NASA’s Lunar Loo Challenge: $35,000 in Prizes for Toilet Design That Works on the Moon

NASA Moon Toilet Challenge

As NASA prepares for our return to the Moon, innumerable activities to equip, shelter, and otherwise support future astronauts are underway.  These astronauts will be eating and drinking, and subsequently urinating and defecating in microgravity and lunar gravity.  While astronauts are in the cabin and out of their spacesuits, they will need a toilet that has all the same capabilities as ones here on Earth.

NASA is calling on the global community for their novel design concepts for compact toilets that can operate in both microgravity and lunar gravity.  These designs may be adapted for use in the Artemis lunar landers that take us back to the Moon.  Although space toilets already exist and are in use (at the International Space Station, for example), they are designed for microgravity only.  NASA’s Human Landing System Program is looking for a next-generation device that is smaller, more efficient, and capable of working in both microgravity and lunar gravity.

This challenge includes a Technical category and Junior category.

Award: Technical – $35,000 in total prizes; Junior – public recognition from NASA and from HeroX, a winner’s certificate, and an item of official NASA-logoed merchandise

Open Date: June 25, 2020

Close Date: August 17, 2020

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5 Comments on "NASA’s Lunar Loo Challenge: $35,000 in Prizes for Toilet Design That Works on the Moon"

  1. Just put a tube attached to the anus and uretra and colect it in a recipient, invasive but effective!

  2. Grow Potatoes?

  3. good i dear

  4. It’s easy guys, you don’t need a toilet. That’s the moon! Not America.

  5. Jack Reynolds | July 3, 2020 at 5:40 am | Reply

    [email protected]
    Use of suction with water drawn into a tank outside of cabin for further recycling.
    Thank you, Jack Reynolds

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