What’s the Right Way To Eat Candy Corn?

Candy Corn Stack

Some people enjoy stacking or playing with candy corn more than eating it. However, if you do like eating the iconic Halloween treat, what is the proper way? According to popular opinion, you should eat the whole piece at once.

Is there a better debate than the one surrounding the right way to eat candy corn? Love it or hate it, consumers report that there is a right way to enjoy it – and the National Confectioners Association (NCA) has done the heavy lifting in terms of public opinion research to get to the bottom of this burning question. According to a recent NCA survey, 33% of candy corn loyalists nibble the narrow white end, just 16% start with the wider yellow end – and more than half of all consumers just go for it and eat the entire piece at once.

Eat Candy Corn

No matter how – or if – you enjoy candy corn, the triangular treats are unquestionably iconic during the Halloween season. And for anyone who might doubt its popularity and ubiquity, candy corn is the second most popular treat for the Halloween season. The only thing that scored higher is chocolate. Rounding out the top three most popular Halloween treats is gummy candy as a category.

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