Global Spread of the Highly Pathogenic H5N8 Avian Influenza Virus Is a Serious Public Health Concern

Avian Influenza Virus

The emergence and worldwide spread of the highly pathogenic H5N8 avian influenza virus (AIV) pose a significant public health concern.

The emergence and global spread of the highly pathogenic H5N8 avian influenza virus (AIV), a pathogen that has caused continuous and ongoing outbreaks with massive mortality in both wild and farmed birds across Eurasia and Africa throughout 2020, represents a considerable public health concern — particularly considering the first human cases of H5N8 infection were first reported last December.

In a Perspective, Weifeng Shi and George Gao discuss the emergence and zoonotic potential of the H5 AIV lineages. Shi and Gao argue that vigilant surveillance and rigorous infection control measures for these emerging viruses are critical to avoid further human spillovers that could result in new and devastating pandemics.

Perhaps overshadowed by the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, over the past year, H5N8 infections in both wildfowl and poultry have been identified in at least 46 countries across Europe, Asia, and Africa. While these outbreaks have led to the death or slaughter of many millions of birds worldwide, they’ve also notably resulted in at least one spillover event in Russia, where seven poultry farm workers tested positive for H5N8 virus.

According to the authors, the rapid global spread of this AIV and its demonstrated ability to cross the species barrier, transmitting to humans, makes it a major concern to not only farming and wildlife security, but also global public health. Shi and Gao suggest that the surveillance of highly pathogenic AIVs in poultry farms, live markets, and wild birds must become a global priority.

Reference: “Emerging H5N8 avian influenza viruses” by Weifeng Shi and George F. Gao, 21 May 2021, Science.
DOI: 10.1126/science.abg6302

W. Shi at Shandong First Medical University and Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences in Ji’nan, China; G.F. Gao at Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing, China; G.F. Gao at Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Beijing, China.

347 Comments on "Global Spread of the Highly Pathogenic H5N8 Avian Influenza Virus Is a Serious Public Health Concern"

  1. More bs to drive the masses into submission. Just like the fake Covid 19/chaos nonsense.

  2. fed up with the left-wing communists | May 21, 2021 at 7:36 am | Reply

    F-U, I don’t want to hear another g*d damn lie ment to scare the American people.
    This covid BS was an act of war by the CCP with the help of the left-wing anti American
    Democrats. They succeeded in destroying this country. I want to see these traitors delt with by Military Tribunal and then executed by firing squad.

    • The Anti-Trump | May 25, 2021 at 2:02 am | Reply

      You’re hopelessly confused. The Democrats saved the country. The traitors were the Trumptards who tried to destroy the country on January 6 but failed. And you are the Chinese Communist.

      • Right on brother!

      • Common sense practitioner. | May 26, 2021 at 5:28 am | Reply

        You genuinely might be among the most dim-witted, gullible, hypocritical, sheepish, and devoid of worth people that have ever walked the planet. I hope you get this new virus… the world would be better without people like you.

      • No you are a disillusion idiot if you believe what you just posted… There is going to come a time when you have to eat those words… To bad there is know cure for stupidity…

  3. It’s past time to be informed, armed and well provisioned but what you do every day will most definitely count in the long struggle for freedom and knowledge. Fear is their weapon of choice. Maintaining righteous indignation should be yours.

  4. So??? More masks and vaccines production??

    • Arturo Hernandez | June 1, 2021 at 4:33 am | Reply

      Fear is a powerful force. You are even more scared of boogie-democrats, because you are being manipulated.

  5. Masks forever! Be afraid! Trust no one! Everyone needs to lock themselves in their homes alone, not even with your family!

    • No one cares, you're dumb anyways | May 28, 2021 at 10:51 am | Reply

      Masks are just a piece of clothing if you can’t wear one you’re just weak. The only people with fear are people like you who are too afraid of temporary change. Trust is earned by years of legitimate experience and honesty, something Trump never had. No one needs to lock their self home forever, you just made that up. You can go outside but if you don’t care about spreading disease, then stay away from high publicly used areas.

  6. Common Cents | May 21, 2021 at 7:56 am | Reply

    Actually, this has been my question to all the Covid ‘Chicken-Liberals’ and mask Nazis for the past year: What will they do when a -real- pandemic arises with a fatality rate of 10-35% ?

    The other problem is idiotic mass quarantine and long-term individual isolation; it prevents herd exposure/immunity… all libs have done is make us -more- vulnerable. Sweden got it right.

    • Actual Common Sense Knowledge | May 28, 2021 at 11:08 am | Reply

      Here’s your answer to the “Baboon right wing conservative Retardlicans” what are the chronic effects of Covid-19 10+ years down the line? The virus effects yours organs, you know the ones you use your entire life span. Oh! You don’t know? Yeah no one does. Could be nothing, could also be early organ failure for a percentage of those who caught it. Do you really want it to spread to 90+% of the population and roll the dice later on?

      You’re also 100% wrong on herd immunity, Herd immunity has NEVER been achieved without a vaccine. You can look all you want to prove this wrong. You’re only going to find no evidence or people making up lies with no evidence backing them. That’s why there was a social distance thing in place, to slow spread until a vaccine was developed. That’s why people are pushing others to get vaccinated, to reach herd immunity and end this Covid-19 pandemic


  7. The other problem is idiotic mass quarantine and long-term individual isolation; it prevents herd exposure/immunity… all libs have done is make us -more- vulnerable. Sweden got it right.

  8. F-U, I don’t want to hear another g*d damn lie ment to scare the American people.

    • Then don’t listen to conspiracy theories, Trump supporters, or anti-vaxers. Those people are too gullible and easy manipulated to make them believe crazy sh*t. All people do is plant a seed of doubt in their minds and they make it grow fast.

  9. Remember when they scared the $hit out of us with SARS, small pox, anthrax, there’s always a scare to manipulate you into lifting money out of your pocket and into theirs. Do not listen to any of them. Do not wear a mask, basically them anyone demanding it to “F” off – I enjoy this part of the pandemic. Telling a purple-pink haired, tatted up, nose ringed, minimum wage earner to “F” off, go home and collect welfare.

  10. We are very sick of these filthy lies. Stop it. Stop it now. Compliance is Violence!!!

  11. BTW, the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE is part of the Cult of Scientism. These are the people that believe science is “settled”. The same people perpetuate the myth of man-made global warming. The same people say there are too many people on the planet when by 2100 there will be ZERO countries even at replenishment levels. The same people have spread the myth of not enough food. The same people preach the goofy darwinism in the schools that is easily refuted. The same people are Eugenicists like their best pals Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein.

    The same people are often guilty of Nuremberg-type crimes and frankly, should be executed.

    • Doctor?! You sound more like a conspiracy nut job lol. Why don’t you sit the f**k down and shut the hell up before reality slaps the dog sh*t outta you!

    • Eliminate the crazies | May 28, 2021 at 11:25 am | Reply

      Fake Doctor, John. The only people who should be executed are the crazies like you. Who will no doubt become a domestic terrorist at some point.

  12. The current scamdemic is finished and now they are finding a new one!

    • Indeed!
      They’ve already got the next one all picked out with a nice pretty blue bow; wrapped around yet another Spike Protein boogeyman trademarked photo.

      Like EVENT201 (aka CV19), It’s put together by John Hopkins & Co-conspirators. Likely funded by the same Billionaire Freemason Globalist psychopaths.

      It’s called [SPARS 2025-2028]
      Another very lengthy planned-demic scripted scenario. How nice of them to AGAIN give us a heads up!

      Please be sure to download and print out this play-by-play crimes against humanity manual.

      *In the end, God wins!


      • Your "God" can't help you | May 28, 2021 at 11:32 am | Reply

        It’ll only happen if idiots believe it is fake or don’t care and let it run rampant. Prevent it by making sure it doesn’t spread and we’re all good, let it loose and don’t keep it in check. Then we’ll be back to 2020 styled home time “fun” again. Your God can’t or won’t help you. You have to help keep your fellow man safe.

  13. Ignatius J Reilly | May 21, 2021 at 9:05 am | Reply

    Wuhan is infecting the chickens, even as we speak.

  14. IstillThinkBillGatesSucksTho | May 21, 2021 at 9:10 am | Reply

    Goddamn, I didn’t expect the comment section to be nothing but people that think they’re Fonzies wearing leather jackets being cool and smart😎😎, while the rest and majority of the “sheeple”🐑🐑 getting vaccinated and wearing masks😷😷 will all die according to them.
    Maked sense right? Kill off all the people that comply with the guidelines and be left with all the cool crazies conspiracy theory nutjobs😂😂

  15. … and here we go again…

    This may end up being a truly real problem, however just about half of the United States no longer believes you; thinking, rightly or wrongly, the last year went way too far with ever-changing goals and increasingly suspect calls to authority.

    So now the doomsayers are met with derision at best, and utter contempt more commonly. Thus killing the efficacy of appeals to authority.

    Good job guys!

  16. So what! The greater powered vantage of freedom loving Americans don’t give a rat’s ass what you deep state so called heath experts say any longer. Fauci is the biggest fraud and is an treasonist enemy of the state. I can no longer wait until the time when none of these people can safely walk down our streets. Americans are going to fight back. You can cut the tension with a knife. We will take this country back from all you hate filled communists. While your supporters owed in their basements at the mention of a virus. The rest of us will be fighting back to save America for future generations. We are locked and loaded!

    • Powers in numbers. 100M ppl < 100T Viral Cells | May 28, 2021 at 11:43 am | Reply

      Your so called “greater power” means nothing to a microscopic virus, you’ll drop like the rest of your fellow idiots. Trump is the biggest fraud and is an treasonist enemy in American history. I can’t wait until the time where people are more educated and can safely walk down our streets without having to be worried about a mass shooting. Americans are going to fight back against irresponsible gun lovers. You can slice the tension with a blade. We will take this country back from all you hate filled fascist crazy conservatives. While your supporters are up in arms at the mention of a helping others. The rest of us will be fighting back to save America for future generations. You maybe locked and loaded with your gun, but a bio-virus can still stop you and shooting the ground wouldn’t do anything.

  17. Science has gotten just to the place where it will scare people to death. Who needs a Virus when people will willingly lay down and die simply because they were told it was a deadly virus. Vulnerable people will actually gain the symptoms and go through the problem and come out saying they did not know why they did not die.

    • Oh they will know sooner or later | May 28, 2021 at 11:47 am | Reply

      Well yeah, it’ll run through them and they’ll live. Then when they hit 60 or 70 it’ll take it’s toll for a prolonged chronic and painful demise. Enjoy I guess.

  18. LeeRoy Tirebiter | May 21, 2021 at 10:05 am | Reply

    Welllll… all the “researchers” are Chinese. It seems that the last Chinese “research” (bioweapon) turned me into a Chinese hate racist. Who can blame me?

    • We can blame you, hating the Chinese won't help at all | May 28, 2021 at 11:56 am | Reply

      Everyone, it wasn’t a bio weapon. To add a specific effect to a virus you need a similar compatible effect from another viruses make up. Like how you can’t combine oil with water as a super simple comparison, they stay separate. Had there been any manipulation, there would be evidence in the virus because it would have another viruses partial make up as well. Which is something that cannot be hidden or removed.

  19. First…Keep the Gov out of it
    2nd,,keep the Medical Experts out of it
    3d…No restrictions on methods of treatment

  20. Not buying it. Not now not ever.

  21. Yeah, yeah, go f–k yourself.

  22. Pulitzer Prize winner Virologist, is telling us the Vaccine will create more and deadlier
    pandemics, the worst thing to do is Vaccinate the population. That means natural immunity is
    BEST all around. To think our school children being filled with this poison, while they are
    eperiment with babies, instead of animals.(Sr)

    • I smell a lier | May 28, 2021 at 12:05 pm | Reply

      Can we get the name of this person please? Sorry I called your lie, it was really easy to do so.

  23. Desired outcome: forced inoculation and mask permaculture

    Method: inject the fear-seeds into the wilds of the populace.

    Follow the science….sure, look at where that got us.

    • owo swag burger fornite fridays epic memer | May 27, 2021 at 10:20 am | Reply

      but like why though. so you people think you’re actually getting somewhere with comments like these. or are you just venting your frustration. Is wearing a mask that big an inconvenience? somebody may have messed up somewhere, but its that science you speak of that will end this sooner. otherwise covid, and everything else will just keep making its rounds, and either way scientists will periodically have to make new vaccines, because the nature of viruses is that they mutate. if you don’t want to deal with that minor inconvenience in the name of public health, you’re kind of useless. and I really don’t care what you read on your facebook conspiracy group Ken.

  24. Don’t tell Dr. Fauci or Bill Gates or they’ll want to mutate it and you know what will happen ..

  25. Louis Cyphre | May 22, 2021 at 1:03 am | Reply

    You Ameri-KKK-ans are the most abject morons on the face of your creationist flat earth. How any knuckle-draggers as obviously stupid as you missing links can walk upright for longer periods is an issue the “Cult of Scientism” (gimme a freakin break), must study in detail. Ameri-KKK-an morons are the true virus threatening humanity. Y’all deserve Trump and everything that steaming pile of fecal matter has done to your country, the one you murdered the “Indians” for and had the black slaves “make great” for you white trash.

    • What happen to you when you was growing up? Did you not get enough hugs or something?? Trump is not the problem, the science isn’t the problem, the problem is the left is blowing COVID-19 up larger than it was. All those deaths so called by covid? My sister died in a car accident, and her death certificate said covid. My grandmother and grandfather both died from being 101 years old and good health and the doctor said they had to report their death as covid. Why would they do that? Let’s see, for every death related to covid was an additional $20,000 of federal money for the states. Our government announced on live TV that he had instructed the corners and everyone to list all deaths as covid so our state could get more federal money. Funny how the democrats wants to leave that part out when they complain that 1/2 million died. Take that number and divide it by 2 and that’s your real number of deaths. And the H1N1 was worse than covid but you want to know the difference? Obama was in office and he didn’t announce H1N1 until after millions of Americans had already died. So do your homework instead of believing every lie that the left has told you. And also, name calling and calling people names are only words that shows your true colors. You all can’t do anything right but name calling.

      Oh and if all us republicans leave or die, then you democrats will have to get off your lazy ass and get a job because the government won’t have any money to pay you a monthly check. So wishing death on the people who feeds you is bold. By the way, the democrats started and ran the KKK, and Biden’s family was apart of the KKK. So know your history, don’t make yourself look stupid.

      • Your comment is well put. .

      • Sterilize the trumpity dumpities | May 28, 2021 at 12:16 pm | Reply

        If all Republicans died that would be sad. If all Trumpers died we’d have a respectable and better country. The national IQ would raise a bit too. Trump has literally become the new face of the KKK.

    • This is a science site not a place for political hate mongering. Calling people dispicable names because they have different opinions on either side is dangerous. We the people need to be free to talk and we need to talk to deal with the many problems we face as the human race. Hurling hurling hate and accusations is simply not productive to any society.

  26. Are you for real?! Another stupid article. Just change your job, and stop with this lies. And go f….k yourself. And you want to eat meat from a lab…

  27. Note the large number of disinformation trolls responding to this article.

    This tells you that this topic in the focus of the trolling organizations.

  28. Lies, like there were no flu cases last year because that’s all covid 19 was, either you live or die, it’s that easy. Ef science and these lying commies.

  29. MarEugenia Quidiello Pereira | May 22, 2021 at 8:09 am | Reply

    The article says many things but does not say How these virus is spread through what ? ; Saliva, eating chicken or how!?? Or bird to person etc … ..

  30. These extreme views displayed in these comments is cause for concern. Viruses are real and can make a jump infect people. You can Google 1918 H1N1. The Han race has been petty lucky so far, but we may see more and more of this. Opening up the economy is not a viable option as this has proven than health care systems are quickly overwhelmed – front line healthcare workers are taking the brunt of the stress right now. Other non Covid related surgery are postponed, leaving these patients with lower quality of life. You guys need to see the big picture… don’t just think of yourself

  31. These extreme views displayed in these comments is cause for concern. Viruses are real and can make a jump infect people. You can Google 1918 H1N1. The Han race has been petty lucky so far, but we may see more and more of this. Opening up the economy is not a viable option as this has proven than health care systems are quickly overwhelmed – front line healthcare workers are taking the brunt of the stress right now. Other non Covid related surgery are postponed, leaving these patients with lower quality of life. You guys need to see the big picture… don’t just think of yourself

  32. Never Enough | May 22, 2021 at 8:26 am | Reply

    Only because it will be much more deadly, and because conservatives have inoculated themselves from common sense, I look forward to the genetic selection only mother nature can provide.

  33. Joseph Bascue | May 22, 2021 at 8:33 am | Reply

    Focus on strengthened immune systems not this stupid propaganda…
    Lies lies lies

  34. Socialism sucks | May 22, 2021 at 8:34 am | Reply

    Communist China will release more viruses with the help of the biden handlers.

  35. The trolls in this comment section is extremely alarming. So many uneducated people showing they actually are afraid of things they do not understand. Lashing out in hate all in unison. Being educated by conspiracy websites, Fox News, MSNBC, & the one or two people against common sense is how during the next influenza pandemic, we will have mass devastation. People will refuse to comply & die. Maybe that’s how we will finally rid this planet of the ignorant.

    • Count on breakouts of new and dangerous viruses just prior to the ’22 and especially the 2024 Presidential election, which should be expected to be truly deadly. The Globalists will do ANYTHING to stop the election of Trump, including making sure the worse they have in the pipeline of bioweapons, will likely be released, and may cause a complete shutdown and massive leftist/communist/Globalist media and government control of voting.

  36. This comment section has made me lose faith in humanity.

    • I completely agree. We have gotten to a terrifying chapter in human evolution. The Left and the right are to conserned with the line in the sand They have drawn to care about the human race. People are dying. New pandemics will happen more people will die. High school name calling isn’t going to benifit anyone in the end.

  37. Roger Eggleston | May 22, 2021 at 9:30 am | Reply

    This must be the message board for semi-literate retards.

  38. Truth or consequences? | May 22, 2021 at 9:31 am | Reply

    They just can’t give up on their global agenda and control, I am sure they will want to continue pushing for the slave mask to keep people in fear .

  39. Imagine fear mongering the flu like some k***.

  40. I trust that people with conspiracy theories find the facts and make an intelligent opinion. Spend more time and improving your lives in a good way, than following misinformation and false theories.

  41. Lies and more Lies people need to check history on all the so called viruses that were going to kill us in the past 50 years

  42. Enough of this BS! My God you fools misuses have been around since the dawn of civilization! If you’re such a paranoid freak about it-STAY HOME or better yet wrap yourself tightly in plastic!!

  43. I have had enough of these left wing lunatics trying to control us. The American people will NO longer put up with this communist propaganda. I can’t wait until the day I don’t have to hear that quack, Dr Fauci’s name. We will no longer be wearing masks!! STOP LETTING THE LIBERALS LOONIES CONTROL OUR LIVES!! WE ARE TAKING BACK OUR COUNTRY!!

    • Trumplestiltzken | May 25, 2021 at 1:33 am | Reply

      You had your chance to “take back” the country on Jan. 6, and you failed. But I heard Putin has some land in Siberia

  44. Vincent the atheist | May 22, 2021 at 11:51 am | Reply

    Please please PLEASE just let this f u c k i n g species die and send mankind back to hell where they belong! Let this mutate into a 100% mortality disease already!

  45. Better to believe than not believe. Better to be safe than sorry. You unbelivers were are your facts?????

  46. Elliot Rogers | May 22, 2021 at 11:55 am | Reply

    I can’t handle all of these people anymore. I hope it kills everyone! I will see you all in hell where you belong!

  47. NeverTolerateLiesOrPropaganda | May 22, 2021 at 12:57 pm | Reply

    Why is there a festering pile of science denying MAGAt QAnonQwazies babbling about Freedumb on a Scitechdaily article? Are most they Russian trolls? Do they live such miserable lives that they have nothing better to do than regurgitate propaganda, lies and conspiracy theories spoon fed to them on Faux News and similar reich wing providers of garbage? Practice proper hygiene, wear a mask and get vaccinated, it is every American’s civic duty to do so! Education is not the enemy, ignorance is.

    • For the same reason you are here responding to them. Possibly even looking for them. Trump is not the president likely he will not be on the ticket in 2024 either. If so that’s the time to bring it up. Why not bitch about about say no student loan forgiveness coming. Maybe even the huge debt Americans will have to pay for the help they received during the pandemic. There are serious problems all over the world. Trump is not one of them right now. Let it go.

  48. Micheal E. Clark | May 22, 2021 at 1:47 pm | Reply

    Oh Crap, “i want my VPN” 🎶,so as 2 remain inconspicuous now. Oh what da hell – Nanny Baloney’s goons (aka FBI, HSA, AntiFa, BLM) will find me soon enough! SO,if & or when i pass,i pray it’s GOD calling me HOME ! 🍻 5-22-021

  49. I seriously am ashamed to be an American because there are so many idiots here who don’t believe and think covid was fake.

  50. Covidisreal-19 | May 22, 2021 at 4:33 pm | Reply

    You guys are dumb. Many are dying covid in India right now

  51. Here we go again. Another virus not protected by vaccines, and yet they require you to get one.. for all the other comments thinking this is a lie, oh how I wish it where… have you not learned by now they are using bio weaponry against humans….. Same old strategy let’s confine people to their homes. But wait no worries gov has your back heres tour $$ to set at home..
    This woke generation is all for it to ugh won’t even say the word to see wth is really going on.. so here’s the deal.. we can either set home like good like good little boys and girls while they destroyed this country. Or we can all unite and stand together.. stop buying into this hate fake BS too it’s what want you to do…
    Admit it when your upset can anyone get you to listen. No this is why they keep anger hate racism pushed they don’t want you to know the truth. And they are planning another major shut down of the US. Go look up United way at all the buildings they bought to supposedly help train people for new jobs and depression.. whatever they gave these all over the US and claim millions will be homeless by winter… it’s coming if we don’t stand up against this lying terrorist that’s invaded the United States!

  52. This comment section is filled with a bunch of grown, grumpy, bitter people. You guys are more whiny than the tatted up, rainbow hair colored
    “snowflakes.” You guys can literally just not read and go on with your days like it’s not that serious.

  53. So H1N1 skipped H1N2-H4N7 and miraculously mutated without a trace of it in the world.(To H5N8) Meaning it was once again bioengineered in a secret sector lab. Which still has H5N9 to H9N9 left to mutate. Before it advances into an unknown strain. F**king idiots.

  54. Dr Kendrick Philip Adams | May 22, 2021 at 10:04 pm | Reply

    This virus is cause for major concern. The inevitable outcome will leave many blaming China for a man made virus. Fall 2021 will see the gradual increase in cases world wide world. Please read my book (When Bigfoot Opened Pandora’s Box) for details.

  55. I’m more concerned by the fact that it’s 3:56am est. and this is the 4th time I had to get up an sit on the hoop.😑

  56. Trump4prison | May 23, 2021 at 2:07 am | Reply

    The amount of idiots on this thread is incredible… Here’s a conspiracy theory for you. The vaccine works and the government is getting ready to release a weaponized version of covid-19 that will kill off all unvaccinated people. This will get rid of all those who don’t trust the government and keep those who listen to them. At the same time they look like heroes because they told us the vaccine works. If I were the government that’s the way I’d play it.. just saying

  57. Opinions are like @ssholes, everybody has one.

  58. … human technologies are still way to primitive, even for those essential stuff…(that is my point and I am sticking to it)

  59. The one good thing about right wing Trumpian traitors is that with their refusal to be vaccinated, their numbers will be decimated. This leaving America free and safe for the real American Patriots… Republicans and Democrats with common sense & belief in the Constitution… not the Anti-christ, liar & fraud, #Traitor.Trump.
    God bless the USA & All our troops.

  60. Dear JY, you should seek psychiatric evaluation and get help. I fear it’s too late however, perhaps you should instead do the decent thing and remove yourself from the gene pool altogether!

  61. Lee Roy tire biter, you should probably be called Lee Roy “pillow biter” The rabid Nazi sympathies on this thread are rather worrying, but it’s probably mostly boomers who haven’t long for this world, and what a better world it will be with their demise! All Nazi Republican Christo-fascists need to be culled from society, and perhaps H1N8 is just the thing to do it.I welcome it. To rid the earth of the fascist r republican shadow is something worth dying for, for the betterment of humankind.

  62. Michael E Clark, I pray those noble organizations you disparage DO catch up with you soon and throw your racist,fascist, anti- science fat ass in the penitentiary for the rest of your worthless life. The anti- science bias and hate for anything not Christian or white on these threads is despicable hateful and un- American, and I hope you all die screaming, preferably in a fire. ANTIFA, BLM, THE DEMOCRATIC FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND SCIENCE FOREVER!🖕🏿🇺🇸

    • You know there are other options eh mate?

      God is not great… And most likely non-existent.

      Help them deconvert instead- it helps more in the long run.

    • How sick are you? Anfita-terrorists group, BLM-terrorists group, Democratic government, NWO. Just ugly nasty groups you support. And just because we disagree with you doesn’t make us racists and all that other name calling that you left can really only do very well. Wishing people to die? You are a sick individual and you seriously need professional help. This country is not racist, and everyone knows it’s not. The government and people like you wants it to be true so they can blame all their failures on their race. God loves all of us, and he doesn’t care what color you are, because we are ALL his children and we all are one color to him. So get off your high horse and stop wishing people to die. That’s the problem in this country, and the vaccine does NOT prevent you from getting covid-19, you can still get the virus even if you had the same shot. But there are people in this world physically can NOT get the shot because it will make them worse. They can’t wear a mask because it makes their illness worse.

      So recap, Calm your ass down and stop acting like a child who got their candy taken away from them. Vaccine does NOT prevent you from getting the virus, it lowers you chance to 30% instead 70%. And if these people don’t want to get vaccinated then that’s their right as an American citizen and if they catch the virus and die then the blame falls on them. And I really don’t need to recap your terrorist groups again, I think you got the point.

  63. TrumpTard69420 | May 23, 2021 at 12:34 pm | Reply

    So, this is where they all went…
    If you’re smart, you’ll know who I’m talking about.


  64. Vincent the Atheist | May 23, 2021 at 1:00 pm | Reply

    F u c k i n g kill me please.

  65. Elliot Rogers | May 23, 2021 at 1:02 pm | Reply

    Putin daddy kill us all and rape our stupid American corpses please.

  66. Peace thru common sense | May 23, 2021 at 4:10 pm | Reply

    LeRoy Tirebiter – Don’t turn into a ‘Chinese people’s racist. They have no control over what happens. Instead turn into a ‘Chinese Government’ racist. Don’t blame all for a few’s actions. There’s enough people out there to make up for your not hating.

  67. The greatest words ever spoken. The only thing you have to fear in life is fear itself. The thing that comes to mind is NWO new world order. We need to rise people and make this world the way it should be. Think about our children and grand children.we need to rise. Wake up America.

  68. Covid-19 killed my family! I hope none of you get sick so these viruses and kill the people that have no scientific background, no clue what is going on in the world & furthermore NO RESPECT for the 3 MILLION+ that Covid-19 killed.
    You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves. And for those who called yourselves CHRISTIANS? START ACTING LIKE IT!!
    Poor thing, ya gotta wear a mask! 🤯 Gun toting, right (wrong) wing Kunts! 🖕 all a you!

    • David you have to come back down to reality. You do realize you sneeze at a rate of 100 miles an hour. Small droplets are not contained by a mask. Guess what. Your eyes are not covered. Your eyes are also a point of entry for viruses. In fact, probably MORE so, because at least your nose sneezes out germs. My point? Masks are nothing more than A false sense of security For the uneducated.

      • Devil's Advocate | May 25, 2021 at 12:59 am | Reply

        Guess what, Sherlock the Sheep, it’s not just about entry and eyes don’t breathe.

        • It says on the mask box, “This does not prevent the spread or protect from CV19”
          In actuality, ppl can develop bacterial pneumonia and worse from wearing these germ filled muzzles all day.

          Regarding the eyes, correct they don’t breathe, however eyes are considered a mucosal area on the body as well. How do you think ppl get forms of Conjunctivitis?

          I’m not coming for you, so please return the favor. This global divisiveness is all by design, but we are not the architects of this evil blueprint.

          It can’t hurt to do your own research on things, situations and people that others have different opinions on. You may be surprised at what you dig up.

          Be Blessed!

  69. Shi is part of the problem.

  70. David, did it kill your whole family or your 90 year old grandma (God rest her soul)? And why is it always a crazy leftist that loses his “whole” family? you realize death IS the end result to LIFE, Right? You aren’t going to make it out alive. Every one dies. Buck up.

  71. I can’t believe how many dumb redneck idiots I’m seeing in these comments. You are making Americans look stupid with your uneducated responses. You know what’s funny the same people that are bitching about the virus and it being a lie had nothing been said at all about covid or addressed are the same people that would be crying why didn’t the government do anything or say anything damned if you do and damned if you don’t make up your mind idiots. And take your bigotry somewhere else

  72. ScienceIsReal | May 24, 2021 at 10:08 am | Reply

    It seems the disinformation Russian-Trumpist trolls are on a roll in the comments section. What’s amusing is when they get sick they seek access to hospitals immediately. We have physicians in my family and they notice when sick they forget their conspiracy theories very quickly and expect treatment and support from those they hate and deride. What’s also amusing is that Drumpf (who got covid) decided in the end to get vaccinated quietly back in January together with his trophy wife. He even admitted the covid vaccine shot was important but that was not enough to persuade his fascist followers.

    These people should not receive any help from hospitals nor receive medical scientific care. They are fascists, murderers, racists and dissenters. Let them mingle with like-minded flat-earthers, Alex Jones goblins and antivaxxers and have their kids die of newly emerging measles or covid or whatever other zoonotic virus comes next. Why care? It’s not as if herd immunity is going to happen. Just keep them away from ‘leftist’ medical care (which is the overwhelming majority of science) and let them find solace in the statue of their golden Drumpf-calf.

    Don’t spend resources or time on such filth.

  73. Ursula Yevette Mcintosh | May 24, 2021 at 3:44 pm | Reply

    None is fake, its a real infection an its due to exposure an bodily fluids amongst other factor’s. Think about that clearly ” exposure”

  74. Anyone else out there gravely concerned about unsanitary, inhumane, and overcrowding conditions that lead to diseased animals, fish, and birds?
    Remember Mad Cow Disease? Did you see what those cows were fed? Chilling. Google Cooke Aguaculture Pacific’s Atlantic salmon fish pens. These are WAKE UP calls.
    Utilize your power of free choice while buying your food. Conscientious companies are out there.

  75. Anon322000000000 | May 24, 2021 at 4:16 pm | Reply

    Yall really hunt down scientific articles to call eachother left wing lib-tards and far right retardicans. Wake up, you are whats wrong with the world, and this country. B*tching amongst eachother does absolutely nothing for any of your causes. If you think the pandemic is fake then go to India and expose it. If you think commenting on a scientific article and calling people a bunch of retarded names is going to get your ideals on the airwaves, get f**king real.

  76. Devil's Advocate | May 25, 2021 at 12:14 am | Reply

    Ahh, the irony of Trumptards and other right-wing ignoramuses accusing others of being gullible sheep. It’s as rich as cheesecake. Too ignorant and stupid to know they’re ignorant or stupid. The Dunning-Kruger effect personified en masse. The rotting state of the U.S. educational and political systems exposed. Just because someone told them not to trust the MSM, they believe every word of their alt-media without even considering the possibility that their alternative for the imperfect is utter bullsh*t. Looking at you, A.T, among others. No one said masks were perfect, but guess what, Sherlock the Sheep: eyes don’t inhale or exhale.

    • Oh look it’s the Bidophile at it again! You all don’t know how to do anything but name call.

  77. More fear mongering! Giving rationale to why they need to interrupt our food (meat) chain and eat their GMO lab grown science projects! #WeDoNotConsent

  78. Randall Stewart | May 25, 2021 at 4:34 am | Reply

    To all you ignorant science deniers, hope you die from an infectious disease soon, better will be better place. The thought of you morons further polluting the gene pool with low I.Q.’s is disgusting to genuine, intelligent patriots. Captain Randall Stewart, USAF Senior Air Weapons Control Officer 1979-86

  79. An educated person | May 25, 2021 at 5:27 am | Reply

    Republicans are mentally ill.

  80. You conspiracy nuts are not only bat shi- crazy, your dangerous functional sociopaths

  81. Well, a couple people are mad enough to make dozens of comments with different names. 🙂

  82. They didn’t kill enough with the covid-19 virus so they will try again with another virus that has more of a chance of killing more cutting down on the population😱

  83. Where’s Tom Clancy when you need him? He is only one who could write this up and not get CANCELLED!
    “Hunt For The RedBat Cave” Just as the 2019 impeachment is going to shipwreck itself, a mysterious virus silently spreads among tourist flights heading for Italy & Spain.

  84. A lot of people in the comments are seriously rooting for the destruction of humanity by calling Covid a hoax and telling people not to wear a mask. I’m on board too! Humanity has had a long enough run so yeah. Let everyone kick the bucket. There doesn’t need to be a future generation.

    • Hell yea. Let’s celebrate the destruction of the masses. Bring back the dinos and 100% worldwide flesh eating plague. May asteroids fall out of the sky and burn the world to ashes. Prey for the world to END!

  85. You misinformed democrat sheep believing everything you hear is the problem listening to all the fear porn propaganda…wake the hell up and realize its your freedom that is at stake dipsh*t….covid is all bullsh*t and the vaccine will kill you, so go right ahead it’ll be doing us a favor

  86. I would be interested to know the extent and type of educational attainment that each of the commenters have. Perhaps a brief footnote with the info could be required after each comment.

  87. Wow. How many people drank the Trump-ade? How many conspiracy believers could there be? I think 90% of these are bots. Someone just stirring the pot.
    This site should have captcha and a Russian misinformation test.

  88. Our UN and governments are the probkem,problem, and rhino are the same bird just 2 wings on same bird.Bill Gates,Fauzi,WHO,and China,and many more are evolved in this mass depopulation.They want to Conquer by Divide of the masses and get everyone against each other.They are all creating racism,Nazism, socialism,and War within countries,as well as religion War.Imagine if there were No religion there wouldn’t be Wsr Imagine no governments there wouldn’t be War. So everyone must be locked n loaded cause they’re letting now the Cartel from Southern border to invade.Our governments paid the Cartel to invade.So more is happening than blind eye sees.Know politicians have paid for their crimes.We can’t do anything due to false fears,soon they will drop the bomb on us all.This vaccine for covid19 has Nanos in it to change your DNA, ETC:

  89. F*** off.

  90. You know what’s killing them Bill Gates vaccine that are out law here for a reason he gives to third world countries so I don’t want to hear this because the storm is coming for so many the evil will be brought to light

  91. Cynthia Harper Santos | May 25, 2021 at 4:38 pm | Reply

    For those masses that think Covid 19 was a hoax, the burial sites tell a different story. Just because you didn’t die doesn’t mean millions died globally. Maybe this will make you a believer.

    • Cynthia Harper Santos | May 25, 2021 at 4:44 pm | Reply

      …Doesn’t mean millions didn’t die globally. Covid-19 was not a hoax. For those that had family deaths, it is massively real.
      # theysufferedalone

      • Flu deaths dropped 90+% supposedly.
        I worked on covid unit. The only ones sick and dying were already sick and dying. Amputated limbs from diabetes, copd, congestive heart failure. Never saw a formally healthy person very incubated. Plus the medical field has been extremely infiltrated by evil people who will slowly kill you as a patient for money 💰
        Plus the shot is poison and is EXTREMELY blasphemous and against the Laws of God.
        This plandemix was planned long ago. The vax is the disease.
        Trump and biden are both blasphemous jesuits and all their children educated through jesuit schools, all their children married to ashkeNAZI “jews” all their cabinet were/are ashkeNAZI.

  92. Alexander Emerson | May 25, 2021 at 4:41 pm | Reply

    I’m gonna laugh real f**king hard when everyone of you retards that think the Chinese are doing this die from the very disease you think is fake. I was really hoping that yall died from covid but that was sadly stopped by the efforts of the democrats. I really enjoyed it when Trump was in charge and had his own fan base dropping like flies. I think next time im voting Trump cause because you retards still didn’t learn your lesson. My God is mass population control needed cause you people don’t deserve the lives you live anymore. Only your sad pitiful death that you’ve brought upon yourselves.

  93. Stop the hate!! | May 25, 2021 at 4:42 pm | Reply

    Wow…such hate!! What happened to everyone has a right to their opinions. We all learn from it. The government had made all of you hate so much with political crap that you can’t see the truth when it’s right in front of you!! You’re so caught up in fear, lies and hate that you can’t see your rights being taken little by little. Looks like the propaganda is working quite well. This goes for both sides. Wake up people. Stop using foul language, and respect one on other, you’re just plain trash when you act in that manner. Sad thing is you don’t even know how to be decent anymore.

  94. Sad humanity | May 25, 2021 at 4:58 pm | Reply

    It’s the all liberals’ fault, wait, no, it’s all the conservatives’ fault! Durdurdur.. Arguing politics instead of keeping the focus on science and a solution is stupid. Both sides and across the board. Shameful. The only way to save the world apparently is to find a vaccine for stupidity first.

  95. Bummer we were going to get chickens.
    Ugh does this mean city governments will have to go door to door to destroy chickens in backyards. This reminds me of something… Oh that’s right! The UK already did this.So much to look forward too!

  96. Here we go again. From here on out we are all on house arrest in perpetuity. Are these chinese authors warning us that China will attack the world again?

  97. Just stop who care what you think. | May 25, 2021 at 6:22 pm | Reply

    LOL can we get Facebook robots in here to fact check this s***. Nobody trusts nobody everybody’s divided it doesn’t matter what your viewpoint is on the matter the truth will come out eventually, whatever that is. but when it does we need to get past all the different views because this is America we are entitled to different views stupid or not. in America we stand together why has everybody forgot that. It’s not black and white it’s not smart and stupid it’s not Trump versus Biden everyone needs to get over that s***. This was supposed to be one nation under God and that is not what we’re living in today let’s get back to it guys.

  98. I will never listen or read about this ever again. I’m sure it’s more lies and to see how much more compliant the public will be.

  99. Shanga Mcnair | May 25, 2021 at 6:52 pm | Reply

    We couldn’t even do covid right. So many right wing domestic terrorists . A virus doesn’t have a political affiliation. Idiots wouldn’t even wear a mask to help others. But lie and say they pro life.

  100. Disgusted with thus crap | May 25, 2021 at 7:18 pm | Reply

    Omfg there will always be flu. Stop freaking out over every little bug. God gave you an immune system. Take care of it and all will be well

  101. DARLENE M TUCKER | May 25, 2021 at 7:46 pm | Reply

    The only BS came from the Trump Administration. If he listened Covid could have been stopped sooner. There will be other disease and we need to learn from them. We need to stop blaming each other and start working on changing how we treat our environment.

    • you sound like an NWO mouthpiece. Parrot.
      That’s exactly where the “elites” are taking the conversation next. Taxing and regulating the working American out of sovereignty and business. While the largest businesses who are the ones pushing climate reform are the worst polluters. Normal Americans do jack squat compared to these giant companies and their deadly waste that they release into the environment. Poisons and pharmaceuticals plastic everywhere.
      I long for the day where the earth has people like me living in it.

  102. All sides are sold out. Trump is “Father of deadly vaccine”, Biden sold us out after he sold his soul to the devil. Trump was bailed out by rothschild and loved hanging with epstein. Biden loves smelling girls hair. I’m living in the dumbest era of humanity…😪🤦‍♂️

  103. Stevie Torrez | May 25, 2021 at 8:13 pm | Reply


  104. Ummm…Quit making these bioweapons and there will be none.

  105. If you think Covid-19 is fake you need to do your research.

  106. Fine,dont vax yrself, family or friends. Insist on surgeries where docs can’t wear masks. A crisis tests everyone+ you make the call. Less MAGA for the rest of us to support.

  107. MakesNoSensi | May 25, 2021 at 9:01 pm | Reply

    Ahh look at Trump supporters getting pissy. Scientists that are a lot smarter then 4 of them combined. When they’re done f**king their daughters like Trump wants, they might wake up

    • Eknowlton in new hampshire | May 26, 2021 at 3:54 am | Reply

      Your a troll and a idiot like most libtards .. I use my real name unlike p*ssies like yourself hiding in your mum’s basement with no life or real future .. your pathetic and should stop breathing my air ..a waste of human life

  108. If you’re going to have a debate, then present facts instead of disrespecting the opposition just because they oppose you. Be open minded. If you can’t tolerate this kind of discussion, then don’t involve yourself. This article is really about the potential dangers of another illness. It’s not intended to start a full blown political argument. You know what’s worse about a zoonotic flue that we’re not prepared for? An airborne disease that weren’t not prepared for and can’t get rid of due to pride, ignorance, and greed. At this rate, humans will end up killing each other directly or indirectly because they can’t even learn to unite. Everyone is too selfish and they think they know everything yet they’re too blind and triggered to see what’s right in front of them.

  109. And if someone is going to be a grammar natzi smartass, let me correct myself for you:
    “An airborne disease that we aren’t prepared for and can’t get rid of due to pride, ignorance, and greed.”

    And yes, I seriously sat and read each comment, so I’m up-to-date for those who get defensive and tell me to mind my own business. If you actually have the nerve to tell me to mind my own business, then you’re the most rude and the most ignorant person here because there’s a comment section for a reason. Opinions are valued here.

  110. Ok, so then don’t get the vaccine. If you get sick, you get sick

    At this point of the Pandemic the Darwinian effects are taking effect with unfortunate results (Look at India where over 1 million have died and more)

    But don’t take the vaccine and don’t wear a mask in Target. We are lucky to live in a nation that produces such science so quick.

  111. It’s not fake. It is overwhelming yes, and It’s truly a real issue. Hygiene is a big deal.
    Have animals? Pick your nose. Clean under your nails. Sniff your pits. Whipe your bare feet. Collect your tartar. Scrape your tongue and smell your breath.

    We poop and pee. We do and so does animals. Insects. And so on.

    Fermentation is a process. Just like fungus. As is new disease and especially I understand in this case where animals who like us can get sick can get each other sick.

    Covid killed so many people. People killed people by not understanding. By being dirty.

    And like a hamster caged it accumulates until you cannot avoid the smell or germs.

    Either the hamster dies first from some other related neglect or abuse or gets sick first then dies from respiratory.

    The US has pollution that’s high comparable to high pollution countries.

    We are either dumb. Scared. Or smart about it. And need to just be informed and not frustrated with everything from our phone bill or cell connection to the other little things that keeps us down. US citizens also are not responsible for the killing of Indians nowadays.

    Us citizens are immigrants. White and non white immigrants.

    We were not affiliated with their killings. Especially the people here, now. We are just like the lost people all around everywhere.

    We need help. We need attention. We need nothing less or more then others in good or bad states.

    Also we need to lighten up.

    Life and time is so precious.

    It’s difficult to get the point and value across but just one try at a time.

  112. Do you not moderate these comments? Bunch of science deniers.

  113. Given how ‘science’ had became so money driven one must look far deeper and wider then simply those who would benefit from any reaction.

    Now since this ‘new’ strain has become ‘known’ the simple fact that it occured during a global lockdown IS a very positive issue! This will allow many different and effective procedures to be employed without media driven histeria… oops too late!

    I throughly expect this to be used politically…:/

  114. Denise Powell | May 26, 2021 at 2:46 am | Reply

    To anti-trump: wow! May I suggest researching your message before you accuse someone of communism? Or quit watching CNN orMSNBC. Perhaps look at actual government documents and listen to the hearings at the capital. You’ve been indoctrinated.

  115. Stop it please wtf are you trying to keep people from living there life’s . Is you live in fear your life will pass your ass by lol 🤣

  116. B.O.H.I.C.A.!! What happens when a virus comes around with a 60 to 70 percent survival rate? The chicken little reaction to this COVID damn panic desensitizes everyone to it? Cried wolf maybe?

  117. The heaven recipe 2 cup’s of chocolate chips butter cream cheese frosting vanilla ice cream

  118. Kris Campbell | May 26, 2021 at 6:38 am | Reply

    God grace

  119. Just traveled through 3 states with little or no mask mandates. Breathed in germy air in restaurants, stores and crowded places. I may have been exposed to over a million people. Did I get covid. No. Why did I not get covid? Why in Cali things are ultra restrictive and they have worse or equal results of these other states. Its because it’s running its course. There is not much you can do to really stop it. Evidence matters. Observation is science. Why am I still alive? Because I got covid in January before it was a thing and my body naturally fought it off. That’s my hypothesis. I’d rather live free then be boarded up watching CNN and Anti Trump b.s. on the news all day. Get a life people. Worry about yours and I’ll worry about mine. Order grubhub for nasty cold food and get your stuff delivered if your worried so much but let everyone live their own life without all political b.s. and fake science.

  120. From reading these crazy comments that counter science, natural selection is at work here. Those who don’t protect themselves will eventually die off.

    • Good comment Jane. Also I believe that birth and death are parallel.The time we spent in the flesh,in our world is measured from good to bad.Moses taught us, Ten Commandments…So be good and help others so you will enjoy the after life with the souls you love. Or freewill gives you the freedom to be bad, not helping others that may become infected by you and die, and spend eternity in a very warm place with the people you hate….. Just saying……

  121. These comment sections are for everyone and anyone who would like to share a comment. It is not for people to be told to sit the f**k down and shut up just because you don’t agree with their thoughts or comments. So before you open your mouth and spit out a bunch of hateful words and make yourself look like an *ss, think before you talk.

  122. It makes me very sad and concerned that people are talking about politics and that some people have even wished illness on people who have opposite views. We can’t afford to politize infectious viruses out there. And if you want to be offended be offended that many african countries will be running out of vaccines with no immediate source of replenishment. Meanwhile western countries have enough to vaccinate everyone and are giving stuff away as incentive to get a vaccine. There are much greater problems in the world then Trump. He is gone we should be moving forward.

  123. Kim Alexander | May 26, 2021 at 12:58 pm | Reply

    BLAH BLAH BLAH, they are always going to come up with something

  124. All of these people who believe trump is still president and especially the Nazis I say we start hellterskelter 180 put them on box cars and send them to the FEMA camps because they are a threat to our national security.!that’s what those camps are for get rid of the poison to Democratic Republic

    • The irony of this guy calling them Nazi’s while in the same breath calling for concentration camps and genocide.

  125. More Plandemic,When the DemoCommies begin to loose ground, more strains, now deadly strains of bird flu! China won’t give up! Insurrection was orchestrated by Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the motley crew! Waters should be behind bars for inciting violence with terrorists BLM MARXISTS,ANTIFA, AOC,etc. Also the Cold blooded murderer of a defenseless Ashli Babbitt, unarmed holding on to the window opening of the door unarmed! It doesn’t fit their narrative! Never in HISTORY has there been an Insurrection without weapons! Escorted into the Capital Bldg by Capital Police! If you can’t get it you live in a fantasy world or brain dead! W
    Why won’t our DemoCommies face this, GUILTY, so they just throw more at us for control like the CCP that sadly our president is in bed with!

    • Divided state of America. Funny how a little tiny virus upends your pathetic lives. All of you running around like insects trying to topple each other. Bitchin and moaning about meaningless things. Wish U all would just shut up and put your guns in your sewer holes. Trump maggots god worms go pump some bleach in your veins. F.O.A.D

  126. Follow the money, masks are huge MONEY makers! Amore “Plandemic”, this was expected, china & our DemoCommies won’t stop until we are the United States of china! God help us & bless us!

  127. Reading the comments section is more dispiriting than the story itself. There’s so many people that want to act like problems don’t exist while acting superior to those that acknowledge the problems. Taking measures to prevent widespread transmission of viruses like this will prevent the need for masks and such in the future.

  128. Catherine maize | May 26, 2021 at 3:37 pm | Reply

    I will not listen to anything other of Satan’s lies all he wants is to do it makes us be afraid to be with others and not be around friends and family in the beginning we had to close our worship places they now lifted the mask mandates but still you can’t go in doctor’s or other things because they st have that law . don’t you think we should . Go Back to way we were and not be afraid to see each others faces smiling faces and quit fighting and finding ways to keep us locked in we are not animals we are human beings . Im A child of God i want to go worship with others and be with my friends and family my freedom back this is God’s country. we need to keep it that way 💯 thank you

  129. So your f#cking republican party and voters will murder few more million people if they win congress in midterms – fulfilling their goals. Explain how all these people are not vote certifies traitors if you can!

  130. What the hell is wrong with people? More people on the planet and bigger wealth and health gaps means more viruses. More travel helps too. Grow a brain!

  131. Don’t Believe | May 26, 2021 at 5:35 pm | Reply

    Democrat News will no longer be trusted.

    • Don't Believe Conspiracy theories, they're BS | May 28, 2021 at 10:33 am | Reply

      Is that why FOX News always has to release corrections for being wrong?

  132. Lmfao….reading all the comments from right wing morons is super entertaining. May u all catch any virus and die off already. Do the world a favor…its your patriotic duty

  133. When did intelligent research become the enemie? When did the rants of America’s stupid uneducated minority become become mainstream? Yes. Your rants of stupidity against those who dedicate their lives to save lives makes you a minority. Maybe we should stop. Maybe your not worth it. We live, you die. Problem solved.

  134. I wish people would just stop creating b*******. Your lack of courage and common sense is amazing. Keep it up! Maybe you’ll be able to scare people to the point where you can have complete control over their mind body and soul. You’re a sad person

    • Common sense is taking preventative measures on a microscopic virus. Having your form of courage is trying to shoot it with something when it becomes a problem.

  135. Really come on can’t we all just relax.

  136. Melissa Forbes | May 26, 2021 at 9:44 pm | Reply

    Is anyone focusing on poultry mites being carriers or vectors of avian influenza. It is well known poultry mites are vectors of many zoonotic diseases. Avian influenza is just one of many they carry. Poultry mites can survive off of human or poultry hosts.Why isn’t this being discussed? The lack of acknowledgment concerning the role of mites is of real concern.

  137. Hey,let’s look at the big picture everyone. This new virus could extend my unemployment.

  138. Okay let’s list some actual facts since yet again two extreme sides are being *ssh*les to one another first off covid 19 is 100% real the vacation and amount of extreme action about it’s isn’t for starters bill gates and a partner of his are making said vaccination second covid 19 even when real and indeed life threatening it’s not as common as everyone is making it out to be it’s actual rarity on getting the real thing is that of a plague and since you people are adding political sh*t were science should be Trump was better action president most real Republicans were how ever slot of them also were 0 tolerance democratic presidents were shady how the did sh*t but they were also more of the feeling based leaders focusing on keeping people calm and sane what actual president we need is a independent equalist someone who is good on action and feelings we get someone like that and we be respected world wide and not by fear also we need actual scientist making vaccination crap not Microsoft

  139. The vaccine was not created for the virus, the virus was created for the vaccine.

  140. You will never do this to us again.stop the nonsense !

    • Why are you reading stuff you don’t believe?
      Doesn’t that mean that you are doing “this” to yourself?
      Maybe you are the problem🤔

  141. Carol Anderson | May 27, 2021 at 5:10 am | Reply

    China is attempting to take over the US and any other country that will bow down to them and they are being very affective in their attempts especially with the current government.

  142. I seen my doctor yesterday(an older black woman)and the told me hell no
    she’s not getting no dam shot!!!

    • Enjoy your witch doctor | May 28, 2021 at 10:40 am | Reply

      Why does them being a black woman matter? Stupidity can take any shape or form like you or them.

  143. I’m so more disturbed that so many think the government, tech company CEOs, and/or scientist are in a global conspiracy to control the world🙄
    Seriously? Who has the time? Why do they trust each other but everyone else trust no one? 😂
    They obviously don’t have to do much except put a random lie on the internet along with a grainy video showing nothing.
    Germs exist. But no one knows how many or which are dangerous to humans unless they are studied.
    The real problem is Mental Illness! You know who you are! Please see a professional in mental health. I will pray for you. Of course, God has been killing people everywhere since the beginning of time. If he had just hired a president, a tech genius, and a scientist from the beginning then maybe we could have avoided this entire existence thing

  144. It won’t work. The only people you will scare with this are the science deniers already too scared to leave their house without 2 masks on.

    Normal rationality is finally making a comeback to the world. The crazies had their time. But their time is over

  145. austin labroad | May 27, 2021 at 6:54 am | Reply

    There is no proof along the fact that trump caused anything as the lines show that biden is slowly killing our country devaluing the dollar raising the unemployment rate and vastly causing pricing of fuel to reach a new high by memorial day

  146. Here comes more control. How sad of an existence the young and future generations will live under the new normal. Complying with everything and anything out of fear. With one word said, safety, and the whole world complies. No longer living but complying until the day we die.

  147. Just came for the comments. Funny how everyone seems to act a step above one another with their own personal beliefs. Is covid real? Imo sure, yet is it as deadly as they claimed? No. CDC AND WHO actually did and interview on Cbs,nbc and admitted they used all death totals for the year 2020 as covid deaths. They also stated the virus its self is 99.8% recoverable for healthy people with a good immune system . They claimed the vax was only 94- 97% probable that you may not catch the virus. They also made the statement that the covid test that were being givin across the usa gave false positive readings and that the actual numbers were grossly exaggerated. So if the numbers are wrong in their death tolls,and their numbers are extremely wrong in their positive count,then it seems to me ,someone has not been honest with the people. Go watch these interviews, its crazy. Oh! Plus they also admitted these mask are basically useless but it was mostly used as a measure of compliance for future references. I feel bad now for thinking these people were trying to help. I mean look at all the people whom lost their business and jobs. Why would they do this to people?

  148. Hopefully someone has other conspiracy theories. Mine are all coming true.

  149. We should look at ourselves… we want, we take, we destroy everything in our path!

  150. As a CDC employee in the testing and efficacy department of biological agents, I assure you that Covid is not a giant lie. Thank you.

  151. PREEMPTIVE strike to explain why people will die from the covid shot.the covid shot was NEVER tested against the flu or other viruses. This is how the main stream media will explain the deaths. They will say it’s from the flu but THEY’RE liars

  152. Fully Vaxxed | May 27, 2021 at 3:37 pm | Reply

    Excellent, all you maga anti-vax, anti mask, covid deniers please keep doing what you’re doing. That way when another pandemic comes a long it will clean the gene pool of you utter morons.

  153. Imagine believing this bullsh*t.

    It’s just a way to control you.
    God is the authority. Don’t listen to government.

  154. TheCentralPath | May 27, 2021 at 4:59 pm | Reply

    @Fully Vaxxed Why bother? It’s probably mostly Russian trolls, most maga fascists spend their time on their own hate media, they don’t usually bother visiting science news. Also, their cult leader and his trophy third wife both got vaccinated before leaving the WH in January. Top GOP lawmakers who downplayed the vaccine were among the first to get vaccinated. Magas are just dumb. They will fall for anything so long as you know how to control them.

    More importantly, Trumpists should not have access to hospitals since they oppose science and medicine and of course the doctors who in their overwhelming majority are not Republicans (being people of science).

  155. Robert Norman Roberson | May 27, 2021 at 5:19 pm | Reply

    It is amazing how those who hate others for not believing the “science” will keep them well are wishing death on them for not believing. If it was not just a control issue wouldn’t they sit idle and let the virus kill people? The insults and shaming prove your real agenda.

  156. I’d rather not take 500 vaccines. After this Pfizer I’m done. I’ll just work on my immune system

  157. Democrats. Republicans. Global Warming. Bacon flavored water. Pandemics. Whatever negative thing you can think of, it all can be traced back to a single source. Overpopulation. Virus or no virus it doesn’t matter. We humans are the real virus. Also I don’t mind the masks I don’t need everyone knowing who I am all the t Dr Dr Dr Dee to to. You feel me?

  158. Wow the comments…just wow. Imagine if you were like a 12 year old kid reading these comments. What would you take away from it? I’m with Never. Too many people on the planet.
    I feel you Never.

  159. You idiots make me laugh. So sad to be American with fools like you all denying COVID-19. Here’s my thought on the matter.
    Opinions are like @ssholes,
    everyone has one and most stink!

    Chew on that fools.

  160. Sweden has had over 1.4 million cases and 14000 deaths.. What exactly did they get right ?

  161. You are now on Bill Gates hit list. He jettisoned Melinda. That is the final stage of the eugenic plan. Now that everyone is injected with poison, the 5G begins emitting disinformation that triggers the global warming alarm embedded in your cells. As you diss your burgers and eat synthetic beef, you were turned into a cow, will soon be grazing on wheatgrass and liking it as you marry a tree hugger of some sex not yet defined in the literature. Udderly ridiculous? Not at all. The aliens were not all culled, some escaped the lab. They will now get even. Muahahah!

  162. Reading the comments from the IDIOTS that refuse the simplest of decency to protect others RIGHT TO LIFE they PRETEND is their greatest goal only reenforces the need to continue wearing masks.
    WWII people gave up sugar, gas, coffee, meat…for the effort.
    Polio took lives and crippled, the vaccine was discovered and distributed to millions in a month—no one pretended it was fake and polio is nearly irradicated — by SCIENCE.
    Jesus hung on the cross—you can’t wear a f**king mask!
    THAT is why people still wear masks. Self protection from IDIOTS!

  163. Imagine a highly contagious pathogen with a mortality rate of 30% or more! There would be a complete military controlled martial law scenario in most countries worldwide. The local disruptions and panic buying we saw with COVID would pale in comparison when bodies actually started piling up in the streets! Hope that never happens! Poltical differences would evolve into open warfare! God help us!

  164. Trump out of office the crisis is still here and people still think it’s Trump you’re crazy just remember you guys voted the man contradicting

  165. Elizabeth Harless | May 28, 2021 at 10:12 am | Reply

    Why are these people blaming Democrats for a world wide pandemic? Other countries were shut down before February. We had a heads up, refused to acknowledge reality. Trump admitted he down played it. Which is it anyway, started in a lab, or non-existent? I’m fine if you choose to not get vaccinated, we will miss you!

  166. Anyone ever stop to think that extreem prevention measures every one thinks it’s fake because you don’t see the catastrophe. It’s the only way to stop something like this if you see the viruses every we’re then decide to strike it’s all ready to late u never see the results of prevention because the crisses was avoided

  167. Oh yay another one..

    And, can those commentors simply being ridiculous with comments relating viruses to political parties and denying reality please join a group and keep your crap off adult comment sections. This article has nothing to do with your politics and you’re just as welcome to catch any virus and die from it as you are to learn from educational resources on how to protect yourselves! No one is stopping you from or making you do – you’re simply being informed and free to do with the information what u will!

  168. Actually its quite simple. Some would say God created the Virus. I say only Death is real. The world is horribly overpopulated. There needs to be a fire to clean out the forest.

  169. Kandi L Strange | May 28, 2021 at 12:07 pm | Reply

    Where am I one of the other cuz I don’t believe in all this is going on I don’t believe in the government 1 minute you’re saying oh well you get unemployment until September and then it gets cut off in June I’m a diabetic but I don’t believe in all these vaccines and like girls that are getting the vaccine now what happens when they go to get pregnant is they’re going to be vertices or this is just a cocktail today whipped up within less than a year I don’t trust it so me and my husband are not getting back to needing my husband is our patient we’re not getting vaccinated nor will we

  170. Norman Wagoner | May 28, 2021 at 3:10 pm | Reply

    Hey! Anti Trump Guy. What about the many cities that couldn’t function for months cuz of you idiotic Libs burning and looting and pretending to be protesting, when they didn’t even know what they were protesting about! On Jan 6th they got inside and didn’t even destroy anything.Just few window panes. You’re WRONG.

  171. Leave the WHO. Fire and prosecute Fauci. Shut down all immigration for 1 year. CCP owns Hunter Biden and Prez Joe.

  172. Covid 19 is real. Hospital chaplain…held up iPhone for spouses while they cried and watched their partners die. You need to tone down your hatred folks still claiming unreal…wow…ugly

  173. So was this another one from gain of function testing on birds just like for CCP’s Wuhan virus that killed 3.3 million HUMANS.

  174. Geez guys.. can’t you see that they keep us distracted, by BS partisan name calling, viruses, and yes, even politics, so they can be free to pick our pockets.
    Our governments own the media.
    We’re fed tripe as news, and argue amongst our selves about the soap opera they present. What they are doing is preventing us from acting as a group..if we all took
    unified action with the aim of getting our seats of power freed from the madmen that are sitting in them. ( Think American Revolution, think French Revolution) if we as a people could convince our sons, daughters, and brothers in the military to join the fight, revolution, movement, etc.
    We would stand a real chance of winning something here.. that’s what scares them.. us talking to each other, us united.
    Everything else, everything, are just worthless words said by and for sheep..

  175. Kevin S Weiss | May 29, 2021 at 3:04 am | Reply

    The Trumpers here are so idiotic it staggers the mind.

  176. uh oh , the corona hysteria fed money machine is winding down, let’s concoct the next next hysteria and keep that government gravy train running

  177. Fear will make people follow.But perfect love cast out all fear. Only through Christ can you obtain this love, that takes away the fear. Don’t give up folks. That’s what they want you to do. Stimulus checks are meant to make you trust in Government. If you do that, your life will never be the same.God bless everyone.

  178. Well, Influenza, Ebola, and Novel coronavirus were among the number of viruses they were experimenting on with gain of function. Fauci and Federal Government have been working on this for many years. Interestingly they also seem to coincide with outbreaks, pandemics, and epidemics. They do this in labs across the world. Just like in recent times but also other years as well. Places like Africa, China, even the United States. Take H5N1 which was a Chinese version of Bird flu, NIH, Fauci funded gain of function research then as well this was around 2013/2014. As long as this kind of research keeps going on you likely will see more of them pop up some maybe even more out of control

  179. Let me tell you something Trump Tards and Conspiracy Theorist… The Covid-19 is a REAL VIRUS… I had it and I thought I was going die for that long week of have it…Try having the influenza and multiple the symptoms times 2…And then having side effects for another 3 months until they go away with medicines…Oh then still having long term effects like NO smell and NO taste…Talk too me about this VIRUS being a political agenda or some other ridiculous conspiracy by you but jobs out there… I think we should inject all the people covid-19 that don’t believe in it and hopefully that will get rid of all idiots that we have to live with it on a daily basis in our country….Then that’s the start of the USA coming back from the Socialist Country we are today…Let me know how you feel after Covid-19 if you don’t die from yet…

  180. By the negative comments, seems it’s endgame for humanity by choice. Every comfort you have comes from science, yet a bit of sacrifice, masks, cleanliness, change of routine, makes you hateful. There’re simply too many humans on the planet and everyone wants TVs and iPhones, but damn Gates? So guess who the virus chooses for byebye? Your choice. That’s freedom.

  181. Catherine Jones | May 29, 2021 at 8:20 am | Reply

    We are done with your fear mongering!!!!

  182. Wouldn’t you all be surprised if it was ALL because of our own doing…?
    I know many of you don’t believe in science, but you have all the faith in the world in a deity who obviously is no longer upon the earth.
    Personally I believe that due to humankind’s relentless taxing of the planet and it’s resources, we have finally reached the point of no return. In the search for corporate profits, and first world convenience, Earthlings have finally raised the temperature of the planet and the oceans enough to melt the ice caps(which have never melted in any human history). As WE continue to fearlessly melt them two things will occur… First all the bacteria, micro organisms and ancient diseases frozen since the beginning of time will be free to roam the oceans and shorelines of the world.
    And second, it will kill the ocean once the freshwater mixes with the saltwater and changes the temperature and PH balance. Once the oceans begin to die, and the natural food chain is broken, much of Earth’s life forms will die off entirely, probably including Humans.
    This is why Jeff Bazos and Elon Musk are desperately trying to get their space programs up and running as fast as possible on taxpayer money. And once corporate America can safely escape their mess “the meek shall inherit the earth.”

  183. That’s all you do is announce some problem people should be scared of. Keep crying wolf over and over. Go away!

  184. Anyone who thinks covid is a government hoax doesn’t understand how incompetent the government is. It would be impossible to coordinate something on this scale worldwide.

  185. As far as I can tell you are all dumb*sses for trusting politics in the first place. Left or right democrats or republicans, you have all become slaves to some man made bullsh*t that holds absolutely no value when you’re dead. Have a nice day!

  186. My goodness! There is a lot of mean, stupid ignorant people out there, according to these comments. Honestly, I hope the viruses win, and takes out the entire human race. Then, nature can start over again. And do it right this time.

  187. very sad to see the comments and lack of basic science knowledge on this string. If you do not understand the basics of viruses or the global deaths due to HIV, Sars or Ebola what WIll you understand??.

  188. Tried to destroy the country. Jan 6th? Are you a complete idiot?

  189. I spent my entire life being isolated and with simp nation going around I don’t care if there is a virus I just want to sit there and watch the world fall due to the fact that there are things I can’t have like a girlfriend be thanksful guys.

  190. LOL. And the world still demands their meat despite the warning signs. Got to love a species that wants to commit slow suicide.

  191. Anticommunist | May 29, 2021 at 5:43 pm | Reply

    Why are we listening to china? I mean, at all?

  192. The covid-19 is a real plague. I have 3 family members that have it and neither of them smoke or drink. They are in their late 40 and early 50. Please be cautious they are both in a hospital on ventilators. They each tried to get through at their homes,but got worse. My step dad passed December 19th due to cancer and covid-19. May God keep you healthy and safe.

  193. KGB informant | May 29, 2021 at 6:42 pm | Reply

    Lol the mass amount of stupidity that is said by people claiming everything is a fear tactic or a lie. You must have the most paranoid existence if everyone is out to get you. The problem begins and ends with the lies people sold you and you believed everyone of them. Now you swear it’s everyone else that is lying to keep you in check. That is the funniest sh*t I have ever heard. Go learn something about actual science and reality. Guaranteed you will see how dumb you actually are swearing by Trump and his agenda to keep your idiot *ss in his pocket.

  194. Eric Thompson | May 29, 2021 at 8:27 pm | Reply

    Think! It ain’t illegal yet!
    Will WE wake up in time? But don’t worry, The Red,Black and Green Machine is Back to clean up the

  195. It will be a cold day in hell when the people of the world are frightened by a media-frenzied, deadly, man-made flu.

  196. Right is right left is wrong | May 30, 2021 at 1:19 am | Reply

    The ignorant and intolerable left plus a few Antifa members in this thread are the problem Name one thing the left does to truly care about Americans and don’t stimulus checks Inflation checks . The Brainwashed left will never wake up to actually see what’s going on. You want to see the futurevgo to World Economic Forum and check out there plan for the future. Not conspiracies stating articles that show the plans of the future. Racism is created by the left and media.

  197. Pretty good summary of a AAAS article, however it’s apparent that the comments need to be moderated.

  198. Walking these dirty streets
    With hate in my mind
    Feeling the scorn of the world
    I won’t follow your rules
    Blame and lies, contradictions arise
    Blame and lies, contradictions arise
    Nonconformity in my inner self
    Only I guide my inner self
    I won’t change may way
    It has to be this way
    I live my life for my self
    Forget your filthy ways
    Blame and lies, contradictions arise
    Blame and lies, contradictions arise
    Nobody will change my way
    Life betrays, but I keep going
    There’s no light, but there’s hope
    Crushing oppression, I win
    Betraying and playing dirty, you think
    You’ll win
    But someday you’ll fall, and I’ll be
    Laughs of an insane man, you’ll hear
    Personality is my weapon against your
    Walking these dirty streets
    With hate in my mind
    Feeling the scorn of the world
    I won’t follow your rules
    Nonconformity in my inner self
    Only I guide my inner self

  199. More of the same bs. Now that the novelty ov convid is waning, the powers that shouldn’t be need something to keep.the fear and tyranny going. Not to mention a bird flu scare is another perfect way to attack an control our food supply. Anyone who falls for this crap is contributing to our demise.

  200. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”
    Please people. Collective consciousness and Thought is more powerful than we can ever imagine. Please Please try to change the way you think and feel to something other than hate and fear. Or we will never make it. no matter how strong ones belief is we are all one in the same and its our differences that makes us special. Lets view then as such.
    Look. Fact is that Nature exists in finding balance and order of things. (Period)
    Trust me if we humans continue disrupting the order of things and our minds at frequencies outweighing its own it will find a way to heal no matter what the cost. (Get what im saying?)
    Lets nit make it harder on ourselves than we all ready have.

  201. Human “Nature” or otherwise.

  202. Viruses dont know color of skin. I feel like this was done on purpose by Trump! He wanted to build that wall..he was denied! They had a scientist in China whip something up and when he got online and tried to warn us American’s and tell all of us American’s the truth he was murdered. Then trump said in 1 of his clown speeches..i told shuda had let me build my wall to keep “then” out of America. He had to turn the focus off of him the president of the united states doing and saying racist sh*t. He dished out some cash and thought he wud just buy the ppls vote. Honestly i dont like white ppl..only because there disrespectful.judgemental and lack knowledge are just to blind and ignorant to admit there wrongs. (Not all whites) But i deal with them and i didnt transfer my ignorance dwn to my children. This word is going to sh*t!! If we dont ALL come together..these old high ballers building condos on Mars will plant something and tell us American ppl f**k us while they take there loved ones with them and we wont see our children grow healthy and we will be living like the crazies. Adapt are die? Ill adapt and keep wearing my mask. Survival of the fittest!!? Im stocked up waiting for the next round! I dont care if you black white orange purple are green. The great debate judgement and name calling will help NONE of us when this next round come thru and they say they’re not giving no more money and the meat is tainted and the fish aint real cause hard core fishermen are killing the oceans and seas and tryna pass dolphins as tuna. We Americans of all colors need to sharing helpful hints suggestions and thought on the media f!k who did said what..the questions in the near future is gonna be how we can help each other live another week. Trust! The big rich and powerful kkk are not taking none of yaw cheerleading followers with them and Trust Obama nor no powerful black man are women is going to give us black ppl a heads up on sh*t! Theres alot going on in this corrupt world. Stop focusing on 1 thing like they want us to..take a step back an look at the whole picture so WE ALL CAN MO E FORWARD!! OH AND MY GOD..MOST HIGH WILL GUIDE ME AN MY BABY THROUGH THIS! And when you run out of bullet’s then what?

  203. @theantitrump if you honestly believe that then I’m sorry buddy but your homeless welfare obama phone havin *ss doesn’t understand consequences to actions or how america has been working for the last couple years that simply was one of the dumbest statements I’ve ever heard made and it makes sense ppl like you like to blame others for their problems and never fix themselves because why fix yourself when a hardworking tax paying american can pay for you to live whilst you complain about how life isnt fair your a child grow the f**k up and stop blaming other people because you heard yg and g easy say “f**k donald trump” and because your f**kin socialistic teachers raised you more then your own parents how about you form your own opinions based on knowledge not get spoon fed what other people think is right its a sad joke that people like you get to make statements like that because i promise you have no backing for this and if we were to really argue about this you would end up looking like a idiot and then getting mad because thats the typical “imma liberal i can’t have my FeeLinGs hUrT BeCauSe ThaTS NoT FaIr” move so go do some goddamn research and come back with a fact not “f**k those trumpthumpers your the problem” and at the end of the day even if he is just a unforgivable piece of sh*t………….. atleast he knows how to use stairs…

  204. these comments are F-ing Golden! I wish there was a god and the world were just, then only F-wit Trumptards would die of covid.

  205. I’m not very popular by taking the middle ground but here it goes. We do need to be aware but there is no need to panic because we cannot control the spread. We cannot control other countries! We do need to start taking the potential for global pandemics seriously and making plans. The world is so sorely prepared for a real crisis. Perhaps this is a blessing that this wasn’t Ebola or something more deadly. We can use this experience to help with preparedness. It is silly when people make a huge deal about wearing a mask because it’s not a big deal but we also can’t run around forcing people to get vaccinated with a new vaccine that has NO long term studies showing it’s long term safety. This needs to be a personal choice. Let’s worry more about getting these developing countries vaccines quickly so we can reduce varriants! On a final note I am so tired of the baby names and tantrums with politics. Anyone delusional enough to think Donald Trump or Joe Biden has the ability to control a WORLD WIDE pandemic is in denial. No matter what the US does we cannot stop a Pandemic without closing our borders and thus starving to death because we are so dependent on globilization and imports. Where do you think your food and fuel comes from? All we can do is prepare AND you don’t need the governmemt to do this you can do it yourself!

  206. Saynototheright | May 30, 2021 at 1:46 pm | Reply

    The right wing has destroyed the USA. Thank goodness they are diminishing, decaying and rotting away to Hell where they belong.
    We need a Social Democracy to survive, prosper and thrive !

  207. Silver Savior | May 30, 2021 at 2:45 pm | Reply

    Just the flu bro (again) Just live life normally and shut the scammers down.

  208. I would really love for the people that think the covid virus is a fake hoax to visit every single door of every single family that lost one to 12 family members over cover in less than 12 months let’s see what’s it now 600,000 people what an incredibly dishonor to the people that died and you’re saying it’s a hoax you’re nothing but morons and retrumplicans likely it was somebody like you that got one of those people sick that then died you guys make me sick and you’re unbelievable

  209. CoRona scare 2.0

  210. Yay, the newest flavor of fearmongering politicians will be using to abuse our rights is being officially debuted right here on scitechdaily.

  211. All are wrong in the end, no one knows our existence, better than
    OUR CREATOR, my friends…

    All we can do, is pray till we die, hope for the best, and live smart, whilst we still can.

  212. One Nation, under God,
    Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all-

  213. Is population control brought to by the democrats!

    • I bet you also believe you can go online and hack voting machines that aren’t connected to the internet.

  214. For those of you disputing the COVID is real, we almost lost my 56 year old Son that waited 2 -1/2 weeks to seek medical help.
    I drove him to facility where he was diagnosed & his oxygen level was 59%.
    4 days in hospital with Great Essentials that did all they could to save him.
    Believe this 80 year old, this is not a fake disease; it’s real & disbelievers will realize the severity when one of your loved ones gets it! God answered our Prayers, as usual.

  215. Sick and tired | May 30, 2021 at 10:50 pm | Reply

    United we stand, Divided we fall. Think about that for a minute, and then go back to the miserable life that isn’t going to get any better. God Bless you all. Yes I said God

  216. Vaccinated Marsupial | May 31, 2021 at 5:30 am | Reply

    Vaccines save lives!! Everything isn’t a damn conspiracy!!!

  217. Wow you sheep are being slaughtered with willful ignorance | May 31, 2021 at 8:03 am | Reply

    Yall need Jesus. Left and right alike. When the pit opens, none of this will have mattered. Get right (with the Lord) or get left

  218. Trust in no one but Jesus, he will bring you peace about this and so much more. He loves you so much he died for you and then rose again to be with you when you pass on from this life to the next. No other god has ever done that for their people and they never will, because Christ is the only one who could ever love you, he created you.

  219. Patience, everyone. The germs have until November 2022 to kill off enough morons to return this country, and planet, back to sanity.

  220. Any effort at public health is Communism in disguise. Real Americans don’t do what any government tells them to do. Seatbelts, hardhats, speed limits, airport security scanners – all takin away your freedom. The weak and dumb are allowed to live and breed. Q!

  221. Obviously A Person Who Thinks For Themselves | May 31, 2021 at 2:07 pm | Reply

    You people are probably the most stupiest of all mammals. Let me ask a question, anyone have house pets (cats or dogs) and have you ever gotten sick from them. Such as the flu or even a runny nose? If you just answered yes, then I’d like you to go jump off the nearest bridge, because we have enough stupid people already. Now that said the Democrates did not destroy this county. It was the lies and empty promises told by former President Trump and the stupidity of those with no common sense to see through the lies that destroyed this country. START THINKING FOR YOURSELF AND STOP BEING TOLD WHAT TO THINK. WAKE UP AND STOP LIVING IN A FALSE REALITY.

  222. Bird lives matter

  223. J Y SHUT UP!!

  224. DividedWeStandUnitedWeBeg | May 31, 2021 at 2:57 pm | Reply

    A.I.V~~Accquired Immuno Virus, it’s a variation of HIV that’s not from an STD. Meaning something that could potentially morph into AIDS. Read. They’re telling you the truth.

  225. the 1st thing people do in situations like this is to find someone to put the blame on. for whatever reasons it would be intelligent and responsible to take a portion of the facts seriously. would you be prepared if this did become the real thing? I hope it doesn’t but I’m going to be listening for more information. please use your heart and minds!

  226. Milan Nikolic | May 31, 2021 at 3:58 pm | Reply

    hahaha..more lab work and more money for rich farmakomafia!

  227. I can hardly believe that people are so brain dead that they can’t see through the Democratic Parties BS .Can you not think for yourselves?

  228. Just want to take over our free food supply. Poultry can be a fairly inexpensive meal and now they want control over it too. Wake up folks, they own everything and totally control us.

  229. It’s not just fear, but irrational fear that is the problem. All the anti-covid crowd here is peeing their pants. Fed misinformation by trump and company.

  230. The demorats have done nothing but destroy the USA! Execute pedo-joe and the ho

  231. This is easy. Google h5n8 and go to Wikipedia and look at the timeline for h5n8.

  232. For those talking about letting a virus run rampant until herd immunity is reached need to understand several things. One, even though the mortality rate of the COVID-19 is very low, it still means millions of people dead. Second, every single time a virus enters a new unvaccinated host, there is a potential of a mutation that can increase the mortality rate, all the way to 100%, whether vaccinated or not.

  233. You folks who doubt the veracity of the news from the medical people will be in real trouble when Ebola or an equally horrific disease gets out of control as it inevitably will. The process of natural selection will push through all the social engineering and the dumbing down of the peoples of the world and all the seat belts, masks, crosswalks,airbags guns and political correctness won’t save a one of us. So don’t wear a mask, believe an orange moron, maybe worship a golden idol, but this planet’s civilization has been hammered many times over the millenia and we may get to see it happen again. Prepare for the worst, stay safe, keep smilin’

  234. Paul B Loken | June 1, 2021 at 1:37 pm | Reply

    The Who determined covid came from lab experiments in china. When conflict does happen take out their communist leaders. Chinese medicine in the past helped humidity. I feel for the people of china but their military goals r to wipe out the American people. So sad

  235. Think for yourself | June 1, 2021 at 1:43 pm | Reply

    This is scientific info meant to inform the public. Pathogens don’t care about politics, viruses are literally not even a living organism. Their evolution is almost purely advantageous accidental mutations, while they make copies.
    The fact that people use political parties to discuss anything scientific is concerning.
    Scientists are informing the public in laymen’s terms. Listen to what they say. Don’t use your political agenda to deal with it. Masks should be worn as there are more diseases.
    What happens when deer overpopulate an area? There are more diseases, less resources for the animal.
    That’s an example of the Normal and Natural process that is occuring in humans.

  236. Ignorance is no defense.
    If you take the jab you will suffer the consequences, but it’s your choice. Many will not wake up to the truth. They just get mad….sad

  237. Norbert Edmund Onaitis | June 1, 2021 at 2:46 pm | Reply

    I just noticed a comment by a Socialist who,as usual, couldn’t refute an argument and so resorted to insults rather than facts…a common ploy. Why was it necessary for Obama to secretly bankroll the PRC’s Wuhan Bio-Warfare labs in developing and distributing the Covid-19 virus. Now we have Biden Inc’s CEO, C. Harris taking credit for developing and distributing the Covid vaccine (the development and distribution of which Biden Inc inherited from President Trump.) Interestingly enough, Biden Inc’s CEO promised to have 50% of the US population vaccinated within 3 months, yet 6 months into Biden Inc’s Reign, they have only vaccinated 30% of the population. It’s estimated that it will take another year to vaccinate 80% of the US population. President Harris has no answers for this, nor does Hunter Biden, Joseph Biden’s primary keeper. One wonders what President Harris will do in a few months when 30% of US families will be facing eviction. One also wonders what Harris’ solution will be when the US real estate bubble bursts, taking the US banking system into ruin.

  238. Politicizing everything is never a solution that works for everyone. Instead of arguing the various angles of these events what can we do collectively to safeguard humanity??

  239. Does anyone actually have a brain capable of independent, higher thought anymore? How do the masses accept being force fed such lies? Is everyone really so afraid they chose to be manipulated with continual charades driven by insidious agendas all the while being robbed of everything they have worked for and every last bit of their common sense. Greed, depravity, destruction, ignorance and the insatiable need to have more and more are the real virus we need to be worried about.

  240. Joann Soland | June 1, 2021 at 5:29 pm | Reply

    Again I think maybe we need to close down all the labs in China blow them up if it’s if they won’t let us come in and close them. Why is it all pandemics come from China

  241. Dennis Gable | June 1, 2021 at 6:13 pm | Reply

    Trump got the shot s back in February then tried to sell it to the American people to pay to steal the election

  242. Oh look! This is me, not caring! I am over it!!!

  243. I’m tired. Think I’ll go to bed and let the rest of you arm wrestle till we have a winner.
    I’m a Trump fan myself but damn. All this shiiti is getting old.

  244. Its like the Purge taking out the old werk and the poor.just think about it just a little bit. Me i will go to my Hive bury up like s tic and be away from evrryone but immediate family lock and load put on chemical warfare gear been preparing since my 8 yrs of service was over.and try to live as long as i can.rather die knowing i tried my best than die knowing i didnt do says you can prolong your days or shorten them.i know what it was referring to but it refers to this as well To Me.i love me weapons i love my family God and my country.

  245. Tell the almost 600,000 people who have died from covid that it’s all conspiracy and see if they’re happy with that. Ask them in the afterlife if they had a vaccine and could still be here with their families but they have made that choice. Each year about 39,000 people die of the flu with or without the vaccine. Vaccination is not 100% effective it never has been but it makes it primarily effective and if you do catch the illness it’s a lot weaker not likely to cause you to die. Anyone stupid enough to think this is all conspiracy it’s just ignorant. Get vaccinated it is the most patriotic thing you can do for your country to protect your, your family, your friends and the rest of the innocent people you come across carrying a deadly virus. Trump lied every time he opened his mouth his known and verifiable lies are in the thousands range all he cares about is himself, and power, he is the very auntie thesis of democracy and concern for fellow man. Trump people need to get an education and grow up. I saw a t-shirt the other day, it hit the spot, it read, quotation marks one out of every three Trump supporters is a stupid as the other two. Bingo!

  246. Yup They won’t stop these people with their lies to Scare The public Don’t Get the V****** people why do u think their pushing it so hard on the public, now kids think about it ?

  247. Random person | June 2, 2021 at 6:19 am | Reply

    Yay another fake pandemic. I hope so cause i don’t feel paying my rent or doing community service come on another pandemic would be great. Free money too. Heck yeah

  248. Joe bidens 7 year old boy that rubs his leg hair | June 2, 2021 at 6:51 am | Reply

    They already queuing up another plandemic. And look at all this scum bag libtards all excited so they can virtue signal and feel important about something. Hey liberal snakes. Actually help other people. Volunteer somewhere, donate. Dont just act like you are a decent person you fake trash bags, and get over trump already. Hes not even in office anymore.

  249. Biden kissing underage girls on the lips | June 2, 2021 at 7:45 am | Reply

    Lol another plandemic, here we go. I’m gna wear 10 masks, get 12 vaccines and out virtue signal you all

  250. After reading the comments section BRIEFLY it strengthens my resolve that humans as a mass are the ONLY problem this planet has. People sicken and disgust me. Why ? Everyone has an answer and 99.99% are all wrong ! You all still don’t get it…I did not have a clue that so many could be so foolish. Let’s just lay down some agreeable legit facts please and start from the. No matter color, creed, religion or which side of the isle you sit on please open your eyes and see the strings being pulled that make you dummies spew your BS!! Can we agree that everyone on this planet that walks upright, forms words/sentences and has the ability to solve complex problems is what we refer to as homosapiens ? Can we just agree on that ? Now, can we also agree that 99.999% of the global population is not in the “Elite” class of society ? That means you too Mr. Professor, Mr. Scientist, Mr. Doctor, Surgeon, Military officer etc.etc.. Can we agree on this ? Yes ?? Now, can we also agree that the Elite 1% of global population control virtually everything ?? Yes? I mean, this is documented fact ! They are not who you think. If you think you know the names you are already wrong as those are lackeys. Yes, people like the Rothschild’s are a part of it but they are at the front lines. The people that really control things are unknown to all but the highest echelon of the elite class of global society. The agenda of these people can not and does not coexist with society’s basic agenda of survival. An example… Without researching can anyone tell me who the head of the powerful Genovese crime family is ? I would venture the answer is no. The elite I refer to could crush them with a word. Presidents don’t know these people, their names have never been spoken in public. They pull all of the strings and here we are at the bottom of the pond, feeding in the mud and turning on each other just as predicted. This isn’t rocket science..Misinformation is a tool that turns mankind into a tool that they wield with ease. Those “Elite” will never read this article or comments on this thread. They don’t care ! They do not concern themselves with us feral beings. We are only cannon fodder and if you think not I do truly feel sorry for you and your lack of intelligent insight. We are ALL just trying to navigate life through an endless abyss of lies, deception, and evil that most humans refuse to comprehend, much less acknowledge. We need to STOP they petty arguing about bs politics, Presidents, right, wrong, black, white and a myriad of other who struck John bs!! IT IS BY DESIGN !! Open your eyes to what is really going on. Everyone on this thread is playing the game they intended you to play. Yes, society is doing so swimmingly well at fulling masters wishes. We are all standing in line waiting to walk of the edge of the cliff one right after the other. The black guy wants to push the white guy off first, the republican wants to push the liberal off first, so on and so on..thing is, that death is at the bottom of the cliff. No matter who goes in first we are all walking off the edge willing or by force so that in the end all the other bs DOES NOT MATTER !! Until a group of society stops and goes no further, turns around and actually looks for a reason as to why we blindly jump to our demise people will continue to look straight ahead and walk off that cliff to their death wearing a smile. Your pride, self adoration,greed,vanity,gluttony and misplaced ideology of superiority will be the demise of the human race as we know it. Genetically adulterated vaccines and viruses will morph the coded genetics of DNA in homosapiens. On the current course or should I say “plan of action” as described by the UN, earth dwelling humans as we know ourselves to be could essentially be extincted in as little as 4 generations via DNA manipulation. We could potentially become a sub species… I’m fond of homodumbassis … Think people, quit the bickering, hate and self righteous loathing. Stop letting the puppet master control mind, body and most of all Mouth !! Understand that articles such as these may not be what they appear to be on the surface. Many things such as this article are messages that only an very chosen few will know how to read. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I live in the now…this very moment. Most have no clue what that statement even implies, I am sure you think you do…you dont. I’m not a Democrat or Republican. My skin has white pigment but not a color. If I had to choose I would say I’m conservative only due to my complete disdain for “authority”. The Universal laws of nature and basic knowledge of good or evil point my compass. I’m not arguing nor am I asking anyone to believe one word I have written. I’m asking you to really think… Think things through and when you hit a brick wall jackhammer it away to expose truth and propose. If you have a narrow mind or bigoted mind, please just carry on foolish one as you can not be helped. The hate and animosity are misdirected and the reasoning for it is grossly misplaced. One other statement… To the individual that says that no such thing as herd immunity has ever existed…please don’t breed. The fact that the term herd immunity is in virtually every medical science book is proof enough. Just to prove the point please give me the name of the vaccine for the bubonic plague or Spanish flu just to name 2 that society as a whole overcame. FYI both were thousands of times deadlier than covid 19. For those that haven’t yet… Do not get the new vaccines. If you are you now and vaccinated and have a child, your childs child or the next generation may very well not have the same genetic receptors, enzymes and proteins in their DNA as we all do right now. Don’t believe me… I don’t care if you do. I have warned as many as I could here and will not publicly speak of any of this again. Good luck fellow man… The Universe, not man, holds the answers to all of your questions.

  251. Barbara Guster | June 2, 2021 at 9:18 am | Reply

    So the Spanish flu that killed my uncle and the black plague were also fake? I think my grandmother would have disagreed and she was Republican. Keep thinking it’s fake sounds like we need to thin the herd of idiots like y’all. It’s not a battle for politics it’s a battle for life itself. Why do you even read science articles if you don’t believe in science. SMDH

  252. Well it would seem the conspiracy theorists are having a field day with this information. Let them stay dumb as 💩. If they get it. They spread it. That’s why close to a million people died of Covid in the US. The numbers are being revised. So they can take their lies and misinformation and shove it.

  253. This is outrageous. First this new virus pops up, we get a vaccine, and now this. We already don’t know anything about this stupid vaccine and now THIS?! I don’t understand how they make this new vaccine in a matter of minutes, but still can’t figure out how to contain a virus?

  254. I had covid-19 for coughing up handfuls of yellow pus for 4 days and hardly breathing it is real!!!

  255. Please. Over a million people died from covid. If you want to play games with your own families and theirs it makes you the problem.

  256. Take it for what it is. This isn’t about Covid, you right-wing screw jobs. But, it’s also not a huge deal. We have been dealing with avian flu variants for over a hundred years. And when it has made the species jump to humans it has mutated into a much lower mortality strain. It’s not fake news. It’s not a conspiracy. I will say tho, any new news on disease is being capitalized on by ‘news’ agencies. Try not to be such a caricature… Anybody who thinks the clintons are murderers and drink blood are as uninformed and ignorant as those who think Trump is the worst most corrupt president in our history and his supporters are the basis for the popularity of incest porn…

    • Right wing nut jobs? Who are the ones still wearing masks after they’ve been vaccinated? The left are the ones pulling the strings here, not the right. The right are about our right to be free from this propaganda and from China. The left are the ones that have been paying China, not the right. Get facts straight before commenting.

  257. Wow these blogs create alot of hate or entertainment for those who get a laugh reading how immature people really are.
    Lets be clear the Hierarchys in the mega media and government are the ones spreading the fear with hate. Along with the so called winged BLOGGERS spreading their partys agenda. Bird/Bat viruses are nothing NEW dont be naive. Covid19 was an accident waiting to happen in a lab and blamed on a exotic market until the Chinese government couldn’t keep it a secret. Call it what you will, business, chemical warfare or conspiracy.
    The Media has also become the ACTIVISTS spreading what they want you to believe and turning people against each other.
    Blinded by all this we continue to rip each other apart on blogs the laziest forum of speech (cause theres no physical voices) which is what the government’s zero in on to feed their agendas. God forbid we stick together as neighbors respect one another, stand up for each other and block out the noise.

  258. Why are we now fear mongering every little new pathogen? Is the New World Order coming to town by the chinese to control us all to every little sickness?? Seriously? Come on, this is ridiculous. And how are we to trust anything they say now after finding out that COVID was NOT in the wet market it was MAN MADE AND RELEASED BY THEM. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

  259. Does anything good ever come out of that part of the world?

  260. God told eve not to eat the apple off the tree of knowledge now look where we are now We are all fcked

  261. I wonder if its been found in the US? I’ve noticed a strange uptick of dead birds while I’m out walking around in the my town in the US so it wouldn’t surprise me. I avoid the corpses ofcourse, birds and their carcasses carry a cacophony of illnesses that I plan to avoid. Its been gradually getting higher for a while now and I’ve been wondering why its happening. Seems as good an explanation as anything.

  262. Trump withheld information about COVID-19 for 3 Months. In addition Trump refused to sign something that the Chinese presented to him. 10 days later the Virus breaks out, Trump was only worried about himself as ALWAYS! But Trump did think about his Americans inquiring about injecting a cleaner into us.

    • Liberal commies are going to pay dearly for running their mouths and turning their backs on 🇺🇸. Will be so enjoyable to watch them cower and crawl around like the insects they are.

  263. So with preparation we can all get through this. Some will prefer masks and ungodly vaccines to “save them self’s”. While others will use god and pride along with strength and wisdom. My opinion is no matter how this turns out someone will be wrong and they will fall and that will be the mark in history. I think it’s a bad idea to get any vaccine ever because your body becomes codependent on that. That’s science to the basic. I think that this is a way for humanity to evolve into the next phase of destruction.

  264. Bryce Rhodes | June 2, 2021 at 8:27 pm | Reply

    The amount of people saying this is a way to manipulate us is making me think there is no hope for humanity.

  265. a horrible thought:
    I fully support erring on the side of caution with masks, isolation, & physical distancing — but am also weary of the uncomfortable yet protective masks. At some point we have to get back to pre-pandemic normal, but the longer a science-shunning minority of our country resists protective measures, the longer we will all be stuck in this crap. Too bad there wasn’t a way to mandate mask wearing with non-compliance resulting in fines — but of course this couldn’t have happened with Trump who disregarded and downplayed the virus (which inhibited his re-election). Then there’s people who walk around with masks only covering their mouth while their exposed nose breathes in potential coronavirus-laden air. What would really be a pandemic is if down the road we found out after so many millions of Americans have had a full course of one of the vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J) … that there was some very negative pathogenic side effect that was not discovered until much later. This is highly unlikely and the risk of such is minimal compared to the anticipated protection from being vaccinated, but if such happened then the preventive cure would be worse than the disease, is covid-19 is fatal in roughly only 3% of the cases, though so others have reported lasting harm to their health from covid-19.

  266. If there were less people, there would be less conflict.

  267. All of you trump supporting morons. Please feel free not to wear a mask or get the vaccine. When you die please take your hate with you!

  268. Christi reese | June 2, 2021 at 10:44 pm | Reply

    “I am not in this world to live up to your expectations or moral standards….

    Nor are you here to live up to mine….

    If by chance we should agree, that is beautiful…..

    If, as is normal, we do Not agree, then we must learn to TOLERATE each other to insure freedom.—

  269. A few people got the virus, but that’s it. Want to know why? Because this is fairly typical of most zoonotic viruses. If humans have close exposure to an animal then they can eventually get sick from the virus. However, the virus usually has to go through many mutations before being able to make that jump where it can go from human to human. Remember when covid-19 first started in China and the WHO took forever to admit that human to human transfer was happening? It’s because scientists believed it was a simple zootonic infection and only those in the wet market had been infected. It was only after it started spreading like crazy that their tune changed. Despite most evidence telling us that it takes hundreds if not thousands of mutations to get where covid-19 is as far as effectiveness to spread we have all been told this virus came naturally. The reality is this h5n8 wasnt processed / experimented on in a lab so it’s far less likely to start a global pandemic on its own. Covid-19 was absolutely grown in a lab, accidentally let out despite what the conspiracy nuts want to believe, and China / the who is doing everything they can to cover it up.

  270. Of course it’s a global issue with “spillovers”!
    This was a thing in Obama’s administration! Of course since there was major submission if the masses, everything will be a “pandemic”!

  271. So lets just do this,we all can do house hold chemicals and not worry about anything. I mean you all are arguing about all the things to do or not do or believe or not believe and I have through out all the years I have been on this God forsaken Earth no one has died from man made chemicals ( METHAMPHETAMINES) YES OTHER DRUGS BUT NOT THAT ONE. SO LETS ALL GO GET HIGH CLEAN OUR HOUSES AND STAY ALIVE FOREVER.(Just don’t stop doing it because that’s when you do die)

  272. Sharon Sakcriska | January 9, 2022 at 8:48 am | Reply

    As someone who has lost over 40 friends to Covid and who thinks it’s appalling for so many people to believe that arrogant egotistical person who was in the white house. Guess they never read what God says about arrogant egotistical rulers and how puffed up Trump is in his own mind… makes me feel sick 🤢 sad that there’s so many ignorant people in the world

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