NASA Webb Space Telescope Antenna Released and Tested

James Webb Space Telescope Rotating

James Webb Space telescope. Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Conceptual Image Lab

Shortly after 10 am EST on December 26, the Webb team began the process of releasing the gimbaled antenna assembly, or GAA, which includes Webb’s high-data-rate dish antenna. This antenna will be used to send at least 28.6 Gbytes of science data down from the observatory, twice a day. The team has now released and tested the motion of the antenna assembly — the entire process took about one hour.

Separately, overnight, the temperature sensors and strain gauges on the telescope were activated for the first time. Temperature and strain data are now available to engineers monitoring Webb’s thermal and structural systems.

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  1. I am so overwhelmed by what NASA and everybody that were involved in this project ! I’m 71 of age , very elated , appreciate what you’ve all done so far ! This is a very positive science project for this time period , I’m excited ! About the future of exploration of thing’s to come ! For the science minded ! Brake-wind in a Safe-way !

  2. I like this America. It works for human quest.

  3. Keep going James Webb Space Telescope!
    Give us a view or two!

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