Spin Cell Technology Produces 20 Times More Electricity Than Flat, Static Panels

Spin Cell solar technology

Spin Cell photovoltaic cones Credit: V3Solar

By using concentrating lenses, dynamic spin, conical shape, and advanced electronics, V3Solar’s Spin Cell Technology is able to produce over 20 times more electricity than flat, static panels, all while using the same type and amount of photovoltaic material.

V3Solar has contracted with Nectar Design, an award-winning product development company located in Southern California, to complete the engineering and commercial design of V3Solar’s Spin Cell Technology – “The most efficient energy under the sun.”

The Spin Cell is a game-changing solar technology that has now been verified through third-party testing to produce over 20X more electricity while using the same type and amount of photovoltaic (PV) material as flat, static panels. The breakthrough is the result of combining several force multipliers: Concentrating Lenses, Dynamic Spin, Conical Shape, and Advanced Electronics.

First, the concentrating lenses concentrate the light of the sun. With flat panels, this concentration of light has long been known to increase production, but the excessive heat has proved problematic. Imagine holding your hand steady beneath a magnifying glass. The heat would build up to a point of discomfort, even pain. With flat, static panels and a 30X concentration of the sun using standard solar testing protocols, the heat quickly reaches a temperature above the safe working range of the PV.

Now imagine moving your hand back and forth below the magnifying glass. You still receive the same light, but very little heat. With a 30X concentration, the PV on the spin cell continues to operate within a safe temperature range. The rotation of the Spin Cell keeps the PV cool. As a matter of fact new Spin Cell configurations are being built and tested to test even higher light concentrations. Results will be published on our site.

The spin also creates a “Dynamic Flash Rate,” like a strobe light. This flashing, concentrated light hyper-excites the electrons creating more electricity. The conical shape also captures more light throughout the day and year with no tracking. And the advanced electronics intelligently harvest the electrons in concentrated pulses of energy, further increasing production.

The Spin Cell is a cone within a larger cone, like Russian dolls. The outer lens layer covers more area to concentrate the light on the PV material.

Spin Cells can also be arranged on our patent pending “power pole,” for increased power density. This is critical for urban areas where land is at a premium. At present 10KW can be mounted on our Power Pole in an area using 10 square meters of space installed. This compares well against flat panel PV which uses approximately 12 square meters installed for 1KW, or a ratio of 12 to 1. With the added benefits of keeping the Spin Cells above flood levels etc.

“Producing clean, renewable power that can truly installed at the point of consumption is a rewarding business,” says Michael Neistat, the CEO of V3Solar. “Solar finally makes economic sense.

Nectar (NectarDesign.com) is an award-winning product development company located in Southern California. For two decades, the design of distinctive medical devices, clean-tech, industrial, and consumer products has been the passion of their talented engineers.

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