minuteKEY DIY Key Duplication Machines


It’s bad enough that robots are taking so many human jobs, but now we also have to worry about vending machines. I had thought that the good old Key-maker/duplicator at the corner hardware store was safe, but now we have a machine for that too. Meet minuteKEY, a self-service key duplication vending machine.

It makes it super convenient to get a duplicate key made, even if it is at the expense of a real human worker. It is the world’s first self-service key duplication vending machine and as such it will not be hindered by such human constraints as store hours, mistakes due to being too tired, and getting the flu.

minuteKEY makes keys that are always accurate and it is always reliable. The whole process takes just a minute in three easy steps. Just select a key style on the touch-screen, insert your key in the machine and waiting several second to a minute take your key, go home and use it. You can choose a standard brass key or one with a fancy design like the American flag or Roses. Need a keychain? Never fear. You can get a keychain to match.

Poor human key duplicators. I hope they don’t go ballistic on these machines.

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  1. I just had about 7-8 keys made using this machine at my local Lowe’s hardware store! All of them looked pretty good, and most importantly, they worked!! All the locks turned nicely, so I was able to lock and unlock.

    The machine has a little window that you can look through while each key is being cut. I thought that was a nice touch!

  2. How do we know that they aren’t storing a copy of the key and using it to break into our houses?

  3. How will they know your address?????

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