Quantum Breakthrough: Scientists Develop New Way To Manipulate Exotic Materials

A New Method To Control Quantum States in a Material

A new method to control quantum states in a material is shown. The electric field induces polarization switching of the ferroelectric substrate, resulting in different magnetic and topological states. Credit: Mina Yoon, Fernando Reboredo, Jacquelyn DeMink/ORNL, U.S. Dept. of Energy

The findings could revolutionize electronics and quantum computing.

A breakthrough in a topological insulator material, which possesses insulating properties internally but conductive properties on the surface, has the potential to transform the realms of advanced electronics and quantum computing, say researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Discovered in the 1980s, a topological material is a new phase of material whose discoverers received a Nobel Prize in 2016. Using only an electric field, ORNL researchers have transformed a normal insulator into a magnetic topological insulator. This exotic material allows electricity to flow across its surface and edges with no energy dissipation. The electric field induces a change in the state of matter.

“The research could result in many practical applications, such as next-generation electronics, spintronics, and quantum computing,” said ORNL’s Mina Yoon, who led the study.

Such matter could lead to high-speed, low-power electronics that burn less energy and operate faster than current silicon-based electronics. The ORNL scientists published their findings in 2D Materials.

Reference: “Non-volatile electric control of magnetic and topological properties of MnBi2Te4 thin films” by Wei Luo, Mao-Hua Du, Fernando A Reboredo and Mina Yoon, 28 April 2023, 2D Materials.
DOI: 10.1088/2053-1583/accaf7

The study was funded by Basic Energy Sciences and the Quantum Science Center.

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