Behold! The World’s Next Supercontinent, Amasia

Supercontinent Amasia

A possible Amasia configuration 280 million years into the future. Credit: Curtin University

New research has found that the world’s next supercontinent, Amasia, will most likely form when the Pacific Ocean closes in 200 to 300 million years.

A Curtin University-led research team used a supercomputer to simulate how a supercontinent forms. They discovered that because the Earth has been cooling for billions of years, the thickness and strength of the plates under the oceans reduce with time, making it difficult for the next supercontinent to assemble by closing the “young” oceans, such as the Atlantic or Indian oceans. The study was published recently in National Science Review.

According to lead author Dr. Chuan Huang, from Curtin’s Earth Dynamics Research Group and the School of Earth and Planetary Sciences, the new findings are significant and provide insights into what would happen to Earth in the next 200 million years.

“Over the past two billion years, Earth’s continents have collided together to form a supercontinent every 600 million years, known as the supercontinent cycle. This means that the current continents are due to come together again in a couple of hundred of million years’ time,” Dr. Huang said.

“The resulting new supercontinent has already been named Amasia because some believe that the Pacific Ocean will close (as opposed to the Atlantic and Indian oceans) when America collides with Asia. Australia is also expected to play a role in this important Earth event, first colliding with Asia and then connecting America and Asia once the Pacific Ocean closes.

“By simulating how the Earth’s tectonic plates are expected to evolve using a supercomputer, we were able to show that in less than 300 million years’ time it is likely to be the Pacific Ocean that will close, allowing for the formation of Amasia, debunking some previous scientific theories.”

The Pacific Ocean is what is left of the Panthalassa superocean, which began to form 700 million years ago when the previous supercontinent started to break apart. It is the oldest ocean we have on Earth and has been shrinking from its maximum size since the time of dinosaurs. Currently, it is shrinking in size by a few centimeters per year. With its current dimension of about 10 thousand kilometers, the Pacific Ocean is predicted to take two to three hundred million years to close.

Having the whole world dominated by a single continental mass would dramatically alter Earth’s ecosystem and environment, according to co-author John Curtin Distinguished Professor Zheng-Xiang Li, also from Curtin’s School of Earth and Planetary Sciences.

“Earth as we know it will be drastically different when Amasia forms. The sea level is expected to be lower, and the vast interior of the supercontinent will be very arid with high daily temperature ranges,” Professor Li said.

“Currently, Earth consists of seven continents with widely different ecosystems and human cultures, so it would be fascinating to think what the world might look like in 200 to 300 million years’ time.”

Reference: “Will Earth’s next supercontinent assemble through the closure of the Pacific Ocean?” by Chuan Huang, Zheng-Xiang Li and Nan Zhang, 28 September 2022, National Science Review.
DOI: 10.1093/nsr/nwac205

The research was co-authored by researchers from Curtin’s School of Earth and Planetary Sciences and Peking University in China.

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  1. I don’t grasp the advance intelligence of our scientist that we are cling to on planet earth…….they can send a dart to destroy a asteroid so far away, and we have hurricanes that are devastating properties countries, and lives and nothing can’/ be done about this. Well i think that’s kind’o shameful…….and for years !…….
    If the is blowing these cyclones apart, then wait until they are in the ocean, or take the mountains down, pieces at a time (mount everest and all others . Valleys might be another senario, but these are what causing this desasters. This is not what the Bible writers knew fully about,but they say: God created the four seasons, and my years of meditations on many aspects, didn’t show me that. So comeon guys, lets fix this phenomenon.

    • They aren’t destroying asteroids. They can only give one a tiny push that very slightly changes its path–so slightly, in fact, that it must be done years or decades before a potential impact with earth. Destroying one isn’t a viable solution, because then you have an unpredictable number of pieces of an asteroid moving in unpredictable directions, some of which will still hit earth. That would also require an impractical, of not impossible (for humans), amount of energy, especially if the asteroid is metallic. So to reiterate, all we can do is give it a tiny nudge in the present in order to prevent an impact far in the future.

      Hurricanes aren’t a thing we can nudge, and they give us only a few days in which to do anything anyway. Successfully disrupting a hurricane would require so much energy that the side effects would create even bigger problems. Besides, climate scientists have been studying natural disasters for decades and have been pointing out ways in which humanity is making hurricanes worse. Fixing our problematic behaviors is the equivalent of a tiny nudge that would reduce the severity of hurricanes years from now, and the longer we wait to take collective action, the worse these disasters will become.

      • “… climate scientists have been studying natural disasters for decades and have been pointing out ways in which humanity is making hurricanes worse.”

        The only thing that is known with certainty is that warm water contains more potential energy to fuel hurricanes and intensify them. However, we know very little about precisely where tropical storms form and when, whether they will develop into a hurricane or not, and the future path has to be painted with a very broad brush.

        What is even less well known is the role that humans play in warming the Earth. The last major northern hemisphere glaciation ended about 12,000 years ago and we are in what is called an interglacial of unknown duration and magnitude. It warmed for thousands of years before anthropogenic CO2 emissions became substantial; however, the current annual anthro’ flux is smaller than the Carbon Cycle uncertainty of the ocean fluxes. It is unreasonable to assume that just because humans are now releasing geologically sequestered carbon, that the natural variations have stopped. Therefore, whatever contribution humans make to global warming, it must be a fraction of the total variance. Indeed, during the pandemic slowdown of 2020, the annual increase in anthro’ CO2 was down 10% average for the year, and as much as 18% for April, which was the middle of the seasonal ramp-up phase. Yet, the monthly atmospheric CO2 levels are indistinguishable from the preceding year.

        In May of this year, NOAA predicted an above-average season with 6-10 Atlantic hurricanes, 2 or 3 being strong. We haven’t come close to the prediction, and we are passed the season peak.

        The ‘science’ of climatology isn’t much different from the development of medicine when physicians used leeches and blood letting to cure the sick. Doing the wrong thing can be worse than doing nothing.

    • Hahaha, same stuff like evolution,climate change pandemic, man can have babies, etc and nowthis!!!

    • How I wish to see this happen

    • Actually, we’ve known for decades how to disarm hurricanes: you just seed them when they’re nacent and over the ocean. Just like seeding clouds in drought stricken areas. However, there was a lot of backlash against this half a century ago both from other countries accusing us of messing with rain they depend on and from environmentalists saying it would cause huge issues with tropical environments as a whole. I’ve never heard it brought up in my lifetime. I remember learning about it years ago in junior high earth science.

  2. Why’s it gotta be Amasia? Why not Amerisia or Asmerica?

    • LOL Because, 280 million years from now CHINA will own the World; while the rest of us have devolved into WHITE APES, suitable (in Tuxedos) for serving Food in Chinese Restaurants; the ONLY restaurants on the planet. The remainder (~One Billion Monkeys) will be chained to desks equipped with typewriters, with the expressed intention that at least ONE of them will generate the King James version of the Bible…. AND, of a more immediate relevance: this website is Owned and Operated by the Chinese Government.
      As far as AMASIA is concerned, I have already purchased an AMAZING-ASIA-RAIL Pass. Inflation adjusted Cost: $2.5 Quatrillion Yuan. Equivalent to $1.380 US in today’s dollars.
      It promises “The Trip of a LIFETIME… and then some…”
      I CAN’T WAIT!

    • I bet if someone told you the real reason for such a stupid name it’d Amasia.

  3. If naming rights were left up to any Australian Politician, specifically Victorian MLA’s under control of Daniel Andrews, it would have to be “…AMNESIA…

  4. Mark Canyonrat Honig | October 9, 2022 at 8:15 am | Reply

    I think we need to wait and see what happens. Some of us have other ideas about plate movement, plate bending, and plate floating. But, keep up your good work

  5. Good point and I believe that is very possible to bad I won’t be around to see it happens

  6. What, the East-Africa Rift Zone is going to stop spreading and become dormant?

    This is a pretty safe forecast, considering humans probably won’t even be around then to verify this long-forgotten extrapolation.

  7. Belinda Johanna Bathgate | October 9, 2022 at 10:19 am | Reply

    Oh my How hilarious is this bs.. And the comments…this is not science….this is corruption…funded by the HEX debts imposed on our essential workers…am sure that some where in that king’s James book that says the curtain shall be torn….

  8. Some of us will still be waiting for the return of Jesus.

  9. Lies! LIES!!! Pangea Proxima lives on in our hearts! The actions of the oceans will reverse in 100 million years!

  10. Dr P. Milan Khangamcha | October 9, 2022 at 11:20 am | Reply

    Yes, Amasia is what Simulation Science says. I hope the “human being-free” or the rest of the homo sapien free biosphere, perhaps some surviving microbes will behold it. Let’s hope the biosphere survives Anthropogenic Global Warming and Climate Change. Looks like the author is dipped in simulation aided science about how the Earth’s giant plates will move. But, he or she should have spent the time abs energy of an super-specialist about who will be there to behold Amasia. May be some aliens from NASA’s Exoplanets will be there to behold after 200 or 300 million years. There are indications that either the human species evolves to some superior species which will survive Anthropogenic Climate Change or there will be no future where even Anthropic Principle will have no work to do because its locus will be long gone when Amasia will become a reality. Why are the scientists ignoring and helping modern economy which has destroyed such a beautiful planet. Is Amasia or what JWST of NASA explores is the only hope? How an instrument which sees the past billions of light years ago will help the threatened fate of the species of the post-biosphere Earth. Either some new post-homo-sapiens sapiens evolve to behold Amasia or it is a sheer waste of the serious business of science.

  11. Let them study hard and prevent death so that we can all see these things happening. I doubt they will happen because no one will be here to prove them right. But hey, science sometimes never seize to amaze us

  12. Who are these people with such super cool brains to have found from computer simulation about the metamorphic changes in the world, what were their input models? Instead of wasting their time and computer time they should end up doing something more useful like modeling environmental changes and its effect instead of ending up with giving funny names of a super continent 🤣🤣

  13. What the hell is this weirdo talking about??!! Scientists can’t predict the weather tomorrow correctly, let alone know what’s going to happen to the planet 200 million years from now!

  14. You folks just don’t get it do your ?

  15. “They discovered that because the Earth has been cooling for billions of years, the thickness and strength of the plates under the oceans reduce with time, making it difficult for the next supercontinent to assemble by closing the “young” oceans, such as the Atlantic or Indian oceans. The study was published recently in National Science Review.”

    Wait….so this finding goes against current science talking point of global warming? Interesting….so what you are really saying is that science is being used to defraud the people into believing that a government who has no control over a simple virus somehow can control the earth if we just give them our money?

  16. Jonathan Gordon | October 9, 2022 at 8:27 pm | Reply

    Nobody should waste a moment of their time thinking about humanity being around in a thousand years let alone 200 million years. Humanity is like yeast in sugar water. The more we can consume and breed, the more toxic our world becomes until the genusz’ last species in functionally extinct; good riddance!

  17. Skasmos to all of you. Why is money spent on these meaningless theories? Science should invest in today’s problems and find solutions and fast before there is no earth.

  18. Yeah sure Amasia. Can’t predict weather forecast properly for 10 days and predicting 600M years stuff like anybody here will be alive too verify these things. Who cares if it is 599M or 601M or 1M.LOL. Dear scientists stop going that far off! Nobody cares.

  19. James Michael Jones | October 9, 2022 at 11:02 pm | Reply

    According to the Truth _aka_ The Word📖 of God(YHVH) in the book of Revelation, , in about 1,000 years God will destroy the current heaven’s & earth and make New ones. So Believe in (Yeshua=Jesus Christ) NOW 2Day b4 its too late. I Love You All💖🙌💯%

  20. None of us will be alive when this supposedly happens, but travel will be a short distance, as will be missile ranges, provided the earth isn’t destroyed first.

  21. Who cares??? We’re all gonna be dead and never see it. Why not work on something for practical use now.

  22. Sleeplessinscituate | October 10, 2022 at 1:18 am | Reply

    Scientist can work on and study whatever they are given grants to study. If the subject matter is safe for the general population to read, it is published in a forum for the general population. This kind of study is typically a doctoral thesis, or a required publication to keep a position at an institution of learning. Until our methods of financing research, disseminating information, and reworking the infrastructure of the educational system(and acceptable contributions in fields of study in higher learning), exercises like this super-computer simulation run by data imput by specificly gather scientific data to predict an outcome that is irrelevant will continue. It is the fact that this project was approved for super computer use that is more astounding than the outcome of the project itself. Geologists should not work in isolation; if they worked with other departments of scientific inquiry, there would be more useful speculation about the near future of the next 100 years. Looking into predicting earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, the cause of the wobble of the earth’s rotation, or even why our poles are shifting and what that means would be far more useful conjecture.

  23. Why not name it AFRIMERASIA? Stop the delusional arrogance, the people around at that time, especially the ones in majority, gets to name it.

    • Amasia is the name WE’RE calling it by. The people hundreds of millions of years from now can’t exactly tell us what they call it, can they?

  24. Dr. Hujjathullah M.H.B. Sahib | October 10, 2022 at 1:49 am | Reply

    I guess all this speculative nonsense started with Obama’s pivot to Asia. See where it is taking all of us to : it is going to smack the Americas on to China’s ample ramp with Australia smashed inbetween and that makes AMASIA !

  25. The Broncos will still suck

  26. And you think the earth will survive till then. After most of countries have made destructive and biological weapons for (WELFARE OF MANKIND). Interesting very interesting 🤔, isn’t it.

  27. We might be all Asian or black by then as lest we forgot

  28. The article says “the Earth has been cooling for billions of years.” And that this cooling is part of the reason the continents are shifting and the pacific ocean will close up, yet scientists have been worried about global warming for the last several decades. Hmmm. Sounds like only God knows the real answer. Our “scientists” don’t have a clue.

  29. The Watcher.... | October 10, 2022 at 6:27 am | Reply

    I tell you, until God reveals a thing revelations of scientists will not cease to pop up scientific revelations to try to achieve different and varying purposes. What Earth will be like even some minutes after now is wholly dependent on God, and can never be found in laboratories or otherwise, you see.

    Know this: God is perfecting everything beyond perfection. God rules over all ideas and mindsets, this all knows!

  30. That map is inaccurate because Africa is splitting along the Rift Valley.

  31. I’ve been endowed and immortal being. I will look back at these comments in a couple of hundred million years. If I can remember.

  32. The best part of this prediction? Nobody will ever prove them wrong!

    I have a few issues with this predicted landmass, though. First, the Pacific plate is subducting under the Asian plate, but at what point does it simply buckle under the stress and either lift into a new landmass or force the movement to change? Where’s Antarctica? Are we assuming the Atlantic plate won’t lift and create another landmass, as well?

    Also, we assume the Pacific plate has always been covered in ocean. It seems to me that scientists always assume that today’s continents have always been continents, and oceans have always been oceans. It’s a pretty narrow-minded approach, in my opinion.

  33. Your all assuming that any of us will even make it through the next decade. Pretty serious things are happening in the world right now. Massive droughts, Ocean currents being shifted and we don’t even know what is the outcome of that until it settles. Oceans are rising from warming greenhouse games. Pollution all around with no where hardly left to bury our garbage. That’s just to name a few. Those all should be the easy ones to remedy.Dont forget the increasingly deadly air quality or Pollution index that no one really seems to enthusiastic about solving. Or just doing their part to cut back on their own contributions to decline of breathable air. The One that everyone seems to purposely not talk,or even lay claim to trying to find a solution to. Lucifer Putin over there threatening everybody,invading and destroying people’s houses,work places,lives,country. If that was anyone else we would have sent the seals and Delta force operatives in and killed him already. Wonder why he is so special? Oh, that’s right he rearmed all the old nuclear warhead missles with bigger and more powerful ones. Oh, and they can reach anywhere in the world… I think he might of went against some kind of policy or treaty or something.. not sure though. Along with our incompetent leader and all I just mentioned we will be lucky to see tomorrow so what are you all talking about. The next super what?

  34. is the website for science deniers and anti-china fear mongers? im starting to worry what with the guy denying the human component of climate change and the other one talking about white apes.

  35. I don’t believe the continents will come back together. I believe they will continue to spread apart as the Earth continues to expand.

    • Real estate on the ball is finite, my friend. They can only expand so far, until they inevitably run into one another again, somewhere on the back 9. Feel me? You smell what I’m steppin’ in, Ed?

  36. Who cares. I’ll have been dead for 200 million years.

  37. Climate change has been happening for millions of years and you expect me to believe this crap?

    • No, not you. Not this crap. Wrong crap, wrong guy. You, you were expected to believe this total other, completely unrelated crap, right over here —⟩ 💩. Yea, thats it, that one there. That one is the one we expected you to believe….. Those other ones too. But mostly just this one, for the most part. Mostly.

  38. You must account for land mass changes under the ocean. There is valleys, and mountains, and Super deep ravines and massive lake shape holes under the ocean. Land is not floating. All of it is already connected. if they all shift slowly and slowly fell into one of these big holes. They will then all be underwater… Now do the math on erosion. Continents are eroding into the ocean… In this many years most of the continent will be eroded into the oceans… Now Did they measure the continental drift when the tide was up or when it was down. Or after erosion from a hurricane or before deposit from a river. There study has many problems with it. Many problems!

  39. Nonsense science. What is the purpose of all this. Who cares about one million years from now? Let’s think about how to make this world be a better place to live with plenty of food instead merely distraction with nonsense.

  40. Not going too happen. Too many self claimed scientist now days with no more credibility than a troll. That’s just as dumb as “world is flat” believers.

  41. Fascinating. Of course, we’ll all be long gone, but the orange guy will still be around complaining – still with no evidence – that the 2020 election was rigged (which it wasn’t) and that he should be the president, even 280 million years from now.
    Wonder how many additional LIES he will have told by then?!?

  42. Ít is such a shame thật such ignorant racist comment are gẻnerated hêre ơn a future prediction article. Shame ơn thêse bastard racists.

  43. We may devolve into winey worm like creatures with the dumbest leader picked out but by then we won’t have a language to name anything

  44. It’s all in the hands of Our Creator. He is omnipotent and intelligent beyond our comprehension. The Earth had been changing since the beginning of time. God said life here is not forever and promised us eternal life with him in paradise. Imagine that. ❤️

  45. These geeky children need to come to terms with the fact that Pluto or was it your **** actually turned out to be just an icicle floating in space but now you’re in the business of predicting the future please impress me by predicting the weather 28 days in advance not 28 years not 280 years and most definitely not 280 million years this is a classic case of geeky boys and girls validating their paychecks of which I am certain a big part comes from the taxpayer so to wrap it up boys and girls this Theory really is absolutely positively undoubtedly amazing sorry my mistake I meant to write that word with an s Amasia amassing until it becomes a huge continent in your f****** dreams stop wasting taxpayer dollars and get a f****** life and a real f****** job where you actually do something useful for Humanity and its future but in the meantime please stop masturbating with supercomputers all they are doing is spitting out the s*** that was fed them in the first place by whom I wonder G let me think for a minute silly dreamy geeky children that’s right I just remembered

  46. Wow there are several excessively dumb comments on this article. There’s been a recent upheaval of conservative confidence and it trickles into subject matter like this.. it proves that they are still as poorly educated on science and politics as they always have been.

  47. Christopher H. Sulens | October 10, 2022 at 4:52 pm | Reply

    The latest in fashion of what’s old is new again…but being on record…rendering science still useful…by whom

  48. “Next” would imply there was one that existed before, which is absurd. Perhaps these are people infatuated with puzzles but their ignorance to the fact that these are not pieces floating on the surface is amazing. Let’s give these morons a 3D image of the world with all of the water drained off the surface and maybe that will fix their stupidity. Then again, maybe not…

  49. The earth is only 6000 years old. All of this has been happening with the creation of the earth and the final settlement came with the flood. There are more proof of that.

  50. You people need to work on your grammar

  51. Being that this planet is very special, magical, unpredictable, mystical and all the hidden knowledge of everything being connected will result in many great possibilities. The “BLACK PEOPLE” are the root everything else is a mutation which means yes the Asian will possible rule the CIVILIZATION’S OF CONTINUOUS Evolution cycle. The 12 faces of DODECAHEDRON will then come together as to complete the whole of the 360. The first was the spirit of the planet, the reptilians and the giants. Now the, AESSIR – The binging of humanity. The soul of the planet. We are now in the times of Pisces, The Egyptians mutation from the Reptilian and Giant races. There were 12 families the last families are the Asians. Next the plant will move into the Body of planet – to start the completion of the DODECAHEDRON cycles. THE GALACTIC CONFEDERATION will return at the end of the Eygptian age to ensure the (soul) will continue onto the Body age of a new creation. 12 face x 30 timelines equals 360. From the 10 Spirit, 10 Soul, 10 Body = 30 timelines ( planet cycles ). This will bring this planet into it’s full wholely consciousness – The infinit eternal life of the planet, then everything will rebirth (return). Then our planet will be completed in full in the COMOS and then this planet will be able to unit with in the Galactic Confederation. But as for now the planet remains out side of it.

  52. As a east terror wording nouns by waving micro sown of resonaved point of Snailed sword on a promised flux land

  53. Some of you are dumb enough to believe this, and still think Jesus coming back is far fetched. This is a Lord of the Rings style fairytale that will never be confirmed, and us complete speculation (the ocean being absorbed).

  54. This will be a $1000 question on Jeopardy in the year 200,000,022

  55. Amnesia the best name for this enlightened ones.

  56. So if we know that we cannot destroy or move a hurricane to save us from destruction or taking lives, then the other thing we can do is either stop putting up houses right back in the repeated areas of the path, OR build dome like structures where as a flat wall will push back until it cannot. A more rounded structure is at least an idea.

  57. Talking about hurricane, yes scientist can’t anything about it because it’s what God has sent and no human can stop it

  58. Very true about Hurricane, they are God sent so do every other natural disaster. He only make us know what he want us to know.
    Looking at AMASIA in about 200 – 300 million years, I believe science and Technology must have advanced positively even before 20 million years and may not wait that long before bringing in AMASIA. so,why wait till 200 – 300 million years as predicted by this modern science. Is it that scientists forecast based on current trend of science?

  59. In 300 millions the life on earth as we know it will disappear.. human species will cease to exist, the same as the dinosaures who lived before us.That is the truth that none dare to talk about it. Amasia for me is another name for a massive graveyard.

  60. I suggest AMNASIA instead of the proposed one.. Which is very good one thinking of our current situation

  61. Parker Ellingson | October 13, 2022 at 7:27 pm | Reply

    That’s pretty amasing 🤣🤣🤣🤣😐

  62. Past Present Future…We can do Better as a Collective…
    Perhaps With all the Data and
    Technological Advanments We
    Will Be a Human Race Without
    Acrimony and sanctimonious..and
    by The Time This Continental
    Amalgamation Takes Place..We are Here Healthy and Thriving.

  63. Personally, it sounds to me like a b****fit because people aren’t buying into “global warming” fast enough. Let’s say this comes to be true which would be a .0000000000001 chance what does the next 200-300 million years really matter? We can’t even go back in history of cave writings on the wall and such except for fossils and what not but big freaking deal.. I mean what if the possibility of something like Star Wars really existed and something like the Death Star blew our planet up, or maybe the sun burned out or a big black hole sucked everything out of existence or even a zombie apocalypse really happens and no more humans walked the earth possibly AI takes completely over!! Come on people, like really the next 200-300 million years?? Have at it read into it all you want I couldn’t give two sh**s but there’s my two cents on the “topic.”

  64. Wow. Comments section is littered with r*t*rded boomers and hippies. Stay away from DMT and Fox News kids.

  65. You know what I love? Allot of stuff! What tickled me here is the fact that we HAVE A WORLD THAT IS PERFECT, but we are single handedly destroying the ecosystem, it fun and dreamy to say go multiplanitary but when it comes down to it we can’t even take care of what we got, it is going to be litterally impossible to get to another planet and survive there with the intentions of doing *better*, human nature says its impossible bc humans will let 1 guy dictate how we are going to mess that planet up to. I’d love to fly through the universe but reality dictates we must have a base of operations before we do that, and we got to take care of it to.

  66. What we need to do is form a new coalition of people who want to do better! Slowly bring everyone into the fold nonreligion or politics just plain old caring for your own home, then we pool our resources and build I dunno a large multi generational ship that can allow people to live growfood and survive, I would do it! I know millions of people would do it! It would only take a few million people to donate like 10 bucks a month lol, let’s get together and do a crowd funding campaign lol

  67. The next step in social evolution is acceptance and cooperation with everyone, yes that means with Russia north korea and china everyone working to a goal, oh what we could do, the last few comments make good points, ultimately we have to have cooperation, I hate to say it but if we did then star trek could be totally possible with nuclear tech and rotation, yea the ships wouldn’t look like star trek but who cares itnwould be so incredible to be flying through the stars being propelled by exploding nuclear blast behind us lol that’s something to dream about

  68. Great article

  69. Every hour 20k passenger jets fly. Sulfur is abundant. Make sulfur particles, load 1,000 kg/1 metric ton per plane. When aircraft reach 25k altitude, release sulfur. At high altitude oxygen combines sulfur. SO2, (Pinatubo released 20million metric tons). We could release 25k metric tons a day. We can slow global warming, give humanity more time.

  70. Ask the scientist what will happen in 18 years, it souds like they are good austrologist in predicting future and replacing shiva and Jesus.

  71. We started our own demise, yet again. The use of petroleum products has damaged the ecosystem horrifically and I really fear there is no fixing it. We haven’t even begun to listen to mother earth. God said he would never destroy the world again but he never promised he wouldn’t let mother nature take it all back…..AGAIN. we’re too stupid to care enough from the get go. Myself included. It’s always been about who can show up and show off the most. Then ignore the problems we create!

  72. the bible the greatest fictional garbage of all time
    A new super continent in 300 million yrs who gives a ###k get a life go surfing while you still have a Pacific morons

  73. Human being will be extinct before that happens.

  74. Canasia Baby lol

  75. I got my multipass

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