Otherwise we might as well still be happily living in caves.

  80. cory kreutzer | May 15, 2021 at 5:40 am | Reply

    Sorry God folks,but anything you say is only speculative and with zero proof. Each of you have an adapted interpretation of what God is. With no proof except invisible faith.

  81. Some of you guys don’t seem to know the bible was put together by the Romans in a cerise of meetings over time. About 300 years after J.C. and they selected the stories / gospels that fitted the political will of the day. The very early Christians used many more, about 32 gospels are currently known about. I don’t know who’s right, time will tell. In the meantime be good and nice to each other.

    • Robert Lewis | May 17, 2021 at 5:56 am | Reply

      Yeah, I have researched the hypothesis that the powerful Flavian family wrote the New testament as a propaganda piece to weaken or convert their ideological enemy at the time. Of course only then they predate the text to fall in line with the “prophecy.” I direct you to the writings of Josepheus about the topic of messianic Judaism.

  82. It’s sad to see that mainstream academia holds to an evolutionary model of origins with creatures that hardly resemble humans. They start with a false premise that there cannot be an all powerful God, who can speak things into existence, and thus, they’re left with shameful ideologies depriving the true dignity and worth of mankind. Truly the fool says in his heart there is no God, and thus produces a religion of his own that is hidden under the banner of science. Eyes have they but they see not, ears have they but they hear not. I praise God every day that He rescued me from atheism and its foolish poison. I’m very thankful for Answers in Genesis dt org which has real science and scientists who show how accurate a Biblical narrative is, making macro-evolution look worse than a bad fairy tale.

  83. Dinosaurs are written about in the KJV Bible,, referred to as behemoths. Really no dispute. Many seemingly “contradictions” really aren’t. Too much effort put into blasphemous misleading statements trying to dismiss the Word of God. But,, of course we are warned of this in that same Bible. Evolution is exactly what it started out claiming to be a “Theory of evolution”. A stumbling block nothing more, nothing new. Actually predicted in that very same Bible. Think about that for awhile.

    • Whiskey Tango | May 15, 2021 at 1:46 pm | Reply

      People who invented stories predicted that other people wouldn’t believe their stories and would find ways to refute them, and your argument is that… that makes them true?

  84. Evolution is not straight forward inheritance chain is well known. Where is the confusion? BTW please throw out God concept for argument sake.

  85. Heidi Golightly | May 15, 2021 at 1:38 pm | Reply

    There are two types of people in this world:
    Those who are capable of incorporating new data from which to draw conclusions, however incomplete.

  86. Read your Bibles….Humans did not come from apes.

  87. Its fine for anyone believing in deities, and creation and whatever else that comes with it. Absolutely fine! The problem is when religious believers claim to know something about science, based on their Holy Books. (Though some holy books show confusing hints.) I for one choose knowledge over belief and that is fine too. The beauty of knowledge and science by extension, is that there’s people constantly making admissions that they “do not have answers”, something you never hear in religion, because religion is not about knowing anything, its about believing even when you don’t know. Believing ESPECIALLY when you don’t know. That is fine, but it would be even better to stay on your own turf to avoid some serious embarrassment when compelling evidence is presented. I mean, it is called “belief” for a reason.

    Peace. 🙂

  88. Many people confuse adaptation with evolution. We have proof of adaptations but no proof of one species jumping into another. To add complicate matters, scientists too DNA from every race on earth. The mitochondrial DNA along the female lineage. The finding was that every human comes from one root mother. Not 2 or 3 or 7 or 29. You’d think with evolutionary theory you’d have small hunter gatherer groups and multiple mothers. But the facts don’t align with evolution. Check out a documentary called Eve on natgeo or discovery channel.

  89. Human beings came up with the evolution theory, justifying this bulls#!t theory makes the smartest scientists sound so dumb…and they can’t tell…smh… This article should be outdated. Apes are not becoming humans so shut this fake theory for once. We cannot be this stupid!!! Humans…

  90. The arguments about evolution by all these religious fanatics can be summarized as “because our holy book said so”

    It’s sad really, that one can think that that’s enough to disprove years and years of research by the brightest minds.

    • I would like to ask a question,”How many of the ‘Brightest Minds’ have solved the problem of the evil that wants to rise up within their own heart?” My basis of belief is what I have experienced and observed within my own heart and within the hearts of all of humanity. I have 3 beautiful children and a lovely wife, and a happy home. I give complete credit for this, to God. How many of the “Brightest Minds, evolutionist, and agnostics” have a happy home and fulfilling relationships? There are no answers within evolution for the origin of evil or the solutions to it! My Bible answers those questions 100 percent. I speak with God on a daily basis, he hears me and gives me power over the evil within my own heart that would like to grow and destroy my happiness! That is proof for me!!! If a person refuses to believe, they will never be able to see the proof that could be made clearly evident by a clean heart. My KJV bible has proven itself in my life and heart. That is proof enough for me, with this foundation it is exciting and intriguing to continue to learn more about the marvelous intricacies of our universe. Got to go… my children need their daddy:) Life is good! With Jesus!!!

  91. I stopped looking into this “article” right from the words under the picture: “common ancestors”. Well, I didn’t count the number of chromosomes in the two species’ DNA, but even if it’s the same, there’s still a fact that normally, different species have that number different. If you are literate, you’ll figure out no two species of different count could ever be relatives.
    Gods apart, people tend to mix up something yet again. 1. There was Darwin who proposed a theory that living things could evolve actually, no detail. Then there is GENETICS. And now there are people who think there is an actual theory of evolution and that its creator was Mr Darwin.

  92. Man and ape have been on earth together since the beginning. Science has discriminately been using the various species of Gigantopithicus, primarily their juvenile fossils to provide evidence of supposed evolution. Yet, Gigantopithicus has been living along side man for all of these years. People encounter them all over the world yet the scientific community have expended copious efforts to keep the various species of upright walking apes from being recognized as it would hurt their theory regarding the origins of man.

  93. Evolution is a scam for fools. There isn’t a shred of evidence to prove that humans evolved from anything. On the contrary, the Bible has proven to be historcally accurate. Even the most difficult story to believe the story of Noah’s Ark has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Turkey has a Noah’s Ark National Park now where the Ark was discovered. Give yourselves some hope. Believe in Good. I refuse to even consider the foolhardy notion that 8 million different life forms on planet Earth simply “assembled” themselves.

    • You can’t really put the Bible and “scientifically accurate” in the same sentence. 🙂
      Although if you disregard the actual scientific, historical and cultural evidence, you can even accept the most outlandish stories. Like a worldwide flood, which went wholly unnoticed by the Egyptian, South American, Chinese and other cultures just to name one issue… Although the ark was found like 30 times already.
      But I agree. If we just close our eyes and only read our favourite holy book plus anything our preachers push, anything is feasible. Even that humans were created by a golem spell. After all, we share more with a lump of clay than a chimpanzee. Some of us at least…

  94. Jeffrey sharp | May 16, 2021 at 5:43 pm | Reply

    Apes came from men:9/11 2001 scientifically and mathematically prove an existence of one only vniversal creator proving darwinistic teachings are propaganda vtilized by this hogwarts new world order

  95. All of this evolutionary thing has earned persons laurels and place in history…a lot more, even today, butter their bread by it….There are no better reasons than these to maintain nonsense.
    The question is, if man evolved from apes as natural progress..how the heck are any apes around? They should been humans by now!!

    • Never has anyone but you idiots ever said man evolved from apes, man and apes evolved from the same ancestors.

  96. We know evolution can’t be true.
    If it were true then why aren’t apes and monkeys still evolving?
    Think about it, they are still around. We know that without getting into a back and forth about whether God created man or not.

    • Apes and monkeys and humans and everything else is still evolving.
      Now let me ask you a question: who’s better in climbing a tree, finding food in the jungle, who has better physical endurance and strength proportionally? Well, obviously not us. So you could just as well ask, why didn’t we turn into them? The answer is: because humans are not the goal of natural selection. You’ve chosen an arbitrary set of skills and judge other species accordingly.
      Plus asking why are there still monkeys around is like asking, why are there still Europeans when Americans came from them? Or more accurately, why are there Italians when we have Spanish?
      Because humans didn’t evolve from modern apes, but apes and humans had a common ancestor species from which they branched out. Just like Spanish and Italian came from Latin.

  97. Who is the intelligent fool who knowingly put the garden of eden in the same spot as his adam and eve,knowing full well that they would take q bite from the tree.it was all a set up.

  98. God is a Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  99. Divya-prabandha | May 17, 2021 at 3:15 am | Reply

    Unless and until we as humans don’t understand the purpose of our existence we’ll be baffled with so many contradictions.

  100. Stupid in the 1st place there’s no such things as human evolution.. that’s why never match.. humans are from adam and eve(hawa)..

  101. I think the evolution of humans from apes is hogwash. It’s a big mess because it is meant to be confusing to cover up the truth about human evolution. If you talk about when the giants roam the earth or how all races did originate from Africa from a human not an ape like human. All of it is a big cover up and if you ask me. Similar to Eugenics crap, all in the name of discrediting black people and people of color for being genetically superior.

    • Black people being genetically superior? If a black man was here first and either your God or evolution improved that then wouldn’t that make whites superior

  102. Robert Lewis | May 17, 2021 at 5:45 am | Reply

    I wonder if Panspermia is a viable evolutionary branch that may shed light on the dilemma?

  103. The theory of evolution is a load of Cods Wallop! It’s true that all living creatures have the ability adapt, but they will not morph into a completely different creature no matter how much time passes.

  104. George Hauser | May 17, 2021 at 3:51 pm | Reply

    Humans and Pygmy Chimps also known as Bonobos literally share about 98% of the same DNA code. In Human Embryology their is literally a development stage where a human embryo is literally visually in distinguishable from the embryo of a fish, amphibian, etc. It’s as if you can literally see the physiological aspects of evolution occuring at very fast rate of change within the uterus of a women. Oh, what’s the use in explaining this! Most Americans are scientifically illiterate compared to the average South Korean. The worst part about it all, is that were not the slightest bit embarrassed with how poorly educated the vast majority of our country actually is!

  105. Chris Simmons | May 18, 2021 at 5:35 pm | Reply

    After I watched this I was convinced that there can in no way be any truth to evolution .

  106. Christians ask the question “What kind of book is our Bible?” C.S. Lewis offers his humble opinion as a footnote in his book “Miracles”. His humility is compelling as is his scholarship. Apparently the topic was tangential to his book theme, yet relevant at some level. He clearly feels out of his depth in the field of historical theology and canonics, so he answers the question, tentatively, on his own terms as a person of letters in the classics. His footnote is worth the price of the book (probably $2 used on eBay). His definition of myth is worth the price of the footnote.
    John Skilton past professor at Westminster Seminary sums up an aspect of Lewis’ perspective with this one-liner: “The Bible is God’s covenant document to his covenant people”. Fairly circumscribed.
    The Bible is useful to people of faith, not all people have faith.
    The term evolution has vastly variant wider connotations when spoken by different folks who have certain areas of interest in common.

  107. Dr Peter Howard | May 26, 2021 at 2:26 am | Reply

    Reading the comments in this blog, it might be useful to recognize that the human body is not the perfect entity that some believe. It might be useful to read the book “Human Errors — A panorama of our glitches, from pointless bones to broken knees” , by NATHAN H LENTS.

    A few extracts are given here.
    It might also be humbling to remember that our eyes — and of all vertebrates — evolved significantly flawed compared to Cephalopods (octopus and squid. We have nasal sinuses that have a drainage orifice at the top instead of the bottom where required. These are just a few of the flaws.


    As it turns out, our flaws are extremely interesting and informative. By exploring human shortcomings, we can peer into our past. Each and every flaw discussed in this book tells a story about our species’ evolutionary history. Every cell, every protein, and every letter in our DNA code has been subjected to the harshness of natural selection over the fullness of evolutionary time. All of that time and all of that selection has resulted in a body form that is fantastically robust, strong, resilient, clever, and mostly successful in the great rat race of life.
    But it is not perfect.

    We have retinas that face backward, the stump of a tail, and way too many bones in our wrists. We must find vitamins and nutrients in our diets that other animals simply make for themselves. We are poorly equipped to survive in the climates in which we now live. We have nerves that take bizarre paths, muscles that attach to nothing, and lymph nodes that do more harm than good. Our genomes are filled with genes that don’t work, chromosomes that break, and viral carcasses from past infections. We have brains that play tricks on us, cognitive biases and prejudices, and a tendency to kill one another in large numbers. Millions of us can’t even reproduce successfully without a whole lot of help from modern science.
    Most of the human design flaws that I describe in this book fall into one of three categories. First, there are aspects of our design that evolved in a different world than the one we now inhabit. Evolution is messy and takes time. Our species’ tendency to gain weight easily and lose weight only with difficulty made very good sense in the Pleistocene savannas of Central Africa but not so much in a twenty-first-century developed nation.

    The next category of flaws includes those of incomplete adaptation. For example, the human knee is the product of a redesign that took place as our ancestors gradually shifted from a quadrupedal posture and an arboreal lifestyle to a bipedal posture and a mostly terrestrial lifestyle. Most of the various components of the knee adapted very well to the new demands placed on this crucial joint, but not all of the kinks were worked out. We are almost fully adapted to upright walking—but not quite.
    The third category features those human defects that are due to nothing more than the limits of evolution. All species are stuck with the bodies that they have and they can advance only through the tiniest changes, which occur randomly and rarely. We inherited structures that are horrendously inefficient but impossible to change. This is why our throats convey both food and air through the same tiny space and why our ankles have seven pointless bones sloshing around. Fixing either of those poor designs would require much more than oneat-a-time mutations could ever accomplish.

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