Samsung And T-Mobile To Launch A White Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy SII

Samsung Galaxy SII

White phones are like white cars or white couches. Some people are going to love them for their snow-white color, while others fear all of the dirt and nasty smudges that a white anything is prone to collecting. You either love it or hate it. If you prefer a white phone over the typical black models, Samsung and T-Mobile have a nice holiday treat for you this season.

The pair are launching a white version of the Samsung Galaxy S II sometime before the holidays. Samsung didn’t mention exactly when, but if we had to guess we’d say just after Turkey day since they are going to want to get as many sales as possible.

This one is for T-Mobile, but this news comes a few days after news of a white version of the phone for AT&T surfaced. There is no official word on when we might see that one, but it will likely arrive during the same holiday shopping window.

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