Sleeping On The Job: Russian Rocket Security

Russian Rocket Security Sleeping On The Job

Blogger and friends explored the Russian Energomash facility on five occasions, revealing run-down hardware pictures from inside an engine-fuel testing tower, the plant’s control room, and more.

As a general rule of thumb, it isn’t a good thing to be sleeping on the job; especially if you are Russian rocket security. It’s even worse to let a blogger and several friends explore and take plenty of photos of the facility you’re supposed to be watching. On Thursday, Russia’s deputy prime minister vowed to punish the security officials who were caught sleeping.

Blogger Lana Sator and her friends must be great at sneaking about. Or maybe they didn’t have to be, as security is so lax. They were not caught as they roamed around the Energomash facility on not one, not two, but five separate occasions. In almost 100 pictures, they exposed run-down decrepit-looking hardware from inside an engine-fuel testing tower, the plant’s control room, and more.

It’s hard to say which is scarier; the state of the facility or the fact that anyone can easily enter and do whatever they like, never being noticed. A senior space agency official called the breach a shock. “It showed a complete inability to protect anything whatsoever.”

It’s just another embarrassment to a space agency that has had several recently.

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  1. The photographs are brilliant! Don’t miss ’em!

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