American Online News Consumption Finally Surpasses Radio & Print


Credit: Pew Research Center

The conclusion of Pew Research Center’s latest study is that a new generation of consumers is getting their news from online sources, and no longer relies on radio or print. Even television is increasingly vulnerable.

Web-based content has surpassed newspapers and radio to become the second most popular news source for Americans, just after TV. Internet is on a clear upward trend whereas TV is in a soft, but stable decline.


Credit: Pew Research Center

Among the 18-29 demographic, viewership has declined from 49 to 34 points in the last six years. It’s obvious that TV is failing to engage new, younger viewers. TV producers are trying to curb this trend by offering more technology and gaming. The consumers using Apple’s AirPlay and gaming consoles are back to using TVs, but for different reasons.

Even though ad companies are still pouring money into print and TV commercials, it’s obvious that their messages aren’t reaching the consumers they want, who use mobile devices of all kinds to get their news.

This transformation of the American news landscape is indicative of a growing trend that’s taken a heavy toll on print news sources.

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