A Seismic Shift – Earth’s Plate Tectonics Recently Underwent a Fundamental Change

Earth Structure Layers Crust Mantle Core

Earth’s abundant water, life, and unique plate tectonics have shaped its history, however, a new study suggests that plate tectonics may be a recent phenomenon with the mantle previously stratified, possibly hiding undisturbed primordial material.

Earth is truly unique among our Solar System’s planets. It has vast water oceans and abundant life. However, Earth’s distinctiveness extends beyond its biodiversity and oceans—it is the sole planet within our solar system that experiences the phenomenon of plate tectonics, a process intrinsic to the shaping of its geological structure, climate, and, potentially, the progression of life itself.

The term ‘plate tectonics’ signifies the dynamic movement and intricate interaction of tectonic plates across Earth’s crust. These tectonic plates are set in motion by the painstakingly slow yet persistent flow of Earth’s mantle, referred to as convection. This process transports heat from the inner core to the surface of our planet.

Researchers believe that convection in the mantle, which started shortly after Earth’s formation 4.5 billion years ago, occurs at the scale of the whole mantle. So, when plates collide at Earth’s surface, one gives way and sinks into the hot mantle and ends up in a sort of plate graveyard on top of Earth’s metallic core.

However, a new study from the University of Copenhagen published in the journal Nature suggests that this style of plate tectonics may be a more recent feature of Earth’s geologic history.

“Our new results suggest that for most of Earth’s history, convection in the mantle was stratified into two distinct layers, namely upper and lower mantle regions that were isolated from each other,” says Zhengbin Deng, former assistant professor at the University of Copenhagen and first author of the new study.

The transition between the upper and lower mantle occurs at about 660 km below Earth’s surface. At this depth, certain minerals undergo a phase transition. Deng and colleagues believe that this phase transition may be the reason why the upper and lower mantle regions remained mostly isolated.

“Our findings indicate that in the past, recycling and mixing of subducted plates into the mantle was restricted to the upper mantle, where there is strong convection. This is very different from how we think plate tectonics operates today, where subducting plates sink to lower mantle,” says associate professor Martin Schiller who is also behind the new study.

To reach their conclusions, the scientists developed a new method to produce ultra-high precision measurements of the isotopic composition of the element titanium in various rocks. Isotopes are versions of the same element that have slightly different masses. The isotopic composition of titanium is modified when the crust is formed on Earth. This makes titanium isotopes useful to trace how surface material like the crust is recycled in Earth’s mantle through geologic time. Using this new technique, they determined the composition of mantle rocks that formed as early as 3.8 billion years ago all the way down to modern lavas.

A primordial soup preserved in the deep Earth?

If recycling and mixing of tectonic plates were restricted to the upper mantle as postulated in the new study, it means that the lower mantle could contain undisturbed primordial material. The concept of a primordial mantle refers to a reservoir of mantle material that has remained relatively unchanged and preserved since the early stages of the Earth’s formation, about 4.5 billion years ago.

The idea that a primordial reservoir exists in the deep Earth is not new and has been suggested based on the isotopic composition of rare gases trapped in lavas from modern deep-seated volcanoes. However, the interpretation of these data is ambiguous, and some have suggested that this isotope signal comes from Earth’s core as opposed to the deep mantle. Because titanium is not present in Earth’s core, it provides a fresh perspective on this long-standing debate.

“Our new titanium isotope data allows us to robustly identify which modern deep-seated volcanoes sample Earth’s primordial mantle. This is exciting because it provides a time window into our planet’s original composition, possibly allowing us to identify the source of Earth’s volatiles that were essential for life to develop,” concludes Professor Martin Bizzarro, also behind the study.

Reference: “Earth’s evolving geodynamic regime recorded by titanium isotopes” by Zhengbin Deng, Martin Schiller, Matthew G. Jackson, Marc-Alban Millet, Lu Pan, Katrine Nikolajsen, Nikitha S. Saji, Dongyang Huang and Martin Bizzarro, 26 July 2023, Nature.
DOI: 10.1038/s41586-023-06304-0

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  2. This shift may cause minor changes in crust eg, climate, physical appearance, behaviour, etc.

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  6. Every 13,000 years there is turmoil on the planet when the effects of precession kick in. The earth’s axis describes an elipse and it is now very near the apex of that elipse when it changes direction. That change causes massive strain on the mantle which subsequently results in land masses ending up in a different latitude, Siberia was once temperate and Antarctica was totally ice free. In the 15th century a Turkish admiral, Piri Reis, had a map made up from earlier ones showing an ice free Antarctica and modern geological and satelite surveys have confirmed the map to be totally accurate showing rivers, lakes, mountains and coastline.Global warming is not man made and cannot be reversed or changed by the puny human race as it is a natural phenomenon, the sun being the driving force but the ‘elites’ will continue pushing the scam in order to denude the general public of any finance above allowed level so that they are kept from gaining too much financial clout and ultimate power. Farage is absolutely correct in countering the unacceptable actions of the banking industry.

  7. Michelle Bogart | August 6, 2023 at 7:19 pm | Reply

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  8. There is natural global warming. If there wasn’t, we’d still be living in the ice age. The ice will melt, storms will become horrific, floods, and what people will call Armageddon is just another cycle of earths natural plight through space. The poles may even change their positions and and Antarctica will be a new land to discover. Another ice age may even be in the future after all of that. But the earth comes back time after time as always. If humankind wants to survive, quit being stupid, move away from areas that will flood. Don’t live close to volcanoes. It’s really common sense. Look at a recent picture of Chernobyl Russia where the nuclear plant had a meltdown. That was 1986. Same year space shuttle Challenger exploded. Scientists said Chernobyl wouldn’t Habitate life for 50,000 years. There are plants and grasses coming back. The earth will survive it’s course and if humankind wants to they need to quit being ignorant to the future of what will happen. And it’s not an Armageddon.

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