New Imaging Technique in Animal Study Gives Insight Into Popular Supplement’s Potential Role in Cancer Progression

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New research finds that the popular dietary supplement nicotinamide riboside could increase the risk of serious disease, including developing cancer.

University of Missouri researchers made the discovery while using bioluminescent imaging technology to study how nicotinamide riboside supplements work inside the body.

A study by the University of Missouri has found that the dietary supplement nicotinamide riboside (NR), a form of vitamin B3, could potentially enhance the prevalence and spread of certain cancers. The findings, based on animal models, highlight the need for a better understanding of how dietary supplements work and the importance of investigating potential side effects before widespread use.

Commercial dietary supplements like nicotinamide riboside (NR), a form of vitamin B3, were linked to benefits related to cardiovascular, metabolic, and neurological health in previous studies. However, new research from the University of Missouri (MU) has found NR could actually increase the risk of serious disease, including developing cancer.

Supplements containing nicotinamide riboside are often marketed as NAD+ boosters claimed benefits including increased energy, anti-aging/longevity/healthy aging, improved cellular energy metabolism and repair, increased vitality, and improved heart health.

Scientists discovered that high levels of NR could not only increase someone’s risk of developing triple-negative breast cancer, but also could cause the cancer to metastasize or spread to the brain. The international team of researchers was led by Elena Goun, an associate professor of chemistry at MU and the corresponding author on the study. She said that once the cancer reaches the brain, the results are deadly because no viable treatment options exist at this time.

“Some people take them [vitamins and supplements] because they automatically assume that vitamins and supplements only have positive health benefits, but very little is known about how they actually work,” Goun said. “Because of this lack of knowledge, we were inspired to study the basic questions surrounding how vitamins and supplements work in the body.”

Following the death of her 59-year-old father only three months after being diagnosed with colon cancer, Goun was moved by her father’s passing to pursue a better scientific understanding of cancer metabolism, or the energy through which cancer spreads in the body. Since NR is a known supplement for helping increase levels of cellular energy, and cancer cells feed off of that energy with their increased metabolism, Goun wanted to investigate NR’s role in the development and spread of cancer.

Elena Goun

Elena Goun. Credit: University of Missouri

“Our work is especially important given the wide commercial availability and a large number of ongoing human clinical trials where NR is used to mitigate the side effects of cancer therapy in patients,” Goun said.

The researchers used this technology to compare and examine how much NR levels were present in cancer cells, T cells, and healthy tissues.

“While NR is already being widely used in people and is being investigated in so many ongoing clinical trials for additional applications, much of how NR works is a black box — it’s not understood,” Goun said. “So that inspired us to come up with this novel imaging technique based on ultrasensitive bioluminescent imaging that allows quantification of NR levels in real time in a non-invasive manner. The presence of NR is shown with light, and the brighter the light is, the more NR is present.”

Goun said the findings of the study emphasize the importance of having careful investigations of potential side effects for supplements like NR prior to their use in people who may have different types of health conditions. In the future, Goun would like to provide information that could potentially lead to the development of certain inhibitors to help make cancer therapies like chemotherapy more effective in treating cancer. The key to this approach, Goun said, is to look at it from a personalized medicine standpoint.

“Not all cancers are the same in every person, especially from the standpoint of metabolic signatures,” Goun said. “Often times cancers can even change their metabolism before or after chemotherapy.”


The University of Missouri has recently received harsh criticism from the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) for misreporting the study, stating that MU left out key information. 

CRN notes: 

  • “While the release has been updated with information clarifying the study was conducted in small animal models, it still omitted that the mice were immunocompromised and does not provide a factual and accurate overview of the study,” says a representative from the CRN.
  • “The original press release headline falsely linked NR with cancer and the updated version does the bare minimum to rectify the false claims.”
  • CRN stresses the importance of understanding that these findings have not been studied in humans. Rather, the organization holds that there is a large body of published work on the benefits of NR.

Reference: “A bioluminescent-based probe for in vivo non-invasive monitoring of nicotinamide riboside uptake reveals a link between metastasis and NAD+ metabolism” by Tamara Maric, Arkadiy Bazhin, Pavlo Khodakivskyi, Georgy Mikhaylov, Ekaterina Solodnikova, Aleksey Yevtodiyenko, Greta Maria Paola Giordano Attianese, George Coukos, Melita Irving, Magali Joffraud, Carles Cantó and Elena Goun,  29 October 2022, Biosensors and Bioelectronics.
DOI: 10.1016/j.bios.2022.114826

Other authors on the study are Arkadiy Bazhin, Pavlo Khodakivskyi, Ekaterina Solodnikova and Aleksey Yevtodiyenko at MU; Tamara Maric at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology; Greta Maria Paola Giordano Attianese, George Coukos and Melita Irving at The Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in Switzerland; and Magali Joffraud and Carles Cantó at the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences in Switzerland. Bazhin, Khodakivskyi, Mikhaylov, Solodnikova, Yevtodiyenko, and Goun are also affiliated with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Mikhaylov, Yevtodiyenko, and Goun are also affiliated with SwissLumix SARL in Switzerland.

Funding was provided by grants from the European Research Council (ERC-2019-COG, 866338) and Swiss National Foundation (51NF40_185898), as well as support from NCCR Chemical Biology.

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  1. McDonalds Okeke | November 13, 2022 at 5:41 am | Reply

    Fake results. A research funded by Establishments couldn’t be any worse. Millions of people have and still benefiting from vitamin B3 power. Occupy Establishments who are heavily invested in pharmaceutical companies are experts in forgeries when it comes to holistic medicine and treatments. Niacinamide and niacin increase growth hormone by 600,000. Deal with that!

    • I don’t see any pharmaceutical companies listed in the institutions credited with this research.

      • Vitamin supplements can do the same thing any prescription drug can and do it saferdan | November 14, 2022 at 5:05 am | Reply

        Goofball pharmaceutical companies Fund these studies. Why? Hello, because they can’t profit off vitamin supplements . So they’re always trying to make vitamin supplements as being bad . Yeah next time you hear prescription drug commercial listen to all the side effects the dangerous life-threatening side effects .Vitamin supplements can do the same thing any prescription drug can and do it safer

        • 1. this is a news article not the scientific study
          2. funding is listed in the article.
          3. anything you put in your mouth has an effect and a side effect good or bad.

    • Just watched on the FDA banning NMN. Looks like another Patent seeker trying to take NMN off the shelves to funnel $ his way. Check out the video. Not sure I believe the study cited unless you “follow the money” to see who paid these scientists. Much like the vaccines….I’d be very skeptical of this study.

    • I’m sorry, you’re talking about Niacinamide, the article clearly states (twice) Nicotinamide riboside. If you are going to comment, please keep your chemical names straight.

    • You’re so right and you can read the comments and see how absolutely ignorant people are about their own health. I mean they probably believe everything their doctor says when he throws prescription drugs at them .
      They don’t care enough about their own health research . Cause doctors today don’t treat you they push pills .

      People need to go to a functional medicine doctor they give you the time and the treatment you need without pushing prescription drugs all the time

    • Sorry, but you sound like a conspiracy theorist. Who are “Occupy Establishments”? Are you saying that the European Research Council (ERC-2019-COG, 866338) and Swiss National Foundation (51NF40_185898) and NCCR Chemical Biology are somehow invested in “Big Pharma”?

  2. Curious … was Dr Goun’s 59 y/o father vaxx’d? My daughter’s father-in-law who had prostate cancer had PSA values that jumped from .2 to 3.6 after being vaxx’d. His oncologist told him the vaxx weakened his immune system. I have two girlfriends who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer after being vaxx’d. IMHO, it’s happening too often for it to be a coincidence.

    • So just don’t get vaxxed and don’t cry when you end up getting the virus.

      • Rather have the flu, thsn cancer. But you do you.


      • What an ignorant statement! Has your head been in the clouds!? The mandatory taking of the experimental drug!!? Geez! smh

      • This article, study, skewed view and apparent result all wreak of the current cli.ate of the World. What is the N draw? What was the dosage? In what format was the NAD+?Were these purported researchers evaluating, participating, funding, or peer reviewing? It all reads as a horrific hatchet job on Science in general. What is their motivation and point? Any oxidizer at high enough levels can promote cancer growths….so many factors not to mention everyone’s individual blood type and chemical metabolic rate….the Niacin flush is proof of capillary dilation and a free form oxidation in very short time frames where the body excretes excess toxins and or product. Lastly how irresponsible to pick in a product that has real benefits on a daily basis to millions of human beings skewed thoughts, skewed Science, skewed ethical people….maybe FTX CEO and Theranos CEO plopped out a love child to run this study….Please!

      • Got ivermectin?

      • Didn’t get vaxxed and never shed a tear when I caught it the first time or second time.
        I work in healthcare and had to work with inadequate PPE.
        First time I had it was when this all started. I Never ran a temp (was checked twice daily at work at beginning and middle of shift) and COVID tested 2x week. When I finally caught it my only symptom was lost of taste/smell for a couple weeks…2 days after having tested positive.
        Second time, no temp again and only sneezing/running nose for a few days.
        Since I work in healthcare, I choose to test daily before every shift so no one can say the “unvaccinated one” spread it.
        Been over a year since my last round.
        Since, it’s unfortunately included the vaxxed and even boosted coworkers that’s caught it with worse symptoms then I ever had.
        My husband is also unvaccinated and when he finally caught it, he only experienced a backache. No other symptoms whatsoever and he never ran a temp either.

        A lot of people are asymptomatic and wouldn’t know they even had it unless tested regularly.

      • *And you are aware that getting vaxxed doesn’t prevent you from getting it.
        It’s only supposed to lessen your symptoms.

        • I read good and bad comments. I am using few vitamins of supplement and wants to know the exact benefits and disadvantages, before I have taken.

      • Wow. Why so agro? Too many jabs maybe?

      • Ah!! Still alive? Be sure to stay up on your vaccine boosters, what it is 4th or 5th booster plus flu. Liberals keep getting boosters, conservatives are counting on it.
        Never wore a mask, never took a shot not even a flu shot. Had covid 3 times, was like a sinus cold. Never misssed a day at work. Yall liberals make us proud, do what you do, be the crash test dummy.. tell us how it works for you in a few years.

      • Why would anyone cry about getting C0vid. It’s barely a cold. I’d rather deal with 3 days of sensitive skin and a headache than face life long heart or nervous system problems.

        • You probably avoided getting it in the early days. Omicron is definitely less lethal. Still, there are many who couldn’t write reply because they are dead. Only the living can whine. Interesting that you had it three times and never missed a day of work. Feel sorry for all the folks around you that you sickened. It’s all statistics. Roll the dice, take your chances. The best expected outcome is by far being vaccinated.

        • You’re right Dario! People are scared because uneducated! Followers! No back bone! No nothing! Gave up their freedom! Now all they have is to defend their weekness and stupidity for no researching!

      • hello people are still getting the virus who are tripled vaxed its doesnt work its all fear

    • There are two case studies linking mRNA vaccines to rapidly growing lymphomas. I know of two people personally who were assumed healthy before the vaccines and died directly from cancer Within a year of vaccination. The following link is to case study of and by a lifelong immunologist who was a proponent of the vaccine until he was suddenly overtaken by his lymphoma.

      • Without implying anything regarding the statements above, I wish to note that there are 3 “James”s so far commenting, and these comments are not all the same person.

      • You should learn to read better.

        “The patient is the corresponding author of this case report. He hopes that this report will incentivize investigations to clarify the possible impact of anti-SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination on the course of AITL. He remains convinced that mRNA vaccines represent very efficient products with a favorable benefit-risk ratio.”

    • I absolutely couldn’t agree with you more.. cancer is the leading disease in America… Pharmaceutical companies make billions off cancer patients coincidence I think not. It’s crazy we all have microwaves an if you dont want to be judged you get vaccinated but that’s what they want to control the population an have patients..thanks Judy for thinking how you do

  3. These are all reports funded by big pharma. They always misguide people for own profit.

    • You’re saying that the European Research Council (ERC-2019-COG, 866338) and Swiss National Foundation (51NF40_185898), as well NCCR Chemical Biology are all secretly “big pharma”?

  4. stephen schaffer | November 13, 2022 at 7:15 am | Reply

    Why does this supplement sound just like the insecticide that’s wiping out the honey bees?

    • its the “nicotinic” in the name. The same nicotine that we get from Tobacco which produces it as a natural deterrent to insects.

      We all use acetyl-choline as a neurotransmitter and 2 or 3 of the types of receptors for acetyl-choline (known as the nicotonic receptors) will respond to Nicotine (which is how nicotine has its effects).

      These same cholinergic receptors are also the targets of “nerve agents” (nerve-gas) as well as many manufactured insecticides which overloads these receptors for their effects (death). In fact the nerve-agents used in war were initially discovered while trying to produce insecticides, and more concentrated nicotine was favored in medieval times for political assassinations.

  5. Robert Sinclair | November 13, 2022 at 8:06 am | Reply

    Horrible reporting. Didn’t give any of the details of the study.

    What is a high dose of NR?
    How many subjects were involved in the study?
    Was it double blind?

    • The research specifics are provided in the link provided but can also be accessed through the URL below:

      While an entire ‘longevity’ industry has heavily promoted nicotinamide riboside, once again, we discover artificially created vitamins have downsides as well as upsides.

      A better longevity supplement strategy, IMO is to take natural substances that have been around a long time and are well cited in PUBMED that promote longevity, for example, Lactoferrin and Hericium erinaceus are two.

  6. Supplements are a big industry with their own “fake” researchers who could give out more positive results. I await their results. I will continue getting these nutrients through diet until there is a safe supplement on the market.

  7. Nicotinamide riboside (NR), a form of vitamin B3. Hum. Casts a shade on all B vitamins. And actually all vitamins doesn’t it. We never knew what those things were doing inside us. In 3122 they will look back on our “knowledge” of food and medicine and gasp.

  8. There is another study I heard about which shows that intermittent fasting stops cancer growth. Fasting was found equivalent to chemotherapy for stopping cancer growth. That means that food, and cellular regeneration in general, “causes” cancer. So maybe we should severely restrict sales of all food?? So while I believe the results of this study – I think we need to recognize how little this study really tells us about the cost vs benefit of things like NR and NMN and associated processes.

  9. Sorry but no one in the entire state of Missouri possesses the brain power to make these types of claims. This study is completely false and fabricated. Not a big enough sample size, not enough information to make that claim.

    • bad attitude – you have no idea what they know or their IQ – but, these folks appear from around the world ; Other authors on the study are Arkadiy Bazhin, Pavlo Khodakivskyi, Ekaterina Solodnikova and Aleksey Yevtodiyenko at MU; Tamara Maric at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology; Greta Maria Paola Giordano Attianese, George Coukos and Melita Irving at The Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in Switzerland; and Magali Joffraud and Carles Cantó at the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences in Switzerland. Bazhin, Khodakivskyi, Mikhaylov, Solodnikova, Yevtodiyenko, and Goun are also affiliated with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Mikhaylov, Yevtodiyenko, and Goun are also affiliated with SwissLumix SARL in Switzerland.

      • Why are you spamming the names of people ? No matter how smart they are they invented a “ novel” way of measuring something , this isn’t new for the history of science but for someone that doesn’t know . You aren’t supposed to accept a novel method of measuring things for the end goal of your study. We can’t take the study at face value.

  10. Maybe you should put names on these product supplements that have NR and any other cancerous materials in these supplements. Also star telling the people that sale these products. Sound the alarm to the FDA if this is that harmful. What you waiting for.

  11. Such careful study of a vitamin but not of the vaccines, which really are hurting people… interesting.

  12. I take a Vitamin B complex supplement. Is this supplement in these complex vitamins should I abstain

    • Karryne Hodgkinson | November 13, 2022 at 11:07 am | Reply

      I have taken vit.B complex for years and better for it, they r water soluble so are quickly excreted thro the body, the only vit.B that has a half life and stays in the body icells for approx 10 days is folic acid or folate. This needs more research and dosing quantities should be revealed, poor study IMHO.

    • In other news Biden and Obama are destroying the country with their lies and their destroy America first policies

  13. Yo organe juice is bat for you ask binder or obaamanba

  14. I take TRU is this consider bad for you?

  15. Who funds university, how can you reveal truth aganst your donor. It is like cutting the branch you are sitting. May be this company is very small still fda would not ban any pharma drug because you know lots of money invested in research and developments and every body sell off the stocks that creates recession.

  16. Listen to your body, live a healthy life ,live, love,and laugh 😂, I’ve lost too many people around me, in such a short time, everyday is a gift, try to be nice to and pleasant to friends and family etc.always say I love you,never leave the house, or go to bed without doing that.anyway, much , health to all , love , and stay happy.oh, and do what you believe is good for you.afterall, if you don’t take care of yourself, know one else will.

  17. These people have their own evil selfish agendas now vitamins causes cancer no they heal the body naturally and they know this and it’s a hit to them financially when we take these supplements and eat healthy and see less of them.. I don’t trust this article at all! Pray and be led by God

  18. This isn’t the first study saying something like this about NR/NAD. I just wonder about cause and effect with the cancers. Malignant cells have elevated energy consumption and metabolism, consuming more glucose than normal cells (thus allowing PET scans). Since NAD is the power source of cells it makes sense levels and activity would be increased in cancer cells too.

  19. In God we trust.

  20. “ novel “ lol

  21. No dose given no stat or sample size

  22. Hey, McDonalds, they didn’t mention niacinamide. If you can’t tell the difference, try counting the letters. If you can get all the way to 12.

  23. Fake results conducted by big pharma, this would cast a negative shadow over all B vitamins!

    • Exactly! Big pHARMa is getting concerned more and more ppl are using alternative less destructive ways to get healthy and that will kill thier Cha Ching money train! Would love to know if the ppl in this study had also been jabbed ?! Ans the next article I see is this Two types of quinapril and hydrochlorothiazide tablets made by Aurobindo Pharma USA are being recalled because they contain too-high levels of nitrosamines.
      So they can stick this study where the sun doesn’t shine !

  24. Presence of NR at cancer site does not mean is causative of cancer. Body uses various resources to fight. However, cancer cells do have metabolism just as human cells and will use same resources. So if any nutrient is prevalant in those cells is normal. Cancer cells eat too.

  25. Love everyone standing up for BIG VITAMIN B3

  26. Really? If true Beets Chews , which we have taken for years, B3 supplement is suddenly a cancer risk? No wonder people trying to keep healthy get mess up. You know try this then don’t try that try this. Its all over the place.


  28. Why was this study done? I thought questioning any science was taboo. I thought the current brain trusts said never question science. Funny how often questioning is EXACTLY the correct thing to do.

  29. This is one study, how does it measure up against the hundreds of studies over the last ten years that showed NR and NMN are perfectly safe and of great benefit to someone’s health? I suspect that Big Pharm is behind a lot of the negativity that is being put out (the FDA recently released a statement saying that NMN can not be called a Supplement), after all, if you improve people’s health they don’t tend to consume as many drugs!

  30. Scitech Daily – please consider removing the comment forums on your site, they are full of nutbars with axes to grind.

    I’ve never seen such a bizarre collection of miscreants.

    • leslie landberg | November 13, 2022 at 6:12 pm | Reply

      I’m sorry that you’re so intolerant of free speech and some of the people who have commented are incredibly knowledgeable about the bioactivity of this particular supplement both good and bad. An open forum is commendable and there will always be a range of opinion, both informed and uninformed.

  31. This study shows increased NR in cancerous cells when given at an unknown dose for an unknown amount of time. I’m sure most cells take up NR. So it is not clear that this study shows any association between NR and cancer. I’m sure a similar study using glucose instead of NR i also show increased glucose uptake into cancer cells, too, since they are metabolically very active.

  32. Does it induce cancer in a healthy individual or encourage the growth of a cancer that’s already there? What other factors could have led to the metastasis of the cancer beside NR?

  33. Chevy Chase 244 | November 13, 2022 at 1:16 pm | Reply

    Supplements have been around over 50 years! How come the FDA does not do more research on supplements? They have spent multi-millions of dollars retesting and retesting other things but no research on supplements!

  34. Who would have thought Baby powder , baby food ,useing the water at a military base or applying round up on weeds on the weekend could cause our deaths years later. Its a crap shoot everyday we step outside our doorsteps. So good luck , we are gonna need it

  35. This is garbage, I know multiple people who have taken multivitamins their whole lives and are free of any diseases

  36. Honestly this is really not enough information to the public… like tell us what exactly is NR what other vitamins has this ingredient… before putting the public at a panic… I think we have enough s*** to be concerned about.

  37. Some of these comments… Hehehehe… Uhhh.,.

  38. One supplement that’s not commonly used or heard of is now supposed to smear the value of all vitamins and supplements. Whoever put this trash out must really take JQ Public for an entire fool. How about we review all the horrible side effects of the drugs APPROVED by the FDA that kill and sicken people every day. What a ridiculous report this is.

  39. Unfortunately, the state of knowledge about most approved pharmaceuticals is similar. If that scrutiny is applied to pharmaceuticals already on the market, they are likely to get similar results.

  40. NAD and a couple thousand other chemicals may induce cancers as well as stress, chlorinated water, high intensity magnetic fields, and toxic foods… Other readers have pointed out the weakness and paucity of verifiable objectivity of the “authors”. Capitalism’s effect
    on studies is corrupting and toxic which are far more dangerous than NAD

  41. From the limited data provided in the link I would note:
    1) This is on a “mouse model” not humans.
    2) What they are claiming is a link to increases in metastasis of an existing cancer (where that cancer is linked to a mouse model that is specifically bread for vulnerability to that cancer) rather than increasing the rate of occurrence of that cancer.
    3) it is published in a journal related to “Biosensors and Bioelectronics”. I.e. they are being published based on the development of their sensing apparatus and procedures, and the publication is likely not scrutinizing their claimed findings regarding metastasis to the same levels as a journal related to oncology would.

  42. Lmao. I love how the comments are just absolutely tearing this apart. And not to mention that there aren’t any sources attached either

  43. This is to follow comment by Judy! My Fiancé was just diagnosed with a rare Cancer called (MBC) Metaplastic Breast Cancer on 10/5/2022. She had her 1st Vacc 1 year ago, her second one 6 months ago! The Doctor told us this Cancer grew 6 Centimeters in 6 months & is a very aggressive type that can grow 1 centimeter a month. Only 0.1% – 0.5% of people get that type. Only 1,000 people in the United States a year get this type of cancer. Just seems weird she gets 2nd Vacc & cancer grew in less than 6 months, don’t it?

  44. Randy G Ross of New Haven and New Hampshire | November 13, 2022 at 3:12 pm | Reply

    It’s very believable, many things feed many types of cancer, and with cancer rates up so high there’s allot more than this, not sure how people can’t see that…

  45. Doesn’t anyone think it’s the slightest bit weird that on the same day the FDA states that NMN does not constitute as a dietary supplement and must be pulled because it’s a pharmaceutical, this study magically comes about? NMN is a precursor to NAD, NR is just a more direct pathway. Just thought I’d put that out there. Buy your stuff while you can. There’s a reason they’re trying to take it away or scare you off.

    • Same thing here as Big Pharma tried with NAC, just a different approach. I immediately contacted Thorne pharmaceuticals as I take their Nia cell 400 product. Within 24 hours I received a detailed response outlining the problems with this study and assuring me it does not demonstrate a causal relationship between NR and cancer and was a poorly conducted study. I trust Thorne.

      As I did not obtain consent to copy and paste their response I would recommend anyone who is concerned about this supplement contact Thorne. You will get the same detailed and sensible response. This is fear-mongering.

      I agree with you. Bottom line is Big Pharma is going after all supplements that work and trying to get them to the status of prescription required.

  46. Do something noble,go research the covid shots and boosters.

  47. Well the trolls & loonies are in fine form here. One of you said that fasting can stop cancer & few others have alluded to vaccines being the problem. I’ve just survived being treated for breast cancer throughout the pandemic, starting just before the vaccines were developed & it’s astounding how much bs & nonsense is being flung about by people who don’t understand basic science.

    However, there’s not going to be any of the qanon brigade turn out to be reasonable in this forum. I wish people would stop spreading anti vaxxer nonsense & actually try to understand what the doctors in this study have done. It’s a promising beginning in a direction that could have great insight into the treatment of cancer.

  48. This study does seem to cast doubt on the overall validity since it lacks the essential information that a believable study would demonstrate. I do feel compassion for the loss of her father but without a complete historical background of his personal life it is premature to state that niacin caused his cancer or is responsible for it. NIACIN is found in many foods we eat so to say that this supplement will cause cancer is simply not believable. Overall I would rate this study as a failure to provide evidence supporting the claim.

    • You don’t read very carefully do you? The supplement in question is nicotinamide riboside, not niacin or niacinamide. There’s multiple forms of vitamin B3

  49. 2 brothers did a study/research paper in April they come from Brussels. After being vaxx’do and booster 1 brother developed lymph node cancer grew very rapid in 1 week.some cancers are feeding off the vax and boosters.according to the study,the lesser of the 2 evils is getting the vaxx and booster. This study was done by 2 doctors who are brothers specialist in their field

  50. leslie landberg | November 13, 2022 at 6:01 pm | Reply

    This is one of those times where a researcher working for and in the pharmaceutical and establishment medical industry is actually correct and is not overstating the facts.

    There have been many studies around the downside of this particular supplement and it is well known in the bodybuilding and aging community as being one that must be applied carefully and conscientiously and that there are much better alternatives out there which do not carry the same level of risk.

    She is wrong when she states roundly that we don’t know how vitamins and supplements work as the biological actions of vitamin supplements and herbs have been extensively studied there is an enormous body of scientific literature that she apparently is either unaware of or has been told to downplay.

    So that much was disinformation. But the fact is this particular supplement has done damage and taken lives and was overused.

    The word is getting out and this is not the only study to prove that this supplement is and should be used with extreme caution.

  51. NR needs to be takin with NAD and NMN in liposomal form,for proper conversion and utilization grasshoppers.. She clearly never shared the actual dose of NR,or the form(liposomal or other). She states researching for supplements to assist chemo,shows what team she is on.. Turkey tail mushrooms help immune system identity tumors,that create a membrane,from our own dna.. 10 capsules a day till gone.. beta glucan will super charge immune system. Turkey tail has compounds that attach to tumors membrane,and then immune system can recognize tumor.. Paul Stamets(host defense owner)mom,had orange size breast tumor at 83,and entered trial on Turkey tail mushrooms.. told she was to weak for chemo,and prep her will,with 4 months likely left.. Tumor dissolved. Written up in medical journal..

  52. MNM is how you precursor for NAD+. If you have cancer you need to be careful and consult with your medical team. Skip NR, stay with MNM. The data and misinformation on cancer, and the facts and concerns too, can all be found via David Sinclair especially his recent YouTube talks.

  53. I seriously doubt this is true. Just another scare tactic from people who got paid to print unvalidated nonsense. I guess drugs approved by the fda that have multiple side effects including death are okay…smh at all the misinformation. We are truly in a time of constant B.S playing out on a daily basis.

  54. It’s always good to research supplements you take! That being said, it didn’t take long for the anti-vaxxers to claim individuals acquired stage 4 breast cancer? From the vaccines? Stage 4 takes a long long time to develop. I would venture to say, those individuals had cancer well before they ever received a vaccine! It’s well known that certain vitamins can increase cell production. And the benefits of those particular supplements should be weighed in the balance. Let’s face it though, with all of the pollution and for-profit MoneyGrabbers, there’s a lot of stuff out there that can kill you. There was an article the other day in one of the science magazines I read, that talk about a particular microparticle that has been killing people in China! Supposedly it can cause cardiac arrest. So, inhaling micro particles causing cardiac arrest? Maybe it’s all that cocaine powder floating around. Anyway, it’s hard to take anything you read literally anymore. Do your research the best you can, and make an informed decision!

  55. Is there a reason there is no list of the names of these supplements?

  56. Anytime you use a fake vitamin you were not going to get real good results. No matter how smart scientist are, they cannot replace what God made. Take niacin the real form of vitamin B 3.

  57. Some of the comments are astounding. Like the comment suggesting that if you don’t get the Vax you will get the virus. Are people really that uneducated that they haven’t Followed the drug companies own admission that the Vax was never even tested to see if it prevented catching the vid, or in preventing its transmission. Turns out it does neither. Try to keep up folks.

  58. Yes, I had seen a man who had cancer, did a water fast for around twenty days, of course he was bed ridden and after twenty days the cancer was gone.

  59. Omg,all you people commenting are so ignorant! Like ANY of you are experts! You’re not. You discount the study, but make ridiculous claims with zero basis in fact. And you cannot extrapolate the results to include other B vitamins or supplements in general. Did you know that there are millions of people with GI issues that depend on B12 to stay alive? But this article is talking about B3, totally different. It is apparent from previous comments that not one of you has an education beyond high school. Try taking some chemistry and anatomy and physiology classes…college level, not the ones you had in the 6th grade. You all sound like a bunch of idiots.

    • Hmmmmmm
      It is difficult to know what to trust anymore. Not saying this study isn’t true. Perhaps we should try to eat well, and exercise, try to lead a more balanced life. Unless you are very depleted in a particular vitamin,
      why take them? I agree with the person above who said that
      the supplement companies also make ridiculous claims about their products, some are not much different than big pharma.
      I don’t trust any of them, neither Big Pharma nor the supplement industry. They are all out to get your money.

  60. Robert Loveless | November 13, 2022 at 7:25 pm | Reply

    Theg shluld send bog money tk political campaigns. Negative side effects be damned… if you donate enough, they’ll mandate it’s use, and make you an outcast if you refuse it.

  61. “The Real @nthony F@uci” bestseller book and excellent film documentary have many doctors and scientists MANIFESTLY demonstrating how they were NONvaccines, (as does TheEpochTimes dot com in MANY reports over MANY months,) which, in addition to not helping, caused many thousands of deaths and disabling damagings, and they’re scientifically explaining how this happens. Get da Facts, Jack! (–or Jackie.)

  62. This is a gross exaggeration of the original journal article (which was about an experiment done on mice). It’s just another anonymous hit piece on vitamins and supplements. I will continue to take NR without fear.

  63. You would think that the research should
    Focus on what the cause is to find.
    Do you really think that this same research
    Would also check in to prescription drugs
    Which could potentially has bad side effects

  64. This is hardly conclusive that NAD+ may contribute to cancer or metastasis. Quote: “metastasis linked to NAD+”. All that means is they happened to find increased levels of NAD+ in cancer cells. But the real question should be WHY there are increased levels. You would also find increased levels of porphyrins in cancer tumors using the new photodynamic therapy to treat cancer. And it wouldn’t be a bad thing. Until they understand what’s going on in the cell (metabolics), they have no idea if the NAD is there trying to fight the cancer or caused the cancer.

  65. Websiteblacklisted | November 13, 2022 at 8:13 pm | Reply

    Dogsh!t propaganda.. keep profiting off of the idiots of society amirite?

  66. Really shocking to read all the comments. So open minded are the people to look into studies that suggest some issues that contradict with the established beliefs.
    Dr.Goun, please keep up your good work on unearthing the unspoken truths about the pharmaceutical products.

  67. Beautiful ❤️

  68. I agree if this is so life-threatening alarm the government sound the alarm for a worldwide recall. Ban it NOW. I know there is a push by big pharma to get these taken off the vitamin list and classified as a drug. They’re spending millions in R&D on them to create sound youth drug. FDA is moving to do just that. It’s pending and under review until 2023. They expect huge legal suits so why if it’s killing people?

  69. Courtney Stoker | November 13, 2022 at 8:49 pm | Reply

    Thank for the real people commenting on this article

  70. The fda or nih website just quietly slid in Ivermectin as a cure to covid. It was a “conspiracy” 2 years ago. Vitamins are actually a great protocol to the jab (not a vax cause it doesnt work) its sad that after all these years people still believe this toxic jab. Stay unjabbed from this %99 survivable cold guys and 100% protected from side effects/death!

  71. Irris Marashian | November 13, 2022 at 9:21 pm | Reply

    I am not sure that I would trust something derived from nicotene, as the name implies. I just assume there is nothing wrong with a B-Complex Vitamin, as well as Vitamin C (the two work together), and perhaps a Multi-Vitamin. Too much of anything is usually bad for you, so don’t overdue the Vitamins either.

  72. You’re already to make claims like this?

  73. This is very scary I’ve been taking NR
    For years !!!! Am I going to get cancer?
    How can they afirm that the cientistas who discovered isolating this from B12
    Won Nobel prize!!! Test it gives cancer !!!??? Help!

  74. They didn’t mention the daily dosage in this study.

  75. Misleading article. The linked paper has a limited study on mice with cancer, and had a different purpose altogether. From the highlights:
    “NR supplementation increased formation of brain metastases in TNBC mouse model.”

    • Also the paper did not say NR would increase the risk of cancer. The abstract should be read as:
      “Our results demonstrate that NR supplementation results in a significant increase in (cancer prevalence and metastases of TNBC) to the brain.”

  76. We rely on government agencies to keep us safe on OTC meds and vitamins just as much as we do prescription meds!! Why oh why are we NOT being protected! We pay taxes to fund this!!

  77. Cancer doesn’t exist. Another made up illness in user pays medicine. If I told you a name of a chemotherapy drug you could look it up and see what it treats, on label. However it’s infuriating how stupid people are. I suspect the study’s author had seen a case of diverticulitis from inadequate fibre intake then was killed physically by a chemotherapy drug that causes severe constipation. That these eye cells use vitamins and that they appear to cross into the brain is interesting but, I can’t find that vitamin. What I didn’t get was that some idiot claims it’s a cure. Sick. Good luck out there.

    • This is an exciting study! Very good work! Cancers can hijack our enzyme systems to create hyper growth. In the next years,new studies will show the extent of positive energy and growth systems in our bodies that cancers hijack. Some enzymes that feed a cancer of one type, supress another. Its not going to be a simple case of a drug that supresses all. Viral gynocancers cancers are living in many people, being spread by close personal contact. They can linger or be fought off. Peopke with faulty genes for b12 metabolism (osteoporosis, cynide intolerance) are more suceptable. If you know your cell line, you can supress cancer by dietary changes. Fasting might be a valid therapy too. There are many pro growth factors in foods we eat. The drugs block the same factors but you can exclude the foods and fet the same effect.
      There is a link between covid and gynocancers. Viral prostate cancer creates a chemical to help it invade and spread. Covid uses the same to invade and spread. Someone with gynocancer would in theory, be very susceptible to Covid through TMPRSSR2. You can alter your diet to include more protease inhibitors and fight cell invasion by cancers, Covid etc… Protease inhibitors are small spring loaded proteins that remove excess protease from between cells. Cooking foods destroys the protease inhibitors.
      People shouldnt down play their own covid experiences and forget others who are more suceptable.
      Household toxins play a part in cancer. NOX is one chemical that promotes metastasis of cancer. Gas ranges in the home are one source. Lymphoma is caused by radiation exposure or solvent(benzene etc) exposure. It occurs when the tip of a chromosome breaks off. That causes the loss of some of your necessary genetic code. Lymphoma before the age of 4 is indicative of exposure to radiation in utero. I see later cases in my area of kids who grew up in certain heavy radon neighborhoods or uranium in drinking water in same areas. It dosent hit all, probably just those with fragile chromosones. This is a simplified explaination on things and addresses the comments! Hope it spurs more to research! I lecture and consult on pharmacology, toxicology, nutrition and genetics. Many new drugs are based on chemicals in foods or that block chemicals in foods. Inheratable factors are important to how we handle toxins, like the SOD1 mutation that grapefruit plays a part in. As a side note, Angelica is purported to fight brain cancers. It forms a part of the diet in Scandinavian countries- tastes like licorice and is easy to grow. Im growing this and other pharma plants

    • What research studies did YOU do to conclude that there is no cancer, hmmm? Given that I have KNOWN people who died of cancer, including MY MOTHER, this is the stupidest comment ever.

  78. As soon as i read the name Nestlé being involved in a research study, i have to question every aspect of its ethical integrity, funding, biases. The details of this study above are rather opaque, which opens up many more questions about the result.

  79. Cornelia Martin | November 14, 2022 at 1:53 am | Reply

    The pharmaceutical companies are coming for the natural supplements now. I am not saying this study is untrue but I am wary of what is happening in our medical system. The vax is creating so many problems and sickness for people yet big pharma keeps pushing it. I didn’t take it and prefer natural supplements to build immunity. So far so good.

  80. Makes sense. If b3 increases growth hormones than regardless of it being healthy it could also be a escalator of cancer if your are prone to the disease. So anyone calling this research bs should think about that.

  81. Hey SciTechDaily, congrats on your commenters making this place sound like nutjob heaven. Antivaxxers and conspiracy theories
    Buh bye.

  82. Get rid of the antivaxxer nonsense and we’ll all be better off. Fkn loons

    • My feelings are the antvxr crowd have legitimate concerns and questions and it’s unfair to silence them. This is an open forum and folks want to share what they choose. Given the spike in deaths amongst the vxxd over the past 6 months may warrant speculation. Food for thought.

  83. Matthew Ryan Feerer | November 14, 2022 at 2:47 am | Reply

    The FDA is corrupt they all should be imprisoned for poisoning us

  84. Don’t take vit.supplements get the cov. shot it’s much better:))))

  85. so, this highly questionable study has quickly turned to a vax/anti-vax issue..boring..I had stage IV throat cancer for years before I finally got a total laryngectomy..can’t taste, can’t smell, can’t speak..and vaxxed 4 times and I’m a liberal and enjoy my NRs with my Absolut..lightweights abound..they’re everywhere..amateur night

  86. If you have cancer stop using sugar because it feeds cancer I’ve taken vitamins all my life and 63 years later I’m healthy still and how many of us need daily meds to live its big pharma that has the cure for cancer and if they release it big pharmacy and medical would lose billions if not trillions of dollars in income also cancer was a man made disease so there should be a man made cure

  87. The ridiculous thing is that vitamin supplements are sold in chemists…the industry claim they do nothing but still promote them in store n make trillions..truth probably some where in between..I would trust vitamins and minerals, a healthy diet n natural alternatives over prescribed medications with all their killer side effects…

  88. Steve Nordquist | November 14, 2022 at 3:35 am | Reply

    Should follow the effect of too many carrots well, give or take carotenoids.

    Love the lay article’s imagery of brain proliferation rather than cancer metastasis to brain, I guess other writers did too.

  89. Why do we need vitamins when our body is supposed to get everything we need from our FOOD. Our government needs to find out why this is happening, and what is going on with the food that is making everyone crazy !! If u r so concerned about what vitamins can cause then look into why we have to take so many now , and start regulating them. Wake up !!

    • Hello, the food we eat today doesn’t have the nutrients that used to have because farm land is overproduce . Example You can’t get all the vitamin C you need from eating orange juice or oranges . The government tells you 75 mg . But that’s not for optimum health that’s to keep you from getting scurvy . Sadly folks like you are probably deficient in a lot of things and don’t know it I don’t wanna know it .Because the medical community pushes prescription drugs when vitamin supplements are safer and better for you

  90. Do we know if the subject was vaccinated w the Experimental vaccine?

  91. Chris the Artist | November 14, 2022 at 4:10 am | Reply

    The sponsor of the study tells them what they are looking for. Laughable

  92. Who are the sponsors of this “study”? That will give you the answers you need.

  93. Hahah…. More fake science. It sure seems the sponsors told the researchers the results they needed to arrive at. ….. weak science at best. Deliberate lies at worst ….

  94. Pharmaceutical companies can’t stand that people take vitamin supplements. I can’t profit off of you taking vitamins instead of the prescription drugs . Fact you can take a vitamin that’s safer & it does the same thing then a prescription drug does .The doctors get paid to push the pills . Somebody commented here why don’t see any pharmaceutical mentioned in the study . Who do you hell you think paid for it .
    But prescription drugs they come with so many side effects that only an idiot would take the stuff . Listen to it next time what they say are the side effects


  95. Two things: First of all, I’m appalled a study so poorly documented is being “pushed” to the top of our feeds by Google. I appreciate the Author’s research; the intent was good and well-thought out, but this published piece is lacking documentation that allows me to take it seriously.

    Secondly, I can’t believe people actually make everything an opportunity to bash the Covid-19 vaccine. If you don’t want it, don’t take, but the American people shouldn’t be on the hook for your healthcare bill under the Covid provisions of the Emergency funding if you don’t. To the Healthcare workers refusing the vacine–it is your choice not to take it and I respect that choice. While you may be asymptomatic and not have severe symptoms, the vulerable people you spread it to could die. People like me, who are severely immunocompromised go to the hospital for a reason and are not equipped to handle a lethal virus. Even vaccinated, we may get it and become very ill. It is my opinion that you should not workin a Healthcare setting. You took an oath to do no harm. Not taking the vaccine is doing harm. You should not be working in Patient-Centered Healthcare. Find another place in medicine. We need people caring for us that care about our health.

  96. I was glad to see you in a full picture. It leads me to believe that this is a person researching and sharing this, rather than a “team of scientists”. Luckily my vitamins are pretty clean. But it does cause one to wonder if they really are that beneficial.

  97. All these talking about getting or nit getting vaxxed, having COVID symptoms or not! If you did Good for you, if you didn’t Good for you too. I’m a Nurse n this is how i see it, IF TOMORROW U END UP IN THE ER THAT I’M WORKING, I WILL DO EVERYTHING I CAN TO SAVE YOUR LIFE WETHER U ARE A BELIEVER IN MEDINE OR NOT. MY JOB IS TO TRY N SAVE LIVES N HELP ALL WHO ARE SICK. Why? Cause I care for ur lif, health NOT UR FOR UR FEELINGS OR OPINION OF BELIEVE.

  98. While few lines in article are relevant we can’t reject supplements as they are taken in a due course for a certain goal. Body sheds what’s not required automatically yet a few supplements can affect negative or counterstrike when mixed with prescription drugs that are more invasive. Vitamins or most herbal supplements are not drugs but selective foods and their usage requires some knowledge. Having said that their merits are more than their demerits. Thanks for posting interesting things and reports.

  99. As a data geek I would like to remind people that correlation is not causation. From what little info is in the links we have insufficient data to make conclusions, just justification to fund further studies. Consult a data scientist!

  100. From my understanding (through reading research articles) NR has a negative impact IF you have cancer. Cancer cells have an altered metabolism that thrives on NAD+ for energy. So my understanding is that if you have cancer it is a dangerous supplement to take, HOWEVER, there is no research I’m aware of that states NR or NAD+ increases cancer risk. Or causes one to develop cancer. So in that way this article is dishonest.

  101. There may be flaws in the study, but the amount of anti-vaxers in the replies is probably showing the IQ and motives of a lot of them.

  102. niacimide does nothing for heart or brain health,,,you must flush to get the benefits niacimide is non flushing and i read the study very flawed

  103. I’m Australian, my countrymen and I are heavy consumers of Vegemite. High in B group including B3 ,a standard serve ( smeared on toast) delivers 2.5mg. I’m average at 75 having had at least that amount daily since birth. Maybe check the close to thirty million Aussies for the statistical incidence of cancers.

  104. I don’t know whether this study is accurate or not. However, it kind of makes sense. If nad is supposed to reverse aging, and increase cellular life, it would also work on cancer cells by helping it. This is coming from someone who takes nad supplements. Basically, if you have cancer or have a genetic predisposition, tread carefully

  105. I took the Vax back in January. I was perfectly healthy before the Vax, and this July I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Took Mammogram for the past 5 years always normal. I’m not blaming the Vax but I do believe it lower my immune system response.

  106. After scrolling past all the Q-Anonsence, I see where the study was about a new diagnostic tool that illuminates NR and related factors in living cells. Mice bred to develop cancer were the only subjects of the study. As cancer cells grow more aggressively than healthy cells, of course they uptake more NR. No claims of causation were made, only a call for further study to determine possible causation.

  107. Hmmmmmm
    It is difficult to know what to trust anymore. Perhaps we should try to eat well, and exercise, try to lead a balanced life. Unless you are very depleted in a particular vitamin,
    why take them? I agree with the person above who said that
    the supplement companies also make ridiculous claims about their products, some are not much different than big pharma.
    The take away is try to live a balanced life, and get your nutrients from food. I don’t trust any of them, neither Big Pharma nor the supplement industry. They are all out to get your money.

  108. I would like to know how much is safe to take daily? I didn’t see that anywhere in the article.

  109. Joe ..... Still learning | November 14, 2022 at 8:10 am | Reply

    Obesity is only a disease in the United States ! I think the fasting once in a while will not hurt us it will hurt the grocery stores . Ouch

  110. Additionally, it seems every research or researchers forgot one of the most important thing that makes a research valid, “was it reproduced by someone else”. If the study has not been reproduced its not a valid study. It is still a hypothesis.

  111. For me, this is just another Facebook story to ignore. Reason being, all the orchestrated response in the comments section. I will seek out a more viable resource.
    P.S. Anyone responding to my post will be met with an upraised middle finger.

  112. I have had Triple Negative Breast Cancer and let me say it is not a force to be reckoned with. Not is the treatment for it. I’ve been vaxxed twice and boosted once AND I’ve had COVID twice. After being vaxxed. It’s apparent to me, all science aside, that every one person is different in how their body reacts to things. Period. Every person is taking a chance with every thing they put in their body. Moderation is key. BTW my husband has NOT been vaxxed at all and never gets sick. Nor has he gotten covid. I’ve never had flu and never had a flu vaccine

  113. 3 weeks after being vaccinated I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.

  114. Hmmm. The more I hear and read about the
    “vaccine for SARS-Covid 19” the happier I am knowing I never received ONE of the Experimental Gene Therapy Shots. I have had CoVID at least once ( for 14 days) and have never had an issue since.

  115. This study was published in a journal called “Biosensors and Bioelectronics.” That should tell you something about the quality of the study when it’s published in a journal with a very low impact factor.

  116. Gilbert Gallardo | November 14, 2022 at 11:15 am | Reply

    Ok here’s food for thought, as someone who worked out and took steroids and testosterone all this life, to get a extra boost I would drink Monster energy drinks which has 250% Niacin (Vit. B3) in each can of 16oz, I have drank these all my life yet no cancer so is this not the same as this B3 supplement?

  117. cauterized human | November 14, 2022 at 11:37 am | Reply

    Nicotinamide is recommended by dermatologists and my mother for skin cancer. I don’t really like taking the pill twice a day as it’s a massive dose and is expensive supplement. But I also hate getting Mohs surgery, I mean I’m glad they have it but… I think the chlorine in the pool suppresses my skin cancer more than nicotinamide.

  118. @James was right. Pay the attention to the name! They are a sort of B3, but the moclecular structure is different and that may affect negatively body.
    Read these. The article explains the difference between 3 similar names for B3. 1 of them is real and natural and won’t harm your health

  119. Something as simple as B3, DANGER!! Untested carrots, “safe and effective” dudes. Give it to the whole f’n world!! She’s sweet as bro!
    “Causes a few mild heart conditions”. Naaahhhh, ignore that sh$t, it’s all f’n fine !

  120. The article is misleading. The ’cause’ for cancer was not studied. The metabolism of cancer was studied. They found that a vitamin analog, nicotinamide-riboside (NOT nicotinamide) facilitated the cancer reproductivity. Isn’t there a similar study with folate and cancer? Like any living system, cancer requires nutrients to grow. That is also the idea behind some cancer drugs, get into the cell and interrupt the nutrient cycle inside the cell, thereby starving the cancer cell. These drugs are toxic to all cells, it’s just that the cancer sucks up more since it is replicating faster.

  121. The roots of daisies we will all see soon from the top of a step ladder so why fret the small stuff just eat healthy foods and never mind the B/S

  122. D3 kills cancer

  123. Probably because healthy foods are so expensive and vitamins are cheaper! You have yet to realise, the cold, covid, which I studied about in 2005 at Adelaide university! Exact exam question was,”what are symptoms of this cold”.? They name all colds each year to compare and contrast! They chose this one to see how much control they had over the world……and how much money they could make! Then, they had their cocktail party!!!!!!!!!!!!! And are still celebrating while we are dying or suffering! You were all part of a study! Well done! And they also managed for us to argue amongst each other! The only aspect of the mask which had no significance was for me to hide my face so I wouldn’t talk to idiots I know in Adelaide!Now they are throwing money at us to shut up until they’ve organised another plandemic!mind your own business as I too have the right to autonomy! Which they are also trying to take away, or control, same thing!

  124. I am not surprised, the whole point of taking these supplements is to increase ‘activity’ in the body. Since taking the supplements
    I get regular checks for cancer. We should applaud the researchers work.
    The whole point of taking them is to live longer and stronger. Research that identifies risks to mitigate are should be welcomed with open arms.

  125. Keep trying to fool the public by this unrealistic claim. I don’t believe you and hope everyone else doesn’t either. Possibly hurting people to make some cash.

  126. I have been taking vitamin supplements since I was 25 I am now 75 and still take the same supplements I do not go to the doctor unless I am sick but I haven’t been sick in years.

  127. I’m an RN working in vascular. Refused vax! we’ve seen a huge increase in DVTs and I personally know several people that died from pulmonary embolism after receiving the vaccine. Young people with no medical histories. It’s the vaccine killing people!! Wake up!!

  128. I feel stupider after reading the bulk of these comments.

    Reading a lot of forums and Wikipedia pages doesn’t make one a scientist, yet so many of you comment like you’re preminent experts.

  129. Maybe another FDA attempt to control vitamins and supplements.

  130. It makes sense to me now even more! So many people that I know have developed cancer after taking these vaccines. My daughter is one who developed Stage 3 Triple Negative breast cancer at 28 y.o. and still getting treatment for it. She had both vaccines and the booster. She had COVID twice too. I had the one vaccine and didn’t get the booster. I won’t get it either! I had too many side effects from the one and done! I went for my genetic testing and I’m currently negative for cancer!! Don’t let anyone tell you that a vaccine is required or else! It’s your body!

  131. Name the brand. Fake NEWS.

  132. Anyone commenting on this article has no worries. You’re inbred and chain smoking is going to kill you far before a vitamin will.

  133. Slamming big pharma vs an industry that makes claims with no studies… If these supplements impact HGH it logically promotes cancer. Proven that HGH stimulates the growth of cancer

  134. We will see exactly what these drugs cost.

  135. reading these comments is giving me brain damage. grow the f*** up.

  136. Thanks for sharing this information and giving your insight to this ! It’s definitely worth the effort for a person to take the time to research and learn all of what they can about this ! People would rather argue and talk crap back n forth about who’s cheating who and who’s being true instead of focusing on the issue and matter at hand ! A person should learn all they can about their health and the condition or illness that they have or could potentially be faced with , the same goes for all prescription medications,if 1 is able they should familiarize themselves with their medicine and learn everything they can about what they take etc….

  137. Shamefum article using scare tactics to lure readers. The study shows correlation, not causation.

  138. Billions of suffering chickens, pigs, cows, lambs are cruelly slaughtered for consumption each year. We dont see the horrors they go through from birth. Do these so called “products” have a karma attached when their fear-poisoned flesh is eaten? Vegan is healthier, kinder, delicious and easy. Challenge22

  139. If you are going to write an article stating that high doses of something is bad, or in this case increases cancer risks, then you have a reaponsibility to also state the minimum dosage amount that is cobsidered to be reaponsible for that increased risk.

  140. More info on positive result studies:

  141. Two coworkers died from covid in small office where most employees work from home. They did not cry but their children did. Covid was the 2nd leading cause of death in Tennessee in 2021. Additionally, people have died after having the vaccines, although it is not being highly publicized. The covid vaccines are still new and many vaccinated people contract covid. Anything put into your body is your personal choice. Nothing really to argue about.

  142. 1. What “freedoms” are people being “forced to give up”? Nothing’s mandatory.
    2. The FDA doesn’t have any power over the trillion dollar supplement industry.
    3. You’re still “free” to believe the enormous empire of online “news” sites Mike Adams AKA “Health Ranger” is behind & to waste your money on whatever sponsors INFOWARS.
    4. Most Dr’s aren’t out to kill you. Check where they got their degrees. Dr Phil got his doctorate in arthritis. Other Dr’s are chiropractors.
    5. Many people seeing Dr’s will not leave the clinic without a prescription.
    6. Pharmacists: stop taking meds out of their original packaging, removing patient information leaflets & putting them into those orange PLASTIC bottles. WHY is this even done?
    7. People, PLEASE stop being so freak’n angry! Believe what you want. Stop trying to indoctrinate others & labelling them as “Sheeple”. You’d have to be living under a rock to not be aware of all the ? “truths” circulating out there.
    8. Knowledge is power but learn from history eg Salem Witch Hunts / the high infant & maternal mortality rates less than 100yrs ago compared to now / rickets / Spanish Flu

  143. Where is the data?

  144. Harry Belafonte 3rd | November 15, 2022 at 12:35 pm | Reply

    Supplements?, why can’t you survive on a regular diet of natural food.
    Oh yeah, judging by the obesity epidemic I guess that’s why there’s supplements, for all those who just eat take-outs and coke.

  145. Some people take prescription drugs because they automatically assume that they will only have positive health benefits, but very little is known about how they actually work.

  146. Doctors don’t make any money from healthy people. Do you really think they will give us the best advice. Instead they will tell us we should be using their drugs because this increases their profit.
    That NAD enhancers could cause cancer to get worse is obvious. The fundamental problem is diet. People who do not eat things that have the fundamental nutrition our cells need to work properly and be healthy have cells that can become cancerous and kill them. Healthy eating feeds the immune system and garbage collection system thus keeping our bodies clean and protecting us from cancer. So NAD on its own is dangerous. Our teeth are almost the same as gorillas and they eat green leafy plants. That is what we must do to be healthy.

  147. Dario & everyone else that wants 2 act like Covid is nothing but a “cold or backach for a few days” my sister thought the same way. Her husband & her both Refused to get it & their 10 children are now suffering because her sniffle ended with Covid tearing apart her lungs & everything else in her body. R.I.P Sarah Olivo 1/1/81 to 11/3/21. Its a roll of the dice either way, do what is best for you & keep your hurtful comments 2 yourself because at the end of the day what have u gained from posting your personal beliefs (either side) in such a way that is just hurtful & insensative 2 another human being. Stop being jerks 2 people that dont share your beliefs & try being a better person. So much hate & anger & for no reason is not good 4 anyone. Your gonna end up giving yourself a heart attack & dying after everything we have been through & still have 2 go through thats the way you want 2 leave your family with? Think about it people…

  148. More outrageous propaganda from the pharmaceutical/medical industrial complex.

    If the pharmaceutical/medical industrial complex was so concerned about people’s health, they could undertake endless studies into all the dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

    But of course, we know that’s not going to happen.

  149. Ivermectin is good, I’ve done my studies and investigation personally, I will never get the vac and anyone who has just please stay prayed up, America’s got y’all all messed up and fooled!! Lol Silly rabbits, Vax r for kids!!

  150. Dam I was taking niacin from Holland&Barrett to help lower my cholesterol. Thank god my medication for adhd has eliminated the need to continue taking this vitamin.

  151. Regarding the suggestion that intermittent fasting helps inhibit cancer growth…. The commentary above inferred that the absence of nutrutional input = proof that a lack of B vitamins slows cancer growth and thus supports the conclusions of this research:

    That’s what’s called extrapolation!! Correlation does not equal causation. By this same logic you could also conclude that any or every common vitamin or food causes cancer growth.

    There are MANY physiological effects of intermittent fasting! There’s also research about its effects on cancer growth. One of its primary benefits is that going without food allows our bodies to shift into rest and repair mode, which is when the immune system is able to break down and eliminate problematic cells, including precancerous cells. There’s plenty of research and info available on that topic if you’d like to expand your knowledge on the subject.

  152. I didn’t get the Covid vaccine and I won’t. My choice. I don’t trust it. I did get a severe case of Covid and it almost killed me. I have taken vitamins and supplements for years. I feel they help me but to each his own. My advice…the less medication the better.

  153. This is another example of fake news trying to scare people. Association does not equal causation. Cancer always needs energy of some kind to grow. Why isn’t there a warning on all food, especially carbs and sugar, as these are also fuels for cancer.

  154. I know people who successfully survived COVID without a vaccination, and for all those commenting I’m so happy you did well once you contracted the virus. It is scary to trust new drugs – particularly when it’s not to prevent contraction but just to mitigate symptoms, hospitalization and death. The higher death rate in counties with Republican policies might be worth considering though, when looking at COVID with the larger US population in mind. (See article below)

    And please, I’m not castigating you for not getting vaccinated, please don’t hate on me for making a different choice. Thanks!


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