Vitamin D Deficiency Linked With Increased COVID-19 Severity and Mortality

Vitamin D Sources

Joint Bar-Ilan University, Galilee Medical Center study affirms that sufficient vitamin D levels may positively influence the outcome of infection.

Vitamin D is most often recognized for its role in bone health, but low levels of the supplement have been associated with a range of autoimmune, cardiovascular, and infectious diseases. Early on in the pandemic health officials began to encourage people to take vitamin D, as it plays a role in promoting immune response and could protect against COVID-19.

In a study published on February 3, 2022, in the journal PLOS ONE researchers from the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine of Bar-Ilan University in Safed, Israel and the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, Israel show a correlation between vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19 severity and mortality.

The study is among the first to analyze vitamin D levels prior to infection, which facilitates a more accurate assessment than during hospitalization, when levels may be lower secondary to the viral illness. The findings reported build upon results initially published on MedRxiv

The records of 1,176 patients admitted between April 2020 and February 2021 to the Galilee Medical Center (GMC) with positive PCR tests were searched for vitamin D levels measured two weeks to two years prior to infection.

Patients with vitamin D deficiency (less than 20 ng/mL) were 14 times more likely to have severe or critical case of COVID than those with more than 40 ng/mL.

Strikingly, mortality among patients with sufficient vitamin D levels was 2.3%, in contrast to 25.6% in the vitamin D deficient group.

The study adjusted for age, gender, season (summer/winter), chronic diseases, and found similar results across the board highlighting that low vitamin D level contributes significantly to disease severity and mortality.

“Our results suggest that it is advisable to maintain normal levels of vitamin D. This will be beneficial to those who contract the virus,” says Dr. Amiel Dror, of the Galilee Medical Center and Azrieli Faculty of Medicine of Bar-Ilan University, who led the study. “There is a clear consensus for vitamin D supplementation on a regular basis as advised by local health authorities as well as global health organizations.”

Dr. Amir Bashkin, an Endocrinologist who participated in the current study, adds that “This is especially true for the COVID-19 pandemic when adequate vitamin D has an added benefit for the proper immune response to respiratory illness.”

“This study contributes to a continually evolving body of evidence suggesting that a patient’s history of vitamin D deficiency is a predictive risk factor associated with poorer COVID-19 clinical disease course and mortality,” said study co-author Prof.  Michael Edelstein, of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine of Bar-Ilan University. “It is still unclear why certain individuals suffer severe consequences of COVID-19 infection while others don’t. Our finding adds a new dimension to solving this puzzle.”

Reference: “Pre-infection 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 levels and association with severity of COVID-19 illness” by Amiel A. Dror, Nicole Morozov, Amani Daoud, Yoav Namir, Orly Yakir, Yair Shachar, Mark Lifshitz, Ella Segal, Lior Fisher, Matti Mizrachi, Netanel Eisenbach, Doaa Rayan, Maayan Gruber, Amir Bashkin, Edward Kaykov, Masad Barhoum, Michael Edelstein and Eyal Sela, 3 February 2022, PLOS ONE.
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0263069

7 Comments on "Vitamin D Deficiency Linked With Increased COVID-19 Severity and Mortality"

  1. Very Interesting.

    Some Initial Thoughts for Consideration

    1. We know the structure of Vitamin D. We also know the structure of the Immune Cells in the human ecosystem. The fact that infection rates are lower in the sample with appropriate amounts of Vitamin D is also interesting.

    2. How it actually provides protection from the covid 19 variants ( Hopefully All of them), wheather by biological strucural defense mechanism (physics),chemical defense mechanism via serving as a catalyst, to enhance the ability of the Cells to avoid fusion with the human ecosystem cells, and avoid infection is uncertain.

    3. The Suns Rays on the skin produce Natural Vitamin D . Are supplements of Vitamin D3 as effective at providing prtection.

    4. Do artificial Sources of Infra Red , UV light or Natural White Light provide the same level of Protection?

    5. Do LED or LCD or Incadescent light (Yellow or white) produce the wavelengths of light on the skin most appropriate for production of the Vitamin D , in the Human Ecosystem? Does this natural production of Vitamin D vary depend on specific wavelengths of the suns rays?

    6. Can this be extended to other essentail vitamins and minerals, to keep the human ecosystem healthy and disease free, due to lack of such essentail vitamins, metals and nutrients? I understand most vitamins and minerals just pass through the human system and are excreted . This can be optimised to obtain essential vitamins and minerals in the food (solids ) we consume and Liquis we drink to keep ourselves hydrated? Such foods need to be adjusted and aligned with the taste buds of populations.Challenge for Chefs across the Globe.

    Views expressed are personal and not binding on anyone

    Views expressed are personal.

  2. @Sekar Interesting post for sure, in terms of light, UV would have the highest efficiency. Theoretically light with similar wavelengths ie blue at high enough intensities may elicit some response, but IR, which is at the other end of the spectrum would not as it’s closer to irradiance at that point. With white lights it depends on the chip or filament composition as it effects the spectrum the light produces. Older incandescent mercury lights have a nominal UV output so there is a chance for biological action there. Plants use light spectrum for different biological functions wether it’s for growth or defence. You can illicit different reactions with lights that UV as apart of their spectrum so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be any different for humans. I would assume we would need at least 50,000 lux of sunlight to start the process so you would need to have some intense lights to replicate the same effect and at that point you’ll need sun glasses to not damage your eyes and well the heat. So, no normal lights wouldn’t do it, but if you stand under a bunch of floodlights, you should be good.

    • Very Interesting.
      More or less along the same lines of thinking as far as LLight releated part of the Post is Concerned. Quantity and appropriate wavelength of the light particles/ waves or Particle-wave needs to be refined further.

      Very Good start Almokinsgov, Well done.

  3. Have been thinking furter about theis Post related to Vitamin D3.

    Here are some additional thoughts which the Scientific and Medical researchers can explore, refine and determine how the Human Ecosystem can attain its peak effciciency and most effective functioning.

    Let us take one system which has always been fascinating. The Circulatory System.

    1. To put it simply, what we have here is a a biological pump called “The Heart”. It pumps blood through the Mammalian / Human Ecosystem. The Blood carries Energy,and all the nutrients , Vitamins and trace metals to help the Cells attain peak efficiency and effectiveness,which constitutes the various organs of the of the Human Body (Note pease : I did not say Mammalian / Human Ecosystem). One of these required is Vitamin D3.

    2. Thhe Blood Circulates. The efficiency and effectiveness of the Blood (Liquid Phase) of the Precious Liquid , which circulates and carries Nutrients, Energy, Vitamins and Metals (Let us call it (NEVM) ) to the Cells, probably has a causal relationship with the healt of Mamammalian and Human ecosystem. Always wondered why the duratio of life/ existence of the various lifeforms, varies on the the planet. Age is defined by passage of time and it certainly varies, depending on the life form.. At the quantum level five seconds is a huge amount of time . Many Viruses, bacteria and pathogens operate at the Nano Level. The Reason Blood Thinners are used is to reduce the viscosity of the Blood flowing through a Human ecosystem, (Note Please: I didn’t use Mamallan Ecosystem as I dont think veteranians prescrible Blood thinners for Old Dogs!).

    3. One of the early findigs of Covid 19 was a 100 plus year Italian Lady being whweled out of the Hospital, and when she was asked by the media persons she said something we should have all llistened to very carefully and practised! She sid ” I stayed well Hydrated”. When we drink water the Blood Stream get additional water, which probably makes it easier to circuate in the human ecosystem. The Network of the Circulatory System, is fairly complex and consists of Arteries, Veins and capillarie. For Smooth flow , especially where the forces which require different amount of force to ensure smooth circullation and may be different and may require different amounts of force we need to nvent a assistant for the biological pump which is inelligent ( AI Please). I suspect the Pathological Condition we call Heart Attack is caused by the inability of the blood supply and circulation which is being impacted by various blockages of the circulatory system network through which the blood flows. Which is probably the reason we us a devive called pacemaker ( as an assistant to the Biolgical Muscle we call the Heart) when thebiological muscle wecall Heart may not be upto the Job ato keep it beating smoothly and pumping!

    4. The next thought which occurred to me, is why does the blood become thickerr and more viscous, and impair the Flow of NEPM to the Cells ? I suspect that the Cells need an optimum level of precious water which it absorbs and the excess amount of water is excreted vide the excretory system { Urine , Sweat ( both Salty ! ) }, so the functioning of the excretory system is also extremely important in the optium functioning of the Human Ecosystem and RaceHorses TOO!

    5. This triggered the thought, Why are we Thirsty and why do we feel hunger pangs? !! I suspect it is the Controller (Human Brain Neoron Network , which carries Bio -electrical system, and is probably the messaging system in the Maammlian and Human Ecosystem signalling the need for additional water and food. I have heard that a satiated lion with stomach full ,does not attack other animals, seeking food!! Animals are all very very co-opeative when they go to a water body to quench their thirs,t after their hunger pangs are extinguised. Only the Human Species kills for pleasure!

    6. With Valentnes day around the corner, I thought it may be an appropiate time to share these views and thoughts with the Scientific/ medical community and Humanity!

    Happy Valentines day to all the Scientists and medical personnel in advance , who put their lives on the line everyday to nurse the afflicted back to Good health. They too are doing Gods work at much personal risk.

    Views expressed are personaland not binding on anyone!!

  4. Please note:

    I only took up the Circulatory System as an example.

    The same level of rethinking can be applied to the other subsystems of the human ecosystem/ Mammalian Ecosystem! Reimagine, Rethink and make the world slightly better.

    All the best.

    Views expressed are personal and not binding on anyone!

  5. This info is nearly two years old but was censored by big tech and MNM as “misinformation ” let that reality sink in.

  6. Not only was this info 2 years old, it was brought to light by Dr Rhonda Patrick on Joe Rogan’s show. Let’s silence the man who brings us useful info because it’s “harmful misinformation” and then claim it to be true 2 years later. The world is messed up…

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