Vegetarians More Likely To Be Depressed Than Meat-Eaters – Here’s the Science Behind It

Sad Woman Eating Salad

According to a new study, meat-eaters are less likely to be depressed compared to vegetarians.

According to a new study, vegetarians have around twice as many depressive episodes as meat-eaters.

The study, published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, is based on survey data from Brazil. It chimes with previous research that found higher rates of depression among those who do not eat meat. However, the new study indicates that this link exists independent of nutritional intake.

According to a Gallup poll, about 5% of the U.S. population considers themselves vegetarian. Women are about 50% more likely to be vegetarian than men. People who consider themselves liberal are far more likely to be vegetarian than conservatives or moderates.

It may seem straightforward to look at an association between a diet and specific health problems and assume that the former is causing the latter via some form of nutritional deficiency.

However, the new analysis took into account a wide range of nutritional factors, including total calorie intake, protein intake, micronutrient intake, and the level of food processing. This suggests that the higher rates of depression among vegetarians are not caused by the nutritional content of their diet.

So what might explain the link between vegetarianism and depression? Is there some non-nutritional mechanism that makes the former cause the latter? Or is the relationship down to something else entirely?

Sad Vegetables

There are multiple possible reasons why there is a link between vegetarianism and depression.

First, it is possible that being depressed causes people to be more likely to become vegetarian rather than the other way around. The symptoms of depression can include rumination on negative thoughts, as well as feelings of guilt.

Assuming that depressed and non-depressed people are equally likely to encounter the upsetting truth of slaughterhouses and factory farming, it is possible that depressed people are more likely to ruminate on those thoughts, and more likely to feel guilty for their part in creating the demand.

The depressed vegetarian, in this case, is not necessarily wrong to think this way. While depression is sometimes characterized as having unrealistically negative perceptions, there is evidence to suggest that people with mild to moderate depression have more realistic judgments about the outcome of uncertain events and more realistic perceptions of their own roles and abilities.

In this case, there really is cruel treatment of animals in meat production. And this really is caused by consumer demand for cheap meat.

Pig Farm

Sometimes in factory farming, animals really are treated cruelly.

Second, it is possible that adhering to a vegetarian diet causes depression for reasons other than nutrition. Even if there is no “happy nutrient” lacking in a vegetarian diet, it could be the case that forgoing meat causes depression through other means.

For example, adopting a vegetarian diet might affect one’s relationship with others and involvement in social activities. In fact, it is sometimes associated with teasing or other forms of social ostracism.

Notably, the new study is based on survey data collected in Brazil, a country famous for its meat-heavy diet. Some survey data has pointed to a sharp increase in vegetarianism in Brazil in recent years, going from 8% in 2012 to 16% in 2018. However, the recent paper surveyed over 14,000 Brazilians and found just 82 vegetarians – scarcely more than half a percent.

One has to wonder if the same link between vegetarianism and depression would be observed in India or other countries where vegetarianism is more of a social norm. More importantly, as the rate of vegetarianism increases in the UK and other developed countries, will we see the relationship disappear over time?

Finally, it is possible that neither vegetarianism nor depression causes the other, but both are associated with some third factor. This could be any number of characteristics or experiences that are associated with both vegetarianism and depression.

For example, women are more likely than men to be vegetarian, and also more likely to experience depression. However, the Brazilian study took sex into account, ruling out this particular third variable.

Not examined

One variable that was not examined, but is plausibly linked to both vegetarianism and depression, is exposure to violent images of the meat industry. Preventing cruelty to animals is the most commonly cited reason vegetarians give for avoiding meat.

Documentaries like Dominion and Earthlings that depict the cruelty in the meat industry cannot readily be described as feel-good films. One can easily imagine that a person who consumes this kind of media would become both vegetarian and, especially when most people choose to look the other way, depressed.

There are several possible reasons for the link between vegetarianism and depression. This new study suggests that vegetarian nutrition is not the cause of depression.

Instead, the vegetarian social experience may contribute to depression, depression may cause an increased likelihood of becoming vegetarian, or both vegetarianism and depression may be caused by a third variable, such as exposure to violent meat industry imagery.

Written by Chris Bryant, Honorary Research Associate, Department of Psychology, University of Bath.

This article was first published in The Conversation.The Conversation

19 Comments on "Vegetarians More Likely To Be Depressed Than Meat-Eaters – Here’s the Science Behind It"

  1. the article seems to ignore the most obvious causal factor — that meat is delicious and eating delicious foods makes people happier.

  2. Women are more likely to be depressed and more likely to be vegetarian, but they accounted for that, so this particular third factor was not the cause of the link.

    However, they ignored a much more likely third factor. Women are only 50% more likely to be vegetarian than men. Yet liberals are about 500% more likely to be vegetarian than conservatives or moderates. Liberals are also far more likely to have depression and other mental health problems. So, this could easily explain the association of vegetarianism and depression.

    • Undoubtedly correct, but I don’t think they want to go there.

      • Oh let’s go there. Conservatives don’t care about the planet, other people, or the consequences of their actions, in fact they feel entitled to be free from consequence as we’ve been repeatedly shown. No i don’t think it’s being liberal or vegetarian that causes depression. It’s one particular group that causes depression for everyone else, even themselves.. Conservatives.

        • Well, that’s what the information pushers would have you believe, but that’s simply not true. I’ve been a conservative for most of my live, but I also have reasonable compassion for both my fellow man and the environment that surrounds us. I believe in personal responsibility and accountability. There are many more who believe as I do. Yet, the people who politicize and weaponize contrary beliefs gain power over you by feeding you the narrative that we are all evil people who want to burn down the planet. All I can say to that is when someone feeds you a narrative, follow the money and examine the motives.

        • That’s broad generalisation, not all conservative/Republican voters are stone cold sociopaths, but most entitled, uncaring, myopic thinkers are Republican, which is demonstrable by their political policy as well as party ideology.
          Voters don’t often agree with all the policies of their chosen party, but with select policy that matches their own views; or in many cases because they/their family always voted for that party/tribe and never gave it much thought, or just because their husband told them to.

  3. I’d like to see this expanded to a wider study, including India which has a traditional vegetarian diet with few processed products, along with USA which has a large consumption of highly processed vegetarian foods, and determining whether it’s a nutritional factor or environmental/ psychological factor that leads to the depression association.

  4. Two anti plant based stories from this publisher in a few days?
    First of which was ludicrous. I haven’t read this article yet but can imagine similar.

  5. Ah, I see. So it’s nothing to do with diet. But guilt for animals and maybe disagreeing with family and peers.

    As more people adopt a plantbased diet, then these factors will be less and less paramount.

  6. There are so many layers of BS and propaganda that I doubt I could scratch the surface except to say I’ve been a vegetarian for over 45 years and I’m very very happy, including my wife and children.

  7. What a tortured process of trying to find reasons to support a false idea! It could be due slow brain from no meat in the diet.

  8. I suffered from depression UNTIL I adopted a WFPB high carb low fat diet VEGAN. It was like night and day and I couldn’t believe the dramatic impact going vegan had on my well being overall. This article is based on circumstances and not on nutrition and food.. what a loaf of crap.

  9. In the west , they haven’t really had tasty mainstream Indian vegetarian food. Indian vegetarians have an ancient food and spice culture that has been perfected over time. And the variety is practically endless. I can bet Indian vegetarians haven’t compromised on taste and certainly not depressed about the taste of food. Cruelty to animals may certainly be a factor and there are plenty of other reasons to get depressed about in the world, but tasty vegetarian food shouldn’t be one.

  10. Unadulterated BS. India the home of vegetarians don’t figure in this list of countries popping anti depressants It is only the barbaric countries that Havel depression which could be the reason US is at war for~229 years since1776

  11. Oh yes, Ive watched plenty of programs from India, on a network called WION. Very interesting, for a mainly vegetarian diet they have rates of diabetes rivalling the US. And considering most in the US eat a nearly vegetarian diet – think french fries, breads, doughnuts, cereals,cookies, fruit speads, rice and all filled with sugars, a diet like that Is depressing and fattening. Where do you think the money is ….

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  13. Just another dumb meatist hit piece.
    The future is vegan,get with the program. Your reality is manipulated by people who profit of you.They dont care about your health or happiness, only their profits.

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