“Astonishing” Effects of Grape Consumption and “Remarkable” Impacts on Health and Lifespans

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Recent research shows “astonishing” effects of grape consumption and “remarkable” impacts on health and on lifespans.

Recent research released by Dr. John Pezzuto and his team from Western New England University shows “astonishing” effects of grape consumption and “remarkable” impacts on health and on lifespans.

One study was published in the journal Foods. It showed that adding grapes in an amount equal to just under two cups of grapes per day to a high-fat diet, typically consumed in western countries, yielded reductions in fatty liver and extended lifespans. Pezzuto noted that these studies add an entirely new dimension to the old saying ‘you are what you eat.’ He has authored over 600 scientific studies and said that the work with grapes showed actual changes in genetic expression. “That is truly remarkable.”

Adding grapes to a high-fat diet also increased levels of antioxidant genes and delayed natural death. Pezzuto acknowledged that it is not an exact science to translate years of lifespan from a mouse to a human. However, he said that his best estimate is that the change observed in the study would correspond to an additional 4-5 years in the life of a human.

Another study by Dr. Pezzuto and his team was published in the journal Antioxidants. It reported that grape consumption altered gene expression in the brain and had positive effects on behavior and cognition that were impaired by a high-fat diet.  A third study, published by a team led by Dr. Jeffrey Idle in the journal Food & Function, showed that in addition to changes in genetic expression, grapes also change the metabolism.

For more on this research, see “Remarkable” Impacts of Grape Consumption on Health and Lifespans.

“Consumption of Grapes Modulates Gene Expression, Reduces Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, and Extends Longevity in Female C57BL/6J Mice Provided with a High-Fat Western-Pattern Diet” by Asim Dave, Eun-Jung Park, Avinash Kumar, Falguni Parande, Diren Beyoğlu, Jeffrey R. Idle and John M. Pezzuto, 5 July 2022, Foods.
DOI: 10.3390/foods11131984

“Effect of Dietary Grapes on Female C57BL6/J Mice Consuming a High-Fat Diet: Behavioral and Genetic Changes” by Falguni Parande, Asim Dave, Eun-Jung Park, Christopher McAllister and John M. Pezzuto, 18 February 2022, Antioxidants.
DOI: 10.3390/antiox11020414

” Addition of grapes to both a standard and a high-fat Western pattern diet modifies hepatic and urinary metabolite profiles in the mouse” by Diren Beyoğlu, Eun-Jung Park, Adolfo Quiñones-Lombraña, Asim Dave, Falguni Parande, John M. Pezzuto and Jeffrey R. Idle, 20 July 2022, Food & Function.
DOI: 10.1039/D2FO00961G

The California Table Grape Commission provided the grapes used in the studies as well as partial support.

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  1. Christopher Noblett | August 30, 2022 at 8:27 am | Reply

    Hmmm does red wine count as grapes?
    I can get on board with having a glass (or two) of red wine every day, but I’m just not really a fan of eating grapes.

  2. stephen weilnstein | August 30, 2022 at 4:42 pm | Reply

    I now eat grapes every day

  3. Almonds…grapes…avocados….what else do they have in common? Oh that’s right, California! Love ❤️💕💕💕 it!

  4. Wonderful research thank you! 🍇

  5. Steve Nordquist | August 31, 2022 at 12:50 pm | Reply

    Bringing on the 2 cups equivalent raisin cookies, see if we get any takers.

  6. Are we talking about real grapes or just the big red and white grapes with no flavor we can find anywhere in the US ?
    Why we can’t buy real good grapes like muscat , Malbec , Cabernet Sauvignon etc..,,

  7. I just buy grape juice instead of oj

    • This is amazing news. I’ve already started feeding grapes to my pet rats, hopefully they’ll see similar results to the mice in the study. As for humans, it is way to early to tell if there will be any benefit. But of course the California Table Grape Commission, the author of this article, wants you to believe that it’s all true so you’ll buy lots of grapes!

  8. I only eat grapes with seeds, to me that’s the only way…all fruits with seeds is the only way!

  9. Yes grapes are good, i.e resveterol but this study is bit overhyped. You can see the sponsorship of this study. Some mentioned wine but it is alcohol, if you choose better stick to grapes. It is proven that even 90ml of wine per day is dangerous.

  10. Amazing so we should all eat sugar and live longer. Win win. Thanks California Table Grape Comission for sharing your research.

  11. Who sponaired this “study”
    WTF is a grape commission

  12. The studies were about mice, not humans.

    • That’s good news love eating grapes those that don’t or think it’s fake news simple don’t eat grapes, grab a big bag of salty chips and enjoy

  13. Peer Review Researcher | August 31, 2022 at 8:25 pm | Reply

    “the California Table Grape commission provided the grapes used in the study, as well as *PARTIAL SUPPORT*”
    Of course, No conflict of interest there.

  14. A study with the grapes supplied by the California Table Grape Commission supplied the grapes and partially subsidized the study. Hmmmm……
    Anyways, I continue to eat my grapes and wash them down with a little red wine.

  15. A fake scientific article paid and provided by the California grape commission. People will probably buy it too.

  16. Vl'ado Orlandich | September 1, 2022 at 1:09 am | Reply

    ~~🍷Who drinks,he does not know about the dangers of wine ;
    ~~🍷who does not drink does not know about it benefit~~
    Friendly , Vl’ado Orlandich

  17. Soooo, the study was paid for in part by California grape cartels? This isn’t science. Another lie from another pseudo scientific fraud.

  18. The article is taking some heat in the Comments for being sponsored by the grape industry. But I have heard about outstanding health benefits from grapes before. Resviratol is the stuff, and you should skip the wine because alcohol is toxic crap. Eat grapes! In the summer I freeze seedless grapes and eat them as a snack. They’re like little balls of sherbert.

    • YES!!! – ME, TOO!!!…lol!!!…I have been freezing RED GRAPES for YEARS…They REALLY are DELICIOUS directly out of the FREEZER; Just like all of the $$ frozen fruit bars from the STORE!!! 🍇🍇🍇

  19. Surprised the ‘grape commission’ did not throw in the covid 19 ploy. ” Eat grapes and beat all covid 19 strains, even the ones not yet discovered” yeah, well!

  20. ‘The California Table Grape Commission provided the grapes used in the studies as well as partial support.’

    In otherwords, ‘ full support’!

  21. I can’t get my mice to eat 2cups of grapes every day. They like dog food though

  22. Look at the sponsor and follow the money. Read the studies and learn they fed grape extract powder to mice. Grapes metabolize like sugar in the body, spiking insulin. They have some nutrition but not enough to justify eating two cups per day.

  23. Paid for by CA Grape Commission. I hope that is not lost on you all. Corrupt Democrats once again lying.

  24. I’m going to throw a handful of grapes in my potato chip bag every night.

  25. Notice who did the study. Wow.

  26. I trust Dr Stephen Grundy, the cardio surgeon, and he says don’t eat grapes as too much sugar. Sugar is the enemy of longevity. Some studies are questionable. Greetings from Ireland.

  27. What about pesticides on grapes? They have a lot of surface area, so I avoid inorganic grapes. Someone needs to take this into account.

  28. Try frozen grapes, you will love them

  29. Grapes have a very high glycemic index and will signficantly increase insulin release. Your way better off eating wild blueberries. These are the type of misleading articles that lead to excess consumption of foods that can cause diabetes.

  30. It seems like many commenters go to one extreme or the other. Just because the grape commission had some involvement, it does not mean that the results are fraudulent. But at the same time, as with all studies, it is reasonable to take it all with the proverbial grain of salt. It seems reasonable to believe that yes, grapes are good for you. Existing studies related to grape skins and resveratol (sp? I know I mangled that) do show some longevity benefits. So. Eat grapes. Drink wine in moderation. Eat more grapes. They are good for you and whether or not they extend your life, they may improve your days. And it is not unreasonable that the health benefits stated are real. They can’t hurt.

  31. Is it ok that the grape commission provided the grapes? Does it taint the research?

  32. Instead of all the California conspiracy theories, just fill a large Nutri Bullet cup with red and green kale, spinach, cucumber, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, orange, black and red grapes, smooth it up and gag it down. Great way to get your five fruits and five vegetables every day. Then I eat whatever I want, whenever I want; I’m 76, run 5 miles a day, got a BMI of 20 and healthy as a … horse? (I gotta stop bragging about this … I’m gonna go suddenly by getting hit in the head by a piece of space junk … Karma)

  33. I’d bet that most of those who deny this study live in Florida, where the orange is king, and their king is an orange called Chump. They’ll sheepishly herd together in knucke dragging conspiracies, drinking their “grape flavored” Kool-Aid while watching anti-American propaganda on Fox.
    Due diligence = intelligence.

  34. Any dark blue, purple or black berries have the same healthy effect. They are all loaded in antioxidants, especially high in polyphenols.

  35. Where do you get your info for live longer if you eat grapes…. That is not true..

  36. Yup, more mice studies with limited data, small outcomes and no human trials….they should not even be able to print this crap. There are numerous “internet doctors” who say these studies are crap, but because they’re using the same platform are laughed at. I would say before you expose yourself to all the unwanted sugar, think about what has really been explained here. 🤔

  37. I eat grapes every day, and I’m still alive, so it must be true.

  38. I don’t buy it. Grapes are the second most toxic fruits. People forget that fructose breaks down in the liver in the exact same way that alcohol does. Grapes contain 12.4 grams of fructose per 1 cup.

    Eat only fruit in season and limit your fruit intake to 16- 25 total gms per day. 0gms if battling a disease until under control.

    A significant contributor to inflammation in the body is the high intake of fructose. With the increased prevalence of high fructose diets in the Western world, understanding the impact of fructose on human health is critical. Fructose contributes to numerous metabolic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

  39. We don’t grow grapes in our country.. imported fruits are pricey so we don’t include them in our diet😭

  40. We don’t grow grapes in our country? It could be grapes are the major industry in California considering how much wine they make and sell. Those grapes can also be eaten.

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