Strange Galactic Signal Coming From the Center of the Galaxy Has Potential New Explanation

Fermi Gamma-Ray Sky View

View of the gamma-ray sky. Credit: NASA/DOE/Fermi LAT Collaboration

Researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) have found an alternative explanation for a mysterious gamma-ray signal coming from the center of the galaxy, which was long claimed as a signature of dark matter.

Gamma-rays are the form of electromagnetic radiation with the shortest wavelength and highest energy.

Co-author of the study Associate Professor Roland Crocker said this particular gamma-ray signal — known as the Galactic Center Excess — may actually come from a specific type of rapidly-rotating neutron star, the super-dense stellar remnants of some stars much more massive than our sun.

The Galactic Center Excess is an unexpected concentration of gamma-rays emerging from the center of our galaxy that has long puzzled astronomers.  

“Our work does not throw any doubt on the existence of the signal, but offers another potential source,” Associate Professor Crocker said.

“It is based on millisecond pulsars — neutron stars that spin really quickly — around 100 times a second.

“Scientists have previously detected gamma-ray emissions from individual millisecond pulsars in the neighborhood of the solar system, so we know these objects emit gamma-rays. Our model demonstrates that the integrated emission from a whole population of such stars, around 100,000 in number, would produce a signal entirely compatible with the Galactic Center Excess.”

The discovery may mean scientists have to re-think where they look for clues about dark matter.

“The nature of dark matter is entirely unknown, so any potential clues garner a lot of excitement,” Associate Professor Crocker said.

“But our results point to another important source of gamma-ray production.

“For instance, the gamma-ray signal from Andromeda, the next closest large galaxy to our own may be mostly due to millisecond pulsars.”

ANU Masters student Anuj Gautam led the research, which also involved scientists from The Australian Defence Force Academy, University of Canterbury, and University of Tokyo.  

The research has been published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Reference: “Millisecond pulsars from accretion-induced collapse as the origin of the Galactic Centre gamma-ray excess signal” by Anuj Gautam, Roland M. Crocker, Lilia Ferrario, Ashley J. Ruiter, Harrison Ploeg, Chris Gordon and Oscar Macias, 28 April 2022, Nature Astronomy.
DOI: 10.1038/s41550-022-01658-3

9 Comments on "Strange Galactic Signal Coming From the Center of the Galaxy Has Potential New Explanation"

  1. Hmm… Dark Matter… Not so dark… Dark Energy not so energetic… LIKE THE CIRCLES THAT YOU FIND IN THE WINDMILLS OF YOUR MIND… 🎡
    Ever wonder if your SPIN was wrong from the Get-Go?
    Nothing like a little self-assessment to shift one’s focus.

  2. Nirmalendu Das | May 1, 2022 at 10:45 pm | Reply

    Birth of stars thus the universe from the Black Particles.
    (SIMILAR process of formation of Diamond in the Coal Mine)
    The universe is large. Most of its space is black. As per present estimate 96% is black. Out of this 4% is matter. What is the root of this large amount of black matter? How it creates? It requires solving this problem through the theory of unification. In this section – A, we calculated the mass of a photon is 1.659619614×10^-54 gm and mass of graviton is 1.948428603×10^-72 gm mentioned in section – B. There are 6.403×10^107 unknown particles in a photon whose mass is less than a photon and 6.403×10^107 number of photons are present in the maximum mass of the universe. Mathematically this number in both cases is same. So, photon is a miniature universe. Graviton is one of the known particle whose mass is very less than a photon mass. Now assuming that if a photon mass is divided by Avogadro number (6.0221367×10^23) and then we will get another mass as ψb = σ / NA = 2.755865064×10^-78 gm. This mass is 7.070116126×10^5 and times larger than a photon, if we multiply this value as 3/2 = 1.5 (angular quantum momentum, j = l+1/2 =3/2, where, l = 1), we will get the value as 1.060517418 x 10^6 which is almost 10^6 times smaller than a graviton particle. Assuming 2.755865064×10^-78 gm is a mass of a black particle (ψb). So 10^6 particles are able to form a graviton particle by which gravitational force is occurred. Again mass of a graviton particle 0.8517734027×10^18 times less than the mass of a photon and if we consider & multiply this value as √(3/2) = √1.5 (angular quantum number, where, l = 1, then, we will get the value 1.043205107×10^18 and we can take this value as 10618 graviton particles to build the structure of a photon. Now we can make a structure of graviton and photon respectively. Already we discussed that 1000 photons are able to form 3 bonds. Likewise, 106 will form bond as:
    10^6 — 10^3 x10^3. If 10 particles are able to form a bond as a hand, then 10^3 particles will bring 3 hands as = 10^3 = 10x10x10 = 10^1×10^1×10^1
    Different figures are there, all are stated in the book [From the book “Endless Theory of the Universe(Complete Unified Theory)”, Published by Lap Lambert, 2014, Germany].
    You may collect and varify this in your laboratory.

    • Irene Venegas | May 2, 2022 at 12:00 am | Reply

      Wow, perfectly said… Bravo! With ease, reading your comment was actually pretty radical! Wanted to continue reading! Thanks for the Book ref. 🙂

  3. Daniel Izzo | May 2, 2022 at 4:30 am | Reply

    Was this from the constellation Sagittarius that is at the center of our galaxy ?

    The article said it was a Gamma Ray signal, Sagittarius also emits a radio wave signal at 91 MHz ( FM radio ).

    Did you know Cosmic Radio Signals can be polarized at 91 MHz (FM radio);

    160 MHz (vhf radio ); 610 MHz ( on channel 78 uhf-TV) by keying a CB

    microphone over a radio receiver set on these radio channels with your home


    These are known cosmic radio sources from outer space, 25 MHz natural

    Source, 91 MHz unknown source from the Constellation Sagittarius , 160 MHz

    Unknown source, 440 kHz, 1440 MHz and many others from Annual Review of Astrophysics and Astronomy 1966 editor Leo Goldberg.

    Facts : A lot of the static snow that you receive is your non cable

    uhf TV; is cosmic radio signals……many elements naturally emit

    radio pulses where excited; You can polarize these signals with CB radio

    Microphone by keying the transmitting CB microphone over the speaker of a

    receiving radio set at 91 MHz..(91 FM)..160 MHz..(160 vhf radio)..and transmit the spacey sound you hear to a receiving TV set at channel

    78 UHF TV…..then you will see a ATT type of symbol..and see the oscillations and fluctuations of the cosmic radio signal that has been just polarized and hear strange 1960s Star Trek spacey sounds, ( I think scientist playing around with 1950s electronic equipment radio and TV made some odd findings, like the ATT symbol ( world with stripes ) the CBS electron gun inspired the 1950s CBS eye logo, and those 1960 Star Trek sound
    effects…the odds are in our favor.we are receiving artificially generated radio Signals…I think 91 MHz FM radio and 160 MHz VHF radio is artificially
    generated…remember the old national weather radio station was at 162 MHz
    VHF radio.

  4. Gregory Burger | May 2, 2022 at 1:40 pm | Reply

    Maybe it is a Black Hole Forming

  5. It will be done on earth as in heaven in the blink of an eye darkness became light amen

  6. By scientists own admission sound does not travel In space Right? So a signal which can be sound or waves pulses?? Etc.Etc Can travel in space as long as it’s not noise? makes no sense.The only exception to ther hypothesis would be actual visual signals Correct???

  7. Herewe Goagain | May 6, 2022 at 3:26 pm | Reply

    It came from the dark ring around Uranus.

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