Scientists Have Developed a New, Better Antidepressant

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Presently available antidepressant drugs have unpleasant side effects, addictive properties, or can induce schizophrenia. Developing fast-onset antidepressants without these drawbacks is thus an important neuropharmacological goal.

Scientists have opened the door for a new class of fast-onset antidepressants.

According to a recent study, a new small-molecule compound that regulates the firing of serotonergic neurons has a fast-acting antidepressant effect. The results pave the way for the development of a new class of treatments for major depressive disorder (MDD) and other difficult-to-treat mood disorders. MDD is one of the most common mental disorders, affecting hundreds of millions of individuals globally.

The majority of today’s antidepressants target the serotonin transporter (SERT). These drugs, however, are limited. SERT-targeted antidepressants not only take up to 4 weeks to take effect, but they may also have serious side effects, including suicide, and only a percentage of individuals who take them recover from depression following treatment. While ketamine has been considered as an alternative, its potentially addictive properties as well as the danger of schizophrenia have aroused concerns.

As a result, there is a need for new, fast-acting antidepressant targets and compounds without these serious drawbacks. Here, Nan Sun and colleagues present one such solution. Sun and his team designed a fast-onset antidepressant that works by disrupting the interaction between SERT and neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS).

The authors found that disassociating SERT from nNOS in the brains of mice reduced intercellular serotonin in a brain region called the dorsal raphe nucleus. This enhanced serotonergic neuron activity in this area and dramatically increased serotonin release into the medial prefrontal cortex. According to the findings, this resulted in a fast-acting antidepressant effect in a mouse model of MDD.

Reference: “Design of fast-onset antidepressant by dissociating SERT from nNOS in the DRN” by Nan Sun, Ya-Juan Qin, Chu Xu, Tian Xia, Zi-Wei Du, Li-Ping Zheng, An-an Li, Fan Meng, Yu Zhang, Jing Zhang, Xiao Liu, Ting-You Li, Dong-Ya Zhu and Qi-Gang Zhou, 27 October 2022, Science.
DOI: 10.1126/science.abo3566

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  1. Didn’t they just recently discover that the serotonin theory was bulls***? And, even before they started looking into it, wasn’t the difference between SSRIs and placebo’s efficacy something like 55% vs 40%? So, discounting the people who could be cured with a Pez dispenser, they only had an efficacy of 25%. What makes this magic serotonin solution so much different?

  2. What is the medication and is it available in Canada?

  3. Unfortunately I cannot receive antidepressants because I suffer from schizophrenia and they are considered unbalancing, meaning they may cause psychosis. I do suffer from serious depression bouts which therefore cannot be treated:(

  4. Dude, they just discovered it, it will take a lot longer to get all certifications and mass production, calm your serotonins down

  5. Can you talk to us?

  6. We need this approved immediately. Just like the Covid-19 vaccines. FDA Needs to decrease the time to approve a lot of drugs that can be game changers to humanity.

  7. I’d love to see the data from the studies. 40 years of lies and con artistry from socalled scientists and medical professionals leaves me doubtful.

  8. Ketamine, as used as a depression treatment, is not addictive. Nor is there any risk of schizophrenia for those not already prone to it. Please research your articles better.

    • I would be fearful of using a potentially addictive drug given my abuse history. I am still having problems finding a replacement for Nefazodone.

  9. I’m with Jom. I run a Ketamine clinic and it does not cause schizophrenia nor is medical dosing addictive. Our IV infusion clinic has an 80% success rate and it’s a pretty incredible job to witness so many lives changeing.

    Lastly, I have MDD and ketamine has literally changed my life. I went from nonfunctioning, staring at walls, to running the Bay Areas most successful ketamine center! Please don’t knock ketamine to push a new drug.

  10. I am tired of Big Pharma propagandizing information about treatments for potentially deadly illnesses, especially for those treatments that free one from maintenance medications (most of which cause serious damage after long term use.)For years, Ketamine treatment was held back because of concerns that it would produce a “high”: so f-ing what? People didn’t get treatment that could have ended their suffering because they might enjoy it? This article is dangerous and if one person declines or defers Ketamine treatment because of that BS about schizophrenia, the author has blood on their hands should that person take their life.

  11. Looking forward to this. It seems my body has adapted to ssri’s. And my gene test indicates that at higher levels my body doesn’t tolerate them well which happened. Snri’s aren’t as effective for me. I’m on a couple antagonist class drugs now with an SNRI drug too.

  12. Try turning to the Bible. That’s the only medicine that would for me personally. For the first time, I truly feel there’s meaning to my life which is what was driving my depression. Good bless all of you!

  13. Someone already commented on this, but they just did a study that says depression isn’t a chemical imbalance and that serotonin isn’t effective. I’ve been on so many different antidepressants,and they didn’t help . I’m currently on Remeron and Wellbutrin. I don’t know about the Wellbutrin, but the remeron really helped me,and it’s fast acting. On day 6, I started to sleep incredibly well and my mood has definitely been elevated. I hope this new medicine works and I hope it comes out relatively quickly. I’d give it a whirl.

  14. Who can we trust?? Not Our Doctors, Not Our Pharmaceutical Makers and Not Our Government!! So What Now??

  15. I half a. .. trust pharma.

  16. Look into psilocybin

  17. I agree with pretty much everything said. Reading these comments has been way more enlightening than a trip to my psychiatrist. For those who are receptive, the Bible CAN help, but must be “taken” regularly. Might I also suggest a dog or cat for those not prone to outbursts of anger. (Disclaimer: this is not meant to take this lightly, but to make a point lightly. I have Chronic Dysthymia and any title addressing such symptoms ALWAYS catches my eye with hope. Huge hug to all of my fellow sufferers!)

  18. PS. Especially if the dog or cat is a Rescue (I say as my formerly used as a “bait dog” for a dogfighting ring Rescue just climbed up next to me!)

  19. Ketamine is addictive. The brain does get used to it and wants more and more of it.

  20. Troy Lynch, couldnt agree more! This ridiculously arbitrary reasoning about what, who, when and how people are allowed affordable access helpful treatments for such debilitating conditions is so offensive and unethical.
    We, patients or people with lived experience really need to unify in power and purpose around control of these very issues.

  21. Which pharmaceutical company paid for this bulls***?

  22. Good morning. I suffer debilitating seasonal affective disorder. Are we talking Ketamine? I’m scheduled to see a psych tomorrow, for an emergency. Been on everything from Prozac forward. Awaiting TMS, non invasive depression treatment. Not heard back. Frustrated beyond words!

  23. The mixing of capitalism and medicine is a disease unto itself. Medicine, in capitalism is seen as a good way to create new billionaires. Just what we need, fewer and fewer people sharing the economic resources and medicine for the sick costing more and more.

  24. Candles and SAD lights work well for Seasonal affected Disorder. Tired of Antidepressants
    Many trials and errors. Mushrooms have helped too.
    Ketamine sounds good.

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