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The military is a structured, armed organization tasked with the defense of a country, protection of its interests, and, sometimes, the projection of its power abroad. It typically consists of multiple branches such as the army, navy, and air force, each specializing in different modes of warfare. The military is responsible for maintaining national security and readiness through training exercises, strategic planning, and the acquisition of advanced technology and weaponry. In addition to defense, militaries often participate in peacekeeping missions, disaster relief, and humanitarian aid efforts around the world. Military organizations are also deeply involved in national development and educational programs, providing opportunities for service members to advance in various fields. The role and influence of the military vary significantly by country, influenced by cultural, historical, and political factors.

Why Did Russia Invade Ukraine?

Ukraine and Russia are two countries that border each other in Eastern Europe. On February 24, 2022, Russia sent its army into Ukraine and began…