Mountain Lion Cubs Rescued in California

Mountain Lion Cubs Rescued in California

Two mountain lion cubs were rescued in Burbank, California.

On Tuesday, two malnourished mountain lion cubs were rescued in Burbank California. They weren’t found in the wild but were found hiding under a parked car on Orange Grove Avenue.

Though it may not have been the smartest course of action, residents of the area had been hitting the cubs with broomsticks in an attempt to shoo them away before officials arrived to rescue them. Obviously, that did not work and could have been fatal for the two cubs. Plus, it just seems more mean, than useful. The cubs weigh about 5 pounds (2.3 kilograms) each and it looks like they have not eaten in two weeks.

The cubs were taken to the Burbank Animal Shelter, where they determined that the animals were 10 weeks old. They are now at the California Wildlife Center in Calabasas and have been placed with another litter in hope that they will be able to be nursed back to health. There is no clue as to what happened to the mother or how they may have gotten separated.

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