Scientists Apply Revolutionary 30 Year-Old Principle and Find Black Holes Could Be Like Holograms

Black Hole Hologram Concept

What researchers have done is apply the theory of the holographic principle to black holes. In this way, their mysterious thermodynamic properties have become more understandable: focusing on predicting that these bodies have a great entropy and observing them in terms of quantum mechanics, you can describe them just like a hologram: they have two dimensions, in which gravity disappears, but they reproduce an object in three dimensions.

According to new research, black holes could be like a hologram, where all the information is amassed in a two-dimensional surface able to reproduce a three-dimensional image.

We can all picture that incredible image of a black hole that traveled around the world about a year ago. Yet, according to new research by SISSA, ICTP, and INFN, black holes could be like a hologram, where all the information is amassed in a two-dimensional surface able to reproduce a three-dimensional image. In this way, these cosmic bodies, as affirmed by quantum theories, could be incredibly complex and concentrate an enormous amount of information inside themselves, as the largest hard disk that exists in nature, in two dimensions. This idea aligns with Einstein’s theory of relativity, which describes black holes as three-dimensional, simple, spherical, and smooth, as they appear in that famous image. In short, black holes “appear” as three-dimensional, just like holograms. The study which demonstrates it, and which unites two discordant theories, has recently been published in Physical Review X.

The mystery of black holes

For scientists, black holes are a big question mark for many reasons. They are, for example, excellent representatives of the great difficulties of theoretical physics in putting together the principles of Einstein’s general theory of relativity with those of quantum physics when it comes to gravity. According to the first theory, they would be simple bodies without information. According to the other, as claimed by Jacob Bekenstein and Stephen Hawking, they would be “the most complex existing systems” because they would be characterized by an enormous “entropy,” which measures the complexity of a system, and consequently would have a lot of information inside them.

The holographic principle applied to black holes

To study black holes, the two authors of the research, Francesco Benini (SISSA Professor, ICTP scientific consultant, and INFN researcher) and Paolo Milan (SISSA and INFN researcher), used an idea almost 30 years old, but still surprising, called the “holographic principle.” The researchers say: “This revolutionary and somewhat counterintuitive principle proposes that the behavior of gravity in a given region of space can alternatively be described in terms of a different system, which lives only along the edge of that region and therefore in one less dimension. And, more importantly, in this alternative description (called holographic) gravity does not appear explicitly. In other words, the holographic principle allows us to describe gravity using a language that does not contain gravity, thus avoiding friction with quantum mechanics.”

What Benini and Milan have done “is apply the theory of the holographic principle to black holes. In this way, their mysterious thermodynamic properties have become more understandable: focusing on predicting that these bodies have a great entropy and observing them in terms of quantum mechanics, you can describe them just like a hologram: they have two dimensions, in which gravity disappears, but they reproduce an object in three dimensions.”

From theory to observation

“This study,” explain the two scientists, “is only the first step towards a deeper understanding of these cosmic bodies and of the properties that characterize them when quantum mechanics crosses with general relativity. Everything is more important now at a time when observations in astrophysics are experiencing an incredible development. Just think of the observation of gravitational waves from the fusion of black holes result of the collaboration between LIGO and Virgo or, indeed, that of the black hole made by the Event Horizon Telescope that produced this extraordinary image. In the near future, we may be able to test our theoretical predictions regarding quantum gravity, such as those made in this study, by observation. And this, from a scientific point of view, would be something absolutely exceptional.”

Reference: “Black Holes in 4D N=4 Super-Yang-Mills Field Theory” by Francesco Benini and Paolo Milan, 18 May 2020, Physical Review X.
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevX.10.021037

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  1. Earth Gaurdian | June 6, 2020 at 4:11 pm | Reply

    It looks like black hole it’s going to miss us.

  2. Perhaps we are information imprinted in a holographic sphere we call the universe. Certain theoretical physicists may be right.

  3. Earth Gaurdian | June 7, 2020 at 12:19 pm | Reply

    Their got to be something going here that black hole does no effect to our milky way galaxy or is it
    the sun is way heavy then the black hole because the sun is about 2 quadrillions of pounds and 4 quadrillions worth of lbs to and the sun is hotter then the black hole is about 1million degrees or just million degrees and the sun is 14 million degrees yet and the sun went through black holes events before about 7 black holes in our milky way galaxy since decades ago and we still here and the black hole has no effect our earth because it really has highly extremely magnetic field energy yet that is still super stable like if the black hole get to close to our earth it would bounce away from the black hole or just keep away from the black hole then the earth would go back to same position where it was before.

  4. Earth “Guardian” you are blathering like a fool, just stop. Please.

    • Earth Gaurdian | June 8, 2020 at 2:58 pm | Reply

      Ok I will stop because I always listen to girls I know what a fool is I wont underestimate my self anymore either and our life is all about growth
      and im not going to never ever give up and im believe myself to move forward
      to get better at master of physics high level dimensional being of legendary
      cycle signs of 5D matrix level by allatra consciousness of human structure of extremely highly spirituality DNA universe technology.

  5. Earth Guardian – Our sun and solar system has never encroached an event horizon of any black hole in its history. How do I know this? We are alive reading and responding (some better than others: pohemi: unnecessary… while I empathize with your sentiment, some things are better left thought rather than spoken) to this interesting new holographic black hole theoretical argument article. The density of a black hole overwhelms the weight and density of our sun by many factors.

    That said, I’m quite certain this theory has been broached before. Regardless, it appears straightforward and will hopefully help lead to better understanding of our universe, quantum mechanics/theory and gravity.

  6. Earth Guardian – lastly, to hopefully help you understand a little better, the nearest star is approximately 1000 light years away. There is no black hole between us and that star that we have found (yet, & unlikely).

    The massive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy is 13,800 light years away from Earth and equal to about 68 of our suns in mass…

    My academic degrees are business related (and boring comparatively speaking to this arena) yet one can, and I actively do, self study space/astrophysics or/any subject through the internet and academic books. Just make sure your sources that you find & utilize are well respected & legitimate. There is as much fluff and wrong information out there as there are Republicans.

  7. Hahaha! J. Farris, that was so fun to read. Oh man, that was the best response to reading the strangest post I may have ever read, and I’m thrilled you responded so thoroughly, and with such detail. I had a great laugh there!

  8. Honestly dislike saying this, but this theory is stupid. The whole “black holes are portals” “black holes are doors to other universes” and now that they’re 2d holograms in 3d. Black holes are a mass of star or planetary (or both) remains that have densed together to create an extremely powerful gravitational pull that does not allow even light to escape. That ball of mass is still there existing. It’s basically a very strongly gravitized star. You go in there you become a flat pulp on the surface of this black hole. I really don’t understand the reasoning behind finding something other than this. And Im sorry for this rant really.

  9. Magnus Nicator | June 7, 2020 at 5:09 pm | Reply

    Nearest star is about 4.37 light years away and the center of the Milky way is aproximately 25,000 light years away. The amount of incredibly wrong info goes up exponentially when you add anybody left of center to the conversation. An example would be where they place the National Socialist Workers Party at on the political spectrum, which is incredibly funny because the party name litteraly has the word socialist in it, and their economic policies were very much on the left. Racism is neither left nor right contrary what Democrats would have you believe.

  10. J Ferris the nearest star to our system is Proxima Centauri and it’s 4.3 light years away. And the supermassive black hole in the center of our galaxy is not 68 solar masses. It’s 4 million solar masses.

  11. Magnus, the Nazi Party was a fascist party, which is on the far right end of the spectrum. They’re as much of a left winged socialist party as North Korea is a democratic republic.

  12. Magnus Nicator | June 7, 2020 at 5:40 pm | Reply

    TBF read this article frome Forbes. The idea that Fascism is on right was an incredible piece of propaganda have to admire how seemingly intelligent people believe it with out ever really knowing what it is, just look at everything Mussolini stood for, true right leaning peoples are capitalists which is the opposite of communism and fascism which are like cousins or as the article calls it statism.

  13. So, what’s the “news” here?

    What did this team actually discover, that Leonard Susskind (who is oddly missing from the article) didn’t cover 30 years ago?

  14. Black holes are holograms. The universe is a hologram. Thus, the universe is nothing. We are nothing. Aage Nost was right. Socrates was also right: “I know one thing, that I know nothing.” Is this registering in any of your feeble brains yet? It should!!!

  15. DimethylTravler | June 8, 2020 at 6:50 am | Reply

    Love to see fresh minds looking at old approaches with new technology… Lots of room for discovery there. I don’t understand why they always share the news like it’s new though. Also have no clue why there’s always some idiots randomly bringing politics into other topics. Don’t even use a political analogy.. If you’re that ignorant to the topic… Don’t say anything at all and got educate yourself🤷🏼‍♂️ that being said… This is some mind bending information when combined with a Timothy Leary/Joe Rogan mindset… Take an extra-dimensional trip, then consider the possibilities 🤯
    Enjoyed the comments and info guys.
    Peace Love Unity Respect

    • Earth Gaurdian | June 9, 2020 at 6:55 pm | Reply

      Dude look im not kidding though google, space weather their’s a lot of information in their that black hole went directly towards the sun then and anather one it’s a aupermassive black hole went right by the sun first it was coming from left side of the screen then to the sun it looks like it has asteroids along with if you look closely you could tell when after that then the black hole it got sun liquid when the black hole got on the other side of a sun and it kept going and the sun it’s still their and it seems like the power matter it’s not that powerful looks like it took about 32.000
      pounds from the sun by the looks of it and its very big black hole from space weather mpeg trailer’s in their worth of data.

  16. “Earth guardian” = “Trump” hahaa..

  17. wesley schultz | June 8, 2020 at 11:19 am | Reply

    Actually it’s where all the information is amassed in a three-dimensional surface able to reproduce a fourth-dimensional image. Even higher. If you take a 3d object and shine a light, a 2d shadow appears. Same as 4d shine light gets a 3d shadow. What would a black hole shadow look like. Can’t comprehend such a feat.

  18. Earth Gaurdian | June 8, 2020 at 1:55 pm | Reply

    Theirs a lot of info that’s from space weather thats where it from and I’m no trump supporter at all and I’m very smart what a black hole looks like but some how the sun it survived through a black hole it shows trailers of it
    the black hole went directly towards the sun and the big asteroid went right by and theirs more info if you don’t
    believe and I don’t care about racism either I wish racism never existed that we should live in better peace by have the light come together that’s well know about it’s the most powerful light.

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