Caves of Nerja Contain Earliest Human Drawings

Caves Nerja Drawings

Caves Nerja Drawings. Credit: University of Córdoba

New dating tests have proven that drawings from the Caves of Nerja, in Málaga, Spain, are the oldest paintings in the world made by humans. The pictures apparently depict seals and were painted more than 42,000 years ago, making them the first known cave paintings created by Neanderthals.

Before this discovery, the drawings made about 32,000 years ago in the Chauvent-Pont-d’Arc Cave in the Ardèche department of southern France, were considered the oldest. However, the new tests, dating the charcoal that was found next to the Nerja cave paintings, date them somewhere between 42,300 and 43,500 years old. The paintings themselves haven’t yet been tested since the team has been hampered by a lack of funding.

Caves Nerja Drawings

Credit: University of Córdoba

Project leader José Luis Sanchidrián, from the University of Córdoba, thinks that it could revolutionize the understanding of human history. Neanderthals decorated their bodies with paint and had an aesthetic sense, he states. Until now, it was thought that Homo sapiens sapiens created all of the art in caves. It’s now believed that Neanderthals created these drawings, something that’s quite shocking.

While this has yet to be confirmed, Sanchidrián thinks that since the drawings don’t display any parallelism which is indicative of human paleolithic art, and that Neanderthals ate seals, these drawings could have been drawn by them. Also, there are no remnants of humans in this part of the Iberian Peninsula.

Scientists think that this cave was one of the last in which Neanderthals sought refuge, escaping the encroachment of Cro-Magnons.

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  2. Not to jump to conclusions on what that cave painting could really be of, but it looks somewhat like a double helix (Think DNA). If that were the intention of these ancient humans, then it could very well be a sign of interaction with a technologically advanced civilization. If not, then it’s most likely an abstract doodle of a spiritual mind.

  3. The caves are located in NERJA, Spain

  4. Madanagopal.V.C | November 3, 2013 at 1:39 am | Reply

    Hello! why do you think of the paintings looking like a DNA Helix ? Why do you attribute these 40000 years old humans to have studied Genetics? To me it looks like a fish and nothing more than that. Thank You.

  5. It might just be a drawing of double helix. Why would they want to draw seals on a vertical column?

  6. Interesting… There appear to be 12 horizontal lines across the body of the top “seal” and 11 across that of the bottom, in the given photo. Coincidence?

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