Rare Leopard Photographed In Afghan Mountains

Leopard Photographed In Afghan Mountains

Persian leopard spotted in Afghanistan’s central highlands.

A leopard, once thought to be long gone from the Afghan mountains, was spotted thanks to some camera traps in Afghanistan’s central highlands. It would seem that the Persian leopard still roams the area. It would be one thing to hear the tale, but the snapshots provide absolute proof.

The large adult leopard was seen in the photos prowling around the camera’s field of view and even checking out the camera itself, apparently trying to scare the camera by barring its teeth. Camera traps have proven themselves time and again when it comes to spotting and evaluating rare species, especially in remote areas.

But it wasn’t just the Persian Leopard that was spotted by the cameras. It also captured images of a lynx, wild cat, wolf, red fox, and stone marten, showing that these predators are still abundant and can find enough prey to survive in the Hindu Kush highlands. That is an amazing image.

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  1. We have one of these running around our AO… Only ever see it at night though.

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