NASA 2020: A Look Ahead – Are You Ready? [Video]

NASA 2020

  • Preparing Artemis 1 for the Moon
    • Space Launch System: Test Firing Our Powerful Rocket
    • Planning Commercial Missions to the Moon
    • Viper: Prepping a Rover to Search for Water on the Moon
    • Gateway: Developing Our Outpost in Lunar Orbit
    • Trying Out Our Next-Generation Spacesuit
  • Launching American Astronauts from the U.S.
    • Boeing and SpaceX Launch From Florida
      • Boeing CST-100 Starliner
      • SpaceX Crew Dragon
    • Carrying Astronauts to the International Space Station
  • Our Home in Orbit
    • A Unique Lab for Science
    • Preparing Astronauts for Longer Journeys
    • Developing A Low-Earth Orbit Economy
    • In The 20th Consecutive Year of Humans in Orbit
  • Exploring Beyond the Earth and Moon
    • Mars 2020 Rover
      • A New Rover Launches to Mars
      • Carrying a Helicopter and a New Mission Name
    • Osiris-Rex: Grabbing a Sample From an Asteroid
    • ESA Solar Orbiter: Launching a New International Mission to Study the Sun
  • Innovation for Exploration
    • Moxie: An Oxygen Generating Experiment on Mars
    • Connecting Cubesats in Orbit – With One Powered By Water
  • Pioneering Flight
    • X-57 Maxwell: Our First All-Electric Plane
    • X-59 Quesst: Developing a Quiet Supersonic Test Plane
    • Developing Traffic Control for Drones
  • Milestones
    • 30 Years
      • Hubble Space Telescope: Apollo 13″ A Telescope That Rewrote Textbooks
    • 50 Years
      • A Mission That Proved a “Successful Failure”
    • 50th Earth Day Celebrating Our Home Planet

Are You Ready?


1 Comment on "NASA 2020: A Look Ahead – Are You Ready? [Video]"

  1. Our destiny as an advanced species is definitely not to physically rocket off of this Earth.

    The regolith DUST alone will make short order of all living things to arrive at either place, with its electrostatically-CLINGY pastry flour consistency, nano-particles with jagged edges. There is no liquid water present to wear down the edges. Hence, ‘asbestosis’-like symptoms will develop eventually with ALL living creatures exposed.

    Space suits and airlocks may keep the majority of the dust at bay. But it won’t keep it all out. And over a relatively short period of time, this dust will get into EVERYTHING.

    Humans in deep space + gamma radiation = Game Over. Period.

    The latest NASA shielding is still pathetically inadequate to protect living cretures. At the very least, it will require a wall of water at least 3 meters thick, to shield from radiation.

    Space exploration is a job best-suited for ROBOTS. They become our extended eyes, and don’t need complex life support systems.

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