Yale Research Identifies Causes of Cancer

Human Cancer Cell Illustration

Illustration of human cancer cells.

Have you ever wondered, what makes a cell become a cancer cell instead of normal tissue? Was it because of exposure to UV light or from smoking? Scientists at Yale University were wondering the same thing.

They used a new molecular analysis to quantify how much specific genetic mutations contributed to the development of different cancers. They combined this with previous knowledge of the factors that can cause specific mutations that alter the genome in tissues. They are therefore able to assign a specific percentage of the blame to various factors in causing cancer to emerge.

It isn’t just useful for people curious as to what caused their cancer to develop, it can also be used for public health benefits such as minimizing exposure to significant factors that can be prevented and quickly discovering new sources of cancer.

A team of researchers led by Yale University scientists can now quantify the factors causing changes in the DNA that contribute most to cancer growth in tumors of most major tumor types.

In a new paper published in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution, they say that their new molecular analysis approach clarifies a long-standing debate about how much control humans have over cancer development over time.

Looking at the instances of specific genetic mutations can reveal the extent to which preventable exposures like ultraviolet light caused tumor growth in 24 cancers, said Jeffrey Townsend, Ph.D., the Elihu Professor of Biostatistics in the Department of Biostatistics at Yale School of Public Health (YSPH).

“We can now answer the question — to the best of our knowledge — ‘What is the underlying source of the key mutations that changed those cells to become a cancer instead of remaining normal tissue?’” he said.

Some of the most common cancers in the United States are known to be highly preventable by human decisions. Skin cancers, such as melanoma, emerge in large part because of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, and lung cancers can often be traced back to tobacco use. But scientists have long struggled to gauge how much any individual’s tumor developed as a result of preventable actions versus aging or “chance.”

Previously, scientists have demonstrated that they can reliably predict how certain factors cause specific mutations that alter the genome in tissues. By combining this knowledge with their method that quantifies the contribution of each mutation to cancer, Townsend and his colleagues showed the specific percentage of the blame to be assigned to known and unknown but identified factors in the emergence of cancer.

“That gives us the last puzzle piece to connect what happened to your genome with cancer,” he explained. “This is really direct: We look in your tumor, and we see the signal written in your tumor of what caused that cancer.”

They write in their report that some cancers are more controllable than others.

“We can now answer the question — to the best of our knowledge — ‘What is the underlying source of the key mutations that changed those cells to become a cancer instead of remaining normal tissue?’”

Jeffrey Townsend, Ph.D., Elihu Professor of Biostatistics and Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

For example, preventable factors account for a large part of the formation of tumors of the bladder and skin. However, they found that prostate cancers and gliomas are largely attributable to internal age-associated processes.

Local populations or professions who suffer from inordinately high levels of cancer may also be able to use the findings to discover instances of exposure to carcinogenic substances, Townsend suggested. The idea seems promising, he said, because capturing the proportion of factors could potentially expose the underlying causes which led to tumor growth.

“It can be useful in terms of giving people feedback that lets them know what the causes of their cancer are,” he said. “Not everyone may wish to know. But on a personal level, it may be helpful to people to attribute their cancer to its cause.”

Not all genetic changes that lead to tumors are incorporated into the current approach, so that more research is needed to fully understand complex genetic changes like duplicated genes or chromosomes. Scientists continue to discover new factors that also lead to tumor growth, so Townsend cautioned that its current approaches do not provide a “complete accounting.” And his team’s method remains untried on many less-frequent cancers that the group has not yet studied.

Still, the findings could help public health officials to quickly recognize sources of cancer before they lead to more tumors, thereby saving lives.

“Public health intervention targeted at minimizing exposure to these preventable signatures would mitigate disease severity by preventing the accumulation of mutations that directly contribute to the cancer phenotype,” the researchers wrote in the study.

Reference: “Attribution of cancer origins to endogenous, exogenous, and preventable mutational processes” by Vincent L. Cannataro, Jeffrey D. Mandell and Jeffrey P. Townsend, 26 April 2022, Molecular Biology and Evolution.
DOI: 10.1093/molbev/msac084

Co-researcher Jeffrey Mandell works at the Yale Department of Computational and Biology Informatics as a Ph.D. student. Vincent Cannataro, the study’s first author, is an assistant professor of biology at Emmanuel College.

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  1. “Skin cancers, such as melanoma, emerge in large part because of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light…”

    Emerge “in large part?” Historically, humans spent most of their waking lives exposed to ultraviolet light, hunting and farming, fishing and foraging — naked in warmer climes and warmer climates. Something in addition to UV is at work here, as other research has shown.

    • Historically, the ozone layered wasn’t ruined like it is now, protecting pre-modern humans from UV damage.

      • Luke Davenstein | May 13, 2022 at 10:02 am | Reply

        The ozone layer has mostly recovered from its near catastrophe 40 – 50 years ago, but cancer rates continue to rise. There has to be more going on than any simple explanation has seen.

        • Perhaps check the status of the ozone layer with a quick Google search. One with images. Might help.

      • Historically, most people died from other causes before they developed skin cancer

        • Kelly Hilaire | May 13, 2022 at 5:45 pm | Reply

          I believe that the human race is under too much stress, there is too much greed, the gap between the fortunate and the unfortunate is to wide. If we can learn to live better as a race we can potentially be overcome cancer.

          • Mindbreaker | May 15, 2022 at 11:51 pm |

            We were under vastly more stress in the past. Our history books focus on the elites, who had the basics. That is a very small fraction of the population in the past, especially 500 or 1,000 years ago.
            And there is evidence that many forms of stress actually enhance health. Look up “hormesis”.
            Some stresses appear to be bad with no benefit like going without sleep, low oxygen, infected lacerations, staring at the sun, loud sounds, burns, broken bones… But others appear to have benefits, including periods with very little food, cardiovascular exercise, high intensity interval training, weight lifting, stretching, sauna, ice baths, hyperbaric oxygen, plasma dilution…and who knows what else?

        • stefan michaud | May 15, 2022 at 3:08 pm | Reply

          No they didn’t. They lived to 70 (three score and ten), or longer. The average is dragged down due to the high incidence of deaths in infancy, childhood, and childbirth.

        • This article really didn’t shed any more light or add much we didn’t already know.

      • Historically humans did not live past the age of 30.

    • I believe the change is coming from the evolutionarily inconsistent amounts of polyunsaturated fats. We’re filling out adipocytes with these unstable molecules. Rates of melanoma occurrences have risen along the same trend line as our PUFA consumption. It’s a diet overrun with vegetable and seed oils that’s causing the cancer in my opinion. Replace them with saturated fat and you won’t even get sunburned anymore. I’ve experienced this myself.

      • Patrick Hammond | May 13, 2022 at 3:25 pm | Reply


      • You listen to people selling fad diet books who really know nothing about how people lived in the past. Try actually looking at what anthropologists and archaeologists know about what people ate, rather than mythology, and pop culture’s take on what “cavemen” ate.
        No. Hunters often came home with nothing. Then they ate berries, nuts, grains, seeds, herbs, roots, grubs and whatever. We know what hunter-gatherers eat today, and we know what people ate in the past by studying microscopic deposits on the teeth. We also know from human dentition itself that we are clear omnivores rather than near carnivores.
        If we are missing anything, it is leafy greens, the organ meats, “animal byproducts”, and bone broth we used to eat before we were spoiled just eating the muscle, and of course grubs and other bugs.
        We especially end up low in Proline, and Glycine, which can manifest in bad joints, unhealthy connective tissue, and unhealthy skin.
        They certainly were not bringing home really big game like mammoths and aurochs regularly. They were using nets to catch bird and rabbits. Hunting the big stuff often got you killed. You had to be desperate to go after the big, fast, strong animals.
        But don’t let a little thing like truth get in the way of a good myth.

    • Didn’t realize people this dumb actually really existed out there. These are like dumber than Trumpers comments.

      • This poster is 100% correct. Researchers have found a link between polyunsaturated fat consumption and an increase in skin cancers. 2 minutes with Googke would’ve helped you not be so ‘dumb,’ though revealing your political leaning reveals there is no hope for you.

        • There is more vitamin D in these things, but you will just die of heart disease, or a stroke instead.
          Have a look at diet and lifestyle correlations with methylation aging. That is the real goldmine for good health advice.
          I think there are one or two misleading correlations. I think the bad correlation with gamma tocopherol is a result of many people getting that from margarine and Crisco rather than whole grains. And the lowest other than zero in alcohol is always the winner because there are always a bunch of unhealthy people who have been told they can’t drink any longer, and those are thrown in with the real teetotalers. Abstaining from alcohol, is almost certainly better.
          I am probably not permitted to leave a link, but search for the research paper: “DNA methylation GrimAge strongly predicts lifespan and healthspan” Figure 6 tells you everything you need to know. Less fat is better. Less red meat is better. More carbohydrate is better, dairy is good. Whole grains are good. Veggies are good. Fruits are good. Alpha-carotene is the winner. Beta carotene is good too, and related things. High C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation), and tobacco use are by far the worst things. Other bad things were higher waist/hip ratio, high insulin, high glucose, high triglycerides, and high systolic blood pressure. Surprises: Cholesterol was mostly meaningless. Diastolic BP was meaningless. Fish does not hurt or help, or hurts as much as it helps. Chicken is slightly bad. Protein does not hurt or help in the range of those tested. Total calories is irrelevant.

      • I know I know, that Biden/Harris Democrat bunch can blow our minds with their high IQ’s!

    • Another thing to consider is migration. After spending thousands of years in one place evolving under low uv exposure and relatively suddenly living under high uv. Australia is probably a good example.
      I wouldn’t rule out all the chemicals in soaps, body washes, sunscreens either, take a look at the ingredients.

      • That would matter if people actually labored in the sun all day, but we use machines like tractors, and trucks to do most of the work.

    • People did not live long enough and evolution plays a large part in gene mutation. But yes, please compare modern humans to our ancestors thousands of years ago. Makes sense

      • stefan michaud | May 15, 2022 at 3:09 pm | Reply

        They lived almost as long then as they do now, but the average was much lower due to deaths in infancy and childbirth.

    • Humans also only lived to—at best—50 years old in the days you speak of. Hardly a reason they didn’t get cancer as I’m sure many did, but life back then was far shorter and therefore people who were destined to have it, could have been killed or died before cancer had the chance to get established.

      • stefan michaud | May 15, 2022 at 3:12 pm | Reply

        Wrong. They lived to 70 (why do you think the bible says “three score and ten), or longer. The average was much lower due to the high incidence of deaths in infancy and childbirth.

    • Probably because they didn’t know what cancer was back then and probably attributed it to spiritual things

    • A totally uninformative, pointlessly premature article written by persons looking for research grant money.

  2. Elons Brother | May 13, 2022 at 8:35 am | Reply

    I once read an article that most cancer cells DNA contains strands of DNA from bacteria or microscopic organisms. Coupled with radiation from UV light or other sources the mutation appears to cause a fusion between human DNA and those organisms. Humans with high levels of bacteria from abscess teeth or long term illness are logically more at risk.

  3. FinderOfLostThings | May 13, 2022 at 9:39 am | Reply

    I have been sunbathing since I was 14 years old. I have never used sunscreen in my life. I tan my entire nude body every summer. I used tanning beds for several years in my twenties. I am now almost 50 and I have never had any skin issues, no melanomas, no weird moles. I’m Caucasian with Native Indian/French ancestery. 40 years of Prolonged and unblocked UV exposure and never gotten cancer of any kind.

  4. The real caused are protected by privacy, money, and the law.

    • Lucky you. My mother smoked cigarettes , almost a pack a day, for about 70 years. Never got cancer. Her experience doesn’t disprove that cigarette smoking can cause cancer, especially of the throat, lungs and mouth. She was lucky.

  5. DMSO or MSM naturally incorporated into the human diet is a key component missing from the modern human, it use to be abundant in nature but with modern crop systems the soil is leached of it and therefore so is the crop. DMSO and MSM naturally act as a filter when included in the cell structure of skin and protect us from genetic damage of UV, it also forces toxins out of the cell and the lymphatic system.

  6. Luke Davenstein | May 13, 2022 at 9:55 am | Reply

    Who wrote this article? His grammar is sloppy, and it seems that he doesn’t proofread his work. No wonder he doesn’t claim any credit, or responsibility, by signing the byline. It doesn’t reflect well on scitechdaily or the publisher.

  7. Many other causes of illness death we don’t have now. In warmer climates people evolved darker skin as protection. In cooler we wore clothes, big hats.
    Vitamin d synthesis involved. Eating far fewer calories for example. And age related cancers didn’t matter as much because people didn’t live that long. This work useful, but how do we manage all the people we save?

    • Uv light penetrates cells increasing molecular activity stimulating cellular death through molecular chemical reactions. Any alchemist should know sun & moon hot & cold changes the way acids and molecules act.

  8. As much as I find this fascinating from the research side, I also feel this information is likely to be leveraged mostly by insurance providers to deny patients cancer coverage for “self-inflicted” exposures to triggers. 😬

  9. Otto Heinrich Warburg look him up he had the cure

    • Patricia Tomlinson | May 13, 2022 at 10:12 pm | Reply

      In my opinion the great upsurge in cancer cases has two main causes:
      stress and pollution.
      There is a lot of underlying stress in our lives today and this makes us more vulnerable to illness.
      Pollution: everything is polluted – the air we breathe, the water and soil used for food production.
      Some additives to food stuffs, etc. Other factors also play a part – consumption of refined carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour.

    • Dear Jeff,Throat (Squamous) Cancer is agressive. 2 surgeries 2008 but cancerous margins at tonsillectomy. Radio”therapy” declined inc argument with DrOncologist.
      Grateful pastor Dug Gibbs told me of the Dr Johanna Budwig Protocol(2curd blended 1 flaxseed oil) which came from Dr Otto Warburgs theory. Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements by Micheal T Murray ND ISBN 0-7615-0410-9 has alot about flaxseed oils anti cancer power. Check Functional Wholefoods.com David Musgrave Ranfurly NZ for supply & info.ENT Dr who saved my tongue and voicebox nerves was surprised at my surviving 6yrs. 16yrs now Praise the Lord. 66yr Fred Hughes

  10. This report is based on the belief that genetics produce cancers. As opposed by belief in the over excitation of the mitochondria (metabolic disease) which occurs with excessive food consumption and associated poisons.

  11. Somebody needs a lesson on the ozone layer….lmao

    • Stefan michaud | May 15, 2022 at 2:59 pm | Reply

      Many people posting here are saying that skin cancer deaths were unknown long ago because the average life span was shorter, so people didn’t live long enough to get it. These people don’t understand how averages work. The fact that the average life span might have been 35 doesn’t mean people were dying before age 40. The biblical standard was always three score and ten, or 70. The average was much lower because so many died as infants, or in childbirth.

  12. Earlier the Better | May 13, 2022 at 1:35 pm | Reply

    U.S Govt. is attempting to do COVID Testing & Vaccinations of Every Citizen; Whole Genome Sequencing of ALL is Extremely Important for Science; Stupidities of Humans SHOULD YIELD TO Genetics Right Away. Engineering came up with Cars, Buses, Trains and Planes etc., FUTURE is for Molecular Biology of our Cells.

  13. Oh great public health officials will intervene and mitigate risks … California already says everything causes cancer now they will have the ammunition to take away everything lol

  14. Earlier the Better | May 13, 2022 at 2:04 pm | Reply

    Effects of Molecular Biology are all pervasive; We all started as a Cell. I just now came across this news article. People have various views. But, Molecular Biology takes a path, which may be rectified in future with more Advanced Efforts only. https://www.npr.org/2022/05/13/1098779201/texas-supreme-court-transgender-gender-affirming-child-abuse

  15. Watch the insurance companies can use this kind of research to deny claims for medical treatment.

  16. I have stomach cancer stage 4 going on 2 years I do treatment three out of four weeks I had about four different kinds of chemo

    • Sorry about that, wish you the best. Did you have years of ulcers before that? If so, it could have been caused by a specific kind of bacteria Helicobacter pylori and could have been cured before cancer with ordinary antibiotics if your doctor was up on these things. Partly why we need to look into what is bothering us using the Internet. You can’t trust doctors will keep up with anything after they graduate. Some do, some don’t. I am not saying self-treatment, just asking educated questions and presenting info to doctors. And if they appear to be clueless about things like this, it is time to find another doctor. Though, often it can be hard to sort through info.
      And obviously, other things can cause stomach cancer…like too much charred/smoked stuff, smoking, acid reflux, continuing to take aspirin every day despite problems (aspirin is only a problem for people with certain gene alleles)…and I don’t know the other reasons. My uncle almost died from regular baby aspirin. Aspirin fortunately does not seem to bother me.

  17. Patrice E Biskynis | May 13, 2022 at 2:33 pm | Reply

    I have enjoyed reading the comments. Some very good thoughts here.

  18. You highlighted some easy ones, now why does breast cancer happen?

  19. Did people live to 70 back in the day let alone 40? Yeahhh… think again

    • stefan michaud | May 15, 2022 at 3:15 pm | Reply

      Yes, they did. Why do you think the biblical standard was three score and ten, which, for the arithmetically and linguistically challenged, is 70. You need to learn how averages work.

  20. This article didn’t add much knowledge to what we already know.

  21. What was the life expectancy in the past? How long are we living now? What sinister force do you think is at play?

    • stefan michaud | May 15, 2022 at 3:16 pm | Reply

      Life expectancy for whom? Those who made it to 20 were likely to reach 70 or more. Infant mortality dragged the average down.

      • I averaged the age of my ancestors by generation (nearly complete info 5 generations back). There have been increases in longevity over time. At least in my family. There was an outlier here and there that lived to 100 or close to it. There were others dying at 40-something. My 4 Grandparents averaged 89. My 8 great-grandparents only made it to 76. And it declines from there.
        It is true though that hunter-gatherers often live to 70 and more. The early farmers though did not do as well. They were stunted, and had lots of nutrition issues because they had too few domesticated plants and animals to work with. Things got better, when more groups domesticated things and either the technology was transferred or they just traded in the Mediterranean or along other coasts. Things got much better when New World crops were added. Most of these were superior, which is why Native Americans were much taller than the Europeans. These crops are still better in my opinion, and partly why Latin Americans in the US live 4 years longer than other groups in the US. Asian food can also be very beneficial. I think Soy in particular has gotten a bad rap lately. And preparation by boiling and steaming is better than what Americans usually do.

  22. Very skeptical

  23. Respectfully,
    That doesn’t mean that they didn’t succumb to cancer, they just wouldn’t have known it was cancer. Also, if cancers are mutations time would be needed to help them develop in our day in age.

  24. Atmosphere was a little different back then

  25. Kelly Hilaire | May 13, 2022 at 5:42 pm | Reply

    Agree, something else is at work here.

  26. No dumbass skin cancer has due to UV exposure has been killing people for as long as their have been people on earth

  27. So, what are the causes? I didnt get it?

  28. Mike McGrath | May 13, 2022 at 6:21 pm | Reply

    No duh Sherlock. Didn’t need a PhD to know those cancer causes.

  29. Heard of environmental changes?

    • Richie…. In the period of time you reference and they lifestyle you describe, people died at like 35

      • stefan michaud | May 15, 2022 at 3:18 pm | Reply

        No, they didn’t. The average lifespan is not the age at which people died. If one of a pair of twins died at birth and the other lived to 70, the average life span would be 35.

  30. Carlitos Espada | May 13, 2022 at 6:39 pm | Reply

    What is a common cause of pancreatic cancer Adenocarcinoma?

  31. The depletion of the ozone layer in the stratosphere has resulted in significantly more UV and dangerous UVB rays getting to the surface of the planet. The agrarian economy and lifestyle prevailed when the ozone layer was intact and absorbed most of the UVB rays.

  32. Completely agree with you. Many skin cancers are correlated to sun exposure. I have doubts, just from what I’ve read, (i.e, cancer as a metabolic disease) that melanoma is one of them. Sorry, but I felt this article was poorly written, told us very little about this Yale Univ ‘Discovery’ (of cancers cause). What was in here that we -even as lay persons didn’t already know? Haven’t read previously? This article’s title was obviously Clickbait :/ IMO

  33. Really, I don’t understand why these people are attributing the skin cancer to uv. It seems that all the research is funded by big corp. selling sunscreen like always. Please open your mind before doing research.

  34. Historically most humans were probably dead before the age at which most melanoma kills.

    • stefan michaud | May 15, 2022 at 3:06 pm | Reply

      No, they were not. The biblical standard is three score and ten, or 70. the average wqas much lower because infant, childhood, and childbirth mortality dragged the average down.

  35. Poorly edited clickbait.

  36. Cheryl Desvernine | May 13, 2022 at 8:42 pm | Reply

    I suspect the way our food is grown, the pesticides, the GMOs and the way they feed the livestock may be a big contributor. Have there been any research on that?

    • Donna Shellabarger | May 15, 2022 at 10:55 am | Reply

      Cheryl – I agree with you. I posted something similar. Our food sources are terribly tainted in America 🙁 I believe disease can be controlled by what we put into our bodies: food, poisonous lotions & toxic makeup. We are under the greatest assault of toxins from many of our American products.
      Our bodies know how to thrive & stay healthy with mostly plant-based, nondairy foods to nourish them. And organics for lotions which our skin soaks up straight to our blood stream. I wish we would teach all of this to children from day one to create a healthier outcome for all & the environment.
      Take care & best wishes,

  37. I also think that another plus factor adds to the exposure to UV light for skin cancer.
    Also more severe cancers such as of oesophagus and stomach, not much are known about them.
    Is tobacco only the main cause or there is something else also that triggers the gene to mutate.
    All these questions are yet to be answered in understanding of cell growth which causes cancer.

  38. William Hoerter | May 13, 2022 at 9:03 pm | Reply

    Possibly alot of cancer is caused by medications that people take .Just saying.

  39. Well ultraviolet light is stronger and we live longer.

  40. Amee Gilbert | May 13, 2022 at 9:24 pm | Reply

    Is there anybody else that is concerned about this testing being used by life insurance companies to deny death benefits if the test shows the cancer was due to life choices?

    • Universal health care would end that problem. Just sayin… Richest country in the world, yet poorest health outcomes, & one of the only countries that rejects the idea that healthcare is a right.

  41. Skin pigmentation was darker in high UV year-round latitudes and depigmentation evolved as humans moved away from the equator, almost certainly to allow enough UV light into the skin to ptoduce essential vitamin D and folate. In mildly seasonal climates tanning allowed some protection, but where clothing replaced skin pigmentation as protection when individuals expose themselves to high UV levels they are more prone to skin cancers.

    By identifying the genes that are impacted by lifetime exposure Vs. genetic bakgroup this research will allow further clarification of the components. Involved in cancer risks in individuals.

  42. It’s sad that Harry sack (“obviously”) will never hear another’s thoughts.leaving him with only his own thoughts to produce knowledge . Very sad.

  43. Yeah, they can now say a partial aspect of an already widely/generally accepted theory has what amounts to slightly more backbone than previously proven..and let’s add an image that looks like a literal pic of the discovery so it seems more official.

    I have been explaining the reason for my uncommonly accepted chemical disagreement with all but one (so far)thyroid replacement hormone after 6 years of multiple trial and error, to my family, expecting them to understand.

    Didn’t matter how many different ways-they blamed me for it?? Anyway, my point: they saw it on the news and suddenly they believed me.

    Show someone scientific looking media/imagery and slap a degree on it and any one of the general populace will take your word for it.

    Fun times.

  44. Derek Wartner | May 13, 2022 at 11:16 pm | Reply

    Absolutely ridiculous article. . Just skims over everything just like bumbling Biden. It is going to be fun to watch things unfold….like why the free crack pipes??? Or oh..
    Holy poop Hunter s laptop issue is a real thing?

  45. Cancer is what happens when you live on a radioactive rock hurtling thru space around a giant ball of thermonuclear fire…Get used to it!

  46. It’s not clickbait.

    You have to read the research. Link at bottom of article.

  47. Taissir Nourial | May 13, 2022 at 11:47 pm | Reply

    Where’s that giant cancer computer

  48. I expected something far more profound from this article. Haven’t we all seen these so called “new” discoveries somewhere else in the last 20 years?

  49. Can uv light cause fibroids to become cancerous?

  50. Why are babies born with cancer, or get cancer at 6months of age, or toddlers, or little child. They haven’t lived yet, but get cancer, some even die. What is the reasoning there?

  51. James B Vermilyea Jr | May 14, 2022 at 3:32 am | Reply

    The wages of sin is death. We live in a world that has been deteriorating since
    The fall of mankind.

  52. tell us aomething we didnt know. common sense will tell most of us exactly where it came ??? i thought they had some profound discovery that pinpoints where it came from Obviously smoke and get tumors on the lungs Obviously work or live next to a chemical plant and get some kind of tumors obviously be out in the sun six days a week for eight hours a day you can get tumors

  53. Call me paranoid if you like, but I can’t help wondering if this research is funded by medical insurance companies! I’m sure they’d jump at the chance of labelling a patient’s cancer as “self-inflicted”, and therefore not covered by their policy!

  54. Thought I was gona learn something here… people in Italy stay out on sunlight all day everyday and are healthy, happy, cancer free and live longer. American food is the link to cancer not sunlight. Vitamin D makes people happy god forbid we have a nation of happy people 😊

  55. Staying focused | May 14, 2022 at 4:30 am | Reply

    What does Trump have to do with this conversation. Now that is a very ignorant comment.

  56. This is a non article it doesn’t really answer anything. Waste of time.

  57. Why no one talks about the fact of our immune system is hacked by terrible eatble substances, lack of essential nutrients, and also excess of stress!!! Maybe because its not lucrative!!! Healthcare makes trillions of dollar with sick people, remember that… we are the product!!!

  58. Christina P. | May 14, 2022 at 5:21 am | Reply

    Over time… But cancerous tumors can also form in toddlers. As for the exponential growth of most cancers during the 20th Century, my guess is that a high percentage of them came from the hexavalent chrome that was used to soften leather watchbands and was an actual component of most metal watchbands as well as most of the case backings. Before cellphones, watches were worn for several hours per day by nearly every worker, and the acid in their sweat would have caused the hexavalent chromium to enter their bodies through their skin.

  59. I didn’t see a mention of Radon and lung cancer! My mother had lung cancer and never smoked! Also need to do research on blood clotting disorders and cancer

  60. I think cancer is dur to a lot of things. Years ago in the 60s. 70s and 80s cancer wasn’t as rampant as it is today because our food and crops have been changed, the meats have antibiotics and hormones all of the wheat and bread our sprayed with glyphosate which is the same chemical used to kill weeds on our lawns, also the chemical that our put in shampoo,perms, lotions,hair color deodorants you can’t even pronounce and our cells become toxic because they don’t know what it is let alone the exhaust fuels from our cars and other crap and then bam here comes CANCER.

  61. Insulin therapy causes cancer. That’s one they aren’t going to tell you.

  62. This article said nothing new. We already knew everything here. What a joke.

  63. Many babies and young children are dying of different cancers everyday. Explain away…..

  64. Sun give us Vitamin D which helps in absorbing all other foods ( vitamins etc) in our body. So it don’t cause but prevents cancer.

  65. #1 cause: sugar. Wake up people.

  66. Veganstylist | May 14, 2022 at 6:46 am | Reply

    Cancer is caused by eating animals. They are fed crap and medicine. Vegans do not get cancer.

    • They have less cancer, not, no cancer. There are important substances, mostly carotenoids and other pigments, which are beneficial. But omnivores can eat these too. There is an issue with how meat is often cooked. High temp cooking creates Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs), smoking, charbroiling, grilling, and such also create carcinogens.
      I try to minimize AGEs. There are very important nutrients in animal based foods. We are omnivores, it is a biologic fact. Trying to break the rules will never be optimal. And, especially trying to make the very young vegans, is a good way to intellectually stunt them.

  67. If you re-search Egyptian mummies, studies done show that some died from various types of cancers. Cancer has been in the game a long time. Stomach cancer and skin cancer were two that were found. I suppose there must be a studies done on their lifestyles at the time, if they found mummies of those who are not from the wealthy and compared the differences…

  68. Yeah, (click bait is right!) I know more about Cancer than these Yalies do, it seems!

    So, Yes I agree w most all of these posts!

    Don’t forget Cancer is just basically the random, uncontrolled growth of otherwise healthy cells…

    Meaning that this could possibly be an extremely easy or complex Issue all at the same time!

    My personal research indicates Cancer Cells are Anaerobic and thrive in a NON Oxygen environment! Conversely introducing MORE O2 into the Blood stream (ie: superoxygenating the red blood cells) will KILL all Cancers, Viruses, Bacteria, etc., as ALL of these are Anaerobic types of Organisms.

    For Example: taking a measured amount of 3% ‘food grade’ H2O2 via Air or water mixtures WILL superoxygenate your Blood stream, causing the death of those ‘Vile Entities’ via super Oxygenation, etc.

    This technique has been around for 75+ years or more, w/ over 25k in combined Medical studies, tests and verifications having been done, reports written…

    BUT BigPharma has been ‘super-suppressing this type of Info for many decades now; it will cause them to lose BILLIONS IF it gets out in a big way…!

    Research for yourselves, and consider reading the Book: “The One-Minute Cure” it only Costs about $15 on Amazon. My wife and I are using this particular Method right now to stay healthy an well ourselves!
    Oh, BTW: (Obviously) it also has been known to kill ANY Form of COVID, AIDS, etc.

  69. Post #2:

    P.S.; Calling someone ‘stupid,’ and/or ‘an idiot’ is just plain rude and judgmental; it just shouldn’t be done! (Reflects very poorly upon the ‘accuser’ themselves!)

    Saying that; possibly… another poster’s thoughts or ideas may not be as well thought out, or similar is much more kinder, compassionate, understanding and humane!

    We can all loving and kindly agree to dis-agree and still have honest, meaningful dialog that honors each other and continues the process on any particular SME discussion online!

    Plus, please don’t forget we’re ALL () going to pass on into the Eternal Realm in the near future at one point or another, so the ONLY Lasting TRUTH to be Told is that Jesus Loves you, and Repent of your Sin’s, the Kingdom of God is at hand! Put your Faith, Hope and Trust in the Creator and Savior of the entire Universe, Jesus Christ…! God Bless one and all of you folks, you and your families, your loved ones too…!

  70. Post #2:

    P.S.; Calling someone ‘stupid,’ and/or ‘an idiot’ is just plain rude and judgmental; it just shouldn’t be done! (Reflects very poorly upon the ‘accuser’ themselves!)

    Saying that; possibly… another poster’s thoughts or ideas may not be as well thought out, or not what you’d agree to, or similar is a much more kinder, compassionate, understanding and humane!

    We can all loving and kindly agree to dis-agree and still have honest, meaningful dialog that honors each other and continues the process on any particular SME discussion online!

    Plus, please don’t forget we’re ALL (100%) going to pass on into the Eternal Realm in the near future at one point or another, so the ONLY Lasting TRUTH to be Told is that Jesus Loves you, and Repent of your Sin’s, the Kingdom of God is at hand! Put your Faith, Hope and Trust in the Creator and Savior of the entire Universe, Jesus Christ! God Bless one and all of you folks, you and your families, your loved ones too!

  71. Andrew H Watkins | May 14, 2022 at 7:25 am | Reply

    For what it’s worth I had at age 22 burned myself in a tanning booth and on the location where I was burned I developed Malinant
    Melanoma. I only say this because it looks as though some people might question the validity of getting cancer from UV exposure, I feel confident that’s what caused it. One last thing, 42 now, still no new cancer, hope God/Science will help me stay that way!😁

    You all have a wonderful day!

  72. #notafananymire | May 14, 2022 at 7:56 am | Reply

    Been on this earth 64 years and that is all they came up with. Where did all the cancer research money go to in all these years and beyond? But they came up with a vaccine quickly. A cancer cure would end their population control strategy. They have to show some results. My dad died of cancer. Many have died. Do they have a cure or not? Hmmmm!

  73. I think that the reason why some people don’t get cancer is because they have a higher cancer fighting cells count in their bodies.

  74. It’s the food and environment. Everything we touch , smell, breathe, and eat is what’s causing cancer. And as long as we continue to consume ppl will continue to get Cancer. My friend recently found out he had skin cancer. Luckily his friend identified a dark black mole on his back & advised him to get it looked at. Sure enough it was Cancer. Luckily it did spread & was removable. His cause- going to tanning salons regularly.

  75. Madeline Linder | May 14, 2022 at 8:51 am | Reply

    I as many others believe you’re full of bologna. with the brains you have you do have the brains and technology to cure all types of cancers. They let us get over populated and Herr is their answer. “we’ re just mean if we Don t let the whole world in here”

  76. Cancer is a virus caused by radiation from sters, which is the original English word for stars. This article admits cancer is from UV rays but it ain’t from the sun. Lucifuges, which are worshipped as gods by some (high level Freemasons) are basically quasars, Phasars, Pulsars, Blazars, Neutron Stars, Magnetars, Asteroids, planets, etc.
    When they spin; those spin-sters jet out radiation directly to earth. They are not billions of miles away. They are a lot smaller than what space scientists claim AND they are man-made.
    The real definition of an Asteroid is a hypocycloid with four cusps; totally mechanical inside. Easier to call it a rock, like a curling rock.
    Its old technology. Built in a similar fashion, the Ark of the Covenant in the Bible caused plagues, as well as weather like wind and thunder and rain, just like Jupiter which is considered the Supreme god of the Heavens and Weather. There are over 25 Jupiters now. To understand think why flying discs/saucers/UFOs are kept secret from the public.
    Sters stir up different frequencies and are aimed at vulnerable people, but they need metallic particles to bounce their radiation from to get rates beyond the gamma ray spectrum (UVs/microwaves) into the Delta range…

  77. Carolyn Graham | May 14, 2022 at 10:50 am | Reply

    Wish I knew the cause of Mucosal Melanoma. Share if anyone has any info please .

  78. It doesn’t take a scientist to understand that cancer ♋ s a disease of the immune system and anything that lowers immune protection can allow cancer cells to proliferate. This is why taking care of our environment is important

  79. Shelley Phillips | May 14, 2022 at 10:52 am | Reply

    Cancer is some sort of a very unexpected disease, nobody wants to get cancer. They did all that to her. What and what they did.

  80. NoNameherself | May 14, 2022 at 12:01 pm | Reply

    Cancer has been around long before modern society. The biggest factor that would contribute to increase in skin cancer would be the biggest change our environment, trees. Between 2000 and 2012 we cut down almost a mile miles of trees, and have killed 80 percent of our Earth’s forests. Trees offer 50 percent protection from all UV rays. While windows block all UV rays except UV a which can pass through your window into your house. Trees also important part air quality and C02 cycle. Also this shouldn’t have be said but usually has to. I don’t give two s**** if your republican and democrat or who you voted for or what you think the government does.RECYCLE REUSE REDUCE. And if you don’t your piece of s***.

  81. All very good comments. Takeaway: The western foods we eat is the culprit to most if not all the cancers. The foods are depleted of proper nutrients, and contain too many harmful substances. Surely, exposure to heavy toxins, & harmful chemicals (even the ones we clean our homes with) do harm the human cells, and cause cancers. Babies are born with cancer yes, if the bodies they are cocoon in for 9 months is toxic, and if their surroundings, & environment is toxic. Babies are super-sensitive and absorb all the poisons in the air, the harmful chemicals eaten, the toxic relationships of their parents, to include the toxicity the parents hold from other lives they are not aware of. So yeah, there’re causes for all cancers; we may not know the reason of each cancer, but they are there. We do not yet have the answers to everything, but there is always a cause, and effect.

  82. Also, YES, the effects of Ultra Violet Rays (from outer space, stars, sun, asteroids) & man-made UV, nuclear & microwave of all types – can, and do cause cancer. This is why ‘everyone with good sense’ are told to avoid long exposure to these. We will never be able to get rid of all the things which cause cancer; we can only do what we can to help our bodies: lessen exposure to outside elements like the sun; avoid smoking, eating of carcinogens, or damaging foods, eat more organic, drink clean water, and have good relationships with everyone. Be more loving; forgive, forgive, …and forever more, forgive yourself and everyone. > The human body responses more acutely to emotions of hate, anger, and hurtful acts against each other – more than it responses to damaging UV rays, harmful foods, or environmental harmful chemicals. This is one reason why some people even if they sleep in the sun everyday, smoke cigarettes, and eat meat in excess – they live long lives free of cancer, if they are loving people. LOVE is the Key. Love, and being a Loving & Forgiving person is the answer to ALL things, including the cure to cancer, the end of wars, and healing of the planet.

  83. Hopefully someone at Yale does the research on NIH website and Ivermectin and cancer( Relationship) Parasites are causes of so many illnesses and cancers and Ivermectin is the cure

  84. I’m surprised nobodies talking about high animal protein diets… that’s huge! Processed foods and animal derived proteins are the culprit. Read “the China Study.”

  85. Prudence Brooks | May 14, 2022 at 3:22 pm | Reply

    Dillon remains very correct about polyunsaturated fats. Since I cook with animal fats, I remain better off, physically.

  86. Perfectly unhealthy | May 14, 2022 at 3:24 pm | Reply

    You’re all idiots for even thinking sugar could be the cause. It’s everything around you. Your healthy diets your new fashion trends even the new furniture or body washes. Your toothpaste your water. Your forced yet free vaccines. We can spend money on research and give out free vaccines but world hunger hasn’t ended. We can’t force every one to eat an effin piece of bread? I’ve never drank water a day in my life I only drink coke from age 2 to 32 I’ve had to have molars replaced with implants but that was mainly from grinding my teeth. I’ve not gotten COVID not been hospitalized only gotten the flu once after getting a flu shot in high school. Pee perfectly clear. Kidneys are in great condition. I eat 8 or 9 times a day. Tons of pasta imported from Italy (granagno} olive oil from Puglia and sauces from perchecicredo to be precise(la fabbrica)is amazing. But please tell me what it is that I’m doing differently than any of you that is preventing me from catching or being diagnosed with your typical issues? 3 24packs of 12 oz cans a week. On a normal week. I’m pretty sure I’ve created such a hostile environment in my body that normal diseases can’t survive. Also no diabetes here. 😀 I’m going to drink a coke and have a quart of ice cream while reading the rest of this bs after I finish my shopping at Michaels and after a snack from McDonald’s. 7th time today. Also I’m 5’9″ 137 lbs I don’t do exercise and I can still beat most of you in a 100yd sprint. Also no acne or skin issues.

  87. Clear back in the early 70’s they were saying cancer can’t live in a alkaline environment. Today we know that our diet is very acidic making our kidneys overworked and all the toxins we encounter it’s no wonder we have so much cancer. Even stress causes us to produce a hormone that makes our body fluid acidic. We know a good alkaline diet with vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and whole grains suffer way less from cancer. Environmental pollution and processed foods make us sick. All medications are acidic l think so we treat our symptoms and don’t find the cause. That pill doesn’t work or creates a problem we just try a different one. We need a good preventative program through out our country. Look out Pepsi we’re shutting you down

  88. Melisa florio | May 14, 2022 at 3:41 pm | Reply

    I believe that function med and sci store needed to understand the catalyst such as minerals & (vit A) are missing.
    (For copper)Cu)-re your fatigue.-by Morley Robbins!!!! Check it out.

  89. Cancer is terrible. Keep the faith. One day we can truly eliminate cancer.

  90. Thanks for enlightening the reader.
    Lots of comments by ignorant people who don’t really think through what the researchers are saying, but I got a little smarter and wiser after reading this.

  91. Chemical unscreen absorbed by the skin, actually thins the skin and weakens it’s natural protection. Why do you think we have 50 plus coverage?

  92. While there may be some truth to these findings, it is just a small portion of the causes of developing cancer. So, so many other factors involved as to how we get cancer. At birth we may already be predisposed to getting certain illnesses. Chilhood cancer is a whole other story. Prevention; Let’s start with treating our bodies respectfully to lower our risks to getting cancer/ill. We take our health and bodies for granted then we are shocked as to why we get sick! Excesses; alcohol, junk food and smoking. Lacking; exercise, clean eating, meditation, positivity in our thoughts and discipline. Those are just things in our control that we can work on, at least to improve in time. The older we get the more chances our long time poor habits catch up to us. In addition, there are also things out of our control affecting our well-being. Examples; Environment, exposure, foods, consumer products (plastics, aluminum, etc), Gmo foods/produce, toxic cooking oils, fluoride & lead, radiation from microwaves & powerlines, etc. So many causes, it’s hard to escape, all we can do is our best to be pro-active in taking care of ourselves and our family the best we can!

  93. Life expectancy for a male was late 40’s in ancient times. It was probably more prevelant but rhey didnt know it??

    • stefan michaud | May 15, 2022 at 3:23 pm | Reply

      People lived much longer than that. Life expectancy is an average, which was dragged down by the high incidence of infant mortality.

  94. Animal diets are the leading causes of cancer and heart disease.

  95. I’d be more concerned about the chemicals used in materials like asbestos and food like high fructose than the sun… Yet they leave that out. That’s a poor buas study if you ask me. And there are also natural ways to combat skin cancer.

  96. Don’t forget Gates wants to block out the sun and the many pharmaceutical drugs with carcinogenic effects.

  97. Supporting the lymphatic system could help with combating certain if not all types of cancers.

  98. Gordon Martin | May 14, 2022 at 10:46 pm | Reply

    I would love to know what cause my diffused antiplstic astrocytoma behind my right eye ? I believe it to be years of use from my barber using Talcom powder after a haircut?#justsayin

  99. Alan W Weldon | May 14, 2022 at 11:11 pm | Reply

    The political view of a human is not relevant to the subject of cancer.Every family has a victim of cancer..The identification of the specific cause will help as a society to illuminate the triggers.It seems we can’t make that break thru .Hopefully humanity has evolved past monetary concerns. This knowledge raises questions with answers being second fiddle.Lets demand a effective cure..Dont ever think the treatments we have today treat anyone. Speaking from experience. Discussion for another day.The number of minds trying to cure cancer is limited to a few funded groups.The world as a whole need to take a crack at it.The status group resulting in trillions spent and millions dead.It will not hurt to add a few minds to the game.

  100. A lot of interesting opinions. As far as sugar goes, research is finding that increased level of sugar in the gut allows bad microbes to proliferate and seems to be a factor in many diseases, more than the average person would believe. Cancer may or may not be one of them. However the complete saturation of our environment with pollution in water and air and even soil is probably the biggest factor. And I believe that food additives should be considered pollution. And we are just coming to grips with the fact that every organism on the planet is polluted with micro-plastics and we really have no idea what that effect that has on us. When you experiment, or draw conclusions from cancer data in populations to figure out why one group has a higher incidence of cancer you need to identify all the differences in exposures of each group. Given there are so many types of pollution it is almost impossible to do that in modern times. But the fact that modern, more developed societies have higher cancer rates than less developed societies really points to pollution, including food additives. The theory of decreased melanin due to migration put forth by one commenter has some serious flaws. Tbe most obvious one is the theory that decreased melanin evolved to let in sunlight to manufacture more Vit-D. But it is at least, if not more likely, that decreased melanin evolved because migration to other climates decreased UV exposure decreasing the need for melanin. As a medical Proffesional and scientist I realize that many of the ideas put forth in the comments could contribute somewhat to increased cancer rates, but it is my opinion that pollution including food additives has the highest impact.

  101. Who is the jerk that tried to bring politics into to this?…for pity sakes. (Can he figure out who has the most cancers? Liberals or conservatives? Perhaps if this ends up being WW3 he’ll wise up.$ This os wonderful news. Very interesting about the different oils.

  102. No we destroy all the old world .buildings.bells.etc. all the bull sheet lies .omg…sad how the world is going..some wake up most never do good luck …..

  103. It’s quite simple. Natural vs unnatural lifestyle. It’s not stress. Ppl have always dealt with stress. Foods that cause Inflammation are being heavily researched. Just eat natural foods. There’s nothing wrong with meat Except the fact that most animals are corn fed these days. Eat your greens and berries. Eat good quality meat and you’re set. Get exercise and don’t smoke and drink rarely if ever.

  104. Message addressed to Ron Grant who has stomach cancer. Have you ever done a DNA testing/genesight so you can see what med. Or treatment are most suitable to you.?

  105. Simple: Earth have figured out how to eliminate the maggots consuming/destroying the earth.

  106. Like to thank you for to trying to muddy the thread with your political ideology. No one cares what you think of Trump, the thread is about cancer. Totalitarianism as one politics are pushed into every other aspect of life, and that is what leftists do. You have plenty of blogs and comments sections where you can talk about Trump with like-minded people or even opposition why be a totalitarian? Just stop it people like you are ruining the civilization.

  107. Yah, let’s keep the discussion about cancer, that’s why we’re here reading not because of politics.

  108. Amen to that, it’s a cancer arrival not a political comment section!

  109. Let’s talk about electromagnetic fields, cell phone radiation, and the correlation of increases in cancer ever since the invention and increase usage of plastics. Our food is packaged in plastic, and furniture, clothing, cars, even our medications are contained in plastic.
    We have 5G towers going up, adults and children holding cell phones to their heads. In one research study recently they’ve found a 400% increase in colon cancer in the last 10 years; theorizing many cell phones are in our back pockets.

    • Actually I believe one is lucky 2 not get cancer. Cannot think of one thing we use on a daily basis that Does Not have prop. 65 printed on item. 2g,. 3g, 4g & now 5g. Is all about getting data on effects of radiation exposure on people in an outdoor environment.Darpa Project Pandora 562. Along with some kind of mass mind cuntroll. We r all fked.

    • Cancer has been around a long time. One reason there are a greater percentage of people dying of cancer today than in 1900 is because several of the major killers then are more effectively treated today. The #1 killer in the US in 1900 was Pneumonia and influenza. #2 Tuberculosis #3 Diarrhea, enteritis, and ulceration of the intestines. #4 Heart Disease #5 Stroke #6 Kidney Disease #7 Accidents #8 Cancer

      People still die of Pneumonia and influenza, but a much smaller number, because we have better treatments, homes are better sealed and comfortable, transportation is sealed against the weather, people don’t have to work out in the rain and snow as much. So, when they catch something, they are better able to fight it off. Very few people die of Tuberculosis in the US today. That is because it is a bacterium, and antibiotics can usually cure it. Diarrhea is easily cured today. So #4 Heart Disease jumps from 4 to 1 today, without these other major players. Stroke has been pushed down the list as well. There used to be almost as many heart Disease deaths as stroke deaths. Now we use dietary changes and drugs to lower blood pressure, and there are only 1/4 as many stroke deaths as Heart Disease deaths. Kidney Disease is also down, but it is still on the list of the most common killers. It is in 10th today. #7 Accidents are also down, because equipment is safer, construction is safer, and cars are actually safer than horses…believe it or not. So with all these others trending down cancer, must, by relative motion, rise.
      Even so, I will acknowledge an increase, however, I attribute this to far reduced near fasting. In 1900, you did not necessarily get 3 square meals a day. Some years there were depressions and food was scarce, and you had to temporarily get by with less. This kind of fasting is important for clearing out unhealthy cells that might turn cancerous. I think the other main cause of increases in cancer deaths is pathogens, mostly viruses. Viruses can and do cause cancer. It is estimated that 35% of cancers are caused by viruses. The World today facilitates the transport and transmission of these much faster, which means we each get exposed to more of them in our lives.
      Colon cancer? They are not giving you the whole picture. Colon cancer deaths have been falling steadily for the last 20 years. They insist on testing everyone for this regularly, that means they will discover it more. It does not mean there is any more of it than there was before. Search: ” QuickStats: Death Rates* from Colorectal Cancer,† by Age Group — United States, 1999–2019 ” The graphs are all going linearly down but at different rates for different ages.
      I don’t see earlier statistics, but I do think the fad of indoor electric grilling that started in the 1980s, and has continued, did raise the incidence. They lied and said it was healthier to grill…no…it is not.
      Cell phones? Data does not support your position. And microwaves are not ionizing radiation. Magnetic fields can have an effect, but they have to be very powerful and close, like when workers work a few inches from powerful unshielded sewing machines for decades.

  110. Excuse my error of cancer up 400%. That is not accurate.

  111. In USA many people eat manufactured and GM foods, which not only do not have the nutrients humans need ( and to fight cancer ) but they instead put the body on defense. FDA allows this and the greedy companies that profit, lobby FDA and often support the anti cancer organizations. More and more we are feeding our bodies with this and our bodies are fighting harder battles and losing more and more. We are not putting into our bodies what nature gave us to defend it… we are poisoning it instead

  112. Donna Shellabarger | May 15, 2022 at 10:39 am | Reply

    What we put into our mouths, the polluted, tainted foods we ingest, are definitely what can cause cancer, heart disease, diabetes over time. That is a no-brainer. Eat healthy, mostly plant-based foods like your life depends on it, because it does. It is also proven that cancer genes feed off of processed sugars, not natural fruit sugar but the nasty processed sugar that fills our American grocery stores! Be mindful of what goes into our amazing bodies. Our bodies know how to thrive & stay healthy if we put the fuel in that it needs. None of us eat perfectly & we all deserve a treat once in a while; but if we all ate at least 80% Plant-based, non-dairy, just as we ate in the beginning, makes us feel amazing, our collective health would be unstoppable & everyone’s mental health would improve drastically. Take care all. Best wishes

  113. I think Teflon has lot to do with present rates of anger. Watch the documentary Black Water.

  114. Be a kind human | May 15, 2022 at 11:50 am | Reply

    I work at a hospital. There has been a sudden increase in various cancers, since the covid shots and booster. These shots changes structures and messes with cells….just think about it. There’s an increase in strokes, heart attacks and brain bleeds. This is happening to all age groups and utero.

    • stefan michaud | May 15, 2022 at 3:27 pm | Reply

      Take that garbage to Breitbart, where nonsense and propaganda belong.

    • Perhaps it’s due to covid itself. As longhauler for 23 months many health issues. Finally getting back to normal but we don’t know longer term effects. Cancer may be surfacing now or 2021 due to Covid cases in 2020. When no vaccine.

    • Also more people returning to doctors as visits were put on hold. More zoom visits but limited in person.

  115. What are those underlying causes in laymans term please so the ordinary people like me will understand. Is it the climate change? Is it some ingredients or preservative from the food we eat. Is it the fertilizers or chemicals that are being use to grow plants that we humans consume …?

  116. daliya ropbson | May 15, 2022 at 12:59 pm | Reply

    I am impressed that so many of us realize that toxic air water, our soil, personal products , medicines, conventional processed food,technology, radiation as well as all our clothing furnishings ,well as buildings, cause us to deteriorate faster.Perhaps we should start a campaign for banning processed food . Food grown in toxic soil. Its hard, Even organic food is contaminated with chlorinated tainted water .LETS accept reality .LIFE as know is coming to an end I hope I at 87 will not be here long .For now do the best you can to avoid all you know to harmful.

  117. Stefan michaud | May 15, 2022 at 2:57 pm | Reply

    Many people posting here are saying that skin cancer deaths were unknown long ago because the average life span was shorter, so people didn’t live long enough to get it. These people don’t understand how averages work. The fact that the average life span might have been 35 doesn’t mean people were dying before age 40. The biblical standard was always three score and ten, or 70. The average was much lower because so many died as infants, or in childbirth.

  118. And they got how much in grant money to say yep, carcinogens cause cancer. They dont say smoking only causes about 20% of lung cancer cases, but yep, we know it can cause cancer. And yep, too much time in the sun can too. Yep, yep, yep not everyone in the family cancer lineage will get genetic cancers.
    Stellar work! PROFOUND discovery!

  119. I think there are 2 main reasons cancer is more common now than hundreds of years ago. The biggie is that our bodies have 2 modes, plenty and near starvation. And it needs to spend time in each. We need to fast occasionally to restore this balance. When there is no food especially virtually no protein, and maybe 1/5-1/4 of normal calories for 4 to 20 days, the cells do different things. Cells are sought out to sacrifice, and the body takes the worst cells. Also, cells catch up on other tasks they do, and are then in better shape for when resources return. Senescent cells are sought out, and other poorly functioning cells, and they are killed for resources, especially protein. The brain is stimulated as well. The body assumes you need a brain boost because whatever you were doing stopped working because you have little or nothing to eat. That may be important for preventing some neurological issues late in life…maybe…total speculation.
    If you went back 500 years, 95% of the Earth’s human population was very vulnerable to starvation. And I think near fast is more natural. It is likely they would find something to eat, even if it is meager, and insufficient. Having absolutely nothing but water, probably means you are captured and someone is trying to kill or torture you. Or you fell in a hole in the ground. And in those cases, you were likely to die anyway.
    The other cause I think is the greatly increased ability for viruses to reach every corner of the globe with ease. This simply did not happen in the past. And when a virus did spread, it was slow. People 500 years ago probably saw just a handful of pathogens in their lives, maybe 10 if they lived in a city, which was less common. Our bodies see dozens to hundreds of pathogens. Some of these are never fully removed. They are “latent” they may periodically test our immune system or just gnaw at things for decades. We know roughly 35% of cancers are caused by viruses, and it could be more. The longer you live, the more of these things you accumulate, and the more likely one will cause a cancer.
    With skin cancer, obviously latitude is a factor. If your ancestry comes from a different latitude, the delicate balance between vitamin D deficiency, and increased skin cancer risk is upset. It really should not be a large factor, though, as we can get vitamin D from the diet, or supplements, and most of us don’t have to work 12-hour days in the hot sun. Tractors, trucks, locomotives, oil burning ships and such do the real work outdoors these days. Not all of it, we still have roofers, construction workers, gardeners, lifeguards and strawberry pickers. But the fraction of people doing serious labor in the sun is small by comparison with the past.
    Do we have more toxins? Yes. And there is some contribution there. Certainly with tobacco, asbestos, and coal tar. But we also have a better idea of what to avoid these days, and that risk should actually be lower than it was 50 years ago.

  120. Gary Bottorff | May 16, 2022 at 12:40 am | Reply

    The scientific community is now as unreliable as a coin flip. Why believe anything medical? Its all about research revenue and politics.

  121. Stefan is right. People in the Bible also lived to be 900+ years old, so all these dying youngins are throwing off the average

  122. Chris Hofmann | May 16, 2022 at 10:53 am | Reply

    I thought we already knew that carcinogenic chemicals, substances and UV rays cause cancers? There have been studies that show moderate to heavy drinking of alcohol can promote cancer and basically ingesting, breathing in or absorbing any toxic substance into your body like radiation or any man made chemical that can penatrate the skin ! I do not think it’s a big mystery!

    • I don’t know why people don’t understand the article. They can now quantify the likelihood of causes of a particular cancer due to the particular mutations and form of cancer (if they do their analysis on that type). Obviously, the cancer in a person would be sequenced, and the mutations identified, then compared with the findings of this analysis. Then they can give odds of the likely cause of that cancer in that person. Before this, you knew things had some unquantifiable risk, and you did not know if or how much your genes contributed to your cancer. Now you can sue the real culprits who gave you your cancer…if it was some chemical that you were exposed to. It also means the FDA and EPA will be compelled to ban things that can now be shown to be very high probability causes.

      The UV bit was an example of a cause. They were not saying many kinds of cancer are caused by UV to varying degrees.

  123. Michelle Setaro | May 16, 2022 at 12:30 pm | Reply

    Plantbased diets are high in phytochemicals that protect cells. Animal based diets are found to be carcinogenic and, therefore, also help to spread cancer to other parts of the body. Do the research. Animal Ag does not care about human health, only their bottom line. Don’t buy the lie.

    • It is the way meats are traditionally cooked that is the problem. And the older you get, the less the plant-based sources will provide what you need. The enzymes to transform the nutrients will be insufficient. We are omnivores, and veganism has limits.
      Cheating a bit with stuff made from engineered bacteria can work, but only if one accepts that there is an issue.
      Meat substitutes can be just as bad or worse than meats. So better not to try to simulate meat, if you are vegan. Also, high speed blending can make the same toxins that high temperature cooking does.
      Now, if you allow milk and eggs, that can make a huge improvement. Butter is a disaster, though. And hard cheeses can also have lots of Advanced Glycation End-Products. Cottage cheese, mozzarella, string cheese, and ricotta are just fine. Yogurt is hit-and-miss. Blending can do a lot of damage. It matters quite a bit how it is made. Cream is fine. Adding fish is also great, but then it is hard to really call it vegetarian. Nonetheless, the omega 3s in plants are insufficient when you get old. Your body will not be able to transform them in sufficient quantities. There are eggs that have omega 3, if the ranchers feed the chickens fish. That might be sufficient.
      Yes, there are vegans who live a long time, but they would live longer, if they had all the nutrients their bodies needed, rather than slowly starving to death.

      This article, though, is about distinguishing those causes which are related to diet, lifestyle, ionizing radiation exposures, toxin exposures, pathogen infection and such vs genetics. You seem to be denying that genetics can just cause cancer regardless of what you do. It almost certainly can, though you have to be a bit unlucky, for good decisions to have not been enough.

  124. Dr. Randall Mindy | May 16, 2022 at 1:40 pm | Reply

    I see lots of messages from people focusing on the real diets of Paleolithic man. They have found nicotine traces in fossilized Brontaroc scat as well as hair dye and twinkies, Im guessing the diets of those ancient people werent all that great.

  125. Processed food probably factors in.

  126. Impossible burger is one of the worst. Very high fat. And many soy based burgers are not organic. Have you ever seen a soy field? Rarely organic. I’m 30 plus years vegetarian. Was plant based for while. Mostly am. I take algae oil for omega 3. And use plant based enzymes with meals. I try to eat whole foods. Less ingredients the better.

  127. Jane P Sorenson | May 16, 2022 at 6:06 pm | Reply

    Am interested and concerned because I am a surviving cancer patient (not skin cancer). My cancer tumor was a grade 3 – worst thing you could have. I read the article as positive. I wish I could give a sample of my tumor and see the results.

  128. Samantha Swartz | May 16, 2022 at 6:22 pm | Reply

    Just wondering if we could look at childhood cancers the way we examine adult cancers? Any developments there? Oh, right, not enough money or votes…as a cancer survivor, myself, I find this abhorrent. Please dedicate some research and funding to childhood cancer.

  129. Haha… I have never seen a more contentious thread than this one. You guys are mistaken thinking that anyone will be convinced by what you write here.

  130. EyesOfYourEyes | May 16, 2022 at 8:48 pm | Reply

    Sunscreen is causing the cancer, not the sun.. it’s not rocked science. Just stay in the shade and get your 5 to 15 mins of healthy sun exposure per day.

  131. So this basically tells us the sun causes skin cancer,smoking causes lung cancer,and prostate cancer comes with age,,thanks yale

  132. Sharon Lounsbury | May 18, 2022 at 8:17 pm | Reply

    I’ve known a LOT of people who passed from lung cancer and never ever smoked a day in their lives! Nor did they hang around in smokey places. I definitely do NOT agree with that one. And this about melanoma is not new news. These guys just found this out? Where have they been all these years? Obviously not listening to the news or checking other scientific studies. Duh. And the people who I knew that had passed from lung cancer, ate great, exercise and took amazing care of these. So, bolony on that one guts.

  133. Microplastics

  134. I Believe in the old saying, opinions are like A**holes. Everybody’s got one. Now proceed to read the million comments folks..

  135. What a waste of time reading it!

    If you smoke you will get lung cancer!?
    Not in all cases.
    They failed to mention what the cause is ; food, air, water, stress and not enough rest.

  136. I believe it from soft drinks, processed foods, using microwaves to heat foods. It’s funny how they have to take years to figure out anything before they can find a cure and yet it took them no time to create a vaccine for covid. Smh but sounds like bulls*** to me. Cancer has increased so much now from along time ago. But along time ago our ancestors never had any of the s*** we have today.

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