Want To Eat Healthy and Save the Planet? Scientists Recommend Replacing Beef With This

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The analysis finds that for every kilogram of beef meat replaced with a kilogram of Spirulina, one can save nearly 100 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions, 340 square meters of land, and 1,400 liters of water.

In a recent study led by Dr. Asaf Tzachor, a researcher at Reichman University’s School of Sustainability, it has been suggested that Iceland could play a key role in the future of food production. The analysis highlighted a cutting-edge facility in Iceland that cultivates Spirulina algae, a highly nutritious source of protein, iron, and essential fatty acids.

A new study, led by Dr. Asaf Tzachor in collaboration with an international team of scientists, has evaluated a state-of-the-art biotechnology system that grows Spirulina. The system, developed and run by Vaxa Impact Nutrition, is located at the ON Power Geothermal Park in Iceland, and takes advantage of resources available through the Hellisheidi power station, including renewable electricity for lighting and power usage, hot and cold water streams for temperature control, freshwater for cultivation, and carbon dioxide for biofixation.

The research team found that the nutritional quality of the Spirulina produced by this system is superior to that of beef in terms of protein, essential fatty acids, and iron, and can serve as a healthy, safe, and more sustainable alternative to meat in daily diets.

Biotechnology Company Vaxa’s Facility in Iceland

Biotechnology company Vaxa’s facility in Iceland, which operates the production system. Credit: Pétur Gunnarsson, Vaxa Iceland

According to the study, for every kilogram of beef meat replaced with Icelandic Spirulina, consumers will save some 1,400 liters of water, 340 square meters of fertile land, and nearly 100 kilograms of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. Moreover, the algae may be consumed in different forms, including as wet biomass, or in the form of paste, powder, or pill. For example, one can use Icelandic Spirulina powder as an ingredient in pasta, pancakes, and pastries, or drink an Icelandic Spirulina shake.

While the role of meat in human diets has been instrumental, its ecological footprint is considerable and detrimental. Raising beef cattle requires arable lands and feedstocks, and emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere contributing to climate change and global warming One kilogram of beef requires approximately 1,450 liters of water and 340 square meters of fertile land. Moreover, the production of one kilogram of beef meat results in the emission of about 100 kilograms of greenhouse gases.

Asaf Tzachor

Dr. Asaf Tzachor from the School of Sustainability at Reichman University. Credit: Gilad Kavalerchik

As the demand for animal-source proteins grows, so do the damages caused by the livestock sector. As a response, humanity is searching for novel ways to ensure its nutritional security, including the supply of alternative protein sources, vitamins, and essential minerals.

Algae, especially Spirulina, are considered among the most effective food producers on earth and can be cultivated using different techniques. In this study, Spirulina is cultivated in closed, controlled systems, using advanced photonic management methods (controlled exposure to desired wavelengths), entirely isolated from the harsh Icelandic environment.

This biotechnology system is exceptionally resilient to fluctuations in environmental and climatic conditions. It can be deployed in a modular fashion in different regions of the world. Moreover, Spirulina is an autotrophic organism and is dependent on photosynthesis and a supply of carbon dioxide. Thus, unlike many other alternative protein sources, cultivating this food source removes greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and mitigates climate change.

Dr. Asaf Tzachor, from the School of Sustainability at Reichman University: “Nutritional security, climate change mitigation, and climate change adaptation can go hand in hand. All consumers must do is adopt a bit of Icelandic Spirulina into their meals and diets instead of beef meat. It’s healthier, safer, and more sustainable. Whatever change we wish to see in the world should be manifested in our dietary choices.”

Reference: “Environmental Impacts of Large-Scale Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) Production in Hellisheidi Geothermal Park Iceland: Life Cycle Assessment” by Asaf Tzachor, Asger Smidt-Jensen, Alfons Ramel and Margrét Geirsdóttir, 7 September 2022, Marine Biotechnology.
DOI: 10.1007/s10126-022-10162-8

37 Comments on "Want To Eat Healthy and Save the Planet? Scientists Recommend Replacing Beef With This"

  1. Vegan propaganda. Klauss knows nobody will eat his bugs.

  2. Meat is so unhealthy its a wonder humans have survived tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of years.

    Stick the bugs and algae up your clacker!

  3. Over my dead cold body…

  4. Charles G. Shaver | January 13, 2023 at 6:28 am | Reply

    The three biggest problems with beef as a good source of protein are human overpopulation, beef being a rather common human allergen and added ‘cultured-free’ (can cross the blood-brain barrier) MSG aggravating Dr. Coca’s kind of practically harmless individual subclinical non-IgE-mediated food allergy reactions to become chronic and deadly dangerous. On the ‘up’ side, in addition to protein and iron, beef (minimally, among animal sources of protein) probably contains micronutrients (e.g., phosphorus, the ‘P’ in ATP) in sufficient absorbable amounts that spirulina doesn’t. Humanity evolved to eat meat and to become intelligent enough to ignore religious and business extremists who promote a ‘quantity’ of life over the ‘quality’ of life, for profits, both endangering the lives of all. Surely, short-term at least, spirulina can help to fill an important void until humanity resumes evolving.

  5. Load of crap. Notice how they conflate processed meat full of toxic chemicals into the equation. Eating grass fed organic beef is the best protein, along with eggs, that there is. Why has younger males testosterone dropped 50% in the Last 25 years? Processed food, soy products, veganism, and not enough red meat.

  6. Spirulina Algae should replace Animal Meats?!
    Yeah, right…..

    A better bet for a replacement of livestock farming for Meat will likely be ‘Cloned Meat’ – and there are already Companies that are producing it in limited quantities.

    And, if we are able to stop Livestock Farming – what happens to all those animals?
    We’ll need to kill off most of them anyway – we can’t release them into the wild, most will starve or be killed by predators and a few will return to a feral nature, which may make them destructive to local ecology and dangerous to humans.

  7. As someone who’s aware of undeniable human impact on climate change, the whole veganism story is blown out of proportions on so many levels. It won’t help us mitigate the problems and it sure isn’t the healthier option. I’ll eat beef, thank you very much.

  8. In the early 1960s I did a science experiment with Spirulina algae and wrote about how one day it would be useful in space travel – both as a source of food and to produce Oxygen. I didn’t realize how prophetic that actually was. Now that we have veggie burgers from Burger King, it won’t surprise me to see algae turned into something quite good to eat.

    • Very interesting I have never read about anything like this before. SUGAR is also another thing that we eat that is very unhealthy to our entire body. Sugar is added to most of the food that we eat. This knowledge has to get out and publicized for people to see.

      • Charles G. Shaver | January 15, 2023 at 6:31 am | Reply

        Greg, as best I can tell from all of the mixed signials, the problem is mostly fructose (even from fresh fruit juice) and HFCS which (unlike glucose and sucrose) can raise one’s blood serum level of uric acid (gout) unregulated. Acidic blood is a serious threat, long-term (highly individual, many individual variables).

  9. Humans evolved from stupid vegans into smart apex hyper carnivores and conquered the planet. Eating this garbage will shrink your brain and de-evolve you back into stupid vegans.


  11. Stop being stupid, the Lord made this planet and it’s going to last until the end of time, which is coming faster everyday.

  12. The industrial meat industry is incredibly damaging, BUT to suggest making this one change will save the planet is excrement!

  13. Humans evolved eating meat of all kinds, not algae. I think it is improbable that something that we didn’t evolve eating will be better for us than that which we did. That isn’t how evolution and adaptation works. I think that someone’s hidden agenda is clouding their judgement.

  14. ” Raising beef cattle requires arable lands and feedstocks, and emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere contributing to climate change …”
    Cattle can use land that is unsuitable for agriculture and take themselves to water. The role of cattle methane is minuscule compared to natural sources and the role of methane in general is overstated.

  15. This is a first time and article of completely disinformation!!? Why scones get to such as horrible things…would not expected from you….disappointed a lot, thinking about future trust in what you are presenting???

    • Steve Nordquist | January 14, 2023 at 10:22 pm | Reply

      Not to worry, the neobiology conferences are on point and wild new giant spirulina will stampede tens of people soon enough. Then the cookery will start.

  16. Want To Eat Healthy and Save the Planet? Start living like they did 150-200 years ago.

  17. Utter nonsense. You go ahead and eat pond scum. We won’t.

  18. Propaganda, stupidity or both?

    Proper rotation of grazing cattle has been used to restore areas once thought to be lost to desert forever. Yes, even considering their farts, cows are an important part of both the ecosystem and the food chain.

    No evidence is presented by the article. The author simply declares that protein from this algae is superior. Lol, where the long term human study?

    I laugh at the comment stating that beef is a common allergen. While somebody certainly could be allergic to beef, it is well known that plants are far more common allergen than animal protein. I’ve never been on an airplane that has not served meat due to a potential deadly reaction, but I can’t say the same for peanut butter.

    The world is dealing with a bunch of kooks who report under the guise of science. Fortunately there are plenty of intelligent people to refute this nonsense.

    • Charles G. Shaver | January 15, 2023 at 6:52 am | Reply

      Celilo, if you are referring to my mention of beef as a fairly common allergen, there is a kind of practically harmless individual food (minimally; other) allergy reaction which does not cause anaphylaxis but long-term (highly individual) can cause serious chronic illness (especially when aggravated with added ‘cultured-free’ MSG) and premature mortality which mainstream medicine still (e.g., Dr. Arthur F. Coca, by 1935; The Pulse Test, 1956; long available free online in PDF format) fails to recognize, research and/or factor in to other medical research. As a point of reference, I didn’t learn of my own cow’s milk allergy until age 37, in 1981, the year after the FDA approved the expanded use of added MSG as an alleged “flavor enhancer.” The US obesity/diabetes epidemic presented by 1990 (CDC/NCHS data). Along with some 20,000 others by then (website counter in the day), I first wrote the FDA about it in October of 2005, obviously, now, in-vain.

  19. God created cows for a reason. They provide humans with beef, milk that makes butter, cheese, and curd. Cows provide leather and also great fertilizer for our crops. So take your “bugs” replacing meat theory and shove it up your @#$ or you go ahead and eat them until you explode. God will also destroy the earth he created when he sees fit. He has the earth covered so use those brain cells for something useful. .like a great recipe for the best filet mignon!!

  20. Darren Kornowske | January 15, 2023 at 7:43 am | Reply

    The biggest problem with green house gases is the way farmers are growing the fruits and vegetables. The earth was not made to ingest trillions of tons of inorganic nitrogen, pesticides, herbicides, and other fertilizers. Cattle build soil microbes, cause there wonderful byproducts to be incorporated into the soil to build it with there hooves, or snouts, beaks, etc.. If you look at studies since a little before world War 2 and after when chemical growing means started to become common agriculture practices you’ll notice things like autism was non existent, people smoked 3 packs a day with little cancer, by the 60’s cancer started to pick up as well as autism, downs syndrome, diabetes, and a whole host of body toxicity diseases. Now everyone knows several autistic people, diabetics, cancer patients,. So turning everyone vegan without changing soil farming practices will make the situation even worse. And the common myth you can’t feed the world organically is incorrect. I’m a organic farmer and run same bushels as my inorganic farmer friends but my corn unlike theirs has cobalt, vitamin E, 18% protein, brix readings of about 15%, so a human eating just this one mentioned crop has to eat 75% less to get the same nutrients density, and that’ll convert over to any animal eating it as well. The rule of thumb is sick soil sick every thing else from animal to air.

  21. This is why critical thinkers don’t respect the current scientific orthodoxy machine. Check your premises. But obviously this is propaganda. I would have hoped better of Iceland, but the mind virus has spread virtually everywhere in the West. I’m glad to see in the comments..resistance is robust.

  22. If this new form of protein is meant to feed parts of the world which is currently suffering and starving, great.!!
    If this algae is meant to be used to be fed to ALL humans while following a diabolical and demented wef world depopulation plan…….then they can shove it, right where their bug infused food needs to go too..
    Humans are built for certain tasks and abilities, if we start going against what is natural it will certainly have detrimental affects on our health. Which could be exactly what certain authority figures have planned..

  23. I recommend that those scientists replace whatever they’re eating, with what the bull leaves in the field.

  24. One thing spirulina can’t provide to people like me is heme iron which is the only one I absorb well. Most of my life I ate wheat not knowing I had Celiac Disease. That has caused permanent damage and effects how well I can absorb foods, especially certain vitamins/minerals from plants. Oral iron doesn’t absorb either. It’s either meat or IV. Yeah, spirulina will have a place in many diets in the future but these people need to get past the cookie cutter mentality. What works for some doesn’t necessarily work for everybody.

  25. Let’s see the study on almond milk. How does that impact the planet? America is great because we think for ourselves. Until recently. The media may not want us to eat meat but they enjoy treating us like cows. Ribeye please, medium.

  26. I suggest the good Doctor watch the documentary “Kiss the Ground” and learn how cattle, properly raised, can help regenerate the environment while feeding the people. Feed lots are a problem, beef is not.

  27. But there is no vitamin B12 in Spirulina. So no.. that will not work since the reason we eat beef/meat is specifically for the B12 not the protein, not the iron, not the fatty acids. 100g of beef a day which is a nice sized burger. We need 2.4mcg of B12 a day and that burger a day supports that. Most meat is portioned in daily recommended intakes to match that of the B12 we need a day.

    Vitamin B12 is needed for our DNA health. Nothing else contains it expect for meat so anyone who claims “vegan” or vegetarian is just an uneducated person that hasn’t studied the world we have lived on for thousands of years.

  28. Perfect example of an artificial intelligence generated article.

  29. I bet there will be a study confirming lab grown meat is better for you and has less CO2 than a cow walking around a field eating grass. Science is corrupted by GATES and all the other experts who want you sick so they can keep you buying their poisons.

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