New Dating of Nebra Sky Disk Makes All Previous Astronomical Interpretations Obsolete

Nebra Sky Disk

Nebra Sky Disk. Credit: Anagoria / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 3.0

Archaeologists from Frankfurt and Munich prove origins in the first millennium B.C.

Until now the Nebra sky disk was deemed to be from the Early Bronze Age and therefore the world’s oldest depiction of the cosmos. Archaeologists from Goethe University Frankfurt and Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich have now reanalyzed diverse data on the reconstruction of the discovery site and the surrounding circumstances of the find. Their findings are that the disk must be dated in the Iron Age, making it about 1,000 years younger than previously assumed. This makes all previous astronomical interpretations obsolete.

The Nebra sky disk is one of Germany’s most significant archaeological finds and was included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register in 2013. It was discovered in an illegal excavation in 1999 together with Bronze Age swords, axes, and bracelets according to the finders. This discovery context was important for the scientific dating, as the disk itself could neither be scientifically nor archeologically dated by comparison with other objects. Many years of investigations by several research groups therefore attempted to verify both the attribution to the supposed discovery site as well as the common origins of the objects independent of the vague information given by the looters.

Swords With Nebra Sky Disk

The swords found with the Nebra Sky Disk. Credit: Dbachmann / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 3.0

Rupert Gebhard, Director of the Munich Archäologischen Staatssammlung, and Rüdiger Krause Professor for Prehistory and Early European History at Goethe University Frankfurt have now extensively analyzed the discovery circumstances and research results on the Nebra sky disk. Their conclusion: The site that was considered the discovery site until today and which was investigated in subsequent excavations is with high probability not the discovery site of the looters. Furthermore, there is no convincing evidence that the Bronze Age swords, axes, and bracelets form an ensemble of common origins. For this reason, it must be assumed that this is not a typical Bronze Age deposit and that the disk was not found together with the other objects in an original state at the excavation site.


According to the archaeologists, this means that the disk must be investigated and evaluated as an individual find. Culturally and stylistically, the sky disk cannot be fitted into the Early Bronze Age motif world of the beginning of the second millennium B.C. On the contrary, clearer references can be made to the motif world of the Iron Age of the first millennium B.C. According to Gebhard and Krause, on the basis of a divergent data situation and on the basis of this new assessment, all previous, sometimes far-reaching cultural-historical conclusions must be discussed anew and with an open mind, and the disk must be interpreted and evaluated in different contexts than before. The basis for this must be the submission of all previously unpublished data and facts.

Reference: “Critical comments on the find complex of the so-called Nebra Sky Disk” by Rupert Gebhard and Rüdiger Krause, Archäologische Informationen.

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  1. At least the archaeologists will still admit when they got it wrong. Still a cool piece.

    • Your subtext innuendos are inaccurate. All modern science results and theories are constantly peer-reviewed. It’s not up to any individual scientist, scholar, or group to decide what is a valid and correct. Those decisions are a function of the majority consensus in a particular branch of science, borne out by repeat experiments and supporting evidence. If new evidence and experiments surface disproving the consensus opinion, it will be abandoned until a new consensus is reached.

  2. They don’t explain how they came to this conclusion

  3. The Banned Ones | September 8, 2020 at 6:45 am | Reply

    The artifact can’t be explained. So the anomoly that it is a bronze age artifact found with iron age items suggesting that iron was developed earlier must be re-adjusted to fit the accepted paradigm. The tyranny of establishment group think. What they don’t tell you is that instead of the evidence leading to a new understanding, they just change the rules to shave that square peg to fit that into that round hole.

    • The new dating of the Nebra Sky Disk fits with my archaeoastronomical dating of Homer’s great works, the Illiad and the Odyssey.

      Even though bronze objects occur profusely in early iron age times it is because they were entirely satisfactory for warfare, not subject to rusting and not replaced until tempered steel was ontainef for weaponry and I have yet to find adequate research into this aspect.

      Archaeoastronomy using star pillar theory has revealed that the Odyssey was in the Atlantic and work with Te Arawa Iwi (tribe) here in the Pacific has confirmed that the pacific was colonized in a very systematic way using star pillar theory for 800 year old artefacts the uses of which were unknown have been confirmed as used to determine precise verticalty allowing a Polynesian waka (vessel) to home in on the tiniest of atolls.

      My research suggests that the ability to navigate precisely and home precisely without instruments or ephemeris has been available to mankind for a very long time calling into question the assumptions of the German playboy, Schliemann.

      Given funding we hope to demonstrate with a voyage from MOERAKI in South Island to MOCHE off the coast of Chille. Financial help is needed if you can help.

  4. For the ones that were banned, unless you are drawing on previous information, the articles says it was claimed that the sky disk was found along side bronze age weopons. No anomaly,just a question as to if all the items found were from the same time period. The archeologists now believe they were not and the sky disk was from a period 1000 years later. They seem to be welcoming new insights. I am not arguing the tyranny of establishment group think, just the use of this article to justify your argument.

  5. the banned ones: do you not have the story reversed? while you are implying thst it might be a revered bronze age plaque in an iron age horde, the report claims that it is an anomaly in a bronze age horde, which. furthermore, is of items not culturally consistent. thus, it os quite possible that the horde is composed of a stolen collection – which could have been hidden in recent centuries. rach piece in the horde will have to be re-evaluated for date and provenience.

  6. Banned Ones and Ted. The Iron age was before the Bronze age. The object is older than the ones it was supposed to have been found with.

    Bronze is an alloy and takes a bit of tech and expertise. Iron can be found just laying around and melted.

  7. The Sumerian clay tablets are much older.

    And they show exact and correct orientation of the solar system.

  8. It sounds like a recreation of a bronze age artifact in the iron age. Made 1,000 years earlier or not, it still accurately represents how the stars looked in 2000BC, right? So it must’ve been copied from something. I would keep digging. Might find the original.

  9. These material arrivals were placed during hunger times with those outside the city within Nebraska. Asst. Intrm. DA.

  10. The excepted his’stories of our past; The theories halted in painted paradigms of authors and artists most interested in upholding that which best reflects their perceived machinations of the self proclaimed ‘foremost’ and recognized. If it is understood that the wooden square does not fit in the circular hole, do we cut the hole into a square, cut the square into a circle to best understand. Or understand that the square will not fit into the hole. If an understanding is to reflect truth. Then truth must be sought out, not shaped to fit anyone’s understanding. No matter how uncomfortable or who is discredited of a discovery*. Responsibility to truth, regardless of how ones does or does not understand where, how, why and when those facts do or do not fit is paramount…
    Carbon dating possible?

  11. The mainstream Archaeology has very low credibility. They will never date the wood found in the pyramid since it would collapse all the lies of history they built.

  12. I think cycles are normal but 24/7 news coverage of the entire planet is a disaster. Imho.

  13. If you only knew part of the truth, would make your hair stand up, but this is less important than the fact that complete and total truth of humanity (on earth) we shall never know officially, until we are told by an outside source.. Until then, everything îs.. What ?! ASSUMPTION nothing more or less..

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